Are you tired of the same hair colors, such as blonde? Are you looking for a new hairstyle that will make you appear younger? The great aspect with human hair is it can be altered. Contrary to the color of your skin and eye hair color, the head’s hair can be altered to look like any shape or color you’d like. Sometimes, you require a new hairstyle for your blonde hair so that you can blend in at work, or to look stunning at a social gathering. Perhaps a fresh hairstyle can bring you back to your 20s.

1) Stunning Shoulder-Length Wavy Blond Hair

This hairstyle is great for those who prefer medium-length hair. The hairstyle is designed to be worn just above the shoulders and hair is swept toward one side to highlight your hair’s length. The waves of this type of hair make a messy appearance which is flirtatious when it is swept across the shoulder.

2.) Straight blond shoulder-length hair that has curly texture at the ends

This is a great shoulder length hairstyle that is great with all kinds of blonde hair. Long waves flow across the lower lengths of hair, which are soft, and when the hairstyle, which is parted to the side, it forms an elongated, wispy bang on the face’s side which gives the face an attractive border.

3) A wavy hairstyle with blond hair along the sides

This is an excellent style choice for blondes who love long shoulder length hair. It creates a look which is flirtatious and professional simultaneously. The curls that are in this type begin from the crown of your head. They are accentuated in the sides. They are loosened as hair falls onto the shoulder.

4) Hairstyles for blonds that are messy

Curls aren’t easy to keep during the day and an elongated shoulder hairstyle that can be done with minimal effort is the ideal. This blonde hairstyle begins straight on high points of your hair, but by the time it reaches the shoulders it will have a few feminine curves in the bottom that are certain to attract attention.

5) Straight through the back

This look utilizes volume to create something unique and bold , which will look perfect for a night in the city. The back is straight, extending to the shoulders, whereas the sides feature an elongated curl. This is a great style for hair that’s darker in the roots, to make the curl accentuated.

6) The hair is curly behind the head

Long hair is typically thought to be reserved for young people So why not try hairstyles that pull hair away from your face and makes you feel younger once more? This hairstyle is made of the hair that is on top at the top of the head, and then tucks it in a ponytail. It’s a great way to create a half-updo with long wavy hair.

7) Medium sized mysterious side brush

The sunkissed hairstyle is a excellent option for those with long hair. This style is simple to design and easy to keep. Simply brush your hair along the sides of your face, leaving an area of it in the middle. The wavy style that covers the side of your face gives the appearance of being sexy and chic.

8) Long blonde wavy hair

Nothing is more romantic than a hairstyle that is windblown like this. This look is ideal for hair that’s slightly over the shoulders and is layered to the front so that the long curls along side of the face create a frame that appears amazing. The hair should be swept to one side can make the look more lively.

9) Long wavy shoulder length hair that is brushed one side

Some people with blonde hair would like a style with a straight portion. It’s messy, wavy and sassy. To create it , all you have to do is brush it back , and let the hair strands to fall in the right place. Hair closest to your face should be shorter , so that it frames your face.

10) Young blonde long mop hairstyle

The long layered look is perfect for anyone who is looking to create a classier style for themselves. This style is perfect for hair of shoulder length that is perfectly straight . You can make three or three lengths but not much in the direction of the hair. If you have straight hair it is easy to keep.

11) Blond hairstyle that flows freely

If you have natural waves in their hair, this style for shoulder length is an excellent choice for you. Simply brush your hair to your shoulders and you’ll see the hair falls in place and makes a bed-head style which is sexy. If you want to control the curls a little then you can.

12.) Straight , straight hair bun

Another style worth considering for shoulders-length hair would be this. It’s a style that requires straight hair or straighten your hair. However, the feather-like layers work when you want an attractive style. You can also switch the look by altering the position of your hair.

13.) Long crazy hairstyle with blond.

