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50 Fashionable Angled Bob Hairstyle in 2024

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41. Messy Black Angled Hair

a woman wearing a eyeglasses

Here’s another messy and easy-to-maintenance style for females. The model preserved its natural, dark brown color , but gave it the most sharp angle. Don’t forget not to request your stylist about side bangs that will complete the stunning style.

42. Stacked Highlighted Hair

a woman with tattoo

It’s hard to imagine that we’d remove a stacked bob hairstyle off our list Did you? This is the perfect hairstyle to present when you go to your next hair appointment If you’re looking for the stacked bob look. Don’t forget to put the thick highlights too!

43. Sleek Black Hair

a woman wearing a printed sleeveless top

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There are a myriad of options to wear your hair into the most elegant way. The hair she wore here was long, dark and straight, and it was stunning. You can add an in-between part and break out your straightener to make the most from the gorgeous hairstyles for women.

44. Extra Short Black Hair

a woman wearing a black turtle neck longsleeve

Do you need a shorter but elegant angle bob? It’s always worth giving this style a shot. Here is her longest layer of hair just below the cheek line, with large side bangs. it’s gorgeous.

45. Bright Straight Red Bob

a woman wearing a black shirt

The fiery red-angled bobs are among of the most effective methods to showcase your creativity. In this look the model kept her hair super angled, beginning at the back and slack in the front, and then picked a bright red shade to layer it to the overall look. You’ll surely receive many compliments when you wear this stunning style.

46. Fun Balayage Bob and Curls

a woman wearing a white shirt

Next up is a great hairstyle that is angled with some curls thrown to. To achieve this style you’ll be required to keep the bottom part of the hair darker, but include plenty of hefty blonde highlights. Add some curls scattered around and you’re ready.

47. Blonde Balayage Blunt Bob

a woman wearing a blue shirt

If you are looking for a natural look yet fresh, this style is for you. This stylist kept the angle simple and has perfected the blonde hue. Maintain it straight or curl it a bit and you’ll love your fresh, natural hairstyle for women.

48. Caramel Face-Framing Bob

a woman wearing a stripe shirt

Face-framing layers are among the most effective ways of thinning your face, especially if you have a more round face. For this kind of look it is best to try to get pin-straight hair that has an angled middle. Ask for a sharp, angled cut which is longer at the front.

49. Side-Parted Highlighted Bob

a woman wearing a blue sleeveless shirt

If you’re going to stick the traditional side-parted bob, this style was created specifically for you. She’s kept the majority the hair darker and has some blonde highlights. Make sure you keep the thickest layer just around her chin.

50. Salt and Pepper Bob

a woman wearing a gray shirt

Salt and peppered looks are some of the most effective ways to show off your greys. In the image above, she’s sporting her angle-bob across, with one long layer of hair in the front. It looks stunning.


Do not walk, do not run to your hairdresser and play around with these stunning hairstyles! Do you enjoy adding some color to your angle bob style or do you consider yourself a simple woman? Tell us about it in the comments section which was your top choice!

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