Stunning Examples of Caramel Balayage Highlights for 2021


Light Caramel Highlights on Brown Hair

This color is such a soft and subtle look but it enhances her natural color with a blended caramel contrast. The coolest thing is how versatile it is, with it still looking natural.


The best thing about this look is that it was actually a rose gold attempt. We just had to take it in stages as her hair is naturally a level 3/4 so we just went with what her hair lightened to this round.

I wanted to do this without having to compromise length as she wanted to keep it longer and this is the gorgeous color we ended up both loving! I would describe this as a cool muted mahogany brown.

Deep Caramel Highlights on Dark Hair

This is a high contrast balayage with a soft melted caramel inspired look. I am completely in love with how the highlights cascade around her most beautiful features such as her lips, cheekbones, and gorgeous eyes.

The caramel tones warmed and compliment her skin tone so well and really help to give her an overall natural glow. After box dying her hair black for many years, we were both extremely happy with how light her hair allowed ya to get her, which is a very rare occasion. The hair gods were with us on this day.

Caramel Brown Balayage on Long Hair

This look is a dimensional caramel balayage. Enhancing the caramel highlights and mixing in darker brown tones create the perfect fall blend. The mix of lighter and darker natural tones paired with a natural soft wave style is my favorite thing about this look.

Honey Caramel Balayage on Medium Length Hair

The best about this look was that this was actually a color correction. She had a very brassy, grown-out ombre with no dimension and length that wasn’t doing anything but looking scraggly. First, we cut off about four inches and then I balayaged highlights and lowlights into her hair giving her the dimension she very much needed.

We wanted a low maintenance look so I brought the balayaged highlights higher around her face and dropped into a halo technique for her sides and back. We chose to have a caramel tone that best complemented her skin tone and natural hair color. Another good thing about this look is how the naturally gorgeous balayaged highs and lows complemented her complexion and brought her back to life!

Bronde Balayage on Straight Hair

This is the perfect caramel balayage highlight. What I love about this look is almost everyone can pull this off! It gives your hair such a dimension whether it’s worn curly or straight.


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