If you have ever considered brown hair to be boring or dull, think again. With the balayage technique dye is applied to hair without the use of foil, resulting in a more natural and more exquisite look that feels like any brunette’s major hair goal. Mixing colors has never been this fun, so check out these balayage styles and book an appointment with your colorist!

#1: Subtle Ashy Brown

Ash Brown And Blonde Balayage Hair

Instagram / @chiyukihair

For something more subdued, try this ashy brunette to blonde balayage that looks like it has not been processed at all. A neutral color is perfect for anyone looking to take baby steps in hair color transformations.

#2: Light Brown Balayage

It doesn’t take a drastic color change to liven up your style. In the name of “less is more”, stay within the brown color palette and give neutral ashy highlights a go. This youthful combination is great for professionals who need to keep their look polished.

Dark Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair

Instagram / @hairbystevie

#3: Brown to Caramel Balayage

For a classic balayage hair color, opt for a soft brown to caramel fade. The combination is a very natural one, and so is the transition of hues, that’s why it’s still going to look fresh as your hair grows out. To get the most out of your new color, style your locks in long beach waves with a straightener, making the lighter pieces appear even more vibrant.

Soft Bronde Balayage Hair

Instagram / @chrisweberhair

#4: Honey Brown Highlights

If the ombre effect is not the one for you, try weaving a honey brown shade throughout your entire head of hair. Brunette balayage highlights instantly brighten up dark brown hair and add low-maintenance dimension.

Golden Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @gilsonbitencourt

#5: Multi-Dimensional Lob

It can be fun to include more than just two colors when doing a balayage. Instead of going straight from brown to light blonde, add in shades of golden or light brown to soften the color transition. A lob with long layers will perfectly showcase all of the different shades you are playing with.

Brown Lob With Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @jleighwebdoeshair

#6: Long Waves with Light Highlights

Another well-blended option, this style incorporates hints of golden blonde throughout the hair. The contrasting light and dark shades are sure to catch the light as you walk by.

Dark Golden Blonde Highlights Balayage

Instagram / @rafaelbertolucci1

#7: Bright Reddish and Blonde Highlights

Blonde and reddish highlights will brighten up any lifeless darker hair. Choose your preferred golden and copper shades to liven up your tired locks. Subtle waves are perfect for showing off the new color variations in your style.

Tri-Color Balayage Hair

Instagram / @prettylittleombre

#8: Matte Bronde Balayage

Ladies not interested in having all things high-shine can opt for this matte, ashy style. Doing balayage brunette to blonde is the most common solution; however, upgrade the classic combo by choosing subdued, ashy shades instead of the more intense ones.

Ash Bronde Balayage Hair

Instagram / @colorbymichael

#9: Ash Blonde to Gray Fade

Images of dyed gray locks have been all over Instagram, and you can easily get in on the trend with this balayage style. Having the gray color at the ends makes growing out your hair stress-free, and it looks great when styled in loose waves.

Dark Brown Hair With Ash Blonde Ombre

Instagram / @beauty_supreme

#10: Light Brunette Balayage

The color transition doesn’t always have to be drastic. Lighten up your dark brown hair by adding milk chocolate highlights to the ends and face-framing pieces. For those with shoulder length locks, style your hair in loose messy waves for a modern feminine look.

Rose Gold Balayage For Brunettes

Instagram / @gina.devine

#11: Long Bob with Red Tints

When it comes to balayage, brunette hair really lends itself to adding brighter colors. Mixing in a slight pop of red at the ends can transform your entire style. Be sure your stylist blends the colors well so your hair looks as natural as possible.

Lob With Auburn Balayage

Instagram / @hairxjojo

#12: Hints of Rose Gold

If you want rose gold hair, but are afraid of the commitment, give these subtle pink highlights a try. Mix it in with lighter brown shades to further diffuse the rosy hues. Combining brown and rose colors works best on shorter hair, so you just have a few hints of pink diluted in the darker shade.

