The word “energy” expresses the inevitable force, the creative force that drives life in its various forms. So, choose some unique energy names for your child and instill in them a sense of power. An energy-themed name can be a source of motivation and strength. In addition, it gives positive emotions that will become a true reflection of your child’s personality. Read on to find a powerful list of unique baby names for girls and boys that signify energy.

Names that mean energy for boys

These names, which mean energy for boys, have positive energy for them.

1. Aayusteyas

It means “radiant with energy and life” – a name that perfectly describes your baby.

2. Agnitehas

A word of Indian origin Agnitejas means “shining like the energy of fire.” This name will cheer him up.

3. Amitkratu

The name of Indian origin means “one who has boundless energy and wisdom.” It is also the name of the leader.

4. Amitoha

This name means “free energy” and is perfect for active kids.

5. Anag

The Indian origin name Anagh means “energy”. It is also considered to be another name for Lord Vishnu.

6. Anantvir

The warrior-inspired name means “endless heroic energy”.

7. Angovo

In Malagasy, it means “energy”.

8. Animado

Animado is a beautiful Spanish name meaning “lively and energetic”.

9. Ariz

Ariz is an Arabic name meaning “active” or “energetic”. It can also be written as Aariz.

10. Atwi

This simple Indian name means “energy” or “strength”.

11. Aujasya

The wonderful name in Sanskrit means “vital and auspicious energy life.”

12. Boiro

The name is of Indian origin and means “lightning energy”.

13. Celsius

The whimsical Swedish name is inspired by the unit of temperature, the physical unit of “thermal energy”. This is the name to bring up the science fanatic in your child.

14. Chakara

Chakara is a Cambodian and Indian name meaning “energy centre”. Chakra is another option.

15. Chiva

The short Khmer name refers to the “primordial energy of life”.

16. Diresh

A powerful Indian name meaning “lord of courage and energy.”

17. Ditauhas

The name of Indian origin has the unique meaning of “radiant with energy”.

18. Elav

Translated from Estonian, Elav means “energetic”.

19. Emil

The French and Hebrew name Emil means “high energy”.

20. Energy

The Esperanto name is a unique take on the term energy.

21. Erg

The unmistakable Greek name is the unit of “energy”.

22. Faren

The name Fahren is inspired by the Fahrenheit temperature unit used to refer to “thermal energy”. This name is inspired by the Polish physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit.

23. Gale

Gale is an Old English name meaning “living”.

24. Genki

The boy’s name of Japanese origin means “energetic” or “original spirit”.

25. Ike

In the Igbo language, Ike represents the force that keeps things moving, “energy”.

26. Ikehu

Ikehu is a name that will bring the spirit of the Big Islands into your child’s life as it means “energy” in the Hawaiian language.

27. Jasal

The Indian name means “radiant with energy.”

28. Joule

This funny name, inspired by the name of the English physicist James Prescott Joule, is the SI unit of energy.

29. Kani

The name of Indian origin means “strength” and “energy”.

30. Kelvin

Inspired by famed physicist Lord Kelvin, the name adds to the science of your child’s life as it is a unit of temperature that represents “thermal energy”.

31. Kriya

A common term among yogis, Kriya is a name of Indian origin for boys, representing the “energy of action.”

32. Lakash

If you’re looking for a Filipino name, then Lakas, meaning “energy” or “strength,” is the way to go.

33. Levendig

This is the name of a Dutch boy. Levendig means “energetic”.

34. Mimra

The Arabic name Mimra means “living”.

35. Newton

A popular name that is also used as a unit of measure for “energy”. This name is inspired by Sir Isaac Newton.

36. Nishat

The Arabic name Nishat means “energy” or “life force”. This name speaks of dexterity in business.

37. Zero

Charming Somali name means “energetic”.

38. Ojas

The unique Indian name Ojas means “energy and strength”.

39. Ojaskaam

The inspirational Indian name Ojaskaam means “pursuing energy.”

40. Ojaswardhan

Representing your boy’s strength, this Indian name means “blessed with energy.”

41. Oyoswat

The Indian name means “full of energy”.

