15 Amazing Long Bob Hairstyles for Women


Long-bob hairstyles are one of the trendiest hairdos that have been on the vogue since almost a century. They are also most commonly called ‘Lob’ or ‘Demi bob’. The lob is neither long nor short, its shorter at the back and gradually increases in length as it comes to the front. This style looks fabulous on most face shapes and skin tones and also suits most hair textures. The lob style fits any kind of hair – straight and sleek or wavy and messy. Wear your lob as a down do, or lift your locks up in an up-do or just half-up – there are many different ways to sport the long-bob hairstyle. There are also different ways to easily style this hairstyle with elegance or funk.

Some of the best long bob hairstyles are given below. Find the perfect variation for you from the gallery and description of long bob haircuts for women:

Latest Long Bob Hairstyles For Women With Images:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 15 long bob hairstyles for women.

1. Curly Long Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 1

Long bob hair when properly curled looks very attractive. It is easy to maintain and suits women of all face shapes. This hairstyle is totally suitable for all kinds of events. Those who have oval faces can style their long bob in this curly way as it ideal for females with diamond-shaped faces. Women now embrace all natural hair textures – wavy, curly, spiral, etc. This is not going to change anytime soon. The key is the right haircut, preserving the curls and body.

  • Suitable Occasion – Casual
  • Age Group – 20-40
  • Best Season – Spring, summer
  • Hair Type – Fine hair, Curly, Wavy
  • Face Shape– Long, Sleek, Square, Diamond

2. Flowing Long Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 2

One of the best things about flowing long bob hairstyles is their magnificent flow feature. This hairstyle is intended to embrace your collar bone. This is one of the hottest hairstyles and also one of the easiest to maintain. Women with straight hair can enjoy this style without much difficulty as it provides a soft and glowing look on straight hair.

  • Suitable Occasion – Casual
  • Age Group – 20-50
  • Best Season – Summer
  • Hair Type – Fine hair, Curly, Wavy
  • Face Shape– Long, Sleek

3. Soft And Layered Long Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 3

It is not necessary that long bob hairstyle will have short hair of equal length. There may be variations in length which is one of the main characteristics of this soft and layered long bob hairstyle. After setting your hair use a spray to give it the perfect shine.The emphasis there is on soft, not heavy, layers. After the haircut, your stylist will dry your hair and then add in soft layers at the base of your strands to give it movement and personality.

  • Suitable Occasion – Semi-Formal, Casual, Party
  • Age Group – 20-40
  • Best Season –Any Season
  • Hair Type –Straight, Wavy, Thick
  • Face Shape – Square, Round, Oval

4. Sleek And Framed Long Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 4

This is one of the finest versions of the long bob hairstyle. It comes with a smooth and glossy look which is ideal for all sorts of occasions. This definitive bob has a gorgeous fringe which looks best on oval faces. Women with square shaped faces can also wear this look. For sporting this look, you need to blow your hair dry and smooth it with the help of a flat iron.

  • Suitable Occasion – Suitable for any occasion
  • Age Group –Suitable for all age groups
  • Best Season – Any season
  • Hair Type –Thick, fine, straight
  • Face Shape – Round, Oval, Square

5. Long Bob With Red Waves:

Long Bob Hairstyles 5

A well-colored hair with a touch of waves will look magnificent. This is such a type of hairstyle. It is simple and sophisticated at the same time. Being one of the trendiest hairstyles of this season, it is mainly sported by women with UN-subdivided faces. Red is the most suitable color for this type of wavy hair at red is always more appealing compared to other hair colors.

  • Suitable Occasion – Party, Casual
  • Age Group – 20-35
  • Best Season – Summer, Spring
  • Hair Type – Wavy, Sleek,
  • Face Shape – Square, Heart, Round

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6. Smooth Long Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 6

One of the most elegant hairstyles in this fashion oriented world is the smooth long bob hairstyle. This elegant hairstyle comes with side fringes. It sets the face frame and brings out an overall sophisticated look. It is suitable for women with thick hair or medium thick hair. The long bob is classic and take it to a whole new level as there are endless options. Sharp angled bobs portrays high drama and high life. This cut is for outgoing and fun people. What’s your look?

  • Suitable Occasion –Formal, Casual, Wedding
  • Age Group – Any age group
  • Best Season – Any Season
  • Hair Type – Straight
  • Face Shape–Round, Square, Heart

7. Straight Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 7

This hairstyle is for almost every girl. It is simple and easy to maintain. Women with straight or wavy hair can check out this style. If you have straight hair and want to class up your vibe, draw your inspiration with this hairstyle on the likes of Christina Hendricks and pull off a sophisticated look sporting a sleep straight bob. You can totally rock this style even if your hair is on the thinner side. This provides an illusion of fullness and gives you the youthful edge.

