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44 Inspiring Long Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts

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A lob is the perfect cut for those looking for a medium length style which shows a lot of versatility. Don’t be afraid of the new haircut It will look amazing on any kind of hair, regardless of the angles you’re trying to conquer be.

Let’s Do the Lob

Are you ready to have a ‘happy medium cut? Take a look at these styles of lob hair and get motivated to shed some inches. (Or more.) It doesn’t matter if you’re growing the length of your hair or losing some inches in the name of a change the lob is an ideal compromise that can offer an endless array of styling options, and meet all hair goals with a range of styles. Learn more about this fashionable hairstyle and you’ll understand how lobs make the cut for those looking to make an alternative without losing their hair.

What is a Long Bob?

Did you remember the bobs? Bobs were the height of hairstyles in the 20s. They were worn by spirited flappers as well as women enjoying their independence, freedom to vote, participate in sports and even get an employment The bob hairstyle embodied women’s involvement within the movement for women’s equality. It was a revolutionary style that was the most popular style of the time! Although this classic cut has continued in popularity, it is a fact that change always comes with every aspect. In the world of hair? The lob is a hairstyle that has gained popularity. Lobs are a well-known hairstyle that is basically an angular bob cut. It is suitable for a variety of hair types and textures the timeless look is a great fit for many different facial shapes and can be elegant or casual in accordance with the event. There are numerous types of hair lobs that will satisfy everyone’s preferences! For instance, A-line-style bob (long in the front, short in the back) Inverted and graduated bobs, or swing bobs (same like an A-line, but with layers of stacked layers on the back) and an asymmetrical (one side of the forward is more long than the opposite) or an even more striking sharp the bob (straight cutting).

1: Lobs with Waves

Medium Layered Brunette Balayage Hair

A choppy lob gives an exciting texture and a lively movement. This cut and wash can be styled using heated rollers and a huge barrel curling iron, as well as the use of a texturizing spray to make waves that last for many days.

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#2: Asymmetrical Long Bob

The long bob’s sharpness from the front pieces which are considerably larger than the strands that are layered, around two and an inch. The peekaboo highlights of blond that frame the face and the lighter ends make this look not only stylish, but also incredibly attractive. Keep hair silky and soft by using smooth hair styling creams.

Shaggy Angled Lob

#3: Graduated Long Bob Cut

If cut straight with a graduated lob cut creates the illusion of a sexier haircut that appears effortless stylish. For a simple ‘do that can take it up a notch, wear hair dyed with the same color, or go for the delicate Balayage.

Angled Layered Bob For Straight Hair

#4: A long line and Ombre

Hairstyles that are uneven in lengths are great to wear. You’ll enjoy the convenience of shorter hair while remaining long enough to be able to tie it behind your ears. Plus, you’ll get an aura of mystery. The ombre effect is skillfully achieved. The transitions are not only precise and the tones just right.

Chopped Angled Ombre Lob

#5: A-Line Lob for Fine Hair

A long bob cut will really compliment women with hair that is fine. If cut in an A-line cut locks look longer, but also appear more full and thicker! You can request adorable extra long pieces to the front of the lock to create this whimsical wispy look.

Steeply Angled Blonde Bob

#6: Textured Lob, with Highlights

This is a perfect example of the most sought-after style: an elongated lob that is textured with highlights and baby lights couple of shades less pronounced than your base shade. This style makes your hair feel fresh and healthy Your complexion appears brighter and more warm, making you overall, look fashionable and chic!

Choppy Long Bob With Subtle Balayage

7: Long Bob Cut with Chunky Layers

Many women prefer layered cuts over shorter ones as they offer more texture and movement. A choppy lob looks fashionable piecesy, and can be a perfect match for different and trendy outfits. To take it one step higher, choose the icy hue of white or silver.

