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10 Wavy Bob Haircuts for Women

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Bob remains timeless when it comes to hairstyles for women. The latest trend in bobs for women is the wavy bob. The popularity of wavy hair is high at the moment in the joy of wavy ladies around the world. The waves are more tolerant than curls. They are tolerant of their imperfections and make hairstyles look easy and chic but don’t give the impression that you’re attempting to achieve perfect hair. Wavy bobs are generally low-maintenance. It’s particularly quick and simple if your hair is naturally curly, but you can certainly have a wavy bob even when your hair is naturally straight. It may take a bit longer to do it early in the day.

In this article there are 10 instances of fashionable, low-maintenance hairstyles that come in a variety of styles and shades. If you’re thinking of cutting your hair into a wavy bob next time you go to the salon, look at these stylish Wavy Bob styles to get some ideas.

1. Wavy A-Line Bob and Bright Blonde Balayage

Latest Wavy Bob Haircuts Women - Short Bob Hairstyles

Balayazh is a great choice for those with wavy hair. This popular hair coloring technique involves applying various shades and colors to the hair’s surface. The waves help highlight these hues and highlight the multi-dimensionality of highlights on hair.

In this wavy A-line bob the pale balayage style blends various shades of blonde. These include sandy blonde in the lower layers and white blondes at the top and ends to create an element of warmth, natural and volume this look.

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2. Wavy Rosy Pink Bob

Latest Wavy Bob Haircuts Women - Short Bob Hairstyles

Pink is among the most fashionable hair colours. It’s feminine, beautiful and fun to wear across a range of complexion tones.

This hairstyle is wavy and hot pink and has a tousled hair. Alongside the vibrant pink hue it also features patches of brown ash on the front , and brunette roots to make the bob’s color appear more natural.

3. Dark Auburn Wavy Bob

Latest Wavy Bob Haircuts Women - Short Bob Hairstyles

Keep it simple and stylish with this dark brown wavy Bob.

This classic bob is an intense dark chestnut hue across and is styled in sleek waves to create a sleek elegant look. Soft highlights of warm blonde give this hairstyle a lively look and give it more body and warmth.

4. A-Line Bob with a wavy shoulder and Balayage that is warm and smoky.

Latest Wavy Bob Haircuts Women - Short Bob Hairstyles

This bob with an A-line features an edgy blonde balayage that adds shine and sun for your hair. This is the ideal hairstyle for summer.

The most long sections of this curly slanted bob are at the shoulder level, which allows ample length to be retained. You’ll still have the option of pulling your hair back in ponytail during lazy days by wearing this pubis.

5. Wavy Bob with Bronde Balayage

Latest Wavy Bob Haircuts Women - Short Bob Hairstyles

Keep up-to-date with the latest fashions with this messy wavy hairstyle that is perfect for your shoulders and your chin. The warm bronzed balayage look natural with this wavy bob. It’s great for transitional seasons such as autumn and spring when you’re looking to tone down but don’t want to go all blonde.

6. Ultra-Colorful Wavy Bob

Latest Wavy Bob Haircuts Women - Short Bob Hairstyles

This one-of-a kind wavy bob mixes bright purple, sky blue and cool gray shades in an unusual color scheme that’s easy to style stylishly.

The bright purple roots fade away into gray, and then sky blue near the ends. A shorter sky blue strand on the front of the bob add lively shades which frame the face, making it look more appealing. The curly style of this bob balances the vibrant color for an overall look that is sleek.

7. Wavy Cool Blonde Bob

Latest Wavy Bob Haircuts Women - Short Bob Hairstyles

This stylish blonde bob has beautiful waves and a multi-dimensional color. It’s a sleek stylish, multi-faceted style that can help you feel calm and collected.

To make a natural shorter wavy bob that looks like this, if your hair is straight naturally using a straightener, or flat iron make loose curls. After the curls cool, then run by your hands through the curls to open it after which you apply a small amount hairspray to help it last longer.

8. Wavy Light Brown Bob

Latest Wavy Bob Haircuts Women - Short Bob Hairstyles

This natural blonde wavy hairstyle is ideal for ladies who prefer keeping their hair clean but want to spice up their look a little.

Simple, low-maintenance and stylish the light brown wavy bob long enough to fit behind the ears to make it easier. The wavy ends of this cut a gorgeous volume without looking sloppy or not natural.

9. Wavy Auburn Bob with Bangs

Latest Wavy Bob Haircuts Women - Short Bob Hairstyles

The wavy auburn hairstyle seems natural yet is extremely attractive. The tousled-on-purpose look is easy to change in a matter of minutes. It also prevents the hairstyle to not fall flat.

The texturized, piecey fringe on the front gives more definition to this wavy hairstyle and helps balance the wave-like style, by framing the face while bringing focus to your finest features.

10. Chin-Length Wavy Platinum Blonde Bob

Latest Wavy Bob Haircuts Women - Short Bob Hairstyles


Be noticed wherever you go with all over platinum blonde hairstyle with delicate, gentle waves that add the right amount of bounce and volume.

This retro-inspired hairstyle blends the wavy look with vibrant, platinum blonde coloring to create a look that evokes the glamour of the late 20th century but still retains its unique modern look.

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