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10 Stunning Platinum Blonde Hairstyle Ideas

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The platinum blonde color is color that is gaining popularity tenfold during the transition to the summer and spring seasons. It’s bright, loud, and is definitely an eye-catching color – we cannot get enough. Platinum blonde can be an apprehension to some, but it’s the dedication required with the upkeep. Hair with platinum blonde has been around for a long time and, even after breaks for a while and a few breaks, it is always able to be back. The most recent incarnation of platinum blonde it is different from any other version that we’ve seen before. Ashy hair colorings are taking over this year’s hair styles, with an ash blonde version. The result is that the ash platinum blonde color is arriving. The new platinum shade is at the cool end of the spectrum, with dark, smoky and cool blondes. Instead of the yellowed, platinum of the past these new platinum shades are shiny and smooth. A lot of the new platinum hair shades have darker roots, which are often referred to as shadow roots. While dark roots used to be not considered to be shocking, they’re quite fashionable when done right. By using hair color techniques such as Balyage, the transition of the ashy roots into bright platinum blonde appears more natural. There’s no need to worry about the harsh yellow-based platinum blonde. It’s time to cool it down with a silvery shade of platinum. We’re here to demonstrate how platinum blonde can be well worth taking the time to get stunning outcomes. Here are 10 gorgeous platinum blonde hairstyles we’ve collected to inspire you to make the leap and get blonde fast!

Textured Platinum Bob

Stylish Platinum Blonde Hair Styles, Hair Color Ideas

Texture is everything , particularly when you’re trying to cut your hair shorter. Create this stunning look by coloring your locks platinum blonde, and choosing the classic pixie style. Make one part of your hair choppy and short, while keeping the other side slightly longer, creating a gorgeous long fringe. Apply the product to your fingers , then comb the cut to create an interesting final look.

Pixie Crop Long Fringe

Stylish Platinum Blonde Hair Styles, Hair Color Ideas

Cuts, curls and pixies – two of our most-loved things. Why not mix them up to create a stunning hairstyle? Begin by weaving the short bob of your hair. Make sure the layers are longer in front of your face, and smaller at the back. Include lots of curls on your fringe as well as in the longer hair sections. Make sure to stick with platinum blonde to get the color!

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Platinum Blonde to Purple Ombre

Stylish Platinum Blonde Hair Styles, Hair Color Ideas

Platinum blonde and purple work extremely well together, as evidenced by the stunning hairstyle that is shown above! Create this look by adding the purple ombre ends of you platinum blonde locks. Hair should be cut to over shoulder length. Make ringlets that extend starting from the length of your ear down to give the most gorgeous and bounciest style.

Platinum Blonde Ringlets

Stylish Platinum Blonde Hair Styles, Hair Color Ideas

Ringlets are the perfect hair style. Elegant and elegant, they give you the ideal special event fashion, time and again. Ringlets go well with the platinum hairstyle. Let’s get started! Make your hair the most vibrant blonde you can. Beginning at the top and ending on the bottom apply beautiful ringlets all over, and voilà.

Beach Waves on Blonde Hair

Stylish Platinum Blonde Hair Styles, Hair Color Ideas

Blondes and beach waves can be paired with the black and white. This is why if you’ve got platinum blonde hair, you have to master the beach waves style. Cut your hair about just a few inches below the jaw’s length. Incorporate loose curls through the locks. Make use of your fingers to smooth and roughen the curls. You’ll end up with a an amazing beach-ready final result.

Platinum Blonde Barrel Curls

Stylish Platinum Blonde Hair Styles, Hair Color Ideas

The platinum-colored locks should not be all one color to be distinctive from the crowd. Why not try using platinum blonde to highlight shade and paired with darker shades of blonde? This will make the color stand out! When you have your color set you can choose a gorgeous hairstyle that falls at the jaw line. Include a variety of barrel curls to give a bouncey end.

Sweeping Straight Blonde Locks

Stylish Platinum Blonde Hair Styles, Hair Color Ideas

Sometimes, the most effective way to showcase your gorgeous blonde locks is to keep straight, smooth and stylish. You can get this look with a long, graduated bob featuring the hair’s front layer falling over the shoulder and gradually getting shorter toward the back. The hair should remain straight, however gently swish the ends to give it a more dramatic look.

Purple to Platinum Straight Style


Purple and platinum is a different color combo that we cannot find enough of! Begin with purple roots that will quickly turn platinum blonde over the length of hair. Utilize the ombre transition to accomplish this. Hair should be long straight and sleek to show off the stunning color that is working. It’s equally great with curly hair!

Platinum Blonde Swept Pixie

Stylish Platinum Blonde Hair Styles, Hair Color Ideas

Short pixie crop styles aren’t easy to design, but if you make it right, you’ll end up with the most stunning final result! Begin by choosing an extremely short crop across. Keep your layers light and short and do not forget to add an entire fringe to frame your face. Hair dyed platinum blonde, and make the fringe look so it swoops across your forehead.

Textured Two Layer Bob

Stylish Platinum Blonde Hair Styles, Hair Color Ideas

The addition of layers to your platinum blonde hairstyle can be the perfect method to completely refresh your look. Take this stylish woman to be an illustration. Start by picking the cool shaved effect you want to apply to the lower part of your hair. Make the remainder of your bob a bit longer, but you can add various layers to ensure you can achieve an interesting and smooth final. Be bold, create and the result will delight you!

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