Platinum Blonde Choppy Lob

#8: Bob of Colors

Are you a blonde who like the ease of maintaining brown hair? Enjoy the most of both with this lob in two shades that gives some texture and fun to otherwise boring hair.

angled dark brown lob with blonde balayage

#9: Medium to Long Style

Keep your medium – to long length hair neat and modernly messy with aid of a haircut that offers plenty of body and shape. This is particularly important for those with thin hair. This cut will give it more body without being too sloppy.

messy blonde lob with dark roots

#10: Smooth Cinnamon Bob

A cut that is lob-like is an excellent option to let a strong shade shine. Since simplicity is the main aspect of this style the all-over color when paired with straight locks can be very stylish. If you’re a woman with a medium skin tone and freckles Please, please, take a look at this shade. It’s…yes you’ve heard of it…everything.

Long Layered Bob With Side Bangs

11: Midnight Black Lob with Waves

The all-over black hue may be a little rough for everyday wearing, especially when worn with straight, long locks. When dark, dark shades are paired with textured long bobs, the brutality is replaced with pure energy. We suggest wrapping the strands loosely around a barrel that is large and with no clamps in order to achieve the messy look.

Long Asymmetrical Choppy Bob

#12: Bob with Long Bangs Bob With Blunt Bangs

Astonishingly low maintenance, this elegant long bob that has the balayage style is an excellent choice for those who want to make sure the color will last. The sharpness that the bangs have contrasts the smooth hairstyle’s overall look creating an unsightly (but still elegant) appearance.

Shoulder Length Layered Hair With Bangs

#13: Burgundy Lob Cut

Why not give your bob cut in an exciting and trendy hue? Burgundy is mysterious and creates eyes that are green and brown. sparkle! Whatever color you pick be sure that the undertone, cool or warm is flattering to your skin.

Log Bob With Choppy Ends

14: Voluminous Brunette Bob using Layers

The most commonly (and frequently misunderstood) features of bobs that have an extended length is that they lack depth. If you use the right styling tools, products , and cut layers hair lobs (such as the one shown here) are as gorgeous and full as a big blowout.

Centre-Parted Shaggy Brown Lob

#15 Inverted Lob with Platinum Highlights

An inverted lob is comparable to an a-line in that both of them have the longest hair in the front. The different is that inverted cuts feature stacked layers in the back. Lob hairstyles with platinum highlights are great for colder months or just for women who prefer ashier tones.

Dark Brown Lob With Blonde Balayage

16: Long Bob Cut with Balayage

Sweet, playful and so natural The ombre balayage hairstyle utilizes soft, subtle tone and a relaxed cut to create that freshly-out-of-bed smooth look. For styling, we recommend spraying locks with a mild mist of texturizing and then finishing using a styling tool and paying particular attention to the elements in the front.

Shaggy Bronde Balayage Lob

17: Honey Blonde Lob with Layers

Lobs are typically as dark brunette or platinum blonde however, let’s not forget the sweet and delicious middle shades! This style is gorgeous in honey blonde, and it oozes warmth and softness in the cut that is typically thought of as sharp. Long layers soften the entire ‘do.

Layered Caramel Blonde Lob

#18 Blonde Lounge with Gentle Lowlights

The most appealing thing about a long bob is the easily messy – and definitely sensual – appearance it exudes. A rule of thumb is that the longer your pieces are at the back, the further unfinished the overall look you’ll will get. The soft honey color with soft lowlights give the strands even more depth and depth.

Long Brown Blonde Bob

19. Long Bob with Ombre for Thick Hair

Hair that is thick can be challenging when it comes down to bobs that are longer. If you cut it too short, you’re at risk of ending up with a sloppy, unflatteringly puffed hairstyle. If you keep the bob too long and you’ll be unable to maintain the shape. This style is a step beyond each of these extremes with varying lengths and bleached, light-catching pieces to make hair more lively.

Angled Messy Brown Balayage Bob

#20 Textured Crop with Partially Balayage

Here’s a fashionable variation of the hairstyle known as lob. It’s smoothed at the ends, and accentuated by a subtle color. Long bobs and bangs frames the face well. Wispy and dense bangs work well with this look.

