27 Glamorous MakeUp Inspirations

The beauty and makeup trends were always heavily inspired the changing ebb and flow of fashion trends. With social media platforms such as Instagram growing fashion and inspiration is getting more and easier to access that ever. Users are now able to share their amazing makeup styles with the world, generating inspiration for all lovers of makeup. The makeup trends and styles have been gaining popularity making never before seen fashions and elevating beauty to a completely new level.

1) Cat Eye With A Twist

A striking and striking cat eye is set off with subtle gold shadows that create a sparkling style. The gold is highlighted by a subtle outline of black gives an original and stunning version of a classic style.

2) Subtle Smoke

The classic cat-eye style is enhanced by soft neutral shadows which get darker towards the crease of the eyes to give it more dimension. The addition of this dark shade on your lower eyelash line helps bring the whole look together.

3) Purple Haze

The bold Royal purple makes the main feature of this vibrant smokey look with eyelashes that are dramatic. A little shimmer in the inside corner lightens the whole style, making it elegant and playful.

4) Rosy Cat Eye

Rose colored shadows add an extra dimension to the classic cat eye style that creates an air of warmth and softness. Pink is an excellent option for those looking to create a subtle shade while making it look neutral.

5) Purple Rain

This striking smokey eye features the navy liner and violet shadow in stark contrast to sparkling silver under that lower line of lashes. This is an incredibly unique version of a classic smokey eye, and it is absolutely delightful to gaze at.

6) Sunset Smoke

The stunning and vibrant look includes magentas, violets, and oranges layered with a style that evokes the sunset on the coast. Navy liner gives a classy finish without detracting from the vibrant shades.

7) Timeless Beauty

The classic cat eye style is made more attractive by using subtle shadows that are placed in the eyelid’s crease. Cat eyes are a stunning appearance that lengthens the eyes and enhances the natural shape of eyes for anyone.

8) Dreamy Lavender

The subtle lavender hues blend with gold to create a style that is sweet and soft without being overly bold. The black cat eye is beautifully contrasted with the soft color and creates a natural style.

9) Classic and Bold

A classic cat eye paired with subtle neutral shadows gives an extra dimension to this style without overdoing the look. The dramatic lashes give the look a sense of vigor, and the subtlety of the shadows make this makeup perfect to go with any outfit.

10) Shimmering Blue and Gold

The shades of this look make a stunning contrast and produce an amazing shimmering effect. The bright gold at the center in the bottom lid pulls the entire design together, creating an amazing mirror effect.

11) Turquoise Glam

A bright turquoise paired with silver creates a shimmering , sea-inspired appearance. A touch of orange in the blend creates an amazing striking contrast in these vibrant hues.

12) Shades of Blue

The teal hues that sparkle are paired with blues that are darker and lighter sea foam shades creating a dramatic smokey eye. The dramatic lashes finish the look to make the eyes sparkle.

13) Subtle Gold

A striking gold shadow adds a touch of glamour and elegance to this timeless and classic style. A bold brow and slender eyelashes give a dramatic style and makes it a stunning complement to any look.

14) Glittering Gold

A striking and sparkling golden shadow makes the highlight of this stunning style. This style is extremely dramatic yet timeless. The lashes are ablaze and the subtle blends add an additional layer to this vibrant and sparkling style.

15) Bold Lashes and Shimmery Shadow

Lash extensions that are bold are the mainstay of this style, and subtle, shimmering neutral shadows complement them beautifully. The neutral shades let the big lashes to shine but also add sparkle and glam.

16) Subtle Shimmer

The shadows used in this look are soft yet glistening. With dark lashes and black liner This look is elegant and chic and is perfect for any attire whether it’s at night or in the daytime.

17) Autumn Gold

Warm tones of brown and red are paired with gold shimmer to create a gorgeous style that evokes the colors that autumn foliage. The classic cat eye gives the perfect dimension to this stunning look. The warmth of the shadows allow this look to be intense without looking too overdone.

18) Role Reversal

Applying a shimmery shade across the lower part of the lashline as well as brown and neutral shades over the top lid make an eye-catching statement. This style is a modern take on a traditional style and is a stunning option to experiment with something new.

19) Glittering Rosy Bronze

The bronze and rose gold hues of glitter go well with the soft dark brown shades that the dark shadows. This gives a bold appearance and is perfect for fall or winter.

20) Royal Colors

The mauve and purple tones provide an alternative to the classic smokey eye style, and when combined with subtle shimmering gold, it creates an elegant and stunning appearance. A classic cat-eye completes this look

21) Bold Cat Eye

A classic cat-eye look can be made more dramatic by adding black to your lower eyelash line too. The smoky purple tones of the shadow look stunning in any eye color and softens the bold appearance.

22) Stunning Rainbow

Shadows in every color of the rainbow create this soft, vibrant appearance. The striking mascara and the cat eye finish this look, while making the stunning colors the main attraction of the show, making it an extremely original makeup styles available.

23) Purple Smokey Eye

Pink and soft purple shades are ideal to wear for smokey eyes. These shades are as soft as neutral tones , but also give a pop of color. They are stunning when paired with any eye color.

24) Soft Colors and Bold Lashes

The soft fawn and violet tones make the perfect match to this delicate cat eye. The lashes are bold to complete the style, and soft gray on the lower lash line frames the eyes but doesn’t overpower the subtlety of the shades.

25) Gorgeous Pink Smoke

The soft pink shade is a lovely and stylish way to enhance the look of your eyes. They are perfect for any skin tone or eyes and are the perfect complement to a classic cat-eye and create a gorgeous all-day to night style.

26) Rosy Shimmer

The soft and rosy pinks of sparkling rosy pinks as well as the dark purples give a romantic and glamorous look , all while making the colors vibrant and summery. A black-colored velvety liner stands out gorgeously against these soft hues.

27) Classically Beautiful

An elegant cat eye style and subtle neutral shadows give a soft, soft appearance with lots of dimension. The lashes are bold and complete the look.


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