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27 Incredible Stacked Bob Haircuts You Have to See

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A stacked head is renowned for its round shape and its rounded shape is due to having layers that are graduated. They begin long at the front, but they become shorter as they move towards at the rear of your head. Bob is a style that can be done with bangs or not, and may be short or medium-length regardless of the lady wearing it. Due to the numerous ways to style it and arranged, it is guaranteed to never be out of fashion and that you’ll look trendy after leaving the salon sporting this fresh style. Stacked haircuts don’t need to be dull – change it with a fresh color or highlights, layers and curls. Stacked haircuts are intended to create the appearance of volume, shape and the appearance of texture. A well-chosen haircut is one which can swiftly and easily alter your appearance to make you look better. One of the most effective (and always fashionable) haircuts you can try is the stacked cut which is stylish and trendy. Stacked haircuts are typically super short or are of medium length that just touches the collarbone. The most important aspect of getting a good stack cut is to make sure that the back part is cut in a perfect manner. Because it’s stacked in reverse, it is important to ensure that the rear view is the center of the design, therefore it is essential to do it right. If you’re not familiar with the style of stacking simply imagine a bob round at the back by gradual layering , and is usually inclined towards the front. The pictures below show an array of adorable stacks that work with different hair kinds. If you’re planning to experiment with this style and require a little motivation, these photos will do the trick.

What Is a Stacked Bob?

The bob that is stacked was first popular in the sixties due to its timeless appeal and timeless style, it is still fashionable. While a traditional bob generally cut the same length on both sides and back the stacked bob is cut in a way it is shorter over the reverse. In addition, the “stacked” aspect of its name refers the method hair is cut in layers on the back.

Stylish Stacked Bobs

You’ll be awed by the 27 stacked Bobs so much that it’s difficult to decide which one you like best!

1. Stacked Bob with Blue Bangs

Stacked Bob with Blue Bangs

Stacked bobs are the most effective method for your hair to appear more attractive, and they make a great hairstyle for those with fine hair. Create this hairstyle by creating bangs, bleaching them, and paint them with a light Blue semi-permanent dye for hair.

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2. Multicolored Wavy Bob

Multicolored Wavy Bob

Combining bright colors is sure to attract attention and admiration from anyone who sees your hairstyle, particularly when you’re wearing bright red, pink and orange shades. Make your hair look curly and cut a side-undercut at the temple.

3. White Bob

White Bob

Hairstyles that look great and gain plenty of volume, particularly when you layer your hair and create the shape of a bob. This hairstyle is great with an angled side part or middle part, and is flattering for women of all ages, including those who have obvious white threads.

4. Waves and Braids

Waves and Braids

Let your romantic side shine through by combining a gorgeous cut. Make your hair more textured with a heated tool such as an iron with three irons. Make a middle section and then use a section of the forehead. Hair is loosely braided and place the yarn to the hair’s back.

5. Copper Stacked Bob

Copper Stacked Bob

If you are a woman who is over 50 We are certain that you’re looking for a haircut that makes you appear younger and more modern. A copper-stacked bob will definitely help you reach your goals. Front-facing tresses with a face frame will surely meet your needs since they’ve got the freshness. Also, consider side bangs you can put on the other side.

6. Classical Bob

Classical Bob

Certain women prefer classic hairstyles with an amazing twist. If you are looking to change your hairstyle you should consider changing to the blonde group. Find a medium haircut for bobs, style them and give their shape and bounce with the help of a rotating brush. Be sure to keep in mind those darker lowlights as they’ll be “la piece of the puzzle”.

7. Red-Stacked Bob

Red-Stacked Bob

These bobs that have been stacked are fun unique and simple to dress and style. They can be worn to any occasion and need little maintenance. To achieve that volume you must concentrate your attention to the back and then lift your roots. In the front, you can flip your hair in the direction of your ears however, keep your sideburns to the front.

8. Blue Lowlights

Blue Lowlights

Who said you can’t wear attractive hairstyles and electric colors as you age? Try this stunning hairstyle! Find a medium haircut, and then dye your hair in a platinum blonde shade. This will reduce wrinkles, soften your face, and help you appear younger and more youthful. Add bangs to your face and, on one hand, you can sport an intense lowlight that is the bright blue hue.

9. Burgundy Nape

Burgundy Nape

Stacked bobs can work well with contrast shades. We suggest using with a white icy color for the top. Then, once the layers of stacked are formed and the pieces are stacked, you can paint them in a brown or burgundy shade, similar to the one in the picture above. But, any color that is contrasting can be used so long as the primary shade is lighter.

10. Short Stacked Bob

Short Stacked Bob

Side bangs that are straight and soft go with an stacked blonde hairstyle. The longer pieces on the sides are easily pinched to the sides to create a stylish look.