The long wavy look creates a mysterious and mysterious look that conceals your eyes from view. Hair is best brushed to the sides with this style to create beautiful and long layers. However, it can also be effective if you blow the hair straight. This is a great style for hair that has some hair wave.

Another great hairstyle for blonds:

14) Messy and Stylish Bed Hair

Have you noticed that hair is more likely to split throughout the day particularly for those with lightly wavy hair? This style mimics the look of a wavy hair by creating a messy bed head that is wavy from the beginning of your day until the close of the day. The look even covers your face to create it look like you’ve been living in it and not fresh-cut.

15) Highlight the Shades of Blonde

Long hair could make the styling options that are available to you with a hairstyle that is down less limiting. This hairstyle is an excellent alternative for those with diverse shades of blonde since you can make long hairstyles that highlight highlights and draw the various shades of your hair into the lighter.

16) Curly Tips

One thing you could make to create a look with your hair down that will impress your guests is to curl the tips of your hair so that the hair’s layers shine more. This works best with shoulder-length hair since longer hair can’t hold the curls as well as shorter hair could.

17.) Sunkissed Blonde Style with Messy Bun

This sunkissed hairstyle can be the perfect way to take hair off your face. The hair’s top layer is placed in messy buns with many strands of hair that are arranged in different directions while the bottom stays straight across your shoulders. This half-up hairstyle is ideal for summertime where you’re looking to get more air to your skin.

18) Luscious Blonde Hairstyle

Hair that has lots of volume can be hard to maintain, however, If you’ve got long flowing hair like this it is easy to find the appearance you’re looking for. Alter the position of the hair part hair so that it mixes and also to allow you to choose which part of your face will be exposed.

19) Shoulder-Length Straight Style

Hair that is long flowing and long-lasting are things many people who have straight hair are looking for and this look with the long layers that run along the sides of the face is fantastic. Ideally, hair should be at least shoulder length to allow you to achieve enough steps in the layers to frame your face in the professional look of feathered hair.

20) Sophisticated Long Curls

Long curls in your hair can appear easy, but this style requires you to make individual curls so that they are perfectly positioned on your back, creating an attractive look that’s very elegant. You can curl your hair in different directions to give it a messy appearance that is ideal for night out.

21) Look Professional and Fun at the Same Time

If you have hair that is straight which doesn’t like to cooperate with you creating a slight curl at the neck’s nape with hair that is around shoulder length could create an appearance that is stylish and enjoyable. If you’re a fan of highlights, this style can truly make them stand out from the crowd.

22) Make Dirty Blonde Interesting

hair that’s dirty and blond will feel dull during the winter months If you’re seeking a new look you can try highlighting the hair strands close the face. It is also possible to trim the edges a bit to make them less long than other hair when it’s down.

23) Go Simple and Sexy

Many people place your hair back behind the ears when they want to pull it back away from their face, however this particular style is intended to take your hair from your face by connecting it with hair that is that is behind the head. This is ideal for long hair since the looseness creates an attractive look that is easy and flirty.

24) Perfect for Any Occasion

If you’re a woman with a lot of hair, there’s something to swathe it on the side that gives you a flirtatious style which is great for any event. This style of wavy hair is the one that is best for hair with a mid-length length because you would like the lengths to be positioned behind your shoulders to ensure that light is directed towards your face.

25) Subtle Waves that have Different Shades

Many people aren’t sure of what to do with their hair for an appearance that is younger. This hairstyle is a straightforward downdo is a fantastic option for a subtle wave and highlights to give more dimension to your hair. It is possible to add lighter blonde highlights, or even red highlights to your hair to create a variety.

26) How to Add Volume to Flat Hair

Long hair is gorgeous however if you’re fed up with flat hair, this style is an excellent method to add the volume of your hair. In this fashion, you are able to split your hair at the middle. The curly lengths of hair that are half-way down your back could be colored or highlighted to make your hair appear more dimensional.

