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Best Bob Hairstyles And Haircuts Ideas

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Popular today, bob hairstyles originated in France in the early part of the 20th century and never faded in the years since. The Polish hairdresser called Antoine de Paris is the originator we owe this fashion to. It’s amazing that, after more than 100 years, women are still having a wide variety of hairstyles. The reason is that they are truly versatile and no stylist would say otherwise. Anyone can put on an Bob. It’s just a matter of finding the style that is most likely to match her body. The length of the hair and the appearance or absence of bangs and layers can be a boon and boost your appearance. So, if you’ve never requested this powerful haircut before, we believe that it’s time to get it. To make the decision an easier one we’ve put together an online gallery of images of the most gorgeous variations of hairstyles. Let’s go!

Short Bob Hairstyles

One of the great things about bob cuts is the fact that there are many choices for short bob haircuts, including the short bob hairstyles with bangs that are extremely trendy at the moment. There are never a shortage of options for a fashionable haircut for your bob! Now let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of bob cuts and shorter hairstyles!

Short Bob Hairstyles Picture 1

Pros of Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles are low maintenance

Bob haircuts are low maintenance

Bob cuts are fantastic because they don’t require a lot of products, based on the style you pick. In addition, you don’t have to shampoo your hair as often. Dry shampoo is a great option and leave-in conditioner between washes. Also your hair is likely to dry out quicker. The majority of extremely short bob hairstyles are wash and go. If you’re seeking a simple hairstyle, a the short bob could be the right thing for you!

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Bob cuts are a fantastic method to increase volume in thin hair

Bob cuts are a great way to add volume to thin hair

If you’re blessed with fine or thin hair haircuts can give a lot of texture and volume your hair. Short hairstyles that stack are an excellent way to give more volume to thin hair!

Bob hairstyles are an excellent method to tone down the thicker hairstyles

Bob hairstyles are a great way to even out thicker tresses

If you’ve got thick hair and are finding it difficult to manage cutting it, a bob cut could be an excellent way to smooth the thickness of your locks! It will give new the life back to hair that is dull and stale. Also, there are many adorable and chic hairstyles that are short bob hairstyles for thick hair!

Bob cuts are very trendy

Bob cuts are extremely trendy

Bob hairstyles are trendy for over century, and they’re not going to go out of fashion anytime very soon! Famous celebs such as Pink as well as Miley Cyrus are proudly sporting very short and sexy pixie hairstyles this season!

Cuts of short bobs are extremely cool during the summer months.

Anyone who has longer locks will know that having long hair can be an issue during the summer. A haircut for your bob is a great option to keep your hair from feeling wet and dull due to the heat!

Short Bob Hairstyles Picture 2

Cons of Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles require frequent trims

If you are happy with your bob haircut and wish to keep that style for a long time it will require frequent visits to the salon. It is best to get your hair cut every 4 to 6 weeks. If you truly enjoy the look it’s definitely worthwhile.

Bob haircuts restrict your options in hairstyles

Based on the bob hairstyle you decide to go with depending on the style you choose, you might not be able to make your hair appear in the form of a ponytail or an updo. It will also restrict you in the case of wearing clips, ribbons and other accessories to your hair. If you do happen to have longer bobs or long lob, you can keep your hair with a cute half-up/half down hairstyle!

Bob cuts may take a long time get rid of

Short Bob Hairstyles Picture 3

The major drawback to cutting a bob short is that it takes more time to get bigger. This is especially the case when you have an asymmetrical or angled cut. You may need to trim it when you’re growing it out in order to prevent the hair from appearing rough. One of the great aspects of hair is the fact that it never will grow back, regardless of which style you pick!

If you’re not sure you aren’t sure, look over the next page of the gallery below of our short bob hairstyles pictures. They’re super cute and, as you can see, they are elegant and attractive and will work with all lengths of hair, ranging from short to medium lengths!

Long And Medium Length Bob Hairstyles

If you’re not sure if you want cutting your hair short, but you’re contemplating a chic bob cut, don’t worry. A bob cut does not necessarily suggest a super-short haircut. The long bob hairstyles, or lobs as they’re now known are trendy and extremely adaptable. In fact, if prefer to style your hair in a layered fashion they provide you with plenty of options in terms of hairstyle options. As we mentioned earlier that long-layered bob hairstyles are a great option to give texture, volume, and movement to your longer locks!

There’s no limit to the possibilities of bob hairstyles for women for women with medium length or longer hair. Also for those with longer hair you can experiment with exciting color techniques like beautiful shades of balayage!

