The Timeless Baby Names You’ve Overlooked

Naming your baby is one of the most exciting things for new parents. While it’s a little stressful since the baby will carry their name with them for life, it’s still one of the funniest things that parents happily spend their days losing sleep over.

Some beautiful nicknames are classic and have been around for centuries, plus for all good reasons they never go out of style. While there are a few factors to consider when narrowing down your choices, it’s best to stick with a name that’s charming, trendy, and doesn’t lose its appeal, just in case. Read on to find these fresh, evergreen baby names you should consider adding to your list.

1. Benedict

For any parent looking for an ageless name, this name has been a favorite all over the world. Benedict is of Latin origin and means “blessed”. A great alternative to familiar names like Ben or Benjamin, Benedict is the name of a saint, the founder of the Benedictine order, and also the name of celebrity Benedict Cumberbatch, who has played several famous TV roles of Dr. Frankenstein, Sherlock Holmes, Stephen Hawking. among others.

2. Calvin

Thanks to famed fashion designer Calvin Klein, this short and cute nickname has enduring charm despite its hilarious meaning of “bald or hairless.” Depending on how you take it, the name looks chic and is becoming increasingly popular due to strong associations with the French reformer whose doctrines sealed the fate of Calvinism. It is the birth name of famous hip-hop celebrity Snoop Dogg and an important character name in the sci-fi movie A Wrinkle in Time.

3. Desmond

For parents who are looking for the best name for a boy, sophisticated and graceful, Desmond could be a worthy contender. While this lovely name has some serious appeal, it’s also quite an unusual name. The nickname Des is a very cute generic name for a baby, so it’s not such a boring and lovely name for your boy.

4. Clive

A sweet and short baby name that has always been a favorite among new parents, Clive also has a strong and undeniably powerful appeal. Clive has been around for a very long time and hasn’t lost its luster among the most fabulous boy names for centuries. It translates as “a person living on a rock.” Clive, unlike its other alternatives such as Clifford or Cliff, is soft and has a great sound.

5. Camilla

Camilla, a beautiful girl with Latin roots, means “young ceremonial attendant.” According to Roman mythology, Camilla was a huntress who could run so fast without bending a single blade of glass. Also, Donna Tartt’s The Secret History protagonist, her flower version, Camille, has received a lot of praise and love from young parents who are looking for a timeless baby girl name for their adorable munchkin.

6. Eva

The girl’s name of Jewish origin Eva means “life”. The most ancient name in the history of mankind, Eve speaks of purity, grace, beauty, strength and simplicity. Despite some competition from their fashion rivals like Eva, Evie, Ava or Evelyn, Eve continues to be at the top with her unbeatable classic style.

7. Iris

A rare and intriguing nickname to give to your daughter. Iris is a flower name of Greek origin meaning “rainbow”. According to Greek mythology, Irida was a goddess who was considered a symbol of greatness, personifying wisdom, faith and courage. Iris has been a coveted name for centuries and is still in vogue that has never lost its charm and we are not surprised! This name truly embodies beauty.

8. Portion

One of the most famous female characters of all time in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice and Brutus’s wife in Julius Caesar, Portia originally means “pig, doorway or hog.” This one will never go out of style as it is unique, meaningful and closely related to important fictional characters who have always stood out as ideal role models.

P.S. Stick with Portia and don’t pronounce it Porche just for your love of the car brand, as the meaning changes and no longer has the same appeal.

9. Sylvia

An elegant name for a girl, Sylvia, has a feminine and graceful appeal. With a melodic sound, this nickname is suitable for all age groups. So, whether your child is a baby now or a grown woman later, this name is truly suitable for all ages and is guaranteed to have enduring appeal. Sylvia originally means “woman of the forest”, so if you’re a nature lover, this might be the best name that also has a high chic factor.

Giving a name to a child can be an excruciating ordeal, given that your child will be known by it. The name distinguishes them and gives them a special personality.

of time. Which among these timeless baby names do you like? To share your favorites with us in the comments below!


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