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50+ Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women in 2024

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A fresh haircut is the perfect method to make things more interesting because according to the saying, change is as good as the thought of a holiday. While having one’s hair in a constant loop of curly, straight top knots, curly ponytails is fine but a trendy cut can dramatically improve your hairstyle. Staying on top of the latest hairstyles can be a challenge and deciding on the perfect haircut can be a challenge. We’ve put together the most popular hairstyles and haircuts for women to help you improve your game. The saying goes that the ability to change is more enjoyable than an occasion and a new haircut is the most effective method to change things up. Although there’s no harm in a regular hairstyle that includes curls, straights top knots, curly, and ponytails, cutting your hair in a stylish way can dramatically enhance your hairgame. It’s hard to keep up with all the latest hair styles, and choosing what haircut to go with is a daunting task. In order to help you step up your hair game We’ve compiled the most popular haircuts and styles for females. If you’re searching for the most flattering haircuts for women, or are curious to find the most popular haircuts that are on rising You’re in the right spot. As we move further into 2024, we’re not judging anyone who is trying to find a way erase any traces of the last two years. We appreciate the classic lob just as anyone else, occasionally you’re in need of a change. And what better way to be inspired than to look at the coolest hairstyles of the world. These are the most trendy hairstyles and haircuts you’ll see all over the world this year.

1. Short Wavy Bob

The bob haircut is among of the most popular hairstyles that has been trending in recent times. It’s the perfect blend of feminine and edgy with just enough masculinity to be trendy. If you’re bored of the traditional bob, consider making a change by experimenting with this style. The two are in heaven for hair. Nothing says cool-girl chic more than an untangled, straight out of bed hairstyle. If you’re wanting to spice things up Try this sharp edged front hairstyle. It’s edgy and distinctive without being overly trendy. Did we mention that it’s extremely flattering?

Short Wavy Bob

2. Blunt Cut

If you’re suffering from hair loss you’ve experienced the frustration of wanting a beautiful cut but walking out of the salon looking like little-haired Draco Malfoy. These days are now over. The blunt style is ideal for ladies with hair that is thin but who prefer a more streamlined haircut. In addition, blunt cuts are an excellent way to frame your face and highlight your face, but they’re generally flattering, and extremely trendy. If you’re not already aware the trend of masculine looks, it’s growing in popularity and a sharp cut with short hair is a great method to jump into the glam mania. If you’re trying to keep the feminine element, consider adding some waves to your hair. You can also rock an extravagant pair of earrings or a flowing, feminine dress.

Blunt Cut

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3. Low Bun

Even with the most elegant cut, there’ll be times when you’ll be unable to resist the messy hairstyle. It’s the worst of hairstyles. We’re aware that we shouldn’t but the attraction is too appealing. If you have short hair you might find yourself struggling to create an unruly high ponytail. If that is the case, choose the lower alternative. It might not be something that you’ve considered however, low messy buns can achieve the same ease of hairstyle as a high topknot and makes your hair appear more thick too. Simply gather your hair around the neck’s nape, and then twist it into a bun exactly the as if the hair was on the top the top of your head. If you’ve got bangs, let them fall loosely over your face. You can also you can pull a few of them out over your face as well behind the ears for a delicate, elegant look.

Messy Low Bun Short Hair

4. Short and Straight

Who said you needed long locks in order to achieve the famous Rachel Green look? The short, straight hair style with the mid-part is among the most iconic looks of all time. It’s not going away in the near future. Mix the classic 90s look by combining a blunt bob with platinum blonde. This style is stunning attractive, flattering, and shouts attitude. You can channel your inner punk rock princess by wearing deep red or purple lipstick and eye makeup that is heavy.

Stright And Short

5. Pixie Cut

Short hair can be difficult for women with thick hair. If it’s not done correctly it will go very wrong (we’ve experienced those awkward, bowl-shaped haircuts). The key to nailing short hairstyles using thick hair lies in texture and layers. Avoid sharp cuts since this type of cut adds the bulk of your hair. Instead, opt for a layered with a textured, smooth cut. The layers take the weight from your beautiful locks, that will let them move and sit comfortably.

