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20 Beautiful Strawberry Blonde Highlights for a Sweet Hue

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Highlights of strawberry blonde add a gorgeous dimension due to the combination of gold and copper tones. The shades range from pastel and light to dark and deep blonde, which is why it suits all skin tones. In addition to the tone of your skin It’s also crucial to think about your eye’s shade. According to expert hair coloring Wendy Ho of Huntington Beach, CA, “Strawberry blonde is best suited to women with light skin tone and green or blue eyes.” For those who are brown-eyed, go for a copper or honey tone, and leave a little of the natural color of your hair. Remember that this could take a few sessions for darker hair. Dark-skinned women, however may also be able to wear this hair shade. Choose a blonde strawberry shade that is more neutral side. “The most effective way to go is to take advantage of your natural undertones instead of fighting them to compliment your skin tone,” Ho adds. The strawberry blonde hairstyle is generally easy to maintain, but make sure to use salon quality hair products. Sulfate-freeshampoos, color-treated shampoos and conditioners are a good choice to extend the tone. Ho recommends “If you frequently work with hot tools, make sure you use the protection of a heat source and don’t wash your hair daily.” This trend will show your elegant style and stunning beauty. Here are some stunning pictures of the most stylish ways to style your the strawberry blonde highlight.

Rich Strawberry Blonde Balayage Highlights

#1: Rich Strawberry Blonde Balayage

The strawberry blonde color balayage an amazing dimensional shade that women will appreciate. Send how you’re wearing your favorite strawberry color ideas to your hair stylist to help them bring your hair dreams reality. The trend for warm tones is definitely on the rise !

Subtle Strawberry Pink Highlights on Rose Gold Hair

#2: Subtle Strawberry Pink Highlights on Rose Gold Hair

Subtle strawberry highlights in the hair of rose gold is an hue that is stunning when it’s finished with bouncier curls. Its dimension and the ribbons of strawberry blonde hair make for a beautiful hairstyle that you don’t see often.

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Strawberry Peach Blonde Highlights with Dark Roots

3. Strawberry Peach Blonde with Dark Roots

Get lots of shine and dimension with the strawberry peach blonde and dark hair. Add a glimmer and reflection to hair to give it a sun-kissed style. Darker hairstyles allow for less maintenance and an easier and natural growth. Ask your stylist for your favorite strawberry blonde hair color suggestions and let them decide which fits your needs.

Dimensional Strawberry Blonde Hair Highlights

#4: Dimensional Strawberry Blonde Hair

Let your hair shine with this dimensional strawberries blonde hair. The different shades of red and blonde creates an array of tones for greater definition of your hair. Hairstyles with long brunette hair with strawberry highlights stand out the crowd and always shining bright. Keep warm tones glowing by toning them every four to six weeks.

Copper Strawberry Red Highlights and Lowlights

#5: Copper Red Highlights and Lowlights

Hair with a strawberry blonde color and lowlights will showcase the natural copper and red tones that you’ll be able to enjoy. The final touch to your hair with waves is sure to add dimension!

Caramel Strawberry Highlights

#6: Caramel Strawberry Highlights

Make your locks shine by adding the caramel strawberries highlights. The lightening of long hair with beautiful golden ribbons strawberry will give your hair sparkle and dimension. The warm, rich hues add color and shine in your hair. Hair with loose waves will highlight the warm shades.

Natural Strawberry Blonde with Highlights for Fair Skin

7. Natural Strawberry Blonde with Highlights for fair Skin

Try a natural strawberry blonde style and highlights when you’re looking for an unnatural-looking look that matches you fair complexion. You’ll love the warm hue and many hairstyles featuring highlights of strawberry blonde that you can get.

Strawberry Red Highlights Hair Color

#8: Strawberry Red Hair Color

Shine and sparkle with the strawberry red hair color. You can add a lot of dimension with warm red and warm blonde tones that complement each other. The warm, light-reflecting tones can make locks appear more elegant and shiny. Use an iron curler to showcase the bright colors of the ribbons.

Golden Peach Strawberry Blonde Highlights Shade

#9: Golden Peach Blonde Shade

Sparkle at the sun’s rays with this beautiful golden peach blonde hue. The soft and subtle strawberry blonde hair that has highlights gives the perfect definition to a sun-kissed blonde. The soft waves showcase the rich, multi-dimensional colors that warm your skin complexion.