11. Long Stacked Bob

Long Stacked Bob

The light grey of blonde combine to create a unique combination of colors for this long stack of bobs. To keep it stylish Straighten your locks. You’ll need to go through your hair throughout the day.

12. Medium Stacked Bob

Medium Stacked Bob

This medium-sized bob is extremely professional and appropriate for work. You’ll look and feel an expert wearing straight brunette hair and a sloping off center portion.

13. Stacked Bob with Layers

Stacked Bob with Layers

Stacked bobs with layers of long hair creates a wavy, windblown look. Finish it off with lighter grey and bangs on the side for a contemporary hairstyle.

14. Curly Stacked Bob

Curly Stacked Bob

Do you want a fresh look for your hair that is curly? A stacked bob can get rid of tangled hair and create a fresh style. You can add a couple of shorter layers in the area of the face to create bangs that you can sweep away or pull them back completely.

15. Wavy Stacked Bob

Wavy Stacked Bob

The purple hair color isn’t only for Halloween. Wear it with a wavy-stacked or bob to add a touch of something different. Do you not want an all-over hue? A few highlights can be enough.

16. Stacked Inverted Bob

Stacked Inverted Bob

For hair that is fine and straight, a stacked layer bob can create hair with a feathered look on the edges. If hair is tucked into the ponytail, you’ll appear as a rockstar.

17. Stacked Bob with Bangs

Stacked Bob with Bangs

Bob who has bangs can be among the most popular haircuts of in the present. Women who are older tend to appreciate the look of bangs with shorter hairstyles. A bob that falls at the jawline is a good match with long straight hair and a thick part to add the texture. Spray hairspray to give long-lasting hold.

18. Stacked A-Line Bob

Stacked A-Line Bob

A stacked A-line bob features one side of noticeable longer hair, with an elongated streak of dark shade that is contrasted with blonde. This is a gorgeous and fresh hairstyle that ladies will love.

19. Stacked Angled Bob

Stacked Angled Bob

To create a angled bob A lot of layers can create an enviable body. Light and dark purple colors are stunning shades that go well with the dark skin tone. their feathery bangs won’t detract from the overall appearance.

20. Stacked Short Thin Bob

Stacked Short Thin Bob

The short thin stacking bob is a modern version of Marilyn Monroe’s sought-after style. The short, sexy bangs and the all-over platinum hue complete this stunning cut.

21. Asymmetrical Stacked Bob

Asymmetrical Stacked Bob

A soft blonde that is symmetrical compliments skin tones with light tones and long-face designs. Straight flat iron hair and cut off from the center for the final look.

22. Stacked Pixie Bob

Stacked Pixie Bob

Stacked pixie bobs are great for those with a vivacious personality. The hair is then combed back for fullness and then add highlights of purple for an elegant look.

23. Stacked Bob for Women Over 50

Stacked Bob for Women Over 50

For women who are over 50, a platinum stacked bangs with a hint of waves will make you feel youthful again. Straighten the bangs for a great contrast with curls.

24. Stacked Bob with an Undercut

Stacked Bob with an Undercut

To give a more sexy look on your already stacked hair cut an undercut and fade. The result is feminine, rock.

25. Stacked Chin Length Bob

Stacked Chin Length Bob

Stacked chin-length bobs with stacked chins are adored because of the way the layers slide gracefully across all directions. A simple comb-through early in the morning is all you require.

26. Stacked Bob for Round Face

Stacked Bob for Round Face

Another stacked bob, this one with lengthy pieces of face framing and is dressed in vibrant yellow and a medium purple. It’s an creative hairstyle.

27. Tapered Stacked Bob

Tapered Stacked Bob

The stacked bob is tapered and features cute layers of pixie. You can wear it like this to create a gorgeous look or pin the front pieces back with sparkling clips to make it look more stylish. Although stacked bobs are typically made by straight hair, many of them can be styled with curly or wavy hair too. With bangs or not The stacked bob hairstyle is a timeless. Whichever way you choose to style this style, your look will be stunning.


Here are a few questions that people often ask about the stacked Bob.

Are graduated bobs and a stacked bob the same?

“Stacked Bob” or “graduated hairstyle” are two different names for the same hairstyle.

What’s the difference between stack and layered Bob?

A stacked bob can be described as a kind of layered Bob. Consider it in this way: not all layered bobs are stackable Bobs, but all stacked bobs can be described as layered Bobs.

Should I opt for one of those bobs stacked, for fine hair?

Yes! The back that is graduated of a stacked hairstyle can give a lot of volume to straight, fine hair. Do not wear shaggy layers it makes the hair appear thin and damaged.

What face shape is best for a Bob cut that is stacked?

A stacked bob comes in a myriad of lengths and angles, meaning it is able to flatter any facial shape. Consult your stylist for suggestions on how to make the stacked bob work best for you. A longer-length front can compliment the square, oval or round face well while a smaller front with a low angle appears very retro on a diamond or heart-shaped look.

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