If you’ve ever thought brunette hair boring or boring, reconsider. Through the balayage process, dye applies to your hair with foil, giving an organic and elegant look that is comparable to an ideal brunette’s main hair objective. Mixing shades has never been so enjoyable, so take a look at these balayage styles , and then make appointments with your stylist!

#1: Subtle Ashy Brown

For a more subtle look go for this ashy brunette blonde Balayage that looks as if it’s not altered in any way. A neutral shade is great for those looking to start taking baby steps towards transforming their hair.

Ash Brown And Blonde Balayage Hair

#2: Light Brown Balayage

It’s not necessary to make a dramatic color shift to refresh your look. In the spirit of “less is more” keep to the brown hue and give subtle ashy highlights. This combination of youthful and sophisticated is perfect for professionals who want to maintain their appearance.

Dark Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair

#3: Brown to Caramel Balayage

For a classic balayage color, go for the soft brown to caramel fade. It’s a natural one, as is the change in hues. That’s why it will remain fresh even as you grow your hair out. For the best results of your new hue hairstyle, create long beach waves using straighteners, which makes the lighter hair appear more attractive.

Soft Bronde Balayage Hair

#4: Honey Brown Highlights

If the ombre style isn’t the right one for you, consider weaving a honey-brown shade across the entire length of your hair. Brunette highlights with balayage instantly brighten hair that is dark brown and give it a more low-maintenance appearance.

Golden Blonde Highlights

#5: Multi-Dimensional Lob

It’s enjoyable to add more than two colors in the Balayage. Instead of simply going from light blonde to brown include shades of light brown or golden to soften the change. A lob that is long and thick will show off all the shades you’re playing with.

Brown Lob With Blonde Balayage

#6: The Long Waves and Light Highlights

Another well-blended alternative hairstyle that incorporates subtle golden blonde highlights all over the hair. The striking light and dark shades will surely be noticed as you stroll along.

Dark Golden Blonde Highlights Balayage

#7: Bright Reddish and Blonde Highlights

Highlights with reddish or blonde highlights can bring life to dull, dark hair. Select your preferred golden or copper hues to brighten your dull locks. Simple waves are great to showcase the latest shades of your hair.

Tri-Color Balayage Hair

#8: Matte Bronde Balayage

Ladies who do not want the latest and greatest in fashion can opt for this smooth, ashy look. Balayage from brunette and blonde can be the commonly used option, but you can also alter the classic look by selecting more subdued shades of ash instead of more intense shades.

Ash Bronde Balayage Hair

#9: Ash Blonde to Gray Fade

Photos of gray hair dyed are everywhere on Instagram and you can join in by balayaging your hair. The gray hue at the ends helps grow out your hair effortless and looks stunning when styled loosely.

Dark Brown Hair With Ash Blonde Ombre

#10: Light Brunette Balayage

The transition of color doesn’t necessarily need to be dramatic. You can lighten your dark brown hair by adding highlights of milk chocolate at the ends, and face-framing parts. For those with shoulder-length locks, style it with loose and messy waves for an elegant feminine style.

Rose Gold Balayage For Brunettes

#11: Long Bob with Red Tints

In the case of the balayage style, brunette hair allows for brighter shades. A slight splash of red in the end will transform your hairstyle. Make sure that your stylist is able to blend the colors to create a look that is as natural as is possible.

Lob With Auburn Balayage

#12: Hints of Rose Gold

If you’re interested in rose gold hair but are scared about the risk, try these delicate pink highlights a shot. Combine it with lighter brown hues to soften the rose-colored shades. Combining the colors of rose and brown is ideal for hair with shorter lengths and you’ll only need just a few shades of pink that are diluted in the darker shades.

Brown Bob With Subtle Rose Gold Balayage

#13: Balayage with Bronde Featuring Copper Touches

If you have medium length hair You have the perfect base for a silky color melt. The combination of browns that are ashy and blondes with hints subtle copper is perfect to wear every day, yet creates a punk feel to your look.

Brown, Blonde And Copper Balayage

#14: Burnt Orange Ends

Do you want something more bold? Enhance the brunette balayage by adding intense orange highlights. The great thing about the balayage method is that you won’t be concerned about gnarly roots when the color begins to fade out.

Copper Balayage For Brown Hair

#15 Long Curls With Honey Highlights

If you’re looking for some colour every now and then but don’t need to be committing to the complete Balayage effect. Choose subtle honey highlights that don’t interfere with your natural hair color. Hairstyle your long hair with romantic, loose curls that let the highlights shine brightly.

Partial Golden Brown Balayage

#16: Mid-Length hair with Classic Balayage

Learn from the traditional approach to ombre and choose the classic transition from brown to light blonde. Pick two shades of blonde to keep your look from appearing dull and uninteresting.

Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair

17: Curly locks with Auburn Highlights

If you want to go for a more dramatic look, you can blend an intense auburn hue to your natural dark hair. The combo pops well with loose ringlets as well as straight locks. So if you’re looking to add more of a contrast in your colors look at this dark brunette-balayage colors to try.

Chocolate Balayage For Black Hair

#18 Gilded Bob and Waves

The hair’s shape can totally alter how you perceive your hair’s color. The angled bob lets the golden highlights in focus and makes it more attractive.

Golden Blonde Balayage For Brown Bob

#19: Subtle and Wavy Partial Balayage Hair

Black Hair With Subtle Brown Highlights

When weighing whether you want a full or partial balayage the first thing to consider is what kind of impact you’d like your fashion to create. Do you want to appear extravagant or less opulent? If you don’t stick to a traditional balayage, you’re giving yourself an chance to make a subtle, yet noticeable haircut change.