  • Suitable Occasion – Formal, Party, Casual, Wedding
  • Age Group – 20-40
  • Best Season – Autumn, Winter
  • Hair Type – Thick, Straight, Fine
  • Face Shape– Long, Round, Diamond

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8. Asymmetrical Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 8

This is simply a standard long bob hairstyle with a little parting flutter on the side. Being one of the most stylish looks for women, this is one of the best steps you can take if you’re willing to sprout your hair on the exterior. This mind-blowing haircut is perfect for all face shapes.

  • Suitable Occasion – Party, Casual
  • Age Group – 20-40
  • Best Season – Summer, Spring,
  • Hair Type – Curly, Straight
  • Face Shape– Any face type

9. Classic Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 9

The classic bob look is inspired by the beauties of 40’s. This vintage hairstyle is a combination of the old school and modern hairstyle, put together to form one of the best long bob hairstyles. This provides the bob an alluring look. Women with wavy to straight hair will simply rock this hairstyle.

  • Suitable Occasion – Suitable for any occasion
  • Age Group – 35-50
  • Best Season –Any Season
  • Hair Type – Thick, Wavy, Sleek
  • Face Shape– Any face shape

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10. Long Bob Updo:

Style big using this classy headband to keep your curly bob in place. This is a very pretty easy look to try out. Natural curls is perfect canvas for for floral accessories and you can wear it the way you’d like.

  • Suitable Occasion – Party, Casual, Bridal
  • Age Group – 20-30
  • Best Season – Summer, Spring, Autumn
  • Hair Type – Curly, Wavy
  • Face Shape– Any face shape

Half Up dos:

An updo is usually quite hard for a long bob, however, a half updo does the trick. Wavy or straight, braided or twists, this is a perfect updo for an elegant and chic look. A wavy half updo is a great style for a party or for a date.

  • Suitable Occasion – Casual
  • Age Group –20-50; any
  • Best Season – Summer, Spring
  • Hair Type – Wavy, Curly
  • Face Shape-Square, long, round

11. Long Blunt Bob:

Blunt bob with bangs

This is an updated version of the very popular 70’s look that didn’t require a lot of maintenance. Create a perfect geometry with these natural lines created using this blunt bob.

  • Suitable Occasion – Party, Casual, Formal
  • Age Group – 20-50
  • Best Season – Winter, Autumn
  • Hair Type – Straight, Fine, Thick
  • Face Shape– Long, round, Square

Sport it with a Chevron Undercut:

This cut is only for the talented hairstylists, ensure you get the right one. This is a perfect combination of drama and art. Pull it up to bring out the drama queen in you and you can always cover it up too by just letting your hair down. Ready to shave the nape?

  • Suitable Occasion – Party, Casual
  • Age Group – 18-30
  • Best Season – Summer, Spring
  • Hair Type – Sleek, Straight
  • Face Shape– Any face shape

12. Long Side Part Bob:

Keep it up with Kardashian Long Side Part Bob:

If you’re hesitant to chop off your locks at one go, lobs come to your rescue. This impression of a side part is our personal celebrity favorite. Options are many, choosing the ideal one for is made easier when you see this look on a celebrity. What are you waiting for?

  • Suitable Occasion – Party, Casual
  • Age Group – Ideally suitable to 20-35 age group
  • Best Season – Any Season
  • Hair Type – Straight, Sleek
  • Face Shape– suitable for all face shapes

Long Side Part Bob for the Brown:

If you have naturally brown hair, or you if plan to colour it brown, try out this drastic new look. This is a sassy and versatile look and is a great choice of women of all ages. This is a timeless classic look for any hair type and face shape.

  • Suitable Occasion – Party, Semi-Formal
  • Age Group – All age groups
  • Best Season – Suitable for all seasons
  • Hair Type – Straight, Wavy, Curly
  • Face Shape– Ideally suits Round, Oval face shape

13. Side Part Long Bob:

Weave Your Long Bob:

This awesome lob styling haircut accents your bob and is just the right bob for you. This iconic cut strikes the perfect balance between long and short and is a beautiful example for hair art.

  • Suitable Occasion – Party, Casual
  • Preferable Age Group – 20-35
  • Best Season – Summer, Spring
  • Hair Type – Straight, Sleek
  • Face Shape– Long, Round

Go Blond with Your Side Part Long Bob:

This lob is a wonderful choice for girls with thin hair. Add these piecey tips based on your taste and this is ideal for medium to long hair. Go blond, voila, thinness gone and chic look in!

