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20 Chic Medium Bob Hairstyles for Women

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A medium Bob (or mob) hairstyle is among the latest are able to try in the present. It’s a blend of regular length hair with the slight shorterness of the hairstyle. Do you feel a little adventurous? If yes you must check out the top medium bob hairstyles that will make you look stunning.

Layered Blonde Mob Cut

Achieving that modern chic style shouldn’t be difficult to do. This style can provide you with that contemporary look that will cause people to turn their heads. The flowing and smooth flow of hair strands is classy and elegant. You will require a quality shampoo and hair wax to keep it in place.

Hairstylesweekly Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Smooth-flowing mob with purplish hair Ends

It falls towards shoulder length, this haircut is simple and beautiful. The highlighted mob haircut is designed to give you a professional appearance with that unique look. It can be a hairstyle that has the similar impact.

short straight ombre bob cut

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Simple Mob Cut in Swirling Brown Strands

The strands that swirl in this cut bind with each to create a distinctive look. This cut is perfect for those who plan to travel for a few days or weeks. Make sure to brush your hair!

Summer and fall balayage bob cut

Simple and Symmetrical

Sometimes, just simple hairstyles can highlight your beauty. This simple, symmetrical cut is among the most beautiful examples. There aren’t any fancy strands of hair here However, it is able to create a professional appearance.

Cooler Blonde bob haircut

Wavy and Stylish Mob in Ocean Blue

Short hairstyles for 2016: In this look, you’ll be able to see the lovely combination of blue ocean and the curly hair strands. This will help you get the artistic, soulful look you’ve always wanted.

trendy short soft wavy dark bob hairstyle

Layered and Flowing Mob Cut

If you are looking to create an unusual and intriguing style the mob style will be perfect for you. A flowing, high-lit part of hair will enhance your beauty in a very simple manner. People will be impressed by the change.

Ombre A-line bob cut

Swirling Pink and Electrifying Mob Cut

Great for parties this haircut will grab the attention of everyone you come across. The pink swirls create unique effects for the hairstyle. This haircut should be considered in the list of most raunchy mob haircuts you’ll test out.

Side view of red wavy bob hairstyle

Classy Golden Curls

The golden curls in this style will create a mystical impression to others. The haircut is characterized by a semi-rebellious look which will enhance your appearance.

Lucy Hale ombre wavy bob haircut

Care-Free Mob Cut

Are you a lover effortless and relaxed hairstyles? This mob cut is sure to be a perfect fit for you. The hair strands flow well and require only the right comb to maintain the style. It is a simple wash and wear fashion.


Mob Cut with Balayage Wavy Strands

This hairstyle combines beauty simple, innocence, and elegantness in one go. If you’re going at an event consider wearing this style and you’ll be sure to impress everyone!

Soft wavy bob cut for women

Brown and Wavy

One of the mob haircuts that inspire beauty and simplicity at same time. You’ll certainly make an impression with this cut. Brown is a good option for this haircut.

Ombre bob hair for thick hair

Serenely Purple and Wavy Mob Cut

This is certainly a head-turning haircut you should strive at. It conveys a sense independence, but also an element of mystery that will make anyone beg you to marry them. It is possible that you will require an appropriate color-friendly shampoo in order to keep the fashion.

pastel purple hairstyles - hair color ideas

Layers of smoothness Black and Teal.

The flowing smoothness of the hair, in conjunction with the colors, give off an uplifting glow to all who are able to feel it. The effect that you have on others can be felt by you.

trendy medium ombre bob haircut for thick hair for black women

Thinly Layered Blonde Mob Cut

If you’re a hair-loss sufferer and you’re looking for a mob cut, this style is perfect for those with thin hair. The silky flow of hair will create that gorgeous appearance, paired with the wild innocence. Hair that is easy to put together and styled the way you want.

Trendy choppy bob hairstyle for women

Symmetrical Platinum Blonde Cut

Simple and sleek This haircut will take your professional appearance to a new level. Because the hair’s hue is blonde it will give you a fresh look. It is also one of the medium bob hairstyles that are quickly combed and fixed.

simple easy blunt bob hairstyle for work

Symmetrical Black Cut

Very similar to the blonde version it can reveal your ‘uber elegant side. Black could be also considered a good colour choice that will make you appear more foxy than ever.

pretty long bob hairstyle for black women

Stylistic and Wavy Curls

Hairstyles that have curls always look adorable and cute. The softness of this cut can make you appear younger by a few years. It could appear shaggy from afar, but other people will notice the curly patterns when they see the hairstyle.

back view of medium messy bob hairstyle with highlights

Free-Flowing Strands in Golden Brown

The hair might appear saggy to some people, however, it’s actually a well-designed cut, hidden behind golden brown hair. This style is a good option when you’re hoping to enjoy the sun shining brighter.

Long A-line Bob Haircut with Waves

Steeply Angled Mob Cut in Dark Brown

The cut has its own style because it’s designed as a comb, and enhanced by a dark brown shade with a few highlights. The cut can make your appear more stylish.

Trendy bob hair ideas for 2016

Straight and Almost Shaggy Mob Cut

A few centimeters less than the shoulder area, this easy medium-sized bob is perfect for those days when you’re at ease. It’s not too difficult keeping this cut, as all you require is an excellent comb.

Side view of cute Japanese girls bob hairstyle

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