Curtain bangs, also known as Bardot bangs, are loved by a lot of women. But, recent reports suggest that bangs have made another big comeback, with a few improvements. Some may argue that the curtains bangs aren’t elegant, but they’re an everyday thing. However, look at the opposite view, many famous red carpet regulars like Alex Chug have been sporting this style for a long time. Today, many renown stars and slay queens are learning how elegant and sophisticated the curtains can be. We will therefore present some fashionable haircuts and designs that are available for Curtain Bangs that women can wear to create an amazing appearance.

How to Style Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs can alter the appearance of women. If done properly they enhance the style but if they are not properly executed or the wrong types of bangs are chosen and styled, they could result in negative outcomes. The video below will guide you through how to style curtain bangs in the best way.

Popular Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

If you’re contemplating having this hairstyle, it’s vital to be aware of various types of hairstyles. You should also pick the one that best suits the length of your hair, type of skin tone and your facial type. We can help you out. Below we have created the gallery of different hairstyles that women can wear with hair that is a curtain. Check it out and check out the classic selection we have available for you.

1. New Copper Hair, Fresh with Curtain Bangs

curtain bangs hairstyles

This is a trendy coper hair style with curls. The hair is styled with a moderate length, to avoid a lot of weight. In addition, the curtain bangs, they are also to frame the oval-shaped face. Bangs and fresh copper make for the perfect match.

2. Half-Up with long curtain bangs

curtain bangs with half-up style

If you’re blessed with a long hairand want to increase it to the highest level this year This cut can work the magic on your behalf. If you pair it with a 1960’s hairstyle for example, a more an elongated half-up style the result is exciting.

3. Curtain Bangs that have Rounded Ends

A lot of people are choosing to wear bangs in a curtain with their bobs cut bluntly. But, the style is a lot more beautiful and soft with bangs. The style is versatile and chic.

4. A Choppy Straight Bob with Highlights

short curtain bangs with highlights

It can feel as if you’ve added an additional layer to your already weighty hair. The short bangs of the curtain can add volume and movement to your long hair. But, it’s not recommended for ladies who have curly hair.

5. Amazing Updos With Curtain Bangs

updos with curtain bangs

One method to achieve these hairstyles is trimming our bangs. With this stunning hairstyle, braids and top knots make a stunning appearance. This is a great way to achieve sleek braids and top-knots when you have long faces. It does a fantastic job at keeping your face in line.

6. Wavy Long Bob

Are you in search of curtain bangs with long hair? The long wavy hairstyle is a staple of ours for a long time So why not match your sleek haircut with the latest fashion? Thus, a haircut with curtains will add the size of your wavy hair without requiring any additional maintenance.

7. The Modern Bardot

If the thought of a haircut with bangs on the curtain pops to mind, you imagine Bardot. The iconic style has been an source of inspiration for many women, however we prefer it with subtle modern variations. The added texture and the layering that frames the face create a stunning appearance.

8. Side Swept Curtain Bangs

A variety of curtain bangs that we encounter are divided across the middle to end up with a glass that is encircling your face. But many women do not like this because of their facial shape. To achieve the perfect look you should opt for bangs split on either side to create a more wavy and unreadable curtain-bangs.

9. Lash -Skimming Style

Lash-skimming is a contemporary hairstyle for curtain bangs that was first created by Ryan Richman. It’s a blunt and powerful bang that offers different looks based on the style you choose to wear. It is a plethora of volumes at its roots.

10. Side Swept Bangs and a Bun

This is a brand new look that combines blow-gazing and side-swept bangs that show your cheekbones in a stunning way. This hairstyle is perfect to highlight the high cheekbones of your face.

11. Long hair with Curtain Bangs

This look represents the most stunning styles, particularly when the style is split from the center.

12. Long, Piecey Haircut

The fringe that is thin and slender works great with the long curtain cut. If your bangs fall onto your forehead, apply dry shampoo at the base of the hair and break them with your fingers.

13. Curly Bangs

Did you know that curls and bangs are the oil and water of haircuts? The bang is denying this as a stale conversation in the village. A word to describe it; beautiful, well-defined waves look better as do frizzy mops. Make sure to keep your hair moisturized to preserve the freshness of your curls.