42. Prachetas

The Indian origin name Prachetas means “energy”. It is also another name for Lord Varuna, the God of the Oceans.

43. Rodin

A unique and ancient Gaelic name meaning “lively and vigorous”.

44. Sajiv

The Indian name means “alive”, representing exactly how you would like your boy to be.

45. Sauhas

Indian name name for charming young babies.

49. Simba

The famous Shona name means “energy.” The name is also popular from Disney’s animated film, The Lion King.

50. Sparkle

Sparke, an Old Norse name meaning “energetic,” would be a great classic name for your angel.

51. Tarmo

The Finnish and Estonian name Tarmo means “vital energy.”

52. Tejasa

The name Tejasa means “radiant energy” and is of Indian origin.

53. Tejovid

The Indian origin name would be a splendid choice for a lively child as it means “one who possesses energy.”

54. Tulio

The common yet inspirational Spanish name means “one who radiates energy to lead.” It originates from the Latin word Tullius, the variations of which can also be seen in Italian and Portuguese.

55. Vayu

Referring to the pure element of nature, the name Vayu is of Sanskrit origin and means “wind energy.”

56. Viaan

The lively and fun name of Sanskrit origin means “full of energy.”

57. Vigal

The Esperanto name means “energy.”

58. Virya

If you’re in search of a name for your little one that represents “energy” and the calmness of Buddhism, then this name Virya of Sanskrit origin is for you.


Resembling the word vivacious, the name Vivaci of the Corsican origin means “lively” or “bright.”


A popular unisexual Latin name, Vivian means “lively” and has gained popularity during the 19th century.


Inspired by the name of the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta, a pioneer in “electrical energy” and the inventor of the electrical battery.


The unit Watt was inspired by the Scottish inventor James Watt. The S.I. unit of power, “the rate of transfer of energy” would be an inspiration to your child.

63. Zivo

The Serbian name would perfectly summarise a baby’s energy as it means “lively.”

64. Zivon

Of Hebrew and Slavic origin, Zivon refers to one “radiating with energy.”

65. Zoilo

The name means “energetic” and has Greek origins.

Names Meaning Energy For Girls

Here is our list of empowering names meaning energy for girls.

66. Adishakti

The popular Indian name refers to the “primal energy force.” It is also another name of Goddess Durga.

67. Aisha

The gleaming and stylish name Aisha, of Arabic origin, means “full of energy.”

68. Amanda

In Nguni languages, Amandla represents “power.”

69. Amuth

It is aname to instigate happiness in you as it means “lively.”

70. Allegra

The name Allegra has its roots in Italian. This name meaning “lively” became common after the story of the illegitimate daughter, Allegra Byron, born to the famous English poet George Gordon, Lord Byron, and Claire Clairmont became popular.

71. Alvita

This Latin name means “lively.”

72. Ashia

The heart-warming Arabic name means “lively” and symbolizes life.

73. Ayska

With a stylish touch, the name Ayska of Arabic origin means “energetic.”

74. Bala

With origins in Persian and multiple Indian languages, the name Bala, also spelled as Balan means “vibrant” or “high-energy.”

75. Bibi

The Spanish origin name means “full of power.”

76. Bibiana

The name Bibiana is of Latin origin and sums up the ball of fun your child has in one word as it means “alive.”

77. Brezziana

The Old English origin name means “full of energy.”

78. Bizima

Bizima is a lovely African name, and means “energetic.”

79. Chaitanya

Of Sanskrit origin, the unisexual name Chaitanya means “energy towards knowledge or enthusiasm.”

80. Chanchal

The Indian origin name is ideal for your naughty little one as it refers to someone “active.”

81. Chi

An unusual Chinese origin name, ideal for your little one as it means “ball of energy.”

82. Chikara

The unisexual, popular Japanese name means “energy” and “power.”


It is a name based on the French version “energie.”

84. Eleu

Eleu is a Hawaiian name and means “lively.” The word is vibrant and would be a great energy-inspired name from the Big Islands.

85. Elja

The noble Icelandic name for energy has an Old Norse origin.