In case we’ve not convinced your yet, take a look at this chic mid-length to longer bob! They’re stylish and will bring lots of life to your long locks!

Long and Medium Length Bob Hairstyles Picture 1

Long and Medium Length Bob Hairstyles Picture 2

Long and Medium Length Bob Hairstyles Picture 3

Below are a few of our most loved short to mid-length bob hairstyles!

Unruly Curls

Unruly Curls

If you’re naturally curly , wavy or curly hair an intermediate to long length haircut is a fantastic method to add volume to your locks. Longer curls usually shed some of their volume because they are weighed down because of the weight and volume of hair that is longer. A Layered bob cut is a excellent way to animate curly locks. A adorable, unruly bedhead look is extremely trendy and sexually attractive too!

Beachy Waves With Side Fringe

Beachy Waves With Side Fringe #wavybob #lobhairstyles #shoulderlengthhair

Another fantastic style for a lob cut is beach waves that have side-swept bangs. This style gives your hair a lively and flirty look. If you’re looking for a style that is both flirty and attractive it’s the cut for you. All you have to do is wash it off, spray with sea salt then comb your hair and head out. It will look like you’ve left the beach in this fresh haircut!

Shoulder Length Angled Bob Hairstyles

Shoulder Length Angled Bob Hairstyles #angeledbob #bobhaircuts

If you’re looking to get shorter but without doing any drastic changes an angled shoulder-length cut could be exactly the thing you’re looking for. Asymmetrical cuts are very popular these days, so a sharp cuts that are angled can make you feel as if you’re part of the crowd. It is possible to choose gentle angles or striking angles that are shorter in the back than in the front.

Long Length Angled Bob Hairstyles

Long Length Angled Bob Hairstyles #angeledlob #lobhairstylesAlso, if you’re not planning to remove your long locks You can choose the longer-angled bob. This will give you extra volume, but not too extreme. But it’s still fashionable and stylish! With a longer bob it is still possible to have your hair up!

Medium Bob Hairstyles

Medium Bob Hairstyles

Aren’t sure if you want to cut your hair short or leave them longer? A medium-length bob cut is the ideal solution for you! You are able to draw your hair back when you’d like to. A bob cut mid-length will add a style boost without sacrificing your length! Layers are an excellent method to increase the volume of your hair!

Straight Hair Bob Hairstyles

If you’re normally straight hair and a straight bob cut can transform your hair. A polished and sleek haircut for bobs is stylish and stylish. Layers of bob hair looks very appealing when worn with straight hair, since it creates a elegant look.

A long bob haircut are stylish as well. Fringe is making an enormous comeback and adds an element of fun and feminine style to your straight bob.

Need more proof! Take a look at these chic and sleek straight bobs! They’re sophisticated yet sexy!

Straight Hair Bob Hairstyles Picture 1

Straight Hair Bob Hairstyles Picture 2

Straight Hair Bob Hairstyles Picture 3

If you’re looking to style your straight bob cut with bangs, we’ll provide you with some tricks!

Apply leave-in conditioners to ensure your hair stays hydrated

Dry shampoos and leave-in conditioners are the best for girls. If you’re trying to maintain your sleek and straight style don’t wash your hair daily. Just use a dry shampoo, and remember to ensure that your hair is moisturized by applying an leave-in conditioner. Additionally, enjoy a pampering mask every each week in order to make your hair looking shiny and healthy.

Use a quality straightening cream

If you’re not keen to hassle and fuss using a flat iron, using a cream for straightening is the perfect solution to achieve the refined, polished appearance without using hot irons on your hair. Straightening creams are an excellent way to avoid frizz and flyaways. If you do not want to straighten or blow dry your hair, just apply some straightening cream and go. However, if you’re looking to achieve an elegant look, apply the cream for straightening on your slightly damp hair , and after that, blow-dry your hair and make use of your flat iron to achieve the desired look.

Use a texturizing product

A good product for texturizing is another option to freshen up your straight bob without needing to apply heat. Simply apply the right texturizing treatment to your hair, and let it dry naturally for a style that is a little messy and gorgeous. The sea salt spray can be among the top products to texturize your hair that you can apply!

Bob Haircut For Wavy And Curly Hair

If you’re blessed with natural curly hair or with wavy curls it is possible to have a bob cut that will make your hair look more attractive! Naturally curly hair is extremely stylish and looks stunning with virtually any haircut.