14. Fake Style

This is a simple and proven method to add some fringe without cutting your hair. If you want natural bangs, purchase the right hair piece that complements the texture of your hair and its color. Split your hair at the middle, then tease the bottom, and then secure the pieces by spraying them with hairspray. Then, you can smooth your hair naturally to blend the bangs with your other hair.

15. Thick and Blunt

curtain bangs haircut for thick hair

This heavy bob is ideal for thick hair, and it provides an oval face with slimmer appearance. The contrast between straight bangs and curly bob is evident. The hairstyle also is a great way to cover the brows in an thrillingly ways.

16. Thick, Mid Length Bangs

curtain bangs hairstyle for women

This is the style that is great for every face type. All you have to do to create the perfect look is make a mess with your fingers to break them. The bangs do not taper towards the sides, which makes them more attractive and difficult to hide.

17. Classic Side Swept Curtain Bangs

Do you recall the time where side-swept hairstyles were a symbol of to be a part of your life? The thing that made them unique was the fact that it was difficult to get them to slide down and stay put. This is why they are so attractive. A smooth texture and a polishing will achieve this look.

18. Long Airy Curtain Bangs

If you’re a person with fine hairline, an airy curtain bang can appear as if it is a deliberate choice instead of an common. But, you’ll want to keep them in check however. A flat iron swung over the manes helps the trims stay smooth over your head.

19. Short and Precise

short curtain bangs

The subtle bangs make the pixie appear more ingenuous and sophisticated. They also make faces that are round appear slimmer and smaller foreheads look longer. For a beautiful appearance, tell your hairdresser to cut your bangs 3 inches back from your eyebrows.

20. Dynamic Long Shaggy Cut

Bangs that reach into the right corner of your eyes highlight the cheekbones make a beautiful accent to oval and round-shaped faces. For this style make sure you center the hair and employ a flat iron to remove the trims. This way the fringe will take on an elegant and loose style.

21. Jagged and Asymmetrical

Katy Perry’s hairstyles are best enhanced by a shorter crop. However, the bangs are gorgeous with long cuts as well. The deep side part allows the bangs and lay flat. use lots of pomades ensure they stay in the right place.

22. Extended Face Framing and Curtain Bangs

curtain bangs with long hair

If you take a close look at this style of face framing and notice the fact that they’re cut shorter in the middle of the forehead. Then, they are gradually tapering into the length of the hairs that are at the sides. When you separate them in the middle, you can add an imperfection to the haircut.

23. Supper Messy Half Curtain Bang

This is a stunning hairstyle for the curtain that is adored among women sporting a large forehead. It’s a perfect hairstyle that hides your forehead and create a appear like the typical girl next door. The messy half-bun on top is great for the days you’re not able to spare the time to dress up.

24. Super Swept Faux

If you’ve ever seen anyone wearing this stunning hairstyle and you know that it’s at its best. It is distinguished by the variety of textures and the hair being swept at the front and on the opposite side to cover the head. It’s perfect for ladies who have a prominent forehead as well as round faces.

25. Shaggy Bob

Do you remember the night when Taylor swift went insane in the Anna Wintour hair look? Thankfully these days are long gone. She shed those straight bangs and replaced them with this chic shaggy bob that is adorned with delicate and swept bangs to get this elegant and chic style.

26. Layered Layered Bun from Centre-Parted with a Curtain Bang

For ladies with diamond-shaped face with a wide forehead, having your hair cut into layers is the right option for you. The haircut frames the face perfectly on both sides, making your forehead and cheeks look smaller.

27. Ultra-Sharp Curtain Bangs, Top Knot

Every woman likes to look stylish and sexy. Thanks to this hairstyle to let you know what that is. This top-quality vertical knot, paired with sharp straight bangs definitely not for the weak-hearted.

28. A Short Skinny Layer with Curtain Bangs

curtain bangs with layers

Bangs aren’t the only option to consider when picking the right haircut for your forehead that is long. Layers of hair can show this. Just by cutting the shorter layers of your hair that is medium in length and then separating it in the middle, you can create this look easily. What you will get is a haircut with bangs on both sides of your face, created by the top layer of hair. The bangs hide the majority of your forehead. both sides.

We hope that this look can give you a simple style that will show your childish side or give you a renowned fashion-forward look. It’s a gorgeous alternative that can revolutionize how we style our hair, especially longer ones and bobs. Make sure you keep in mind your hair’s condition and texture in mind prior to designing your bangs for the curtain or opening the door.


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