Strawberry Balayage Highlights on Dirty Blonde Hair

#10: Strawberry Balayage on Dirty Blonde Hair

The strawberry balayage style on dirty blonde hair can give you fresh, lush highlights to your natural hair color. For women, think about this hairstyle to add a splash of colour. It provides a soft and subtle growth out. Hair that is dirty strawberry blonde was made by adding babylights to your existing base. Then style it with waves, revealing the stunning dimension.

Golden Strawberry Highlights on Brown Hair

#11: Golden Strawberry Highlights on Brown Hair

The golden strawberry highlights look ideal for brunette women who have warmer skin tones. Highlights of strawberry blonde on brown hair can provide a beautiful warmth and dimension. Make sure to showcase your locks!

Strawberry Beach Blonde Highlighted Hair Dye

#12: Strawberry Beach Blonde Hair Dye

Try an ombre strawberry when your natural blonde. The strawberry hue will brighten things up, while remaining effortless and minimal maintenance. Try new styles like this hair dye is best when styled every day with gorgeous curls and display your gorgeous golden blonde hair with strawberry ripples.

Dark Strawberry Copper Balayage Highlights

#13: Dark Strawberry Copper Balayage

Get your hair warm and skin tone by using dark strawberry copper balayage. A warm toned balayage can be easy to achieve on all hair colors . It is shiny and reflective. The dark strawberry hair color is simpler to keep in place than platinum blonde, and offers more dimension and depth.

Strawberry Blonde with Peek-a-Boo Highlights

14th: Strawberry Blonde with Peek-a-Boo Highlights

Enjoy the best of both worlds by getting the strawberry blonde hue paired with highlight highlights that peek-a-boo. Display multi-dimensional hues that can make even the dullest hair shine. The warm, rich shades highlight blonde highlights for a brighter look. Make sure you apply a glaze every four to six weeks to make your hair shine and sparkle.

Light Strawberry Blonde Balayage Ombre

#15: Light Strawberry Blonde Balayage Ombre

You can enjoy a warm, sun-kissed glow by wearing a light strawberry blonde Balyage and ombre. Balyage is a low-maintenance technique with a soft and smooth grow-out to allow for longer periods of time between appointments at the salon. Blonde hair with strawberry hues can look stunning when curled using an iron for curls to showcase the warm dimensional ribbons hue.

Subtle Strawberry Highlights and Lowlights

#16: Subtle Strawberry Highlights and Lowlights

Choose something delicate and sweet by adding strawberry-colored highlights or lowlights. Highlights that are subtle give multi-dimensional shades and add an extra dimension to your hair. This low-maintenance warm tone can be easily achieved for all hair types, and appears natural and natural looking for an amazing appearance.

Warm Strawberry Blonde Highlights

#17: Warm Strawberry Blonde

Get your hair looking brighter with an attractive strawberry blonde hue. Hair looks luscious when you use warmer toners to give it a shine. The strawberry blonde hair color is perfect for every skin tone and is easily achievable on most hair types. To keep your hair looking fresh, make sure you have a hair toner applied every four to six weeks.

Strawberry and Platinum Blonde Babylights

#18: Strawberry and Platinum Blonde Babylights

Babylights with platinum blonde and strawberry provide the perfect blend of both. These shades are fashionable, since their softness doesn’t overwhelm the overall blonde style. It can also complement fair skin tones, adding the right degree of heat.

Ginger Copper Red Hair Highlights

#19: Ginger Copper Red Hair

Red hair paired and warm highlights of blonde is the ideal mix for women who have fair skin tones and eyelids that are light. The copper shades will highlight the color of your eyes, and will add an underlying heat to the appearance of your face. Complete your copper bob with an air blowout and flatiron to create an elegant and classy look.

Full Strawberry Blonde Highlights with Money Pieces

20: Full Strawberry Blonde Highlights with Money Pieces

The strawberry blonde highlights paired with the money pieces will provide you with the color pop you’ve been looking for! There’s nothing brassy about the styles that feature the strawberry blonde highlight. The warm strawberry tones as well as the cooling tones in the coin are the perfect combination of colors!

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