Brown Bob With Subtle Rose Gold Balayage

Instagram / @laurak_beauty

#13: Bronde Balayage with Copper Touches

With medium length hair, you have the perfect canvas for a smooth color melt. The mix of ashy browns and blondes with hints of subdued copper is subtle enough for everyday wear but still adds a slight punk vibe to your style.

Brown, Blonde And Copper Balayage

Instagram / @mizzchoi

#14: Burnt Orange Ends

Want something bolder? Amp up the normal brunette balayage with fiery orange highlights. The good thing about the balayage technique is that you will not have to worry about pesky roots once the color starts to fade out.

Copper Balayage For Brown Hair

Instagram / @prettylittleombre

#15: Long Curls with Honey Highlights

If you are looking for a hint of color here and there, you don’t have to commit to the full balayage effect. Opt for light honey highlights that won’t detract from your natural color. Style your long hair in loose, romantic curls so the highlights really shine through.

Partial Golden Brown Balayage

Instagram / @rootedhairstudiolq

#16: Mid-Length Hair with Classic Balayage

Take inspiration from the faithful ombre technique and go with the traditional brown to light blonde transition. Choose two shades of blonde to prevent your style from looking stark and lifeless.

Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair

Instagram / @stephengarrison

#17: Curly Hair with Auburn Highlights

For a more drastic style, try blending a vibrant auburn shade into your natural dark hair. The combination pops with both loose ringlets and straight locks, so if you want more contrast in colors, give these dark brunette balayage hues a try.

Chocolate Balayage For Black Hair

Instagram / @southmarksouth

#18: Gilded Bob with Waves

The shape of your hair can completely transform the way you view your color. The angled bob puts the golden highlights on display, making it all the more eye-catching.

Golden Blonde Balayage For Brown Bob

Instagram / @beto_quintanilhaa

#19: Subtle and Wavy Partial Balayage Hair

Black Hair With Subtle Brown Highlights

Instagram / @richiemiao

When considering a full balayage vs partial, one thing to decide is what sort of impact you want your style to make. Are you trying to be bold or more understated? By not committing to a standard balayage, you really give yourself an opportunity for a very subtle, yet still notable, change to your hairstyle.

#20: Brunette with Light Brown Highlights

Highlights are a beautiful way to add depth to dark hair. If you want a more natural look or don’t want to damage your hair with too much bleach, opting for the entry-level balayage gives you the best of both worlds. Just take your strands a shade or two lighter for a fresh look.

Ash Brown Partial Balayage

Instagram / @chrisweberhair

#21: Brown Hair with Soft Hairpainting

When you consider partial or full highlights, you need to think of maintenance. With full highlights, you have to make sure your hair is moisturized and that everything looks natural when your hair grows out. In case it is only partial, there won’t be as much dye, and when your tresses grow out, the lighter strands will look like sun-kissed locks.

Subtle Balayage For Brunettes

Instagram / @a_kool

#22: Long Brown Locks with Partial Highlights

A partial balayage doesn’t always have to be the top layer. Sometimes, as an exception, you can have them on the underlayer and they’ll be a pleasant surprise when they show through your curls or waves. Think of the highlights as hidden treasures.

Subtle Brown And Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @anthonyholguin

#23: Caramel and Cinnamon Highlights

Spice up brown hair with cinnamon and caramel-colored accents. Strewn throughout dark locks, they will create a luscious mix of colors. With only the top layer of hair colored, it really accentuates the contrast between dark roots and the lighter shades — and it’s a sexy look. The medium length keeps the total image simple yet chic.

Brown Hair With Partial Caramel Highlights

Instagram / @dawntraceyhair

#24: Blonde Balayage on Brown Locks

With a partial balayage, highlights are often just on the top layer of hair. The lighter streaks are beautifully blended when you wear your hair in beachy waves. As a bonus, those loose waves give your mane irresistible body and movement.

Subtle Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair

Instagram / @meaganelise87

#25: Bob with Partial Balayage

Partial balayage highlights work well on a wide range of hair textures, including Asian hair, which is notoriously dark and straight. Just a few chocolatey highlights brightening the face and accenting your ends will give your everyday bob a stylish boost.

