An angled bob style is distinguished by the shorter hair on the back and more hair on your face. The transition from long to short is gradual, giving the look of an angled. The best part is that this hairstyle is appropriate for any hair type. Whatever the type of hair you have, no matter how thin, smooth or straight the hair you have, a properly cut an angled bob can look stunning. We’ve gathered a few of the most popular styles in angled bobs to give you a head start when making your decision on whether the angled bob style is suitable for you. Be sure to consider your facial shape, your personality and life style when making a decision. The angled bobs are the most flexible of haircuts. It is possible to wear it straight or wavy, and style half-ups or updos. Here are the top haircuts for you. The angled bob styles for women are incredibly popular today and they’re not going to disappear anytime soon. The variety of styles of angled bobs that you’re bound to find one that matches your personality. One of the great things about this style is that they’re generally simple to maintain. There are a variety of angle bob styles that include highlights and balayage, waves, curls and of course, the elegant straight style. You can split this stunning hairstyle for women and middle or opt for the swept-over look it’s completely your choice. No matter what age you are, you can look stunning in the angled bob! Let’s look for the perfect hairstyle!

1. Angled Bob with Balayage

a woman wearing a black sleeveless shirt with angle bob haircut

Balayage can be a great way to enhance your angle bob cut. In the style above, she chose a trendy blonde and brown look, with loose curls as the final finish. The bob was angled longer in front and smaller in back, and it looks stunning.

2. Natural Black Angled Bob

a woman wearing a black shirt

Straight angled bobs work with all types of faces. In the image above, she’s maintained her hair in one solid shade and has created sharp angles. Split it in the opposite direction to maximize the impact of this gorgeous look.

3. Slicked Angled Bob

a woman wearing a maroon sleeveless shirt

Another stylish method to wear your brand new haircut, which is an angle bob for women who prefer to keep the entire look in one shade. She chose dark brown tones and straightened her short hair, and wore a an upper and middle part.

4. Wispy Blonde Angled Bob

a woman wearing a white blouse with angle bob haircut

The next image are some more realistic illustration of how your new bob angle will look if you’ve got frizzy hair. In this photo, she has kept her blonde hair light cut at an acute angle, and then the hair was straightened just enough, and it looks stunning.

5. Angled Bob on Fine Hair

a woman wearing a black sleeveless shirt

Cute bobs are always fashionable. Here, she has opted for an extremely straight angle to her latest cut , and it’s so cool. To add more zing to your style you can opt for shaving your nape. It will make you look so cool.

6. Gorgeous Blonde Balayage

a woman wearing a gold necklace with angle bob haircut

Next up is a pretty and feminine short-angled bob hairstyle that is perfect for women. This stylist has created just the right amount of hair color, and also an appropriate amount of beautiful waves.

7. Neon Pink Hair with Dark Roots

a woman wearing a eyeglasses

Are you thinking of the addition of a new, vibrant shade of hair to the current style? Here she is sporting with a vibrant neon pink look and it’s stunning. For this look, you’ll have consult your hairdresser about whether you can keep one piece in the front longer . Also, maintain your natural hairstyle.

8. Inverted Black Cherry Bob

a woman wearing a black sleeveless shirt with angle bob hairut

Inverted bobs are gorgeous when you have spiral curls. In the image above, she cut her hair in the back, and left the front part long. The hair was also the dark burgundy shade that is the perfect color to wear for the fall season.

9. Flipped Angled Bob

a woman wearing a black shirt

There are many styles to dress your brand new hairstyle. In the above look she chose the style that is flipped in with the side part. This particular look is perfect for women with thin hair.

10. Long Pink Fine Hair

a woman wearing a black facemask with angle bob haircut

Long-angled bobs have such an edgy look. This stylist took her style to the next step by adding a vibrant bright pink shade. This is among the most gorgeous and longest hairstyles in this collection of hairstyles with angled hairstyles.

11. Brunette Tone Bob

a woman wearing a stripe blouse

The next thing to do is an ideal hairstyle for women who have long hair. The model cut her hair to a shorter length at the back and a lot of layers that became longer at the front. Include some highlights of honey blonde with some curls and you’re done.

12. Teal Bob With Bangs

a woman wearing a surgical facemask

Here’s a hair color in teal for all the daring ladies who are out there. The hair color is also bright with pops from dark blue scattered throughout. Incorporate short hair at the front, and straighten it to get the most enjoyment of this stylish look.

13. Silver Blonde Bob

a woman wearing a gray shirt with angle bob haircut

Silver is among the most popular hair colors to women of 2023. In the image above, she’s embraced her silver hair , and included a few highlights of blonde too. For this look, keep your hair in a straight line, then frame your face with layers of face-framing in the front and you’re done.

14. Black Hair with highlights of blonde

a woman wearing a printed shirt

Hair with dark highlights This next hairstyle, a short angled bob, is perfect for you. To achieve this look it is recommended to prefer to keep your hair’s lengthiest layer around shoulder length , and then add some blonde highlights. Maintain it straight, or just throw some curls on and you’re done.

