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Best Short Ombré Hair – 36 Gorgeous Short Ombre Hairstyles

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If you’ve got beautiful short hair and are looking for an idea of how to style it, Her Style Code might just be the perfect match you’re searching for. Ombre is a hairstyle which blends one colour with one without a hitch, and it is a stunning and gorgeous hairstyle that you can work with! We love ombre styles for shorter hair, and we have compiled our top ombre hairstyles for shorter hair, to give you some hairstyle inspiration.

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Here are the 36 Hottest Short Ombre Hairstyles You Should Not Miss

Brown to Copper Curly Wedged Bob

Short Ombre Hairstyles

We can’t help but swoon over this stunning wedged hairstyle! It’s got gorgeous short layers that run across on the rear of hair, creating amazing curved lines as well as the loose curly curls allow for the beautiful ombre transition from copper to brown more gorgeous! It’s parted off to the sides and full of bounce and volume . We are in love with it.


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Brown To Brown to Bob and Shaved Section

Short Ombre Hairstyles

The lady who has created an incredibly unique style in her locks, creating a unique style which we simply cannot be satisfied with! The layer underneath is cut close to the hairline, and is decorated with a gorgeous design that is shaved into it. The top layer is the classic bob that has an ombre blend of blonde to dark brown that is then swept back to reveal the pattern beneath.

Ginger to Pink Sleek Bob

Short Ombre Hairstyles

This stunning sleek and glossy hairstyle has won our hearts. We are in love with the gorgeous ombre blend of ginger to hot pink! If the colour change was not enough, this woman chose a elegant and straight bob. It has an elongated line that runs from front to back, completed with a fringe that frames her face perfectly. You can also try straight wigs, take a look the look here.

Red to Copper Bob , with Curled Ends

Short Ombre Hairstyles

This stunning hairstyle is shorter towards the front and along the jaw line while being shorter at on the side of the head, in an angled line. It varies from a gorgeous dark red, to an incredibly light and vibrant copper hue at the ends of the hair of the hair in an ombre transition. The edges of hair is curled in order to create this adorable and lively shape we love. This really is a great ombre haircut for bobs.

Dark blue ombre Bob haircut

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Dark to Light Blonde Curly Pixie Crop

Short Ombre Hairstyles

This stunning hairstyle has captured our hearts! This stunning cut of pixie is done in many short layers starting about the ear to and finished with a stunning flowing fringe that runs along the top of the head. The hair is an dark blonde to a lighter blonde with an ombre blend. Curls are created through the hair to create an amazing, smooth edge. Do you like this cut? Get more ideas for short hair in this article.





Silver to Blue Curly Bob

Short Ombre Hairstyles

This stunning bob is cut in an interesting line that is above shoulders. Incorporating two gorgeous colors into one style This stylish woman has transformed a brilliant silver to a stunning bubblegum blue, creating a gorgeous ombre transition. Hair is curled to create this volumous and soft finish which we absolutely love! We have additional blue ombre hair styles, take a look it out!

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