Textured Short Hair

6. Twists

Some sexy twists can bring life to your hairstyle that is cropped. Not only does this create an original design, but it’ll also help protect your locks. The twists don’t require any extra styling, and will help your hair heal itself by repairing damage caused by the sun, heat, and the normal wear and tear of daily life.

Short Twists

7. Bangs with short hair

Bangs are back and hair that is short will be around for a while So why not mix two of the most popular hair styles of the past few years? Simple and simple to style, they require little care, aside from occasional trimming. Bangs with short hair are particularly effective as they frame your face and draw attention to your face. It can also be an effective way to slim down in the event that you feel the short hair makes your appearance appear more full on the face. From front to side sharp to choppy either sweeping or curtain There are endless options for styling with regards to bangs.

Bangs For Short Hair

8. Short Thin Hair

From Bobs to faux hawks cut-offs, pixies Asymmetrical styles, everything in between, the short cuts were created for hair that was thin. When they’re cut correctly, naturally. A shorter haircut is among the most effective methods of not just creating an illusion of thickness, but also let your hair thicken naturally. By regularly trimming and less styling your hair will grow healthier. Thus, it will start to grow more quickly and become thicker in its own time.

Short Thin Hair

9. Short Thick Hair

You might be reluctant to try the trend of short hair even if you have natural thick hair. However, short hairstyles look like magic when paired with a thick hair. The chop can be a great method to get rid of some extra weight of your locks in this summer season. Hair that is thick can look great in any style from short pixie cuts to long bobs with loose layers along with front fridges and side-swept bangs. The secret to thin thick hair is the texture. Therefore, make sure to include a few layers in order in order to make sure your hair stays from becoming heavy and seated nicely.

Short Thick Hair

10. Short Curly Hair

If you are finding that your curly locks are burdening you, then why not cut them? Not only can a shorter hairstyle allow your curls to be more manageable and manageable, but it also makes a cute hairstyle that is perfect for summer. From pin curly pixie cuts to bouncier Bobs, the styling possibilities for curly short hair are endlessly flexible.

Short Curly Hair

11. 90s Middle Part Ponytail

The hairstyle that celebrities are known for with this chic middle part ponytail. This hairstyle is ideal for women with hair of a length in-between. This is due to the fact that moderate hair tends to be the most easy to pull back and it lays much more comfortably and elegantly when tucked into a ponytail rather than long hair. You can pull your hair into a pony at center of your hair at the back. Don’t forget to leave two long hair strands at the front. You can rock it with some unique shades or grab your glitter and put on an 80s-inspired makeup.

90s Mid Part Pony 2

12. Professional Hairstyles

Your hair can say a lot about your personality and how professional you are. Hair that is long is usually worn by teenage girls and hippies. Short hair gives an uneasy or older impression. If you’re looking to be secure in the world of professional Try one of these hairstyles that are popular among professionals.

Pofesional Hair Styles

13. The top Knot with Lob

Top knots and lobs are designed to complement the other. The lob is the most popular thing to be seen in hair from Princess Diana’s dayboy hairstyle while the knot on top is the sole hairstyle that can compete with this trendy girl cut. Therefore, it is only natural that both styles should be married in a messy-hair marriage. The inclusion of a knot in the top can also give you a bit of volume, especially if your hair lacks volume in the body area.

Lob With Top Knot

14. Asymmetrical Lob

If you’re looking for an interesting cut, but don’t want it to be too short Asymmetrical lobs could be the perfect fit for you. The A-line cut is attractive and isn’t so sharp as other asymmetrical styles. This means it’s more manageable to get rid of and could be worn as ponytails if you’ve got hair regrets. However, we doubt that you’ll be worried about this stunning and fashionable fashion.

Asymmetrical A Line Lob 2

15. Deep Side Part

A side part that is deep can be a great option to make the classic lob look more modern with modern and trendy look. Although the lob remains popular it is possible to update your look by simply putting your hair to a deep side part, and then flipping one side over. This stylish and elegant style is equally suitable for casual occasions as it can be worn for formal events.

Deep Side Part Lob

16. Vintage Curls

Long hair is regarded for being sexually attractive, but don’t overlook the sexy appeal of locks that are medium-length. Marilyn Monroe certainly proved that by her bouncier medium-length curls. Hairstyle your locks with an oversized curling wand maintaining the stand flat while wrapping it around your curler. Hair is brushed out to create big waves and style your hair to the opposite side.

