These sorts of trends keep coming back, and this pastel hairstyle trend is one that is sticking around for a while. These inspiring shades always look fresh and inspiring. These pastel shades are rocking it this spring. You can personalize your look to fit your personality. These colors could match your own personality. These are the best colors that have come into the pastel shade world, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. You can get a full color or just stick to a few highlights, either way; you can have fun with it. Try out the rainbow shades if you are really feeling funky. Below are 62 Inspiring Pastel Hair Ideas to make You Look Magical:

Purple Shades

This great shade is the perfect example of just adding highlights to the color you already have. This purple shade is stunning.

Grey Locks

There is a combination of gray and white with this style, and even some of the natural are still left inside. It’s a stunning color that you are sure to love.

Love Pink

Who doesn’t love pink? This pretty shade is a great way to ring in spring!

Bright Colors

A great blue and purple shade that us bright enough to always keep you in a great mood. I love how it goes super bright and then fades to a beautiful pastel purple.

Highlighted Purple

A great purple highlighted shade that looks great with a natural. Mix it inside to create a signature design.

Slate Green

A great green shade that is sure to turn some heads. If you want a great color, then this is the one for you.

Rainbow Shades

These pastel shades are stunning all mixed together. The rainbow colors are breathtaking; you won’t find a prettier look than this one.

Pastel Green

This stunning green shade is striking, to say the least. This is the kind of color that will turn heads no matter where you go.

Show Your Personality

A great stunning color that is bright and beautiful. A shade to match your own personality.

Gray Designs

A shocking shade of gray that is sure to make you the hit of any party. If you want a whole new look, then this is the one for you.

Light Purple

A great shade that is stunning all around. If you love bright shades for spring, then purple is a great one.

Light Pink

Choose pink highlights for your blonde hair, and these light pink shades go really well with blonde.

Bright Blue

A stunning blue shade that is practically glowing. If you are a blonde that wants to spice things up, then try this blue shade.

Dark Gray

A great color that is dark enough to be mysterious but still light enough to wear this spring.

Sweet Purple

Talk about a stunning shade, this purple starts off dark but then goes into a light purple shade that is almost white.

Tickled Pink

A pink shade so light that it’s almost not there at all. If you are looking for a subtle change, then you will love this shade.

Bright Green

Add some green ombre to your natural shade to create this one of a kind look. The green is shockingly awesome.

Shocking Blue

You won’t find a blue coloring that is better than this one. These long layers look amazing in this ice blue color.

Silvery Purple

A great color that is popular in the pastel hair world. It’s gorgeous with a mixture of purple and silver.

Changing Shades

These dark purple roots, blend into a lighter shade rather quickly. It’s a stunning style.

All Over Grey

There are many different shades with this gray hairstyles. If you like the gray pastel look, then this is a stunning one.

Light Blue

A gorgeous light blue shade that is striking. It really goes well with her eyes. It’s a frozen look that you are sure to love for spring.

Soft Pink

The soft pale pink involved in this hairstyle is precious. A beautiful shade to break in the new spring season.

Medium Shades

A great purple shade that you will love this spring because it’s not too dark and not too light. It’s the kind of purple that’s going to draw the eye.

Stunning Grays

Another great example of the light gray shade that you will love come this season.

Shocking Red

If you love red but don’t want to make a full commitment, then you are sure to love these highlights. Red is a great color because it explodes!

Almost White

If you want to live the life of Elsa in Frozen, then you are sure to love this stunning white shade. You don’t get much lighter than this; it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Faded Pink

A great pink shade that can be used in an ombre design like this one. It allows you to keep your natural shade while adding a small change as well. The ombre doesn’t need to be just pink either, check out the bright fuschia, the green or even the purple. Keep your natural shade and just add some color, you will love it.

Neon Purple

We can’t help but fall in love with this purple shade; it’s just so pretty. It’s not a full color either, just highlights but ti really brightens up the style.

Faded Red

A great red that fades into a much lighter shade.

Multiple Shades

Great coloring that comes in shades of light blue and purple mixed together.

Stunning Purple

A light purple shade that looks amazing with a natural shade.

Pastel Blue

A great shade that looks amazing on anyone that has blue eyes.

Medium Pink

A stunning pink that is in multiple shades.

Light Purple

You’re not going to find a more stunning shade then this neon purple, it’s breathtaking.

Light Rainbow

These rainbow shades are super light and create a pretty style.

Shocking Pastels

The rainbow look is very popular, and we can see why, all these shades just pop.

Orange Highs

Who would have thought that orange and gray would go so well together?

A Touch of Purple

You can’t go wrong with this purple shade.

Bright As the Sun

A great color if you are looking for something bright. I love this bold yellow.

Stunning Colors

We can’t get enough of the gray and blue combinations.

Great Colors

You will love these colors because they are bright and beautiful.

Pale Pink

Pink colors are always the best for pastels.

Purple Light

This bright purple is sparkling it is so bright.

Light Green

If you have always dreamed of being a mermaid, then you will love this style.

Pretty Shades

Pretty in pink, always a great shade.

Sparkling Shades

I love these purple shades, they practically sparkle.

Seafoam Green

A great color that goes well with a natural look.

Just Gray

If you love the gray styles going around, then try an ombre style.

Different Shades of Pink

From light to dark, this pink shade is amazing.

Different Pinks

There are so many different pink shades to choose from.

Gray Designs

A wonderful color that you are sure to love.

Bright Blue Colors

All you need is a touch of blue to create a magical look.

Lime Green

I just love this lime green coloring that is mixed with the pink.

Bold and Beautiful

Why just pick one color when you can have them all?

Bright Red

This faded out color is beautiful.

Gray Styles

Another wonderful example of the light gray shade that you are sure to love.

Bright as Lights

A stunning combination of colors that seem to pop right off her.

Foamy Blue

A great shade that you are going to love all summer long.

Purple Coloring

I can’t say enough good things about this beautiful shade, and it’s quite striking with the natural shade as well. I love it all!


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