20: Brunette with Light Brown Highlights

Highlights are a wonderful method to give depth to dark hair. If you’re looking for an organic look or aren’t looking to harm hair with excessive bleach, going with the basic balayage option gives you the most natural of both. You just need to make your hair just a shade or two lighter to create a new look.

Ash Brown Partial Balayage

#21 #21: Brown Hair with Soft Hairpainting

If you are considering highlights that are either full or partial it is important to think about maintenance. When you’re sporting full highlights, it is important ensure that your hair is well-hydrated and that everything appears natural as you grow your hair out. If it’s just partially highlighted, you won’t need enough dye and as your hair gets longer hair, the lighter ones appear like sun-kissed locks.

Subtle Balayage For Brunettes

22: Long Brown Locks with Partially Highlights

A partial balayage does not always need to be on top. In some cases, for a different reason you can put them in the bottom layer, and it will be a pleasant surprise once they appear in your waves or curls. Imagine the highlights as treasures hidden in plain sight.

Subtle Brown And Blonde Balayage

#23: Caramel and Cinnamon Highlights

Add some spice to brown hair by adding caramel and cinnamon-colored accents. When layered over hair that is dark, it create a beautiful mixture of shades. Only one layer coloring it will really highlight how striking the difference is between darker hair and the lighter shadesand it’s a flirty appearance. The medium length keeps the look simple but elegant.

Brown Hair With Partial Caramel Highlights

#24: Blonde Balayage on Brown Locks

Balyage is a technique that can be partially applied, highlights usually appear over the hair’s top layer. The lighter streaks appear beautiful blended when you style your hair in loose waves. In addition, the loose waves will give your hair an unstoppable body and movement.

Subtle Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair

#25: Bob with Partial Balayage

Highlights from partial balayage work for a variety of hair textures, such as Asian hair that is known for being straight and dark. A few highlights of chocolate adding a pop of color and highlighting the ends of your hair will give your hair the look you want.

Subtle Balayage Lob For Brunettes

#26: Brown-to-Blonde Low Balayage

Highlights that are high-contrast in dark hair truly stand out and stand out. If it’s semi-balayage, then you won’t need to worry about the amount of damage you cause to your hair. Therefore, you’ll benefit from a trendy color while maintaining your hair’s health. It’s an ideal win-win.

Face-Framing Blonde Balayage

#27″Cheppy” Cut and Mixed Highlights

A partial balayage can be an elegant hairstyle to switch to when you wish to add some style to the straightness of your hair. Try experimenting with platinum highlights as well as warm, browns over hair with medium lengths for an unusual hairstyle. To make it more bold and dramatic – without being too extravagant think about two-tiered chops. This style is completely edgy and contemporary.

Asian Hairstyle With Partial Ash Highlights

#28: The Long Black Hair with Brown Highlights

Highlights that are balayage-like on hair that is black are the best method to use when you’re looking to break the monotony of dark hair. The appeal of doing only partial highlights is in their simple nature. A chestnut brown complements black beautifully, without being too extravagant. It’ll add just enough contrast.

Subtle Brown Highlights For Black Hair

#29: Hairstyles Long Brown hairstyles with blonde Highlights

It’s not hard to make a brunette with long hair appear stunning. If you have to make it happen, something as easy such as messy curly barrels with caramel highlights and blonde can do the trick. With just a few highlights, this model illustrates that less is better.

Blonde Face-Framing Balayage

#30: Red-Haired Semi-Balayage

Enhance your red hair more vibrant by adding some naturally-looking highlights of blonde. If you’re interested in learning how to create an asymmetrical balayage, it is as simple as applying dye to small sections of hair, then wrap the hair in foil. Be sure to apply the dye on the hair’s top layer to create this subtle appearance. Follow the instructions on the packaging on the bottle to figure out the length of time you can allow it to remain in.

Subtle Balayage For Auburn Hair

#31: Platinum Blonde Balayage Highlights

The partial balayage is a good method to lighten dark blonde locks without having to commit to a bleached-out look. The platinum highlights will brighten your face, and provide visual interest to wavy hair. Apply layers at the bottom of your hair to create a more full style to your haircut.

Partial Blonde Balayage

#32 Brown Cut with Face Framing Streaks

It is important to consider the placement when looking to go with partial highlights. It is essential to ensure they’re put in a position that flatters the shape of your face and shade. Medium brown shades It always looks good with the most light shades on the front. It draws attention not only to your hair , but also to your face.

Bronde Balayage Hair

33: Curled Auburn Hair with Highlights

Are you ready to change things up? Partially highlighted highlights can be a great way to warm your hair. Make sure you balance your auburn hair by mixing more light and dark shades for an edgy hairstyle. Make use of 11/2″ curling iron to make loose curls in barrels, and then blow them out to give it that additional energy.

Auburn Balayage Hair

#34: Purple on Black Front Highlights

Partially highlighted hair is versatile and work well with any shade of hair as you can see in a variety of photos, and black hair isn’t an exception. Black offers advantages since it naturally is a consistent shade. This makes it the perfect base for bold shades that are straight out of the rainbow. Purple is an original and elegant choice.

Purple Balayage For Black Lob

#35: Brown and Caramel Hairstyle

Caramel and chocolate make the perfect sweet pair not just for desserts, but also on your hair. There is no need for a full head of highlights to make an attractive look. Sprinkle them around to make your brown locks come to life.

Caramel Babylights For Brown Hair

#36 Curly Bob, with Subtle Balayage

Balyage highlights that are partial on hair that is short are adorable. Because there’s only a little length to play with the tiny amount of color is added really stands out. Your stylist can offer you some subtle highlights and layers to create the perfect wispy hairstyle that is filled with personality.

Bob With Highlights On The Ends


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