22 Inspiring Blonde Balayage Hair Color Ideas for Women


Blonde balayage is a hand-painted coloring technique used to blend blonde highlights into hair. When balayage is achieved, it brightens the hair and gives it dimension, making it unnoticeable while growing out naturally. When blonde shades are blended into the hair it creates a natural-looking hair color.

If you’re a natural brunette:

Adding blonde highlights is the perfect way to lighten up your hair for that “I just got back from a 2-week beach vacation” look. Note that it may take several color sessions to get the shade of blonde you’re looking for. A bleach blonde can get you there faster, though.

If you’re a natural blonde:

You must be looking for a change. I suggest adding some brighter highlights or darker lowlights to create a natural-looking dimension that gets noticed. Whether you’re looking for bright platinum, golden blonde or an ashy balayage hue, you’ll find all the blonde balayage hair color ideas for your inspiration!

Before your next hair appointment, check out our popular photos of blonde balayage.

Beige Blonde Balayage on Medium Length Hair

beige blonde balayage on medium length hair

Instagram @hairbykysa

This beige blonde balayage on medium length hair is a smoother option if you want to get a beachy look. The highlights add to the textured tousled finish this shoulder-length hair has.

Sun-kissed Balayage for Natural Brunettes

Sun-kissed blonde balayage for natural brunettes

Instagram @shanecraighair

Sun-kissed balayage for natural brunettes gives women with darker hair gorgeous warm dark blonde highlights, while still feeling like a brunette. By using this balayage technique, it will look as if your hair has been touched by the sun in all the right places, giving an effortless, natural finish. After your balayage application, ask your stylist for a honey, caramel toner that will compliment your warm brunette hair.

Golden Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

golden blonde balayage with dark roots

Instagram @giboazhair

We’re in love with the dimension at the roots and the solid honey ends. This hair painting on this golden blonde balayage hair color couldn’t be more fabulous if not on flat-ironed hair.

Warm Blonde Balayage on Fine Hair

Warm Blonde Balayage on Fine Hair

Instagram @top_notch_haircutters

A trick to make thin hair appear denser is to go for dimensional colors that can add depth and texture to your look. Just like this warm blonde hair color. Keep it short above the shoulders for easy maintenance and styling.

Caramel Blonde Balayage on Choppy Hair

caramel blonde balayage on Choppy Hair

Instagram @beautyybycaroline

Sweet and warm hues like the ones featured on this light blonde shade do a marvelous job in accentuating texture in any hair. This balayage blond hairstyle works best for thin hair and cool to neutral complexions.

Layered Light Blonde Balayage

layered light blonde balayage

Instagram @coloredbycaitlin

Getting your hair this white might be a big challenge and commitment but as you can see, the results are super worth it! This enchanting blonde balayage on dark brown suits any hair length and skin tone – warm, neutral, or cool.

Dark Hair with Dark Blonde Balayage Highlights

dark hair with dark blonde balayage highlights

Instagram @dontbejealyyourhairbyfeli

Big and soft bouncy waves do so many wonders for thin and long hair wanting to have volume. Having warm dark blonde balayage highlights on dark hair near the face and at the edges makes for a framing and dimensional effect. Using the balayage technique for blonde highlights is a gorgeous combination when it comes to hair ideas.

White Blonde Balayage on Long Straight Hair

White Blonde Balayage on Long Straight Hair

Instagram @hairbyelie

Feel like an enchantress with this magical white balayage on long straight hair! Make sure to use your best flat iron as it is key to making this charming hairstyle!

Dark Brown to Honey Blonde Balayage Ombre

Dark Brown to Honey Blonde Balayage Ombre

Instagram @zulleiry27

For this dark brown to blonde balayage, imagine sweet honey poured over chocolate! This bright blonde and brown balayage ombre creates a seamless effect on straight and smooth hair that is so easy to maintain!

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

dark brown hair with blonde highlights

Instagram @hairswonderland

A latte-inspired bronde balayage (brown+blonde) with face-framing pieces does amazing on layered medium-length waves. It’s a beautiful option for those with natural brunette hair and warm skin tones.

Ashy Blonde Balayage Highlights with Beach Waves

Ashy Blonde Balayage Highlights with Beach Waves

Instagram @toan.d.mai

These dimensional dark roots with a smokey ash blonde balayage on black hair are a great option for lengthy hair. Those gentle and soft layers fall lightly on your back, giving a sexy yet cool aura.


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