15. Medium-Length Bob with natural gray hair

a woman wearing a black shirt with angle bob haircut

Medium-length hairstyles are among the most sought-after styles for women, no matter their age. In the image above, she’s maintained her straight hair and dark. It is a gorgeous look.

16. Soft Wave Medium Golden Blonde

a woman wearing a black blouse with angel bob haircut

Soft waves are always the best in the search for a low-maintenance style. Here , she’s kept her hairstyle in style with loose waves, and a few highlights. You can wear this bob hairstyle straight to give a more sleek style if you wish to.

17. Beautiful Blonde Long hair, with Bangs

a woman wearing a white polo

One of the easiest ways to alter your style with little effort is to put on an entirely new set of bangs. Here , she has opted for long , blunt bangs and they look stunning with her curly hairstyle. The hairdresser is sporting an almond blonde shade too and it’s perfect.

18. Sophisticated Black Fine Hair

a woman wearing a necklace

Angled bobs can be either long or short. Here she chose a longer style that looks stunning. This is dark brown across with a central portion. To capture the overall feel of the photo, you can curl the ends little.

19. Gold Hair, with Curtain Bangs

a woman wearing a surgical facemask

The platinum blonde bobs are always a favorite with women. It’s not just a way to disguise the greys in your face, it also will leave you feeling sun-kissed, and gorgeous. Here she is placed her bob in a way that frames the face, and then added the most gorgeous side bangs.

20. Edgy Green Bob

a woman wearing a surgical facemask

Are you looking to add some style to your hair, but don’t know how to begin? This style is perfect for those with dark hair that want to add a little teal. The stylist kept it simple this time with her cut and it’s stunning.

21. Blonde Bob for Older Woman

a woman wearing a polka dots blouse

The most well-known hairstyles for older women is this angled blonde hairstyle. The hairstyle was stylish and easy with a great low angle, and a middle part. This easy-to-maintenance hairstyle can help you save time at the beginning of your day.

22. Choppy Layered Hair

a woman wearing a floral blouse with angle bob haircut

Choppy and angled bobs can help your face appear more slim and make you look stunning. In the picture above she cut her bob short with the choppy layers, and then added highlights of blonde to give the texture.

23. Milk tea Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a gray blouse

Ash-blonde is among the timeless and distinctive colors that looks stunning on all. In the picture above, she has an angled bob that has an elegant middle and a sharp cut that wraps around. Maintain it straight, or just add some waves and you’re ready.

24. Highlighted Lob

a woman wearing a blue shirt

Women with dark hair enjoy applying new highlights to give them a bit of the texture and make the hair pop little. In the photo above, she’s done this and has added the slightest angle to her hair and it looks stunning.

25. Center-Parted White Ash Balayage

a woman wearing a brown sleeveless shirt

One of the hardest things to do when you have an angled cut is deciding which part of your hair to split. In the image above she chose an upper part, and included a few side bangs. The hair was straight and it was a great idea.

26. Curly Highlighted Hair

a woman wearing a black cape with angle bob haircut

If you’re a curly person and realize how difficult it could get to locate the perfect hairstyle, but you are able to end your search right now as we’ve found the most gorgeous new look. This hairstyle was cut into a perfectly straight bob, with natural curls and highlights.

27. Messy Platinum White Hair

a woman wearing a knitted longsleeve

A messy hairstyle that you wear in the right manner can make a statement in fashion. This model kept her hair light blonde and incorporated loose waves. It is stunning. Try to keep your roots dark, if you are able to it helps to keep the natural look of your hair and also keep it healthy.

28. Extra Long Bob

a woman wearing a yellow blazer

Straight haired women are blessed. In this photo she’s kept her hairstyle simple, straight and dark. It has a great style.

29. Icy White Curly Hair

a woman wearing a black shirt

Do you want to try perm hairstyles? Here’s a stunning short hairstyle that is full of curls and a lot of volume. Try a silver hairstyle like she did in this photo or go with your natural hair shade, because regardless you’ll appear stunning.

30. Money Piece Bob

a woman wearing a denim sleeveless shirt

One of the most talked about hairstyles of the last couple of years has been that of the cash piece. This is a stunning auburn hair with a vibrant blonde money piece. Make beautiful curls like she did here or wear it straight to create a chic look.

31. Textured Wavy Hair

a woman wearing a black cape

Textured layers can restore your hair to life. In the picture above, she’s preserved her black simple, with just some layers, and then added curly curls that are even, and it is stunning.

32. Green Split Dyed Hair

a woman wearing a coat jacket

Hairstyles with split-dye are among the best ways to help you stand out from the crowd of dull hairstyles. She chose two distinct hues of green here, and separated them by a straight middle. Make sure you keep it straight like she did in this photo, and you’ll look stunning.

