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50 Mesmerizing Light Blue Hair Inspirations to Elevate Your Style

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There are numerous hair color options to pick from. This doesn’t only mean brown, blonde and red. Also, we are discussing the diverse rainbow shades. Think pink, purple and, of course blue. A perfect balance between pastel and dark blue, the light blue hair is among the most popular and unnatural hair shades to wear this season. A lot of people think that the light blue color is totally extravagant. However, many women find it fashionable. It’s not true, but you need to dig deep within yourself and determine whether or not you’re willing to go with an natural, yet stunningly fashionable shade to your hair. Hair is among the most simple things to alter within your body. Hair that is light blue comes in many shades that you must discover the perfect shade that is suitable for you. When you’ve chosen the right shade to complement your skin shade The following step is to decide the style you’d like. Do you prefer the ombre look , where your hair begins darker and becomes lighter? Or do you prefer the girl who shines? It is possible to create blue hair either by dying it or using the hair wig. You can always test the wig first to determine whether you like it. If you do, make sure to dye your hair. Before you make any decision, you’ll need to locate a hairstylist who can handle color. Let’s take a look at some of the most cool light blue hairstyles for women!

1. Stone Cold Light Blue Hair

Stone Cold Light Blue Hair - a woman wearing a black printed shirt

The stunning hue is described as a light stone-cold shade. This hair color of light blue is perfect for any of your skin type and makes you feel gorgeous. This hairstyle was kept around mid-length, and then added some waves.

2. Icy Ombre Balayage

Icy Light Blue Ombre Balayage - a woman wearing a eyeglasses and black facemask

The next is a gorgeous cool blue hue. In the image above, she kept the bottom of her hair in a natural dark shade and paired it with the blue money piece as well as accents of color everywhere and it’s stunning.

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3. Winter Hairstyle

Winter Light Blue Hair - a woman wearing a feathered coat jacket

Winter is a great time to experiment with this blue-ish hair shade. Here, she’s retained her hairstyle with a large wave that has been added. Try adding blonde pops to bring out your light blue shine.

4. Curly Bob

Icy Light Blue for Curly Bob - a woman wearing a purple facemask

Bob haircuts are among the most sought-after hairstyles for women. And this time she added trendy bangs. Here she is sporting an icy light blue style and wore spiral curls to create a trendy style.

5. Silver Hair

Silver Light Blue Hair - a woman wearing a black longsleeve

Silver-colored light blue hair has such an image. Here , she’s maintained it as light and long with just a few pops of purple sprinkled throughout. The hairstyle is easy with only a few loose curls and you’ll be in love with the way she looks.

6. Thin Hair

Icy Light Blue for Thin Hair - a woman wearing a gray jacket

The icy light blue hue is ideal for women with light hair, however you can also experiment for dark hair. You can keep it wavy or try straight hair, however you choose you’ll love your new style.

7. A Pop of Light Blue

Blonde Hair with Pop of Light Blue - a woman wearing a black facemask

Blue and orange hair is stunning when you find the perfect mix. The model has kept the majority of her hair in orange, with blue bangs, and a thick streak that runs along the sides. Keep it curly and wavy or straight however you want to style it, and you’ll appear stunning.

8. Stacked Bob Haircut

Light Blue Stacked Bob Haircut - a woman wearing a black shirt

The next one is an sassy and short style with a lovely light blue hue. The actress opted for an stacked bob style and kept her hair on the front a little longer. You can wear the light blue hue throughout the year and know you’ll always look great.

9. Mid-Length Hairstyle

Mid-Length Light Blue Hair - a woman wearing a eyeglasses

Mid-length hair is among the most sought-after cuts for females. In this style she chose stunning blue tones with subtle touches sprinkled throughout. Maintain it straight, and then add the fringe, and you’re done.

10. Highlights on Gray Hair

Light Blue Highlights on Gray Hair - a woman wearing a floral blouse

Light blue is available in many shades that you need to pick the one that is right to suit your needs. Here, she opted for grey and light blue style that looks stunning.

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