Bob has successfully fought through testing in time and style. Although it is a little different every season, it manages to remain trendy from year to year. Nowadays, a sloppy trend in hairstyles can trigger a variety of variations in the classic hairstyles. They are now more daring, saggier and more Texturized. Curly, straight or wavy shag bobs add their own distinctive appeal on the red carpet as well as urban streets. What is their style the most fashionable shaggy bobs in the world today? Let’s check…

The Brightest Examples of Shaggy Bob Haircuts

Take a look at the pictures below and have fun!

#1: Not Your Grandma’s Silver Top

short ash blonde wavy bob

This long, wavy hair feels so smooth and pliable that it’s pure pleasure! It’s finally happening that the fashion industry has embraced the beautiful silver hair and it’s the most sought-after style of young women from all over the world!

#2: “Now You See Me” Long Shaggy Bob

choppy collarbone bob for straight hair

Long, choppy layers of collarbone cuts are great for straight, thick hair. They make a beautiful design and are stunning in motion. The look of a peek-a-boo is enticing however, it also warns that wearing it can be risky!

#3: Short Shaggy Blonde Bob

blonde angled shaggy bob with side bangs

For the girl who is blonde Here’s a basic straight, straight, angled bob that is sure to draw the attention of everyone. It’s professional and smooth, and is the type of style one would expect to see on a powerful woman. The long, layered bang should be swept towards the side and then encase the front piece that is angled for a trendy twist.

#4: Two Toned Burgundy Shaggy Bob

medium shaggy bob with side bangs

This medium-length hairstyle is ideal to show the artistic aspect in your character. Make some shaggy, jagged layers, then add the color and spread it across your hair. Let the natural waves that your hair has to assist you determine exactly where to apply the color!

#5: Funky Shaggy Bob

shaggy pastel purple bob with yellow ends

The fun, short, shaggy bob will have everyone talking…guaranteed! As if it were something from an anime or fairy tale story The violet and yellow style is unique, as it blends a loose and edgy cut, with a shocking and refreshingly cool hair color option.

#6: Medium Brown Tousled Bob

Wavy Brown Balayage Bob

The hues of her gorgeous locks are amazing. We’d like to attribute the success of this hair’s color to the cut too. The shaggy layers highlight her natural hair texture as well as the various shades.

#7: Blonde Shaggy Lob

Long Layered Bob With Black Roots

There are many different variations of the shaggy hairstyle. Her blonde-layered version is a unique variation on the traditional style. The layers are layered in a way that resembles delicate ribbons, each one of the layers has a mind to its own.

#8: Brown Blonde Messy Bob

Shaggy Shoulder-Length Bob

The simple ‘do goes well with the effortless hair color. Instead of a high-maintenance option choose an organic, lived-in dye job. The ombre highlights of sandy blonde highlight the soft, rounded form of the.

#9: Shaggy Brunette Hairdo

Choppy Chin-Length Bob

Are you looking to create layers in your hair so that your hair doesn’t look too perfect? Choose a style that has jagged ends, accentuated by a light hue. Keep your new hairstyle tidied or add some loose waves if you have time to style.

#10: Wavy Dirty Blonde Bob

Blonde Balayage Lob

Think about the possibility that bobs will just be found on your cheeks. They could be shorter or shorter. If you have thick hair, consider long shaggy bobs. It’ll show off the full length of your locks, but won’t feel the same hot and cumbersome like a more long-length hairstyle.

11. Brunette Bob, Disconnected Ends

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

The way you separate your locks is equally important as cutting them. This is because it could alter the overall style. The side of her face enhances the layers of choppy and creates symmetry in the look. In addition, it helps frame her face with the longer sides.

#12: Wispy Bob with Blunt Bangs

Black Shaggy Bob With Bangs

You can mix disorder and order in one style. Make use of messy longer hair and clean, precise bangs. A strong hair color highlights the texture and shape that the hair cuts.

