20 Most-Requested Short Choppy Bob Haircuts for a Modern Look

A short, choppy bob is the short cut for women that’s cut from the ear to length to create layers and add texture. If you’re a person that ranges from boho and rebel This sassy haircut is one of your list of must-have hairstyles! The most distinctive feature of this cut is its various, broken lengths, which define the fashionable hairstyle that everyone is raving about. Drawing inspiration from the well-crafted styles of celebrities such as Ashley Benson, Dua Lipa, Lauren Conrad, and Sienna Miller, this short and casual cut has captured the hearts of women who want to be bossy at work as well as in the fashion world. “It’s designed to look messy casual and not too formal” adds Sam Kane, Boston haircut specialist and the proprietor of Black Room Salon. “Make sure you’re prepared to exert effort to achieve the look you desire. Your stylist will provide you with the best method to achieve the best result while styling.” For a perfect and simple short bob haircut, Sam suggests to “ask for advice from your stylist and inquire about the maintenance and cost to maintain this style is necessary prior to cutting it.” The style is easy due to the lightness of the cut. Sam’s most effective hairstyle and product tips? This is what she has tell us: “use a product that can help define the texture, such asthe texture spray or a light paste that you run through the ends to create some separation. There are plenty of things that you will love about this hairstyle with a texture! It’s the reason you need to continue scrolling to find the most fashionable short choppy bob hairstyles that are currently popular!

Short Textured Choppy and Blunt Bob with Purple Highlights

#1 The Textured Blunt Bob and Purple Highlights

Do you envision yourself in an angular bob that has the added texture and highlights of purple? One of the top haircuts for hair with fine texture is the blunt French hairstyle because it provides an illusion of fullness around the edges, creating the appearance of more hair. A bit of texture can make interesting hairpieces by incorporating some motion.

Sassy Choppy Layered Blonde Bob

#2: Sassy Choppy Layered Blonde Bob

A messy blonde bob with layers is your ideal hairstyle. If you’re blonde, you’ll be more enjoyable and the choppy hairstyles will say it all. Be aware that with a lot of blonde highlights, you’ll have to visit the salon every six weeks. It’s not necessary to fret about your face shape because this cut works for nearly every woman. It is recommended to blow dry your hair with an oil-based shine spray and an enormous round brush to get an edgy look.

Short One-Length Choppy Layered Bob

#3: One-Length Choppy Layered Bob

Choose a gorgeous look and experiment with a one-length thick, choppy, or layered Bob. Straight hair that is fine and straight is more full-looking and has plenty of texture if it is cut in wispy layers. When worn straight or wavy hair, the tousled soft layers always appear full of body and are a fun and textured look.

Dramatic A-Line Choppy Bob for Short Hair

#4: Dramatic A-Line Choppy Bob

Get attention with a striking A-line bob that is soft and smooth. This style works on any face shape and hair textures , and will give you an unpretentious look. In bangs or not An a-line bob is an absolute must-have. If you’re looking to be versatile, this stunning shape can be worn either straight, or curled. The short back gives the A-line its heft and keeps your shape by having trimming every five weeks.

Short Stacked Choppy Blonde Bob

#5: Stacked Blonde Bob

The blonde hairstyle is considered a timeless hairstyle. The back that is stacked will be cut into a circular shape to add volume. Styling using volume cream, blow-dryer and a round brush for the volume. Then finish using volumizing texture crème, or dry shampoo.

short one-length choppy bob with waves

#6 The Short One-Length Chppy Bob with Waves

A bob that is short and choppy which has waves are the ideal haircut for hair with fine texture. The sleek one-length style gives it weight, and the soft texture enhances the volume. Request your stylist to create an edgy sandy beach blonde blonde that will enhance the waves.

Chin-length choppy layered bob

#7: Chin-Length Choppy Layered Bob

It’s a chin-length, messy layered bob. I love the blunt edges and the way you can create an elegant look. Choppy short bobs are a breeze for most hair types , however it will require dedication to style or smudge every day. One of the best things about hair this long isn’t needing to curl all of the hair. It is possible to get away with adding curls on the top layer only and it looks amazing!

very short choppy bob hairstyle

#8: A Very Short Choppy Bob

A short, choppy haircut symbolizes being wild and free , ready to take on any challenge. The soft waves and textures are like a reminiscence of youthful, carefree times and the interlaced highlights offer the impression of elegance and beauty every woman.