Vintage Hair

17. Lob

The iconic lob. The lob has gained fame due to its relaxed and simple nature. It is a breeze to style but offers endless styling possibilities. It’s stylish and timeless, youthful and mature and can be relaxed for lazy days.


18. Bob

There aren’t many styles that are that are as timeless and universally appealing as the bob style. It is a timeless style for women’s hair , and is a great method to emphasize your face, since the haircut at the chin length can emphasize your face, particularly your eyes and cheekbones. This cut is adjusted to your hair’s texture and preferences, for example, hairstyles with bangs.


19. French Braids

Remove your long locks from your face by putting on the most beautiful French braids. This stylish look is enjoying it’s moment under the sunlight. Why not take advantage of a look that is stylish and helps you do your work. Wear braids at the gym, the club, to the market and even in bed and sleep. The French braid is stylish, versatile and simple once you’ve learned how to do it.

French Braids

20. Updo

Don’t be afraid to try hairstyles simply because of your flowing hair. A stylish updo is worth the energy and time. Put your hair in place using hot rollers that make curls are held securely Pull them out, then pull them back as would like. From curly-up buns with low rolls to curly hairstyles, you can get the prom hairstyle of your dreams regardless of the length of your hair is.

Updo For Long Hair

21. Half Up Half Down

If an updo isn’t your thing, you could wear a half-up hairstyle that is half down. The half bun or top knot is the most popular choice due to a variety of reasons. It is adorable and, secondly it’s a great hairstyle for women with long hair. It is suitable for dressy or casual , and is an excellent method to create longer between washings.

Long Hair Top Knot

22. Straight Long Hair

Sometimes, you have to be simple and there’s nothing more elegant than sleek, straight hair. For this stunning appearance, first, you’ll need to apply a hair mask in order to control split ends and fly aways. Dry your hair completely and section it up using the flat brush. Straighten your hair by sections and combing them simultaneously. Use a little anti-frizz on your mid-lengths and ends. Set using the hairspray in small amounts to give your hair a slight shine.

Sleek And Straight

23. Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are an excellent option for those on looking for a secure style that’s still playful and flirty in summer. The rope-like twists look great with hair extensions that are long, to create a chic and trendy style.

Senegalese Twists 2

24. Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids aren’t only an extremely beautiful styles for long hair they’re also among the easiest styles to create. This elegant look is great to wear with beautiful hair clips and accessories to wear in spring, or experiment with for weddings in summer. It’s also a great method of styling your hair while you’re between washes.

Long Waterfall Braids

25. Box Braids

Braids and long hair make the perfect match. They keep your long hair away from your face, while shielding the hair from styling and heat damage while still looking fashionable. If you’re sick of braids that are standard french Why not try the cool box braid?

Long Box Braids 2

26. Undercut

A neat undercut is an excellent option to enhance your appearance without losing length. Hair can be cut undercut in the back or on the side, however we suggest only one side. This sexy, feminine style includes hair that is shaved on one side, with the remaining length being swept over the opposite way.

Long Hair Undercut

27. Fishtail Braids

A new twist on the standard braid The fishtail braid is beautiful and extremely simple. First, you must separate the hair in two equal sections. Choose a small section that is about a half inch in width from the outside, and then pull it back to join an inside part of the other section. Repeat the same procedure on the opposite side and work on completing your braid.

Long Fishtail Braid

28. Inverted Bob

If you’re blessed with long locks, doesn’t mean you should be left out of all the fun that comes with the inverted hairstyle. It’s a feminine style that works as well for shorter hair, as it does with long hair. The shorter part on behind your hair adds an air of natural movement and volume, while the longer front portion can provide more styling options.

Long Inverted Bob

29. Wispy Bangs

Wispy hair is a beautiful option to add to any haircut. They are natural and low-maintenance. They are able to be worn with any hair types and lengths. This includes fine and thin hair that can be difficult to style with other bangs. The way hair falls upon your face may soften the appearance of your features and can be extremely flattering.

Wispy Bangs

30. Long hair with bangs

Bangs are perfect for drawing attention to your face. They can be styled to suit your face form and texture. Bangs can also give an attractive appearance and are perfect for females of all age groups. Long hair is wonderful because it lets you display your hair’s texture, but also offers flexibility in styling. It is easy to wear the hair down or up.