#13: Blonde Shaggy Bob

Blonde Layered Bob With Highlights

A quick look at photos taken at hair salons will inform you that highlight shades that are well-blended and layers well-placed are the indicators of a well-groomed Bob haircut. For hair with fine texture it’s possible to boost your locks by spraying them with texturizing.

#14: Short Bob with Temple Undercut

Short Messy Bob Hairstyle

A tiny undercut piece provides a surprising variation to the standard short hairstyle. When you first view your hairstyle, it is likely that you do not see the temple buzzed immediately, as it’s been integrated into other parts of her fun hairstyle.

#15 Shaggy “Do With Ombre Ends

Black Shaggy Bob With Brown Balayage

Make your hair more bouncy with lightened ends. This will also help hairs that are thin because it creates the appearance of a larger hairstyle. Make use of a curling iron to make the movement more apparent within the layers.

#16: Mid-Length Shaggy Bob

Pastel Purple Wavy Bob

Shaggy bob hairstyles are suitable for all hair kinds. It doesn’t matter if the hair you have is straight or wavy, or curly. If you fall in the latter category, get inspiration from this warm , purple lob. The layers let naturally curly curls stand out.

#17: Shaggy Bob with Ombre

Long Messy Ombre Bob

Some refer to it as bedhead while others refer to it as shaggy. Whatever way you choose to call it as, remember that it’s a nice simple hairstyle. A couple of layers and a dab of styling cream can keep the hairstyle at the top of chic and effortless.

#18 Medium Shaggy Bob With Wispy ends

Shaggy Bob For Thin Hair

Shags that are applied to thin hair appear very soft and appealing without a doubt. Hairstyles that are tousled provide more volume for your hair and allow you to create subtle highlights of balayage. It is possible to style your bob using the help of a diffuser. If you don’t want to brush or applying a texturizing product and let the hair dry naturally.

#19 Bob is a Graduated Bob and Feathered Fin

Layered Brown Bob With Blonde Highlights

Before you plunge into a slender hairstyle, take a look at pictures of cut-off haircuts to get some ideas. You may not be able to make a bob using thin layers of razored that become longer towards the face however, when you look at the photo you’ll be convinced that it’s something you should try.

20: Honey Blonde Bob With Layers throughout

Shaggy Blonde Bob Haircut

The perfect hairstyle is one that works from every angle. You’re looking for something that’s perfectly balanced around your head. This short cut that has thick layers is a great fit for a cutting-edge style. It’s also easy to manage on a regular basis. Spray some sea salt to improve the natural texture of your skin then, you’re finished.

#21: Shaggy Bob with Defined Waves

Collarbone Wavy Brown Bob

Curling irons are one of the most effective tools for creating an effortless style. Make sure to go for large waves rather than smaller, more compact curls to maintain a relaxed style. Spray hairspray on your hair to ensure they’ll hold throughout the day.

#22: Side-Parted Wavy Bob

Brown Shaggy Bob With Black Roots

Bobs are available in a variety of styles, lengths, and shapes. They can be customized to make a style that you like. This shaggy hairstyle is a great choice for those who are looking for stylish look. The long side with swooping bangs as well as chunky waves make for a trendy look that you’ll be able to enjoy wearing.

#23: Natural Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Medium Natural Hairstyle

Choose the cut that won’t go against your hair’s natural texture. The bob’s mid-length with bangs highlights the spiral curl of her hair in a stunning way.

#24: Brown Blonde Textured Bob

Shaggy Brown Bob With Blonde Highlights

A lot of layers can become overwhelming when you’re starting with a simple hairstyle. Your stylist can suggest adding some layers to give some movement, but make sure that they blend into other hairstyles. If you are satisfied with the style you could add additional layers at the next appointment.

#25: Unruly Shaggy Hair with An angled tip

Short Layered Ombre Bob

Have you ever tried shaggy bobs before? What about trying a new one that has Bangs, angles, and ombre? Do not be concerned if some layers don’t fit It’s all part of the style.


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