27) Be Ready for a Hot Day

If you’re a hairdresser with long hair and you’re looking to take your hair off from your neck. This is a great style on a hot day and all it takes is that you make your hair look more bouncy and then put it into a ponytail, then leave some short flyaway strands into the hair to form an outline around your face.

28) Half Updo with a Touch of Dark Hair

It’s not much more fascinating than choosing a style that allows dark hair to appear to be lighter than the blonde at the top. The majority often this look can be achieved by pulling hair back in half-updos that are put together at the back of the head using an elegant clip.

29) Add Extra Colors for a Sassy Look

A blonde with perfect straight hair is often having trouble in figuring out ways to alter their hairstyle. If you can give a pop of color to some of the hair, it could be a fantastic way to create a new style that is perfect for work or pleasure. The hair’s ends should be positioned towards the center to draw the entire look together.

30) Straight Strands with some interesting highlights

Hair that sits over your shoulders can provide an elegant style, however when you add some curls and highlights to the mix, you’ll get an entirely new look that is amazing. Hair strands that are curled towards your face. then continue to do this until you’ve created loose curls that wrap around your head.

31) Luscious Waves

A few people pay a great deal of money to have gorgeous curls in their hair and if you’ve got the hair , make an amazing style. In this fashion you’ll require several layers of hair close to your face. You can also split your hair to the side to add volume.

32) Blonde Hairstlye with Darker Shades

This particular style mixes sunny blonde colors mixed with dark shades of blonde for a chic style. Hair color is color is arranged in such a manner that it appears to be vertically striped, and hair waves on long lengths create a glowing effect particularly on the tapered strands hair close to the face.

33) Honey Color, with sun-bleached tips

This hairstyle with a honey blonde that is smooched with tips of blonde that have been sun-bleached is a wonderful hairstyle to try. If you can make waves with your hair to the point at which the shade changes, the shift will be more dramatic. This type of hairstyle is ideal for semi-long hair since you need a good amount of each shade.

34) Sunkissed Blonde Roots with Icy Blonde Tips

This look is ideal for people with long hair. The hair closest to the roots ought to be warmer, sunkissed blonde However, you’ll need the tips and lower section of the hair be an icy blonde shade to make your hair look more durable. Make a half-up look with a messy bun so that you can get both shades.

35) Messy Style for Medium-length Hair

Rose gold hair offers a colour option that offers a fresh bright twist on classic blonde. This messy hairstyle is perfect for medium-length hair and you’ll want to split your hair to the side for this style. The more waves you’ve got, the more you will be able to feel the rose and gold sparkle in the light.

36) A Combination of Rose Blonde and Darker Gold

This type of hair is perfect for people with a shorter hairdo which is just a bit larger than your chin, to frame your face. This style combines an ethereal blonde shade with a darker, gold-colored shade that looks stunning with darker clothes. The hair curls toward your face in the parted look.

37) Long and Curly Locks

If you have hair that is long and want to keep it in place, it can be difficult This is the reason this style seems to work very well. Long curly locks are secured with the cute braid that sits in the center of the hair. If you have highlights on your hair This style can make them stand out.

38) Ombre Style with Natural Color

The second style employs an ombre hair style that utilizes your natural color at the top of your head. The lower part of your hair dyed in a different shade, which is a sunkissed blonde in this instance. You’ll want to add many waves towards the ends of your hair in order to make the color contrast more noticeable.

39) Honey-colored Blonde Style

This hairstyle is designed for medium length hair since the color gradually changes to a more vibrant, sun-kissed hue the farther away away from your scalp you move it. This is a great example of that the hairstyle transforms from brown hair from honey-colored blonde and then an edgy blonde. The more waves in the hair, the more hue changes will be noticeable.

40) Playful yet Sophisticated Look

The following hairstyle is an edgy, but elegant style that is ideal for hair with shoulder length. This is an up-style which is tied in an elongated bun, however the hair that goes into the bun is messy. The hair that isn’t inside the bun looks like a flurry of curls that give it a unique look.


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