the choppy and short inverted bob

#9: The Choppy and Short Inverted Bob

The shaggy, low-maintenance bob cut has layers and volume because of its soft texture. The waves emphasise this feature and adds a lot of style to the look even more. A wavy bob such as it gives excellent definition and movement. Hair that is tousled gives that natural appearance.

short choppy bob with fringe

#10 Short Choppy Bob with Fringe

This cut-off and chubby French haircut with bangs is adorable in every way and stylish! The long hair and soft waves give the warm , youthful touch to the haircut. This is among the most sought-after short, hairstyles with a choppy look that are coming from L.A. and Austin, TX in the present.

short choppy curly bob

#11: Jaw-Length Textured Choppy Curly Bob

The layering of the curly bob’s choppy texture adds fresh air of style to the style. It not only adds to a more energetic appearance and a youthful look, but it also helps lessen styling because the curls and highlights already combine to create the perfect curly style.

short choppy a line bob

#12: Wavy Short A-Line Bob with Choppy Layers

This fashionable A-line bob style on shorter, choppy hair is extremely enjoyable due to the texture and multi-dimensional color. You can wear it in a straight or wavy style and is still gorgeous! I am awestruck by how soft the graduation appears in the rear and the layers add more volume. The choppy A-line cut is perfect for the heart or oval face and can be styled by washing and styled, wear flatiron blow dry or curled. The method you prefer to style your hair, it decides which product you will use. I have used my Moroccan oil lamp to give frizz, shine, moisture control as well as an extra thermal protector to protect the hair from being damaged by using a curling iron.

neck-length choppy bob for fine hair

#13: Neck-Length Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

Try a childlike style on your hair bob when you have the perfect hairstyle. Straight cut edges are modern way to showcase this choppy bob style on shorter hair, creating an elegant modern woman.

Choppy Pixie Bob with Texture

14. Choppy Pixie Bob with Texture

The sleek locks provide a great backdrop for the textures to be highlighted. The multiple chops of this choppy hairstyle create a sexy style, with side-swept bangs that complete the look.

jagged choppy bob for thin hair

#15: Jagged Choppy Bob for Thin Hair

This choppy and jagged bob that is perfect for thin hair makes an stunning, full-bodied, short hairstyle! An amazing way to enhance the texture of a short cut bob with a choppy texture for thin hair such as this is to make layers. The cut features choppy layers that give the tresses more details. This is the most popular choice when you’re trying to keep rid of cutting your hair in a blunt way.

straight short choppy bob with bangs hairstyle

16: Straight Short Choppy Bob with Bangs

Straight short hairstyle with bangs that looks better with a natural Wavy look. This style is the ideal solution for uneven trims that result from a haircut previously. It’s a stylish, modern alternative to a regular haircut, and it has all the face-framing characteristics that bangs provide.

textured short choppy bob for thick hair

#17: Textured Short Choppy Bob for Thick Hair

There is always the risk of having unruly, frizzy hair when you opt for a layered, short Bob. This is the ideal short hairstyle that is choppy (and layers) hairstyle for hair with thick layers. The soft waves provide the desired texture that’s as well as a sleek look for the choppy style for hair with short lengths and an elegant style that can be worn through the day.

choppy and short stacked bob

#18: Choppy and Short Stacked Bob

Select a loose and short stacking bob cut to create more modern, elegant look. If the hair is the appearance of a subtle wavy this style works best. Short bobs that are choppy feature textured ends to create movement, and go great on fine hair. This style includes a layer of texture that is shorter over the top, which creates the appearance of height and volume. The bobs that are short and choppy are a popular choice for women with thicker locks, as well, by cutting the crown.

short graduated choppy bob with bangs

#19: Bob with Bangs, Short Graduation Bob with Bangs

This is a short , graduated hairstyle with bangs that appears elegant when it’s more sleek. It’s a blend of the short, choppy haircut for bob hair and the graduated haircut for a bob. The choppy bobs will look best on women who have thin to medium-thick hair.

short choppy angled bob

#20: Messy Short Angled Bob

My favorite part about this bob that is short and angled with the choppy layers is that both cut and color are very low-maintenance. I utilized a balayage method to make this style. The look was actually created with a gorgeous red, and then just let it fade out. I started the balayage close to the root , which will allow for a longer-lasting and smooth growth out. The messy bob cut that is short is extremely textured and choppy, which causes lots of movement in the hair. My client has extremely fine hair, and this cut gives the illusion of the fullness. The cut can be used in a variety of ways and also looks great straight or curly.


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