You probably have now found your wedding dress, the right shoe and matching make up to go with it. But what about your hairstyles for evening gowns? Given that a thought? Well, that could sometimes drive you crazy. You might need a fine balance to choose a hairstyle that will complement the look of your dress and not take away the eyes from the beautiful gown. At the same time, you might have to settle for a hairstyle that will interfere with the intricacies of the dress and keep it all balanced. That sure could be tricky!

It really does not matter if you are wearing a strapless gown or a full sleeve netted one. There is always one good or probably 15 different hairstyles for gowns that could save you. Take a look at some of the interesting hairstyle for party gown.

Best And Easy Hairstyles For Gowns:

So, like we told you, we are going to make it easy for you. Check out our suggested list of hairstyles for your gowns, that you can try.

1. The Elegant Retro Hair Bun:

The Elegant Retro Hair Bun

This is a beautiful hairdo, one that is classy and retro at the same time. It is fairly simple and is probably the easiest one to try. It will look elegant as its name and can be neatly adorned with hair accessories. Check out how you can try this out.

  • First, using a comb, straighten the hair and let it loose.
  • Partition the hair into three from behind, leaving pangs of hair on both the sides, free. For your convenience, you can use clips on both sides of the hair to keep it from interfering with the hair in the centre.
  • Using a puffer, puff the hair in the centre, on top, and tie it to a ponytail. The ponytail should start as low as possible. Comb the hair well and leave it straight.
  • Now, leaving very few strands of hair, gently remove the clip from one side and stuff it neatly inside the pony tail and secure it with bobby pins. Make sure it is tight.
  • Repeat the same on the other side and bun up the entire hair into a nice neat bun.
  • Pin up the strands of hair on the side and allow it to sit slightly messy on the front part of the head.
  • Adorn the bun with string of pearls and walk in style!

This hairstyle will go well with ladies and teens alike and will look stunning with a coloured gown. This is a hairstyle for strapless gowns and could probably be your best bridal party choice too. You could also narrow this down as your hairstyle for ball gown.

2. The Simpleton Curly Hairstyle For Gown:

The Simpleton Curly Hairstyle for Gown

Do you have a curly hair? Well, then we are sure you are having troubles finding out the right hairstyle for wedding gown. How about a really simple one to just rightly match the tone and tenor of your beautiful bridal wear? Here is how to get that done.

  • You will need to start by combing the hair and leaving it loose. Make sure it is dry.
  • Next, start by braiding your hair on the dominant side. Your braid should start from the scalp and make sure it is not too tight. You can also try out different kinds of braid. We would however suggest a big and wide braid to make it look prominent.
  • Now gently pin the braid with a flower or any other eye catchy hair accessory. You need to braid only as long as the hair extends down the scalp. You don’t have to braid the entire hair on that side. Comb the hair at the back.
  • Let loose a few strands of hair and allow it to fall beautifully over the face.

That’s a really simple one isn’t? They are the right hairstyle for curly hair and you could match it with a strapless high neck blouse or a boat neck blouse. This way, even if your blouse or the gown does not have much work in the front, your hairstyle will beautifully make it up for it. For those of you who have an oval face, this going to look beautiful!

3. The Long Hairstyle:

The Long Hairstyle

Hairstyles in long gown can be beautiful. But take care to ensure that it does not take away the beauty of the dress. The best part about having a long hair is that you can practically try out every possible hairstyle with them. But here is a beautiful one, a regular braid with a twist.

  • Comb your hair neatly and use a hair spray if needed.
  • Bring all the hair to one side of the head and start braiding from the top.
  • Don’t take all the hair to braid at once. Instead, pick up strands from the side as you go down braiding.
  • Expand the braid size slightly by pulling the strands slightly apart.
  • Leave a few strands of hair in the front and curl it up slightly.

Voila! It’s done. You can adorn the hair with fresh and colourful flowers. Simply secure it with bobby pins and allow it to rest beautifully there. This hairstyle will go well with strapped and strapless gowns or as a hairstyle for party gowns too. They are suited well for people with oval or long face, equally for the adults and teens alike.

4. Cascade Braid:

Cascade Braid

How about a beautiful cascade braid hairstyles for gowns for long hair? Well, this is a beautiful hairstyle and is quite charming on those who have brown to black long and straight hair. It is inspired to keep it utmost simple and is stunningly elegant. Here is how it is done.

  • Start by combing the hair straight. Use a hair spray if needed to keep the hair in place and neat.
  • Start braiding from one side of the head and keep taking strands from the side, as you start to braid downwards.
  • You have to make sure you braid it in a cascading fashion and don’t make it too tight.
  • Comb the remaining hair and secure the end of the braid using a rubber band.

It is really as simple as that. The beauty of this hairstyle lies in keeping it neat and a hair spray will sure come in handy. They will go well as a hairstyle for off shoulder gown or even as a hairstyle for strapless gowns. They are good for adults and will suit those who have round faces. Reserve this for a special bridal party or as a bridal hairstyle for gown.

