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50 Fashionable Angled Bob Hairstyle in 2024

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An angled bob style is distinguished by the shorter hair on the back and more hair on your face. The transition from long to short is gradual, giving the look of an angled. The best part is that this hairstyle is appropriate for any hair type. Whatever the type of hair you have, no matter how thin, smooth or straight the hair you have, a properly cut an angled bob can look stunning. We’ve gathered a few of the most popular styles in angled bobs to give you a head start when making your decision on whether the angled bob style is suitable for you. Be sure to consider your facial shape, your personality and life style when making a decision. The angled bobs are the most flexible of haircuts. It is possible to wear it straight or wavy, and style half-ups or updos. Here are the top haircuts for you. The angled bob styles for women are incredibly popular today and they’re not going to disappear anytime soon. The variety of styles of angled bobs that you’re bound to find one that matches your personality. One of the great things about this style is that they’re generally simple to maintain. There are a variety of angle bob styles that include highlights and balayage, waves, curls and of course, the elegant straight style. You can split this stunning hairstyle for women and middle or opt for the swept-over look it’s completely your choice. No matter what age you are, you can look stunning in the angled bob! Let’s look for the perfect hairstyle!

1. Angled Bob with Balayage

a woman wearing a black sleeveless shirt with angle bob haircut

Balayage can be a great way to enhance your angle bob cut. In the style above, she chose a trendy blonde and brown look, with loose curls as the final finish. The bob was angled longer in front and smaller in back, and it looks stunning.

2. Natural Black Angled Bob

a woman wearing a black shirt

Straight angled bobs work with all types of faces. In the image above, she’s maintained her hair in one solid shade and has created sharp angles. Split it in the opposite direction to maximize the impact of this gorgeous look.

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3. Slicked Angled Bob

a woman wearing a maroon sleeveless shirt

Another stylish method to wear your brand new haircut, which is an angle bob for women who prefer to keep the entire look in one shade. She chose dark brown tones and straightened her short hair, and wore a an upper and middle part.

4. Wispy Blonde Angled Bob

a woman wearing a white blouse with angle bob haircut

The next image are some more realistic illustration of how your new bob angle will look if you’ve got frizzy hair. In this photo, she has kept her blonde hair light cut at an acute angle, and then the hair was straightened just enough, and it looks stunning.

5. Angled Bob on Fine Hair

a woman wearing a black sleeveless shirt

Cute bobs are always fashionable. Here, she has opted for an extremely straight angle to her latest cut , and it’s so cool. To add more zing to your style you can opt for shaving your nape. It will make you look so cool.

6. Gorgeous Blonde Balayage

a woman wearing a gold necklace with angle bob haircut

Next up is a pretty and feminine short-angled bob hairstyle that is perfect for women. This stylist has created just the right amount of hair color, and also an appropriate amount of beautiful waves.

7. Neon Pink Hair with Dark Roots

a woman wearing a eyeglasses

Are you thinking of the addition of a new, vibrant shade of hair to the current style? Here she is sporting with a vibrant neon pink look and it’s stunning. For this look, you’ll have consult your hairdresser about whether you can keep one piece in the front longer . Also, maintain your natural hairstyle.

8. Inverted Black Cherry Bob

a woman wearing a black sleeveless shirt with angle bob hairut

Inverted bobs are gorgeous when you have spiral curls. In the image above, she cut her hair in the back, and left the front part long. The hair was also the dark burgundy shade that is the perfect color to wear for the fall season.

9. Flipped Angled Bob

a woman wearing a black shirt

There are many styles to dress your brand new hairstyle. In the above look she chose the style that is flipped in with the side part. This particular look is perfect for women with thin hair.

10. Long Pink Fine Hair

a woman wearing a black facemask with angle bob haircut

Long-angled bobs have such an edgy look. This stylist took her style to the next step by adding a vibrant bright pink shade. This is among the most gorgeous and longest hairstyles in this collection of hairstyles with angled hairstyles.

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