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13 Incredible Balayage Dark Brown Hair Colors to Steal

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Balyage that is dark in color hair color that is characterized by soft, natural-looking highlights that are set over a dark brown foundation. There’s no better way to create perfect depth and movement to the chocolate hair than to do it in a balayage fashion. If you’re looking for some summery vibes on your hair by blending highlights onto darker brown locks is the ideal way to go about it. Hair stylist as well as educator Sue Tyrell does amazing balayage work with dark brown hair, showing the added body and contrast that you’ll experience once you have the style. You’ll be amazed by the way this technique can be customized is. And it depends on your hair texture, features as well as skin tone and even your style. Famous A-listers like Miranda Kerr, Jourdan Dunn, Rose Byrne, and Izabel Goulart have recently demonstrated the versatility of a dark balayage hairstyle can be by displaying hairstyles that are representative of all types of hair types – curly or straight, short or long and even on different skin tones! Stay tuned for the latest news on the hottest dark brown balayage hair shades that make you want to pay your stylist an unexpected visit!

Luscious dark brown to ash blonde balayage

#1: Luscious Dark Brown to Ash Blonde

The gorgeous dark brunette to ash blonde balayage has been the rage this year. This style seems like you’ve added frosting to your gorgeous locks!

Yummy dark chocolate brown to light brown balayage

#2: Yummy Dark Chocolate Brown to Light Chocolate

Caramel-y, and oh so lovely! This stunning color combo works regardless of what length your hair or hair type.

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Dimensional honey balayage highlights on dark brown hair

#3: Dimensional Brown and Blonde With Honey Highlights

A few subtle highlights to lighten your appearance. The blonde and brown have never looked as good together!

Best-looking dark ash brown balayage

#4: Best-Looking Dark Ash Brown

Dark brown natural balayage hair the best choice for those looking for an easy-care color. Maintaining your dark roots will make an ideal long-lasting growth.

Sophisticated dark brunette balayage lob

#5: Sophisticated Dark Brunette Lob

Dark brunette balayage hair shade really stands out when it comes to hair cut with a lob. If you’re in this situation you should request the color melt to blend with your natural dark brunette hair.

Inspirational lived-in blonde and dark brown balayage

#6: Inspirational Lived-In Blonde and Dark Brown

If you’ve always wanted to get brunette, then this color is the shade. Request your hairdresser for an uplifting balayage that is inspired by living. Take note that, based on the dark shade your hair is, it may require several appointments to get this shade.

Velvety dark burgundy and brown balayage

#7: Velvety Dark Burgundy and Brown

Chocolate and red velvet colors will look gorgeous for your locks! Large curls create an illusion of mixed colors to create the most stunning appearance.

Delicious Caramel and Dark Brown

#8: Delicious Caramel and Dark Brown

The best way of describing this dark brown hue A toffee bar dessert that is smothered in gooeyness.

Spiced-up red and dark brown balayage

#9: Spiced-Up Red and Dark Brown

The combination of these colors gives an toasted chestnut appearance that is delicious to look at! The warm hue is a slightly spicked up, but not too bright or in the range of blonde. Although the color is vibrant, the depth will blend into the dark hair you have making it very unique and attractive. Contrary to other brunette or blonde highlights that focus solely on the light This is a perfect choice to create an underlying depth and subtle dimension. Pay attention to the deepness (darker tones) around the neck and the nape. This will result in an appearance of slimming around the neck and the face.

Universally Trendy Black to Dark Brown

#10: Universally Trendy Black to Dark Brown

A dark to black Balyage is so easy to keep as cut as well as color. Balayage highlights look soft and when you develop your hair it appears natural. It is also simple to keep and maintain. Balayage can be styled at least once or twice in the course of the year. A few appointments of gloss and cut between each one is required to keep dry ends and redness from forming.

Glazed Subtle Dark Brown

#11: Glazed Subtle Dark Brown

The power of glazes (toners gloss) is more than just making hair feel great and giving it shine. It can provide you with an entirely different appearance without going through the entire process of coloring repeatedly. I recommend using a dark brown balayage color such as this is easier to maintenance if you’re a busy mother or professional who wants that sexy brunette look that’s not dull.

Very Bold Light Brown to Dark Brown

#12: Very Bold Light Brown to Dark Brown

This combination of colors has deep tones and warm ribbons that give the hair color an unique look. It stands out, and still maintains an elegant appearance. The layers of long lengths give your hair with movement that showcases the highlights, and also add the curls a bounce. It is important to add dimension for brunette hair. It can transform a dull shade into a stunning. When you ask your stylist to create an identical look, make use of words such as “Money Piece” and “Face Framing” to identify the bold highlight.

Dimensional Low-Maintenance Dark Brown and Silver

#13: Dimensional Low-Maintenance Dark Brown and Silver

This is a fantastic look for brunettes who wish to be lighter but not completely losing their brunette look and also who want to be easy to maintain. Layers of texture are ideal if have hair that is finer and you want some movement and body in your hair, without losing weight at the ends. Discuss with your stylist whether this style is possible and figure out how many sessions and phases you’ll need to go through before the style is possible.

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