  • Suitable Occasion – Casual, Party, Wedding
  • Age Group – 20-40
  • Best Season – Preferably a Summer look
  • Hair Type – Wavy, Thin
  • Face Shape– Square, Oval

14. Short Long Bob:

Jennifer Aniston Shows How to Sport a Short Long Bob:

This is a perfect look for hair lengths from chin to collarbone. Style icons like Coco Chanel choose these lobs for their runway. Don’t know which one to go for? Rachel from “Friends” shows us how!

  • Suitable Occasion – Suitable for any occasion
  • Age Group – Suits any age group
  • Best Season – Works well on any season
  • Hair Type – Preferably straight hair or Wavy
  • Face Shape– Versatile style works on any face shape

Emily’s Short Long Bob:

The curve at the end of Emily’s hair gives volume for thin hair. This should grazing bob gives a serious look and is ideal for warm weather.

  • Suitable Occasion – Formal, Wedding, Bridal
  • Age Group – Ideal of any age group
  • Best Season – Summer, Spring
  • Hair Type – Straight, Wavy
  • Face Shape– Suits any face shape

Angled Short Long Bob:

This cut gives instant volume to your hair and you can play around with colours of your choice for the highlights – blond, blue, purple. Own this look by giving it a side part and those fringes. Sexy is in.

  • Suitable Occasion – Party, Wedding, Casual
  • Age Group – Preferably 20-40
  • Best Season – Suitable for any season
  • Hair Type – Straight, Wavy, Curly
  • Face Shape– ideally long, heart, oval

15. Brown Long Bob

Wonder Woman’s Brown Long Bob:

Lobs are here to stay. Ageless as the Wonder Woman, this look will stand the test of time. This chocolate brown lob takes the glam quotient a notch higher. Dazzle your bob in brown hues.

  • Suitable Occasion – All occasion
  • Age Group – Suitable for all age groups
  • Best Season – Any season
  • Hair Type – Any age group
  • Face Shape – Ideal for any face shape

Jane’s Red Long Bob:

Holiday or a party, Jane’s red long bob is your go to hairstyle. This look is popular for any season and the red gives your the sexy look with power! Say goodbye to dull boring bobs!

  • Suitable Occasion – Wedding, Party
  • Age Group – ideally for age group 20-40
  • Best Season – Every Season
  • Hair Type – Ideally for wavy hair
  • Face Shape– Any face shape suits

Tips To Maintain Long Bob Hair:

Here are some golden rules to maintain your Lobs – Long Bob.

Finger Comb / Comb Less:

Short hair doesn’t need a lot of brushing, use your fingers instead. Short hair is less likely to get tangled. Use your fingers to shape your hair from the roots and this adds volume.

Avoid Heat:

Choose a look that suits you. The regular use of flat irons, curlers and blow drying can definitely damage your hair. No time to wash your hair, use a damp cotton ball at the roots. Take care of your scalp and avoid maintaining your hair using styling products.

Regular Trims:

Trim your hair every 4-6 weeks. Short hair is about a great cut, ensure your look is maintained with regular care.

Wash your Hair Regularly:

Short hair needs regular washing visavis long hair. They get greasy easily and the number of times you wash your hair depends on the oil buildup. Dry shampoos do the trick too. Rejuvenate your locks on no wash days.

Finish with the Cold:

Add instant shine to your short hair by adding a boost of gloss. The next time you wash your hair, end it with cold water.

Modern day bobs and lobs have gone through a lot of innovations and upgrades. Choosing the right look for your hair texture and face shape is extremely important. Even if you want to stick to the same hairstyle, jazz them up with colours and parts and add textures, Bobs and Lobs have been around for a long time and there are creative ways to be in vogue with time and fashion trends.
Hope this gallery helps you choose your look! Please leave your comments on which style works the best on you.


Q1. Which hair product helps to keep curls in place for long-bob hairstyle?

Ans. There are several products available in the market that help keep curls in place. Some of them are –

  1. A drizzle of Argon oil over damp hair works wonders.
  2. OGX Coconut milk conditioner keeps those curls soft.
  3. Macadamia oil is best for dry curls and frizzy hair
  4. Garnier Fructis styling gel works best on special occasions

Q2. What kind of accessory would suit on straight and sleek long-bob hairstyle?

Ans. Accessories contributes to a more sophisticated appearance. Some of them are –

  1. Head bands – there are variety of head bands available in the market from casual wear to a party wear to bridal. Choose the one that best suits you.
    Fancy hair clips – works best for curly or frizzy and unruly hair; it helps keep the mane in place.
    Bouffant Puffs give a very trendy look and have become a fashion statement now.

Q3. What is the best way to maintain long-bob hairstyle on an all-day event?

Ans. Long-Bob hairstyles suits best on any occasion. Here are some ways you can sport them all day –

  1. Using a styling gel
  2. Comfortable accessories
  3. Bandanas
  4. Hair bands


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