Are you still not convinced about curly hairstyles? Take a look at these fabulous styles for curly and wavy hairstyles. No matter if you’re blessed with loose or tight ringlets You can wear curly locks!

Bob Haircut for Curly Hair Picture 1

Bob Haircut for Curly Hair Picture 2

Bob Haircut for Curly Hair Picture 3

Below are a few of our most-loved bob hairstyles for curly and curly tresses!

  1. Curly Bob and Bangs

A curly bob with bangs can be quite flattering, regardless of whether you’re sporting long curly bangs that are thick or wispy fringe the curly bob that has bangs will be noticed everywhere you go!

Wavy Stacked Bob

Wavy Stacked Bob #wavybob #curlyhairstyles

A stacking bob is a fantastic option to add volume to curls. Stacked Bobs are in fashion and curly hair can take this fashionable style to the next step.

Wavy Bob Hairstyles that have Middle Part

Wavy Bob Hairstyles with Middle Part #wavyhairstyles #shoulderlengthhair

A middle part can be an excellent choice if you want a sophisticated professional style. The middle part of your hair shows that you’re serious however your curly locks reveal your feminine as well as feminine sides!

Wavy Bob Hairstyles that have Side Part

Wavy Bob Hairstyles with Side Part #wavybob #bobhaircuts

A straight part is business, an aside part shows that you’ve got an a little mischievous side. Side-swept fringe can be extremely sexy and fun, not to mention feminine and romantic!

Styling Tips for Curly Bob Haircuts

  1. Do not wash your hair every day. Wash your hair only at least once or twice each week. Use only shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for curly hair and free of Sulfates.
  2. Do not blow dry your hair if you can. Allow your hair to dry naturally when you have time. Do not dry your hair with a towel. Make use of a shirt for drying your hair and stop frizz. If you must dry your hair, use your fingers and diffuser. Don’t use a brush, or comb for your curls.
  3. Your hair should be in loose braids or a bun over your head. Sleep on silk or satin sheets.
  4. Apply a high-quality anti-frizz product for your hair.
  5. Do not brush or comb your hair that is dry or wet. Use your fingers to style your hair the hair as best you can. You can gently brush your hair, but do not twist or pull your hair.
  6. Sea salt spray can do wonders on locks naturally curly!

Kinky Bob Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Whatever the texture of your hair has, you are able to wear hairstyles with bobs. Black ladies have taken the classic bob cut to a whole new level. Halle Berry’s beautiful curly pixie is a perfect model for naturally curly bobs.

If you’re looking for curls bob hairstyles for black hair you’re at the right spot. We’ve got great suggestions and tricks to style your natural hair in fashionable bob hairstyles!

Kinky Bob Hairstyles for Natural Hair Picture 1

Kinky Bob Hairstyles for Natural Hair Picture 2

Kinky Bob Hairstyles for Natural Hair Picture 3

A-line bob

An A-line bob is timeless however, an a-line bob that has naturally curly hair more appealing. You can add some gorgeous highlights to show off those curly locks!

Curly Inverted Bob

Inverted bobs are shorter in the front and smaller on the reverse. It is possible to alter the length based on your own personal preferences. An inverted bob that has curly curls cascading down is extremely stylish and attractive.

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical bobs are the trend. If you cut one side shorter while leaving one side longer the curls are guaranteed to be noticed by everyone!

Layered Curly Bob

Layers can do a lot to your hair’s natural texture either straight or curly. Layers can provide tons of texture and volume to people who have natural curly hair!

Vintage Bob for Naturally Wavy Hair

A chin-length bob that has wave-like ends is classic and chic! If you’re looking for a look that is stylish and sexy and chic, this could be just the style you’re looking for!

Advantages for Bob Hairstyles for Natural Hair

  1. A bob cut could make your hair feel more light and more supple.
  2. Bob cuts can help your hair appear soft and shiny.
  3. A cuter style will make you look and appear years younger.
  4. A sleek and stylish haircut that is trendy can increase confidence in yourself!
  5. Bob haircuts are an excellent option to maintain your hair’s health.

More Ideas For Your Bob Hair Style

More Ideas For Your Bob Hair Style Picture 1

More Ideas For Your Bob Hair Style Picture 2

More Ideas For Your Bob Hair Style Picture 3

More Ideas For Your Bob Hair Style Picture 4

More Ideas For Your Bob Hair Style Picture 5

More Ideas For Your Bob Hair Style Picture 6

The, the bob hairstyles look great with various lengths of hair and shades. Find the perfect style for you and rush with your stylist!

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