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50 Stylish Short Blonde Hairstyle Ideas in 2024

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31. Short Hairstyle for Older Women

a woman wearing a green blouse

Short hairstyles that are suitable for women who are older are trendy since they prefer lighter colors to hide the gray spots. In this look, she has flawlessly colored her hair to a sandy blonde with a messy look. It’s possible to wear this look either with bangs or not.

32. Choppy Hair

a woman wearing a black sleeveless shirt

Choppy bobs are well-known because they can be used with thick or thin hair. In the image above, she’s cut her long, blonde hair with several choppy cuts on the front to frame her face. She has kept the remainder cut above the shoulders. It looks gorgeous.

33. Short and Warm Hairstyle

a woman wearing a yellow sleeveless shirt

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Short and warm blonde hairstyles are ideal for winter. In the picture above, she’s wearing a clean cut pixie with a light front. She also made the back long and dark. You can wear this messy style or go for a straight and sleek style.

34. Money Piece Blonde Highlights

a woman wearing a surgical facemask

Another way to sport an attractive, bright-colored money piece with some highlights thrown to. She has maintained her hair as long as loose with a touch of brown revealing. Then she added a lighter money-making piece on the front, and added the same highlights in all of her hair and it looks stunning.

35. Wispy Hairstyle

a woman wearing a black cape

If you’ve never experienced an elongated, wavy cut, you don’t know what you’re missing. They feel effortless and light. She kept her style straight and added a stunning blonde shade to complete the look.

36. Golden Hair

a woman wearing a rust shirt

Golden blonde is a different option to think about when the possibility of trying a shorter blonde hairstyle. To achieve the look shown like this one, you’ll need to begin with a short cut over the cheek line. After that, you can apply your golden blonde in the amount you’d like.

37. Classy Hair for Women

a woman wearing a polka dots blouse

This stylish blonde bob could be an elegant and easy-to-maintenance hairstyle for women. The model has added long side bangs , and then she has brushed her hair perfectly. Once you’ve styled it, you’ll be able to wear it easily for a couple of days.

38. Inverted Wavy Hairstyle

a woman wearing a black shirt

Another hairstyle that you can try is this reversed wave bob style. Here she’s cut her hair to a shorter length and then added the perfect amount of vibrant blonde. Inverted bobs are an inverted bob style that begins shorter at the back, but becomes longer in the front. they’re very fashionable.

39. Short Summer Hairstyles with Curls

a woman wearing a white shirt

Here’s a short curly, sweet, and sweet blonde hairstyle that you can try. This model has kept her hair at shoulder length , and then added tiny streaks of blonde however, she has kept her roots dark to give a natural look. She then added short curls at the bottom. It looks stunning.

40. Razored Cut for Women

a woman wearing a black cape

A cut that is razor-like for women can be a fantastic option to trim the hair that is thick. In the photo above, she’s sporting her hair in a variety of layers, and a broad side portion. This is among the most sought-after styles for stylish older women.

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