If you are looking for a new style to change things up then why not try adding bangs to your overall style. The great thing about bangs is that they go with all styles of hair, long, short and medium. The sky is the limit with hairstyles that have bangs. Bangs come in many shapes and sizes; you can have elongated bangs, side-swept bangs or bangs that go across the forehead. They can come in lengthy styles or short styles. Bangs are great for every season; you can’t go wrong with them! If you happen to not feel like bangs one day, that’s okay too because you can pin them up or slick them back. It’s amazing what you can do with bangs. Bangs can be swooped or tied into braids; they are just so wonderful.

Bangs can help you look sophisticated, classy or even edgy. They offer a bit of sassiness that you can’t find anywhere else. Bangs can be a totally hot new trend that you can rock out this season. The great thing about bangs is that they can make you look so much younger especially if you have short hair. Either way that you wear them bangs are awesome. We have so many different styles for you to choose from Below are 69 Gorgeous Hairstyles with Bangs:

Fringe Bangs

This celebrity style includes long flowing hair with some fringe bangs.

Sexy Styles

A great style that Taylor Swift is rocking out of the park. Her hair is medium length and the fringe bangs go well with it.

Rounded Layers

How can you not love this amazing style? These fringe braids are great with this long style.

Straight Styles

A great style that has some choppy bangs. This is an edgier look that you are sure to love.

Side Bang

A great style that Jennifer Aniston makes beautiful. The side swept bang is an awesome style.

Bold Styles

A medium-length style that is stunning with a soft fringe bang.

Long Bangs

A short hairstyle that has some really long bangs. It’s a cute style that is sure to make you look years younger.

Short and Stylish

Short styles are wonderful changes that you can have in your life. We love the soft bangs that come with it.

Messy Styles

How cute is this style? We love these messy styles because they are so easy to style. We see both the front and the sides with this messy style. A gorgeous style that any girl would love.

Sexy Styles

A great style that you are sure to love because it is sexy and sophisticated.

Type A Style

A great style that is perfect for a Type A personality. It’s put together and truly put together.

Different Shades

A gorgeous style that has multiple shades. If you are looking for something trendy, then you must try this style. The bangs are cute and we just love the blonde and brown together.

Beautiful Styles

A gorgeous medium-length style that has a side-swept bang that you are sure to love.

Choppy Styles

If you love short hair, then this is the style for you. We love how choppy the bangs are.

Wavy Styles

A wonderful style that is full of spunk. These waves are great and so id the side-swept bang.

Gorgeous Bang

A great style that has long layers and some wonderful elements. A soft bang that is truly lovely.

Gorgeous Side Swept

A short choppy style that has some amazing side-swept bangs. It has a deep part that adds some amazing volume.

Rounded Bang

A great hairstyle that looks amazing in a bun and the bangs are rounded so that they frame the face.

Long Bangs

A great style that is lovely with the waves and the long bangs just add the best touch to the style.

Bold and Beautiful

A stunning style that has some pretty amazing fringe bangs.

Rocking Style

We love these messy styles because they are so low maintenance. They are gorgeous and free-flowing.

The Longest Bangs

A bun style that is low maintenance because it’s messy. These long bangs frame the face making it look incredible.

Blonde Styles

Emma Stone knows all about personal style. These bangs really compliment the style.

Double Bun

These wavy bangs look amazing with these double buns.

Sexy Bangs

A long hairstyle that has some amazing bangs. If you have long hair, then this is the style for you.

Flipping Bangs

A great style that has some amazing flipping style. A couple of layers that are flipped back to present an amazing style.

Square Bangs

A simple bang is all you need to compliment this style.

A Stunning Bob

What a cute bob and the bangs go well with the style perfectly. We love it.

Straight Bangs

These bangs are perfect because they go straight across the forehead in the most beautiful way. A straight style that anyone is sure to love.

Stylish Wonders

A gorgeous style that has some long bangs pinned to the side. The side-swept bang is really gorgeous with the right style.

Beauty Bangs

These messy bangs are really beautiful and they go well with the style.

Aniston Style

Jennifer Aniston always has a great style. These across the forehead bangs look great on her and give her a completely different style.

Softening Styles

This fashionable style is amazing and we love her side-swept bang.

Sophisticated Style

A style that you could surely wear anywhere and we can see why it’s amazing.

Long Bang

Katie Holmes always looks great and these bangs are wonderful on each side.


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