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21 Sweetest Honey Blonde Highlights For A Stunning New Look

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Honey blonde highlights consist of streaks of golden tones that add brightness to the face. They add a deep and warm look that can be a good way to disguise dull hair. Be sure to think about maintenance when you purchase a new hair color. Tell your stylist the frequency you’d like to go to the salon in order to maintain the shade. “If you’re looking for a live-in and low-maintenance shade, go for an eteasylights or foilayage,” stylist Megan Williams of Glastonbury, CT. Beware of being faded with the right kinds of products. Williams personally likes his Oligo Blacklight 18-in-1 Hair Beautifier. “It will make your hair feel incredible and shields it from potential damage. The violet tone assists in removing any brassiness and leaves an ethereal blonde,” she states. For women with dark hair who wish to lighten their hair take your time and put trust in your hair stylists. Two sessions of blonding may be needed to get the color you prefer while keeping your hair healthy. It is necessary to have reference pictures to show your stylist when you make an appointment. Below is a list of the most fashionable and trendy ways to style your highlights of honey blonde. Choose your style!

Gorgeous Long Honey Blonde Highlighted Waves

#1: Gorgeous Long Honey Blonde Waves

With beautiful hair with long, honey blonde locks You can count on everyone’s attention to be drawn to your hair. One of the best ways to bring dimension into your hair is to give your hair natural-looking highlights using a balayage style. It’s essential to have darker tones in the hair, because this will create dimension and allows those honey blonde shades that really shine. Make your hair look great by using an enormous curling iron and then curling it away from your face. This will leave your hair looking stunning.

Sun-Kissed Honey Blonde Balayage

#2: Sun-Kissed Honey Blonde Balayage

For the most beautiful beachy hair Try sun-kissed honey blonde balayage in the next time you visit. This hair shade is lower-maintenance and ideal for naturally dark hair due to its natural growing-out process.

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Bright Honey Blonde Highlights

#3: Bright Honey Blonde Highlights

If you’re in search of a striking hair color, try these vibrant highlight highlights in honey blonde. If you’re a fan of warmer tones, this color is an absolute must.

Subtle Highlights with Honey Blonde Tones

4. Subtle Highlights with Honey Blonde Tones

Simple highlights and honey blonde tones are the perfect match for this classic haircut. Add more subtle styles to your wardrobe by adding the honey blonde highlight.

Warm Honey Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

#5: Warm Honey Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Honey-colored highlights on dark brown hair add an amazing dimension. If your hair appears dull or dull the honey color will add warmth and shine.

Light Honey Blonde Foil Highlights

#6: Light Honey Blonde Foil Highlights

The light blonde highlights of foil are an excellent way to enhance the overall color of your hair. This hair dye offers the most brightness, and is not necessary for people who already have naturally light hair.

Honey Blonde with Red Highlights

7: Honey Blonde with Red Highlights

The honey blonde color with the red accents adds gorgeous depth to long hair. Copper or red highlights give fun to a honey blonde.

Honey Blonde Highlights on African-American Hair

#8: Honey Blonde Highlights on African-American Hair

Honey highlights of blonde hair add texture and make your hair appear more curlier. To keep your highlights looking fresh and shiny request your hairstylist an oil-based conditioner that will best match your hair’s style.

Honey Blonde and Caramel Highlights

#9: Honey Blonde and Caramel Highlights

Add caramel and honey blonde highlights to give your hair a deeper shade. Hair painting is able to create a variety of tones within a single session. The technique is extremely versatile and can be used to add either a small or large amount in accordance with the desired outcome.

Honey Gold Balayage

#10: Honey Gold Balayage

Honey gold balayage could bring an abundance of energy to your hair’s natural shade. This blonde shade is perfect for brunette hair.

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