Long Hair With Bangs

31. Curtain Bangs

A very sought-after fringe styles that has been popular in recent years is the curtain bangs. They are cut using an opening at the middle. It frames your face and make your face stand out. You can style them in a variety of lengths and thicknesses that best fit your preferences and match the shape of your face. They are generally flattering and are a wonderful complement to your hairstyle.

Curtain Bangs

32. Senegalese Twist

If you’re in search of an elegant and striking secure style, consider the Senegalese Twist. They are made by straight braids of hair. They look stunning and low-maintenance they can be styled a variety of styles, including smaller or huge hair strands. Senegalese twists are time-consuming to put in, but they last and last for eight to sixteen weeks.

Senegalese Twist

33. Passion Twist

Passion twists are among the newest braided hairstyles. They are adored for their stunning and wavy look. They were developed for the first time by Miami stylist Kailyn Rogers, who is known as The Boho Babe. They can be worn in different lengths and different thicknesses. They can also be a protection design that can give the wearer a break from styling with heat and assist in the growth of natural hair. Passion twists are great for the summer months because they’re water-proof.

Passion Twist

34. Gender Natural Haircut

The gender neutral hairstyle is attractive to those looking for an androgynous haircut. It’s distinguished by the fact that it has neither feminine nor masculine aspects to it, and is suitable for all. The most well-known haircuts include the curly bob or shag cut or a wolf cut and buzz cuts. These styles are easily modified to fit your style, and can be a fantastic method to express your uniqueness and break away from the stereotypes.

Gender Natural Haircut

35. Shag

The shag hairstyle was first popular in the 70s, and is still popular due to its versatility. The hair on top is made longer and more dense while the sides and the back are thinned out. It’s a thickly layers cut that is adjusted to fit all hair types and is ideal for allowing hair to move. For hair with thin hair it is also able to create an illusion of thickness, by removing bulk and weight from hair that is thick.


36. Bob

There are few hairstyles that are as timeless and universally attractive as the bob cut. It’s a timeless staple for women’s hair , and is a great option to highlight your face, since the haircut at the chin length can emphasize your face, particularly the cheekbones and eyes. This cut is altered to fit your hair’s texture and preferences, for example, the styling with bangs.


37. Long Bob

Long bobs, also known as a the lob haircut is longer than the normal cut, and offers more flexibility in haircuts. The length that is cut at the top or below shoulder height, can be styled in easy hairstyles such as the lower ponytail or bun. It can also be flattering for women of all ages , and can is customizable to fit your preferences and compliment your facial shape.

Long Bob

38. Wolf Haircut

The cut of the wolf is the perfect appearance for anyone who is looking for something contemporary and rebellious. It’s essentially a blend of the mullet as well as the shag, with an unstructured and deliberately unpolished appearance. The layers of heavy hair are made to allow the hair to move. It is able to be styled to match different hair textures. It can also be worn with bangs like curtains that frame the face and compliment your facial features.

Wolf Haircut

39. E-Girl Hairstyle

The hairstyle of the E-Girl is edgy and stylishly cool. It’s been popularized on social media sites like TikTok and has been influenced by a variety of subcultures to create a new hairstyle that is playful youthful and adorable. The beauty to Egirl hair is that there are only a few rules to follow that allow you to discover a way to express yourself through vivid and vibrant shades, intriguing coloring techniques, such as the split dye or money piece as well as with gorgeous hairstyles such as pigtails or space buns.

Egirl Hairstyle

40. Layered Haircut

Layered hair refers the method of cutting hair at different angles to create motion. The layers may be heavy or soft, based on the desired result you want and are compatible with all hair textures. For hair with thicker layers, they can help reduce any bulk or weight while for thin and thin hair, they can give the illusion of larger locks that are fuller and more dense.

Layered Haircut

41. Messy Bun

Hairstyles with buns can be among the most chic and elegant hairstyles you can attempt. It is suitable for hair of any texture and lengths. It is possible to style it to look sleek and polished for formal occasions or go for an informal look with messy hair. The loosely textured look is perfect for people who are looking for a soft and romantic hairstyle . The style that the hair falls on the face is incredibly pleasing. The style works best with naturally smooth hair.

