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50 Fashionable Angled Bob Hairstyle in 2024

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31. Textured Wavy Hair

a woman wearing a black cape

Textured layers can restore your hair to life. In the picture above, she’s preserved her black simple, with just some layers, and then added curly curls that are even, and it is stunning.

32. Green Split Dyed Hair

a woman wearing a coat jacket

Hairstyles with split-dye are among the best ways to help you stand out from the crowd of dull hairstyles. She chose two distinct hues of green here, and separated them by a straight middle. Make sure you keep it straight like she did in this photo, and you’ll look stunning.

33. Natural Bright White Gray Hair

a woman inside a salon

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The current fashions are allowing women to keep their natural grey hair as it’s trendy and stunning. In this particular look she opted for an bob cut with just the slightest edge and also added gorgeous curls. Make sure you add lots of hairspray to keep your hair looking fresh throughout the day.

34. Copper Brown Hair

a woman inside a salon

Another hair color that is popular for women to test is this dark copper-colored almond. It’s especially popular in the autumn months. For the complete effect of this style, keep your bob around shoulders length, and then add the occasional waves.

35. Teal green with Dark Roots

a woman wearing a stripe blouse

Colored bobs can be so much enjoyable to wear. In this look she was wearing the color of greenish-teal with black hints. What makes this style distinctive is the fact that she made the layer at the front longer and straight.

36. Stylish Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a white shirt

You can’t get away with this chic blonde straight bob. This is the perfect look for women who desire shorter hair but retain some length. You should also add waves from the beach, and you’re all set.

37. Texturized Balayage Hair

a woman wearing a black longsleeve

Balayage styles are enjoyable, and fashionable and leaves you feeling like you’re a brand-new girl. In this balayage bob look she kept the hair on top, natural as well as dark with blonde hair appearing at about half way through.

38. Warm Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a eyeglasses and black facemask

Another method of styling your hair for winter months is to go with this darker blonde hue. For this look, keep your hair parted to the side , and make loose waves.

39. Messy Mocha Hair

a woman wearing a blue blouse

Mocha hair is as beautiful as mocha coffee taste. For this stunning hue, you’re likely to need to begin with a dark base , then add some light brown highlights. It is possible to keep your angle bob shorter like she did here or go for a longer one. It’s totally your choice!

40. Smokey Short Bob

a woman wearing a purple facemask

Smokey hair coloring is a trendy method of coloring your hair. Here, she chose the smokey blonde shade which was stunning with her freshly cut bob. With this gorgeous bob, she kept it short in the back and then it gets longer towards the front . It appears stunning.

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