The concept of young moms is the norm of society as we know it. For years upon years, women have been giving birth to children in their late teens or early twenties. Although the cases of women giving birth later in life also encompass a great number, those cases are not as common or as easily accepted. With the improvements in healthcare as well as through contributions of science, the average age for women to have children safely has moved from their 20’s into their 30’s. This raises the question that is it actually that bad to have kids in your 20’s? Not necessarily! Being a mother is tough no matter how old you are. Modern medicine allows you to be able to delay having children into your late thirties but there may be some risks involved in that. All this information can leave us confused about this decision. So this article is here to help you decide for yourself. Below are some of the risks and advantages listed regarding having children in your 20’s or 30’s. You can compare them and then decide for yourself.

Advantages Of Giving Birth In Your 20’S

1. Women are more fertile in their 20’s as compared to their 30’s

It is an understood fact that it is easier for women to get pregnant in their younger days. The younger you are, the more fertile you are as well. Before the age of 25, you have many chances of conceiving. On average a woman is able to conceive just 3 months after trying each time. After the age of 35, the chances of getting pregnant go down by at least 12% on average. Women are born with all the eggs that they are ever going to have. They are about 1 million eggs. Although that may seem like a lot, it really is not. All the eggs do not end up forming an embryo. After the age of 37, the number of eggs in a woman’s body drops down to 25,000. These odds are not really that promising. Basically, after the age of 32, the chances of getting pregnant get lower and lower.

2. Lower Pregnancy Risks

Younger mothers have lower risks of developing blood pressure issues as well as diabetes during their pregnancy. On the other hand, it is a very common outcome in pregnancies after the age of 35. Lower health risks, as well as better chances of pregnancy due to frequent availability of eggs, just spells better chances for women in their 20’s. It can get stressful into the late thirties. There are lower chances of miscarriages and stillbirths in 20’s as well.

Pros of Giving Birth in Your 30’S


1. Financial Stability

It is far more likely for women to be in a better financial situation in their 30’s than in their 20’s. This means that there is more disposable income that can be put towards better care for the child. Babies are expensive as they require a lot of things. Baby formula, diapers, baby clothes, and doctor visits are just some of the main expenses. They can be impossible to manage on a low salary and a bad financial situation. It may be impossible to meet your baby’s needs if you are not earning a good enough salary. Women in their 30’s are more likely to be responsible with finances as well. Being financially stable means that you can rely on a partner as well. Babies require a lot of time as well as energy too. You can only provide that if you have secure finances and can be more responsible. It is also harder to manage time and life with a child in the 20’s. You may have to choose between going to college and having a child. Although it can be done but not everyone has the stamina and the will for this.

2. You’re More Likely To Have Twins Or Triplets

Having twins or triplets is a dream for many of us! Waiting to have children into the 30’s might just increase your chances of having multiple babies at once. This is especially good news for the women who want to have multiple children but only into their 30’s. Due to the hormonal changes in the body, the chances of having multiple children at once increase into the 30’s. These hormonal changes cause the release of more than one egg at a time and thus the chances of twins or triplets increase as well. So if this has been your dream, like many others, then waiting until you are more mature is the best decision for you.

Major Risk Of Having A Baby In Your 20’s

  • You Might Have Worse Health Outcomes In Life

Experts have discovered that the women that wait longer to have babies end up having better health in the long term as compared to the women that have children in their 20’s or late teens. The more a woman delays her pregnancy, the better her health is going to be later in life. The women who have babies sooner, also succumb earlier to the aches and pains that are supposed to come later in life.

Major Risk Of Having A Baby In Your 30’S

  • There Is A Higher Risk Of Your Baby Having Health Complications

In the 30’s women are more likely to give birth to children with lower than the advised weight of baby. There are higher chances of having a premature baby as well. Premature babies suffer from health issues as well like breathing issues and impaired listening as well as learning problems. These babies have a higher risk of abnormalities related to chromosomes. What this means is that they are more likely to have mental difficulties like down syndrome.

Regardless of all these factors, having a baby at any age is rewarding and joyful. It is totally your choice when you want to have a baby. It is best to make an informed decision about it in any case. I hope this article can help you make that decision.


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