33. Natural Bright White Gray Hair

a woman inside a salon

The current fashions are allowing women to keep their natural grey hair as it’s trendy and stunning. In this particular look she opted for an bob cut with just the slightest edge and also added gorgeous curls. Make sure you add lots of hairspray to keep your hair looking fresh throughout the day.

34. Copper Brown Hair

a woman inside a salon

Another hair color that is popular for women to test is this dark copper-colored almond. It’s especially popular in the autumn months. For the complete effect of this style, keep your bob around shoulders length, and then add the occasional waves.

35. Teal green with Dark Roots

a woman wearing a stripe blouse

Colored bobs can be so much enjoyable to wear. In this look she was wearing the color of greenish-teal with black hints. What makes this style distinctive is the fact that she made the layer at the front longer and straight.

36. Stylish Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a white shirt

You can’t get away with this chic blonde straight bob. This is the perfect look for women who desire shorter hair but retain some length. You should also add waves from the beach, and you’re all set.

37. Texturized Balayage Hair

a woman wearing a black longsleeve

Balayage styles are enjoyable, and fashionable and leaves you feeling like you’re a brand-new girl. In this balayage bob look she kept the hair on top, natural as well as dark with blonde hair appearing at about half way through.

38. Warm Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a eyeglasses and black facemask

Another method of styling your hair for winter months is to go with this darker blonde hue. For this look, keep your hair parted to the side , and make loose waves.

39. Messy Mocha Hair

a woman wearing a blue blouse

Mocha hair is as beautiful as mocha coffee taste. For this stunning hue, you’re likely to need to begin with a dark base , then add some light brown highlights. It is possible to keep your angle bob shorter like she did here or go for a longer one. It’s totally your choice!

40. Smokey Short Bob

a woman wearing a purple facemask

Smokey hair coloring is a trendy method of coloring your hair. Here, she chose the smokey blonde shade which was stunning with her freshly cut bob. With this gorgeous bob, she kept it short in the back and then it gets longer towards the front . It appears stunning.

41. Messy Black Angled Hair

a woman wearing a eyeglasses

Here’s another messy and easy-to-maintenance style for females. The model preserved its natural, dark brown color , but gave it the most sharp angle. Don’t forget not to request your stylist about side bangs that will complete the stunning style.

42. Stacked Highlighted Hair

a woman with tattoo

It’s hard to imagine that we’d remove a stacked bob hairstyle off our list Did you? This is the perfect hairstyle to present when you go to your next hair appointment If you’re looking for the stacked bob look. Don’t forget to put the thick highlights too!

43. Sleek Black Hair

a woman wearing a printed sleeveless top

There are a myriad of options to wear your hair into the most elegant way. The hair she wore here was long, dark and straight, and it was stunning. You can add an in-between part and break out your straightener to make the most from the gorgeous hairstyles for women.

44. Extra Short Black Hair

a woman wearing a black turtle neck longsleeve

Do you need a shorter but elegant angle bob? It’s always worth giving this style a shot. Here is her longest layer of hair just below the cheek line, with large side bangs. it’s gorgeous.

45. Bright Straight Red Bob

a woman wearing a black shirt

The fiery red-angled bobs are among of the most effective methods to showcase your creativity. In this look the model kept her hair super angled, beginning at the back and slack in the front, and then picked a bright red shade to layer it to the overall look. You’ll surely receive many compliments when you wear this stunning style.

46. Fun Balayage Bob and Curls

a woman wearing a white shirt

Next up is a great hairstyle that is angled with some curls thrown to. To achieve this style you’ll be required to keep the bottom part of the hair darker, but include plenty of hefty blonde highlights. Add some curls scattered around and you’re ready.

47. Blonde Balayage Blunt Bob

a woman wearing a blue shirt

If you are looking for a natural look yet fresh, this style is for you. This stylist kept the angle simple and has perfected the blonde hue. Maintain it straight or curl it a bit and you’ll love your fresh, natural hairstyle for women.

48. Caramel Face-Framing Bob

a woman wearing a stripe shirt

Face-framing layers are among the most effective ways of thinning your face, especially if you have a more round face. For this kind of look it is best to try to get pin-straight hair that has an angled middle. Ask for a sharp, angled cut which is longer at the front.

49. Side-Parted Highlighted Bob

a woman wearing a blue sleeveless shirt

If you’re going to stick the traditional side-parted bob, this style was created specifically for you. She’s kept the majority the hair darker and has some blonde highlights. Make sure you keep the thickest layer just around her chin.

50. Salt and Pepper Bob

a woman wearing a gray shirt

Salt and peppered looks are some of the most effective ways to show off your greys. In the image above, she’s sporting her angle-bob across, with one long layer of hair in the front. It looks stunning.


Do not walk, do not run to your hairdresser and play around with these stunning hairstyles! Do you enjoy adding some color to your angle bob style or do you consider yourself a simple woman? Tell us about it in the comments section which was your top choice!


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