21 Pink and Purple Hair Ideas to Get That Fairy Look

A pink and purple hair is a hair color that features shades of both pink and purple typically in the form of highlights or an ombre. This is your sweetest chance to rock a dreamy two-toned or half-and-half hair for all you quirky girls out there! Follow the footsteps of Jade Thirlwall, Georgia May Jagger, and Cara Delevingne who instantly joined the trend when it popped this year and took over our feeds! It’s insanely fun and adds a lot of flair and personality to your image, plus anyone regardless of complexion can absolutely wear pink and purple. “Lots of prismatic colors blended into each other with lots of lines create a kaleidoscope effect,” said Illinois hairstylist and expert colorist Elyse Rox. Working with more than one vivid color, you’ll need to invest time and effort to achieve this look, as “a virgin head can take up to 5 hours to complete,” she adds. When it comes to maintaining pink and purple strands, here’s what Elyse had to say: “Knowing the proper home care is super important when maintaining these colors. Dry shampoo is your new BFF. She also said to avoid “swimming pools, hot water, cheap shampoo, and extremely hot hair tools.” If you’re ready to make pink and purple hair your way of life then don’t waste time and head down below for its most popular looks this season!

Pink and Purple Mermaid Hair

#1: Pink and Purple Mermaid Hair

Solid violet dreams with magenta ends to match! Long layered locks curled to its finest says your a mermaid hair in disguise!

Black to Pink-Purple Ombre on Mid-Length Wavy Hair

#2: Black to Pink-Purple Ombre

If you want to be daring, add a pop of color to your mid-length wavy hair. This is the best way to give yourself a playful and creative style. To get the most out of this look, you can use a color wash shampoo. This will ensure that the colors will last and stay vibrant.

Purple Blended Into Pink Hair Color

#3: Purple Blended Into Pink

If you are stylish, have your hairstylist blend a purple root into a dusty bright pink. It may take more than one session, but is worth the effort. Everyone will be complimenting you on your fresh new ‘do! Don’t forget to ask your colorist for shampoo and styling product recommendations. Your hair may need extra care to maintain its vibrancy and health.

Purple to Pink Ombre with Red Tips

#4: Purple to Pink Ombre with Red Tips

If you have dark hair and dream of something fun, a purple to pink ombre with red tips is an ideal color pallet. My best advice is to do a global bleaching process to properly remove color. That way you can have a clear canvas to apply the ombre. Aim to lift the hair evenly for a seamless end result.

purple and pink unicorn hair

#5: Purple and Pink Unicorn Hair

Purple and pink hair color is the epitome of a pastel unicorn confection. It’s a pastel fantasy that is almost sweet enough to eat! The best thing about the look is achieving that lilac shade. Ask your stylist about their experience with pastels since purples and pinks tend to not take to lightened hair too easily. Patience and maintenance don’t just sound alike by chance – they go hand in hand. The good thing about this color is that it can be worn as a fun artsy look, but with the right outfit and eyeshadow, you’ve got yourself a look so chic.

Gorgeous Purple to Pink Ombre Hair Color

#6: Gorgeous Purple to Pink Ombre

When considering vivid colors, like a purple to pink ombré color, at-home maintenance is super important. Sulfate-free shampoo and cool showers will make the most out of dyeing your hair with fun, vivid colors. To style a fun ombré color, wear your hair with waves, or even in braids, and it will help showcase the hard work your stylist put into this fun look.

Dark Pinkish-Purple Highlights on Brown Hair

#7: Dark Pinkish-Purple Highlights on Brown Hair

Consider pinkish-purple highlights on brown hair if you’re wanting to make a statement. Your hair dye idea dreams can become a reality! If you have finer hair, don’t worry. The different tones of color give the illusion of fullness to your hair!

Dark Purple Roots Melting Into Pinkish Ends

#8: Dark Purple Roots Melting Into Pinkish Ends

If you’ve got an itch to try something wild and new this could be it for you! I love these vivid colors as they fade out beautifully over time and give you such an impactful look. One of the best things, if you have naturally dark roots, is maintenance. It will be a lot less as you just have to maintain the purples and pinks as you please. However, I would recommend every 8-12 weeks.

Red Pink and Purple

#9: Red Pink and Purple

Ombre magenta and lavender colors made a perfect match for this curled goddess! Long locks with these combo catch attention and instantly shows off your hair color.

Pink and Purple Highlights on Blonde Hair

#10: Pink and Purple Highlights on Blonde Hair

Straight hair with this kind of color combo is the top combo to have in the most extravagant way! Striking patterns created by the alternating cream and grape colors is a sight for sore eyes!

Blue Pink and Purple

#11: Blue Pink and Purple

Live out a little girl’s dream by fashioning a balayage of these cool tones colors. Strands that are patiently painted in alternating purple, pink, and indigo colors create this 3D rainbow effect.

Pink and Purple Ombre

#12: Pink and Purple Ombre

Bring out the big, kinky curls on your waist-length hair! A reverse ombre of light pink roots and dark purple ends takes this hairdo to the next level!

light purple and pink

#13: Light Purple and Pink

Choosing a more pastel shade like light purple with pink roots gives a youthful vibe. Curls add texture to this glorious hair transformation.

hot pink and purple balayage

#14: Hot Pink and Purple Balayage

Deep fuchsia and lavender carefully brushed on layers of hair, then waved. Talk about being creative!