Subtle Balayage Lob For Brunettes

Instagram / @mizzchoi

#26: Brown-to-Blonde Low Balayage

High-contrast highlights on dark hair really pop and make a statement. When it is only a semi balayage, you don’t have to worry about much damage caused to your strands. So, you can benefit from a trendy shade, while maintaining healthy hair. It’s a win-win.

Face-Framing Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @hairbynn

#27: Choppy Cut with Mixed Highlights

A partial balayage is a stylish coif to turn to when you want to spruce up your straight hair. Mess around with platinum highlights and warm browns on medium-length hair for an unexpected hairdo. To make it even more dramatic and bold – without going overboard — consider a two-tiered choppy cut. The look is totally edgy and modern.

Asian Hairstyle With Partial Ash Highlights

Instagram / @hairxjojo

#28: Long Black Hair with Brown Highlights

Partial balayage highlights on black hair are the way to go when you want to break-up the monotone look of a dark mane. The beauty of only doing partial highlights lies in their simplicity. A chestnut brown will complement black well, while not being too bold. It will add just the right amount of contrast.

Subtle Brown Highlights For Black Hair

Instagram / @ashdoescolor

#29: Long Brown Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

It doesn’t take much to make a long-haired brunette look stunning. But if you must, something as simple as messy barrel curls teamed with blonde and caramel highlights will do the trick. With the limited highlights, the model below goes to show that less is more.

Blonde Face-Framing Balayage

Instagram / @hairbynoora

#30: Red-Haired Semi-Balayage

Make your red hair even more dynamic by adding just a few natural-looking blonde highlights. If you want to know how to do a partial balayage, you just need to apply dye to spare sections of hair and wrap it in foil. Make sure you only apply the dye to the top layer of hair for that subtle effect. Follow the directions on the box of the product to determine how long you should leave it in.

Subtle Balayage For Auburn Hair

Instagram / @hairbyjustineb

#31: Platinum Blonde Balayage Highlights

The partial balayage is a nice way to lighten your dark blonde tresses without committing to a completely bleached look. Platinum highlights will brighten your face and bring some visual intrigue to wavy tresses. Add layers towards the bottom of the haircut to give a fuller look to your do.

Partial Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @kccarhart

#32: Brown Cut with Face Framing Streaks

Placement is key when opting into partial highlights. You have to make sure they are placed in a way that is flattering to your face shape and hair color. With medium brown hues, it always looks nice when you have the lightest shades at the front. It draws the attention to not only your hair but also your face.

Bronde Balayage Hair

Instagram / @theglosserie

#33: Curled Auburn Hair with Highlights

Time for a change? Partial highlights can warm up your mane. Balance out your auburn hair with a mix of slightly lighter and darker shades to create a multidimensional hairstyle. Use a 11/2” curling iron to create loose barrel curls and then brush them out for that extra oomph.

Auburn Balayage Hair

Instagram / @immortalbelovedsalon

#34: Purple on Black Front Highlights

Partial highlights are versatile and can work on any shade of hair, as seen in many other pictures, black hair, is no exception. Black has its benefits since it is naturally a consistent shade. That makes it a perfect canvas for bold colors straight from the rainbow. Purple is a unique yet stylish option.

Purple Balayage For Black Lob

Instagram / @hairbyedwin

#35: Brown and Caramel Hairstyle

Caramel and chocolate are a sweet duo not only for dessert, but also for your hair. You don’t need a full-head of highlights to create a stylish effect. Just sprinkle them here and there to bring your brown locks to life.

Caramel Babylights For Brown Hair

Instagram / @headrushdesignsbyjulieann

#36: Curly Bob with Subtle Balayage

Partial balayage highlights on short hair are so cute. Because there isn’t much length to work with, the little color that you do add really pops. Have your stylist give you some piecey highlights and layers for a wispy bob that is full of character.

Bob With Highlights On The Ends

Instagram / @alexkhoeunhair


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