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35 New Long Bob Haircuts For Women 2024

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A long bob haircut is having the spotlight with a number of celebs sticking to the cut and wearing it in a variety of ways. Straightened, messy, polished sharp, wavy or layers – the variety and versatility make this cut one of our top choices. Since it’s not as long as the traditional bob , it offers an opportunity to play with udos when you’d like to. However, today we’re going to concentrate on the best ways to dress it casually and stylishly, based on your own personal style.

Modern Lob Haircuts by Hair Type

“The Lob makes hair appear healthy and thick. Additionally, the sharp lines highlight bone structure and frame your face.” stated celebrity stylist Matt Fugate to InStyle. We’ll only say that you must determine the lob style that is suitable for your hair’s texture, as there are many options available. Razor-cut tips are ideal for big hairs, while taming the look and making it lighter. The swing bob can show thin hair to the greatest advantage as its multi-layered front adds the illusion of depth. The waves of hair are a scream for messy hairstyles with a layering technique to improve their appearance. You’ll also see more examples of different hair kinds.

Wavy Shaggy Copper Red Bob

Red is the perfect color that makes curly hair shine, while the shaggy bangs lob gives enough room for rings to bounce.

Wavy Long Blonde Balayage Bob For Fine Hair

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This model sports a curly long bob softened with a natural balance. The layers are subtle to give the fine hair additional density, and an elegant look.

Straight Lob With Point-Cut Ends

Straight medium-to-thick hair can benefit from a single-length hairstyle that has a slight texture through sharply cut tips.

Blunt Blonde Bob

A blunt lob can be a popular choice for locks with thin hair and creates a strong curve at the bottom. Make sure to add some lift to the roots and copy this behind-the-ear style to make your hair look more interesting.

Brunette Lob With Delicate Highlights For Thick Hair

Although voluminous and lush The hair is thick and dense, but it could look a bit stale, except because of the delicate highlights which highlight its round-brushed, bottom.

Flattering Lobs by Face Shape

Perhaps, flexibility is probably the most desirable characteristic of the lobes. The length of lobs that ranges from the underside of the chin to the collar bone is flattering to almost every facial shape and gives them a slimmer appearance. If you have sharp facial lines, soften them by adding curves. If the face of yours is round try an lob haircut that has added angles. It’s that easy.

The most important thing to remember is to stay clear of extra long alternatives when you have an oval face. “Lobs can lengthen your face initially and they can lengthen a face more. By adding width by layering them with thin layers and by incorporating products that texturize in your routine it can help balance the length, while reducing the length of your face.” Says Bryce Scarlett, hairstylist behind Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huffington-Whiteley and Margot Robbie to Cosmopolitan.

Wavy Shoulder-Length Bob With Round Face

A shoulder-length bob and an angled bangs styling provide enough length to even out any face.

Bob With Bangs And Highlights For Long Faces

For women with large face and thin hair it’s sensible to opt for the shorter version of the lob with extra volume and density by highlights, a side parteing and full-length feathery bangs.

Wavy Lob For Oval Faces

While oval faces are able to snuff out any lobs, you may choose a side-parting to minimize the drag down result that is a consequence of the length.

Dark Blonde Wavy Lob For Square Faces

A wavy, wavy-like lob with soft face-framing tresses that are soft is ideal for faces with square shapes, as it takes the focus away from the sharp jawline and creates curves that improve the proportions.

White Combover Bob For Heart-Shaped Faces

For those with a heart-shaped facial shape make sure you don’t highlight of your chin’s point by shifting attention away from the cheekbones and eyes.

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