86. Ellen

Said to be the Old English form of Elja, Ellen means “energy” and “endurance.”

87. Farhah

The Arabic and Persian name Farhah means “lively.”

88. Gaelia

The elegant name Gaelia of Gaelic origin means “energetic.”

89. Gailene

It is the feminine version of the name Gail and means “one with a tremendous amount of energy.”

90. Gayle

The feminine version of the Old English name Gale meaning “authority.”

91. Hayi

This Arabic origin name Hayi represents “vital energy.” It is a name that symbolizes life.

92. Hydra

The name is inspired by the term Hydroelectric energy, which is the “energy required to harness the power of moving water.”

93. Inani

A powerful name of African origin as Inani means “energy of a striking lightning.”

94. Isha

The name Isha is of Indian origin and refers to the “female energy.” It can also be spelled as Ishana.

95. Jandari

Representing your little bundle of joy, Jandari of Persian origin means “energetic lively person.”

96. Keelyn

With origins in English, Gaelic and Irish, this European name means “lively.”

97. Keilah

The name Keilah is of Irish origin and refers to “an energetic person.” In Hebrew, Keilah is the original name of the city Citadel.

98. Keli

The Indian and Polynesian origin name means “war” and “dark goddess.”

99. Kineta

It is a name that is inspired by Physics. Kineta is derived from the term “kinetic energy” and it means “full of power” or “active.”

100. Kineza

The Japanese origin name represents the power of “energy” and also the serenity of a “flower.”

101. Kyra

This nature-inspired name means “energy of the sun.” It has both Greek and Egyptian origins.

102. Lijina

The name Lijina of Indian origin means “energetic.”

103. Mahira

With origins in Arabic, English, and Hebrew, Mahira means “swift” and “energetic.” The variants are MaahiraahandMahyrah.

104. Mahri

The athletic name Mahri means “energetic individual” and is of Hebrew origin.

105. Megin

Adding a classic European touch is the name Megin, which means “energy” in Old Norse origins.

106. Moksha

The term Moksha is of Sanskrit origin and refers to the “energy of freedom or liberation.”

107. Narbethong

The indigenous origin name means ‘cheerful and lively person.’

108. Nishati

It means “energy” in Swahili.

109. Ofra

Referring to a fawn, the Hebrew name Ofra means “energetic.”

110. Ojaswati

The Indian origin name refers to “brightness.”

111. Orca

The name Orka is unique and stylish. It means “power” in Icelandic.

112. Pravanditha

The name Pravanditha of Indian origin means “energetic.”

113. Senona

The name Senona is the feminine version of the Spanish name Senon and means “energetic.”

114. Shakti

The popular Indian name Shakti means the primal “energy” of the universe.

115. Tavisha

The empowering Indian origin name for girls means “strong and energetic.”

116. Tejaswi

A powerful name as Tejaswi refers to “one radiating with energy” in Indian origin.

117. Tejini

This unique Indian name means a “sharp” person. It also symbolizes the path of leadership as it means “one who is bright.”

118. Twisha

The unique name Twisha is of Indian origin, referring to “sunlight,” the source of all energies.

119. Urja

A name that signifies the “energy” in Goddess Parvati and is of Indian origin.

120. Urjika

The name of Indian origin means “energy.”

121. Vavay

Vavay in Latin means “lively.”

122. Vis

The name Vis of Latin origin means “energy” and “power” is also a great nickname for your little one.

123. Vivienne

The name Vivienne is the French feminine version of the Latin name Vivian and means “lively.”

124. Vivii

The Finnish name means “energetic.”

125. Zeel

It is a name that represents “the energy to do something.”

Energy names or names that mean energy can be interesting since energy is power, and without it, there is no life. Energy is required to sustain human life, and giving energy names could be a dose of motivation to the child. It can be empowering and motivating to have an energy name. You may find various names meaning energy in different cultures worldwide. Agnitejas, Anagh, Angovo, Ariz, Emil, Elav, etc., are some popular energy names. You can describe the meaning of the name to your child and inspire them on how powerful you want them to become.



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