5. The Flowery Braid:

The Flowery Braid

Here is another beautiful hairstyle for party gown. This hairstyle for western gown is meant for those who have medium or long hair and is meant to keep it slightly grand, making sure it matches the gown you are wearing. Here is how to do it.

  • Firstly, comb your hair well and use a hair spray to keep the hair in place and neat.
  • Next, start braiding your hair from the side of the ears and a little above.
  • Expand the braids a little and take it to the other side.
  • Secure it tightly with bobby pins and make sure it stays on tight.
  • Comb the hair below and leave it loose.

This beautiful hairstyle for backless gown will look gorgeous, especially if you have a dark brown or black hair. They will suit adults and the teens and can be a good choice as an open hairstyle with gown. People with round faces and triangular face will look absolutely stunning with this kind of a hairstyle.

6. Twisted Hairdo:

Twisted Hairdo

Twisted hairdo is another beautiful hairstyle you can choose for your wedding. This hairstyles for gowns for short hair looks unique and sit beautifully all day long. While it sure can be time taking, it is worth it. Here is a step by step guide to doing this on your own.

  • Start by combing the hair and part the hair in the centre.
  • Use a hair spray to keep the hair in place.
  • Take out finger sized hair pangs and twist it and secure it with a bobby pin.
  • Start with hair in the center and then move to the hair on the sides.
  • Twist all pangs into neat layers and secure all these at the end in the back with pins.
  • You can twist the hair and leave it inserted into another twist to make sure each of them are secured.
  • Bun this up tightly and leave it.

This is one good style you need to try if you have medium or short hair. They will go well as hairstyle for off shoulder gown and is pretty much a beautiful bridal hairdo. For those of them with round and heart shaped faces, this is going to look gorgeous!

7. Bow Shaped Hairstyle:

Bow shaped Hairstyle

This could be a sure eye catcher! This will suit those who are looking for hairstyles for gowns for medium hair, and even long hair. It can be done in minutes and will need least patience. Match this as a hairstyle for halter gown, either strapped or strapless. Take a quick look at how it is done.

  • Comb your hair neat and tidy and make sure it is tangle free.
  • Once done, bring the hair to one side of the body and secure it loosely with a hair bun, a little below the usual bun securing area.
  • Pull out a small strand from the bun and fold it like a half arch.
  • Do the same again and make an arch on the opposite side. Tie up the ends of the arched hair above, on the bun.
  • Secure the ends with pins tightly and make sure it stands in place.

That’s all! It’s really as simple as that and will go well as a bridal party hairstyle or even for a normal party. This will suit adults and teens alike, especially those who have oval and rectangular faces. Try out this hairstyle for the wedding season and you will see how well it goes with the occasion. This a true party hairstyle!

8. Braided Crown:

Braided Crown

So you have a rippled hair! We have a solution for it. Well, it’s really easy to do and the hairstyle will look impressive along with the wedding gown. We’ll tell you how to do this hairstyle for western gown, in pretty simple steps.

  • Comb your hair at the outset and partition it in the side.
  • To one side of the hair, start braiding from the forehead and nicely take it to the other side.
  • If you have a very long hair, you can continue braiding till it almost covers the entire head. Or, you can also start braiding from the opposite side.
  • Secure the ends of it on top of the head with pins and make sure it is tight.
  • When you finish this, the braid will look like a crown that adorns the sides of the head.

This is one easy way hairstyle for V neck gown and is also a hairstyle for gowns for long hair. They will complement as a beautiful hairstyle for wedding gowns and we promise you will love it. Adults and the older people can try this out, for it is not going to be messy and will stay intact. For those of you who have round faces, you are going to rock the show!

9. Long Plaited In Style:

Long Plaited in Style

This is not just another regular plait, but one that is meant to aptly fit as hairstyle for party gown. However, keep some time in reserve, because this might just need some extra time. The hairstyle is meant for all who have a good volume of hair. Here is how you can try this out. Check out the picture for a better clarity.

  • Start by combing the hair neatly. Straighten out sections of hair and keep it ready for braiding.
  • Start braiding from the side and braid on either side. Secure it with a guarder.
  • Now, excluding this portion of hair, put some of the hair from the centre on to the front.
  • Comb the hair from behind and pin it by taking a small portion of hair.
  • After you secure it tightly, bring the hair from the front to the back and pin it along with the braids from the centre.
  • Bind the braid around the rest of the hair and wound it up the ponytail like a guarder.

That’s all! That’s how you beautifully braid a hair in style. This hairstyle for long gown will go well as a hairstyle for gown for long hair. For people with round or oval face, they are going to own this style. The best is, it will suit both adults and young teens.

10. Twisted Bun And Braid:

Twisted Bun and Braid

Heard of a twisted bun and braid almost open hairstyle with gown to go for it. It looks grand and is also not complicated as it looks. They can be tried out with adults and teens alike. Here is the right way to get it right.