Messy Bun

42. Space Buns

Space buns are a great look for young women and look adorable and young. The style features 2 buns, with one placed on each face they can be styled a variety of ways. It can be a half-up half down hairstyle , or loose bangs. Space buns are extremely adaptable and could be styled with different hair lengths and textures; the thicker and longer your hair and the thicker, the more voluminous the buns will appear.

Space Buns

43. Rubber Band Hairstyle

Your hairstyle says an entire lot about who you are. If you’re seeking a fun and youthful look for your hair take a look at the hairstyle with a rubber band. This style is made possible by the application of rubber bands that can be incorporated into the hair in many ways, like hair that has a crisscross design in the head. To create a unique look it is possible to create simple lines by cutting hair into neat rows.

Rubber Band Hairstyle

44. Crimp Hairstyle

Hair with a curly texture has with a distinctive Z-shaped design and can be great for creating waves. This style was very popular in the 1980s and focused on achieving volume, but today’s style is more subtle, providing beautiful waves in your hair, which are incredibly beautiful and flattering, and works to soften the sharp edges.

Crimp Hairstyle

45. A-Line Haircut

This haircut has become a favored haircut because it looks good on all facial forms. The cut is distinguished by its distinctive shape with hair that is longer in the front, and then gradually reducing towards the back. This is the ideal of both worlds: creating the illusion of length and you reap the benefits of a shorter cut. It’s also a great method of creating motion. The A-line can be cut in many different ways, however, the most well-known is the bob cut.

A Line Haircut

46. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a striking and symbolic hairstyle that is characterized by their rope-like look. This is a style that requires time and effort to develop, but it is able to be worn at different lengths and different thicknesses. There are various dreadlocks methods, such as semi-freeform and freeform that will define the structure or lack thereof the hairstyle. You can wear your dreads loose, or put them into fashion-forward hairstyles; the decision is yours.


47. Braided Ponytail

Hairstyles with ponytails are one the most simple and versatile styles. It can be styled in a low or high position and is great for all hair types. If you want to add a twist to the traditional ponytail, go the braided. This could be a simple three-strand braid, and an effective way to hold the hair in place or you can braid your style of protection, such as box braids or lemonade braids to create a ponytail that gives an elegant and stylish look.

Braided Ponytail

48. Sleek Ponytail

The chic ponytail is a beautiful style that is perfect for any occasion, even formal ones. The most important thing is to make sure your hair is well-maintained to create a sleek and elegant appearance. You don’t want to fly away in pieces. This style is ideal for straight hair, but it can be worn short or long.

Sleek Ponytail

49. Feed-In Braids

Feed-in braids are a great alternative because they cut down on installation time. The hair extensions are made and then seamlessly incorporated into the hair for an appearance that is natural. There are a variety of styles available and it is easy to pick a style that you like. They look gorgeous and do not have knots and are soft for the scalp. In-built braids can be appealing to women who don’t have time to sit for long hours waiting in salons.

Feed In Braids

50. Lemonade Braids

The Lemonade braids have seen an resurgence in popularity since the year 2016 after Beyonce has released her new album, and was sporting the look on the album cover. Beyonce is a chic and powerful person and it’s no surprise that this hairstyle has become among the top braided designs. It is made with cornrows, and is styled with thin braids , which are side-swept.

Lemonade Braids

50. Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are tribal hairstyle that is identified with the Fula people from West Africa. The hairstyle is distinguished with a cornrow centrally that runs across center of hair and cornrows that are placed on both sides of the head. The remainder part of hair can be arranged in thin, long braids that resemble box braids and is usually adorned with beads. The style is able to be modified to your liking by the accessories and shade of your hair.

Fulani Braids

51. Cornrow Braids

Cornrows are a style of protection created by braiding hair in close proximity to the scalp. The hair is separated and then arranged neatly in rows. This is done using an braiding underhand technique. The beauty of cornrows is their versatility. They are a base for a variety of braided styles, or worn as a stand-alone style to create a sleek and easy-to-maintenance style.

Cornrow Braids

52. Pop Smoke Braids

Pop Smoke braids are a stylish style of protection that was in the style that was worn by the rapper of late Pop Smoke. They are stitched with cornrows in braids, usually with four sections. The look is also distinguished by the middle section. The pop Smoke braids are worn by both genders and is a remarkably versatile hairstyle that can be made in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and shades.