Angled Choppy Lob With Bangs

#21 Lob with super long front pieces

Long bob hairstyles may be quite long however they never lose their attractive shape or sexy appeal. This gorgeous extra long hairstyle is a perfect example of mixing beautiful, face-frameting highlights of balayage and wispy texture in the long asymmetrical hairstyle.

Honey Brown Asymmetrical Lob

#22: Long Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Senior ladies and professionals are advised to consider a bob that is long with layers adding volume to the crown. If you don’t prefer to be way too small, this look lets you keep length , while still looking classy and sophisticated.

Blonde Layered Lob

#23: Layered Angled Lob Cut

For those who desire a more youthful look, an angled layered hairstyle is guaranteed to take years off your look. The inverted look of this hairstyle is fresh and modern It looks modern when worn in solid colours.

Asian Layered Long Bob Cut

#24 Straight Lob with gentle Babylights

Elegant, chic and sophisticated This long bob style cut with soft babylights is the ideal fashion for those wanting to cut their hair shorter but having a length that is manageable. The ends are curled as a classic bob. However, its length allows you to wear it loose and with different stylish hairstyles.

Long Brown A-Line Bob

#25 Textured Lob with Blonde Streaks

Alongside the trendy and contemporary look The popularity of bobs with long hair is also due to how they are versatile with regards to styles. When worn straight, in solid tones , or highlights and textured it appeals to any hair type.

Layered Wavy Lob

#26: A-Line Brunette Long Bob

The greatest thing about a longer A-line brunette hairstyle with layers is the flexibility. The cut and color combo could look contemporary messy and messy as this example demonstrates. If you’re using an effective styling tool it is possible to create an elegant professional haircut as well as a curly vintage style.

Angled Chocolate Brown Lob

#27: Classic Brunette Balayage

The long, choppy angled bob is a refreshing version of the classic A-line hairstyle. The basic texture and long face-framing pieces that are elongated give the feeling of an “soft edges.” A stunning Balayage technique brings out the brunette, and adds depth to every angle, creating an overall polished look that doesn’t push to be too formal.

Classic Brunette Balayage

#28: Shoulder-Length Bob with Choppy Layers

This ultra sleek style highlights the soft long bob that is layered. Imagine running your fingers through the straightened hair to smooth the hairstyle to give an instant burst of fun volume. The mix of low and high lights create this choppy bob hairstyle an effortless home-run.

Shoulder-Length Bob With Choppy Layers

#29 Above the Shoulders Curls

Looking for the best length, but longing for an arm-length “lob”? The long-haired bob has texture waves that give it modern-day style. The full-length, textured and messy appearance is ideal for summer-time short-hair with a beach-loving attitude.

Above The Shoulders With Curls

#30: Dark, Collar-Bone Length

A little bit in the direction of a touch of balayage at the final part of this choppy hairstyle makes it appear naturally finished. It’s not necessary to tell anyone that the hairstyle was meticulously planned. The hairstyle is trendy and chic. length, which falls just below the collarbone. The sleek, sleek and sleek cut can be transformed into a rockstar by sporting a side-part.

Dark, Collar-Bone Length

#31 Blonde Balayage featuring Choppy Layers

The length should be extended beyond the collarbone if would like to sport some serious curls. This angled, polished bob comes with added chompiness to the back to add volume, and a soft front, pulled together by curls made by a curling tool. Because of its length it’s possible to use an ombre or balayage style to create light ends as shown here.

Blonde Balayage With Choppy Layers

#32 Brunette Bob, with Blonde Balayage

The majority of blunt haircuts are positioned straight to showcase the sharp edge, the slenderness here is accompanied by a lot of texture. The layers shed some of the mass, making the appearance more light and fun than the typical blunt hairstyle. The blonde balayage, as well as dark hair roots complete the overall look.

Brunette Bob With Blonde Balayage

#33 Bright Blonde with Beachy Waves

The process of bringing your hair to an attractive blonde may require some effort and maintenance. Blonding with long, short bobs is attractive healthy for the hair and better for it, which makes the process of retouching much simpler to achieve. Being able to achieve that beachy blonde appearance is easy using just a curling wand and a few drops of hairspray.