  • Start by combing your hair neatly and use a hair spray to keep them all in place.
  • Next, grab a section of hair from the front, near the forehead.
  • Braid them broad and secure them with a guarder.
  • Twist the remaining hair of the braided strands and curl it up to the centre and secure it with bobby pins tightly.
  • Comb the remaining hair and leave it loose.

This hairstyle for ball gown is a perfect company to the beautiful long frock you are going to wear for your wedding. Try this hairstyle for strapless gowns and it won’t disappoint you. The hairstyle will perfectly fit for those who have oval face shape.

11. Three Boho Braids:

Three Boho Braids

How about three beard together and still loose hair? Well, here is another classic and out of the box idea to call it the right hairstyle for one shoulder gown. We’ll tell you how to do it in easy steps.

  • Comb the hair neatly and straighten out a little.
  • Braid the hair from behind by taking equal strands of hair from the sides and the centre.
  • Next, start braiding by pulling out some more strands from one side of the head and the next from the other.
  • This way, you have three braids beautifully decorating the hair at the back.
  • Pull the strands of the hair from the braid to make it slightly messy and comb the remaining hair at the back.

This one will be a good hairstyle for backless gown and is also a good style for a bridal party or a wedding occasion. This will look super cute on kids and gorgeous on adults. For those of you who have a square shape face, here is something you can try.

12. Bow Style For Rippled Hair:

Bow Style for Rippled Hair

This one could be a show stopper! Have a super volume rippled hair and wondering how to style it up? Here is our idea on how you could bun this up beautifully. Check out this gorgeous style, covered in simple steps.

  • Start by combing and blow drying the hair. Make sure the hair is not wet.
  • Tie it up like a high ponytail and secure it with the right guarder.
  • Now, part the hair into three and fold one side of it and gently twist it to secure it with a pin, next to the guarder.
  • Do the same on the other strand of hair.
  • The hair on the centre, run it over the guarder and pin it up tightly.

And that’s a bow! This beautiful hairstyle for tube gown will look brilliant and stunning with a strapped or strapless gown. The one good part about this is that it will look good on people of all age groups, and eye catchy for those with round face.

13. Twisted Hair Bun:

Twisted Hair Bun

Here is a beautiful twisted hair bun for gown that is really simple to do. The hairstyle is meant as hairstyles for gowns for long hair. They are simple, yet classy in appearance. Check out how to get this done.

  • First, comb the hair well and tie it to a high ponytail.
  • Segregate the ponytail to two halves and twist one of it tight and secure with a bobby pin below.
  • Next, braid the remaining section of hair and tie it around the guarder of the ponytail, to give an appearance of a braided bun.

This hairstyle is neat and ensures all the hair is neatly tied up. It can be a good choice for a bridal wear or for any grand occasion. The simple hairstyle for gowns of medium hair is also equally good on long hair and can be tried by all age group. If you have a heart shaped face, this is going to look stunning on you.

14. Twisted Heart Hairstyle:

Twisted Heart Hairstyle

what could be a better way to show someone you love them? That too on your wedding day? Here is a beautiful and creative hairstyle for gown for long hair. Not just for the long haired girls, check out this hairstyle for gown for medium hair too. You are going to love this.

  • Comb your hair neatly and simply take strands from the side and secure at the centre, slightly loose, with a rubber band.
  • Take another few strands from each sides. Put this gently and neatly inside the main guarder and bring the ends of the both the strands together to tie it with a rubber band.

This might take some time to get it right, but give this a try as this could look cool as bridal hairstyle for gown. This will suit best for the bride and the little ones who come to attend the wedding. Have a round face? Here is something to pick!

Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Outfit And Accessory

Well, obviously, it is important that you keep in mind certain things before you get ready to enter the big day.

  1. Keep your accessories minimal and make sure they are not too gaudy. They could just take away all the attention from the gown that you wanted to show off.
  2. Give some time to choosing the right sandals for your gown. Don’t choose flat ones and a mild heel will help in giving a better look.
  3. Decide on your hairstyle and practice it out before the final day.

We don’t really have to tell you the other things you need to keep in mind because your excitement is enough to motivate you to choose the right one. But, this wedding season, what is your hairstyle for gown dress? Picked up yet? Or are you just settling for a simple hair bun for gown? Tell us about it! We are as excited as you are!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What should I Keep in Mind When Trying Out a Hairstyle?

Remember to try it out a couple of times before the D-day. Sometimes, they can be tricky to try, especially if you are trying out for the first time. All great hairstyles can take some time. Be slightly patient.

2. Do I Have to be Careful After Getting a Hairstyle Done?

We understand you may want to shake a leg in the party. But the hairstyle will not stay in its way. However, if there is a DJ or rock show, consider trying out the hair updo, so that you can actually dance and not worry about the hairstyle going loose.

3. Do I Need Hair Accessories?

Well, this a personal choice. You may need it if you are planning to give your hair a more attractive look. It is also absolutely okay if you decide not to have them on.


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