Pop Smoke Braids

53. Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are easy and adorable hairstyles that are created with the technique of braiding underhand. The braids are raised making them stand out and wearable with a variety of accessories and shades. The simple nature of braids creates a style that can be easily adapted to a variety of hair textures. They is suitable for medium and long hair the best.

Dutch Braids

54. Bantu Braids

Bantu knots are a wonderful method to enhance the natural texture of your hair and are also a stylish style that can cut down on hair styling time. They are linked to Zulu tribes in South Africa and are created by separating hair then twisting it before making a knot design around the hair. It is also possible to style the hair with braided hair to make knots that are larger and more textured.

Bantu Braids

55. Tribal Braids

Tribal braid is broad term that covers a variety of different styles of braiding which have been influenced by particular tribes. The braids include Fulani braids as well as Ghana braids. The braiding pattern on hair may reveal much about the wearer and their the status of their relationship, accomplishments and social standing. Tribal braids can be an ideal way to honor your culture.

Tribal Braids

56. Yarn Braids

The braids made of yarn are made with yarn, not braiding hair. This is among the best ways to play with color , without causing harm to your hair’s natural. They can be dyed with striking, bright colors and create a stunning hairstyle. They look like ropes and are available in different lengths and thicknesses making it easy to modify to your personal style and style them in the way you’d like.

Yarn Braids

57. Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are basically long cornrows that are made by braiding underhand. It is a versatile and elegant hairstyle that is able to be worn in different lengths and be altered to your personal preferences in the way you style them and how they color. Dress them up or down and add accessories that let your personality shine.

Goddess Braids

58. Bubble Braids

One of the most simple and chic styles that can be made in hours is the super-bubbly braid. The style is created by attaching a few hair elastics on the length the ponytail. The style is cool and is suitable for any hair texture and from medium-long lengths. It’s a great method to control your curls and hold them in place, or to add volume to straight hair and give the appearance of texture.

Bubble Braids

59. Knotless Braids

Knotless braids can be tied without knots and are an ideal choice for women who want to lessen tension on their scalps. This is also a popular method for women who have thin or fine hair, and is likely to cause less damage. Knotless braids can be adjusted to your preferences with a range of thicknesses, lengths and styles to choose from.

Knotless Braids

60. Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are made with the use of the crochet installation method. This is a great option for hair that has been braided because the process is quick and simple. This is accomplished by attaching hair extensions to the hair using crochet hooks. Extensions are styled or curled and colored. They can be constructed from synthetic or real hair, based on the style you prefer.

Crochet Braids

61. Buzzcut

A buzz cut can be described as a shorter hairstyle, which is usually worn by men, however wearing it can be liberating and very fashionable for women too. The cut adds the appearance of soft features and enhance sharp features. It is an excellent choice for those who is looking for a low-maintenance, stylish style that is effortlessly cool. Before you go about getting a cut, think about your face’s shape and the shape of your scalp since any apparent imperfections are revealed with the cuts.


62. Perm

Perm hairstyles are an ideal method to alter the texture of your hair. There are a variety of perms to let you play with the style depending on whether you’d like curls that are coiled or soft, beachy waves. In contrast to the traditional perm, which was all about hair with a lot of volume, the flexibility of modern perms is what makes it appealing and is a fantastic alternative to regular style with heat.


Haircuts for Women FAQs

What’s the most popular cut for women?

The most well-known female haircuts are the pixie cut bangs, lobs and bobs shag, blunt and shag haircuts.

What will be the hairstyles for 2024?

The most popular hairstyles of 2024 are taking it into the 1970s to get inspiration. The contemporary shag and curtain bangs are two the most sought-after hairstyles for women. The shag is a sexy version of layers that provides an abundance of texture and movement. In addition, curtain bangs can be a fantastic method to preserve the length but frame your face by extending fringe.

What is the best haircut to keep?

The most easy haircut to keep to women are the lob and bob haircuts. They’re a good amount of length, which allows them to be versatile without the hassle of excessively long hair. They can be dried, washed and style your hair fairly effectively at this length too. Additionally, these styles only require semi-regular cuts in order to maintain the shape, which means you don’t need to visit the salon each week for six weeks.

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