Bright Blonde With Beachy Waves

#34: Milky Way A-Line Bob

If you’ve got short hair is easier to achieve big things in terms of shade. You can add random, chunky highlights that are two to three shades lighter to create an exciting, fun color. The caramel hues that flow effortlessly across the dark brown hair of her are just yummy. With an accent of facial framing blonde hair the final look draws attention towards her face.

Milky Way A-Line Bob

#35: Soft Champagne Razor Cut Bob

Bob haircuts work best on hair that is fine because adding volume and texture is an itch. For angled bobs add a gentle wave in the longer front part and a little product around to give the remainder of the hair some. The textured razor bob creates thin tips that can be styled themselves.

Soft Champagne Razor Cut Bob

#36 Long Choppy Bob, with Bangs

Mix two powerful moves in one: bangs and shorter hair. A sleek, wispy bob that is textured with soft bangs softens the look of a full face. However, anyone is able to discover the ideal hairstyle and bob that they like. The bangs should be a more natural hue adds an enthralling sultry look to the eyes. Fun Balayage gives the appearance of depth throughout.

Long Choppy Bob With Bangs

37: Straight Bob with Blonde Balayage Ombre

Would you be able to provide me with a large order of lived-in blonde in straight shoulder length hair, would you mind? The perfect mix of blondes has no place to hide behind this long smooth bob that shows the soft layers and the shine. It’s a feminine look that’s simple to style using an iron with a flat surface and shine cream or an oval brush and hairdryer to add some volume.

Straight Bob With Blonde Balayage Ombre

#38: Choppy Long Angled Bob

Let the world see the dimension of your freshly painted hair at a nightclub with this flawlessly wavy hairstyle. The long , choppy bob features the personality of a tough woman, interspersed with beautiful caramel hues that are soft and sweet. You can have the best of the two worlds by wearing this hairstyle If you dare to dream.

Choppy Long Angled Bob

#39: Long Mocha-Colored Bob with Bangs

A little textured and beautifully hand-painted with highlights to enhance the mocha shade This cut isn’t to be missed. The extra-long bob hairstyle is also known as the lob, is adorable and sexy, with straight locks and hefty bangs.

Long Mocha-Colored Bob With Bangs

#40: Rooty Blonde Bob

If you’re hot, you’re cold. If you’re unable to pick a hairstyle. go for this most choppy blonde balayage hairstyle. With notes of cool and warm tones, it’s ideal for people with a neutral tone. The dark roots and bright blonde pieces that are strategically located closer from the root mean there are no harsh lines once the natural color of your skin begins to develop.

Rooty Blonde Bob

#41: Ashy Bablylights with Texture

Keep cool with choppy layers as well as shades of ash, perfect for those who have cool skin tones. Babylights bring the ashy shades downwards from the root and saturating the tips in a trendy grey-blonde shade. The brown roots that are ashy make the look more grounded.

Ashy Bablylights With Texture

42: Smokey Tapered Bob with Long Bangs

Hair that is sleek and choppy with layers reduces the thickness and softens the ultra-a-line hairstyle. The gradual gray in dark hair provides the color an edgy look, while the long, wispy bangs cover the eyebrows to create a stunning look.

Smokey Tapered Bob With Long Bangs

#43: Polished Bob with Face-Framing Highlights

If you’re looking for a basic loose bob style to play with in the morning, but still appear polished for work it could be the right style the perfect style for you. Make sure to add face-framing blonde hair pieces and side-swept bangs that make the look a slightly more playful.

Polished Bob With Face-Framing Highlights

#44: Multicolor, with A LOT of Texture

Perfect for a casual look for work The babieslights (thin highlights) are abounding in this multi-colored bob , and it is awe-inspiring. Do you want a clean stylish and elegant hairdo? Try this bob.

Multi Color With Lots Of Texture

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