Half pink and purple

#15: Half and Half

Iffy on which color to choose? Why not have both and enjoy this vivid display of half pink and half purple colors with a matching funky pattern?

pink and bright purple hair color

#16: Pink and Bright Purple

This look is a vivid color melt – bright violet melting into bright pink. Since the colors are so bright, I wanted to balance it with a simple layered haircut. With this haircut, she can still curl, wave, or style it as space buns at home, giving her the freedom to wear her violet-pink hair in any hairstyle she pleases. With vivid colors, I always recommend good products. For example, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner because vivid colors fade with every wash and most shampoo/conditioners contain lots of sulfates and alcohol which strip out color and dry out your hair. Most important advice of all is to rock it, your hair is your crown so have fun and embrace your new look! I’m here to enhance your confidence, so rock that violet-pink hair!

Black Pink and Purple

#17: Black Pink and Purple

This look is a soft berry balayage. It is a cross between muted purples and pinks. While cutting her hair, I gave her long layers and a face frame. I styled her hair into a soft beachy wave to complement the color and cut. The curls cascade down because of the long layers and the curls help to show off the dimensional color. My favorite thing is being able to do the color, cut, and styling start to finish. I am able to create everything in perfect harmony and construct a total look. My client in this photo actually has naturally curly hair. I think balayage complements curly hair really well because it gives the hair dimension and life. Balayage is great for someone looking to change up their look without the maintenance. Because the top of the color is feathered into her root, she will never get a line of demarcation and has a soft blend from her natural dark brown hair color into her soft berry balayage. My client actually does cosplay and loves to live on the wild side but does work as a therapist so still needs to look professional. I think this color is a perfect combination of being fun and different but not too crazy for her professional life. The muted pinks and purple allow for a softer look. For someone considering this look, it is a great way to change up your look without going too over the top. Pinks and purples are actually the best fantasy colors to do as well because they look great with every skin tone and fade beautifully until eventually, the color is back to a gorgeous blonde underneath. Pink and purple will never leave funky unwanted tones as blues and teals do. If you’re looking to change up your look with not a lot of maintenance, this is the perfect look for you!

Blonde Pink and Purple

#18: Blonde Pink and Purple

I was inspired by a geode when I was creating this look. The idea of a geode intrigued me because of the multitude of colors, the design of concentric circles, and the various textures I’d be able to play with. My favorite part of this style are the finishing touches to complete the look. I added some braids to give a jagged texture and some pops of glitter to really bring the geode design together. For anyone considering colors like these, it is slightly more high maintenance to keep the color looking vivid. However, when you shampoo your hair less, wash it with cool water, and use products such as the Matrix Keep Me Vivid system, your hair will have vibrancy as well as longevity. As long as wearing a fashion shade is appropriate in your profession, I think it’s a great way to express confidence and creativity. Fashion colors are customizable and can be as bold or subtle as you might like. That is what makes colors light these the perfect accessory for anyone, old or young, adventurous or conservative.

Pastel Pink and Purple

#19: Pastel Pink and Purple

This vivid color melt is like a Lisa Frank dream! I love how the colors complement each other, and the pastel pink really pops against the dark purple. Placing the darker vivid at the root and melting it down brings so much dimension and depth to the hair. It’s all about the blend! Vivid color requires extra care at home if you want it to last. Wash in cold water with color-safe (no sulfates!) shampoo and conditioner. Go easy on using heat and be sure to use a heat protectant when styling. Some vivid colors can be refreshed at home with a color depositing conditioner, so ask your stylist to mix one for you or offer suggestions. Pink and purple are great colors to try for first-time vivid hair clients. They fade out really nicely and don’t seem as extreme. You will have to lighten your hair to a pale yellow to achieve this color, so there is some commitment involved. Vivid hair is best suited for someone who likes to turn heads and wants to express their wild side. Feeling nostalgic and want to rock the hair you dreamed of as a ’90s kid? This is the color for you.

Pink Teal and Purple

#20: Pink Teal and Purple

This color is bold and edgy with just the right amount of class. My favorite thing about this look is the way the fantasy colors stand out against her dark root! They are meant to be bright and beautiful, but when paired against a deeper shade it really gives it that extra pop, as well as adding the curls, which let you see the full dimension. Pulp Riot is my go-to when I’m using fantasy colors! Fantasy colors are not for your average client. It takes a strong, confident individual to rock this look! It’s also a bit of a commitment. I always make sure when I have a client interested in adding some vibrant color to their life, that I fully educate them on the maintenance do’s and don’ts. My advice to them is usually to think about all the things that go into getting fantasy colors such as the upkeep, how often do they wash their hair, are they willing to invest in the right products to protect these colors and even their careers. Although I don’t agree, some employers do not allow these types of colors.

purple hair with pink highlights

#21: Purple Hair with Pink Highlights

Medium-length to long hair is better with this style, especially with a layered cut. If your natural hair color is dark brown,  bleach it up to level 10 or 11 with 20% vol. oxydant. After lightening up the hair, divide it into 6 sections from the top (crown) to the bottom. Apply 1 color for every section, purple at the top, then pink at the 2nd section. You can do this hairstyle to any kind of hair type, but a bit wavy hair would be better. You can also make the hair a bit curly with a hot iron. Do not use anti-dandruff shampoo and do not swim, both for long-lasting color and shape. You can use any kind of normal shampoo and conditioner recommended. Pink and purple hair colors are for every girl who wants to have fun with their hair. Life is too short to have boring hair, right?


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