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If you’re tired of the dull color of your hair and want to give your hair some glam brunette hair with highlights of red is precisely what you require. It is possible to create hues that really be noticed, or create an amazing ombre or even add a different shade, lighter blonde or even some purple tints. Red highlights and brown hair is the perfect combo for a striking, eye-catching appearance. No matter if your hair is natural brown, or you’re trying to dye it brown and red, there’s an ideal look in the images below. Reds and browns are available in all shades , and certain shades work best than others. From light browns to and dark, to reds with copper, auburn and burgundy, the colors are limitless! If you’re looking for the perfect combination of red and brown there are some lovely mahogany, chestnuts cherry and rosewood hues that create subtle dimension. Red highlights are a shade and style combination that is unstoppable. Although some women may consider the combination to be the fiery, hot shade that is layered over the base hair, there’s an array of red hair colors and ways to apply highlights to your hair, too. Like us women the color of red hair can vary. It could range from delicate strawberry to vibrant shades of burgundy. In this article, you’ll discover its diverse appearance from face to face. Hair highlights are the most well-known method to add some flair to your hair shade. There’s no need to worry, there’s a red color option for every person. Explore our gallery of inspo-red images to check them out!

Red Highlights on Brown Hair 3 Things You Must to Know

Red highlights can add some heft to your overall look, but it’s crucial to understand how to manage these highlights. The red color fades quickly and can be difficult to get rid of when you want to alter the color. Based on whether your hair was dyed, bleached, or dyed it at all you will need an experienced hairdresser and possibly several sessions to get the color you want to attain. Regarding treatment for your hair at home, the majority of experts suggest using shampoos without sulfate that are safe for color and suggest a new coat every 4-6 weeks. If you’re looking to get an edgier shade of red, you’ll need make use of more bleach. If you opt for dark and deep red hues, you need take care of the hair or it’ll become brassy in the future. It’s not recommended to attempt to do it yourself if you’re aware of the state of your hair and not an expert in tones and undertones of various shades. It’s better to leave the work to the professionals!

Can I Use Henna to Dye My Hair?

The hue you’ll get coloring your hair using henna is determined by the base color. It could range from a vibrant orange red to a darker red, similar to Burgundy. Although it’s a natural and healthy however, it’s also a powerful permanent hair dye which could be a challenge should you wish you to lighten your hair following it has been dyed. Certain brands add metal particles in their hair dye that can cause hair to smoke if you attempt to apply the chemical dye It’s best to be cautious and inform your hairdresser whether you’ve ever have used henna in your hair. The color will appear most vivid for the first 4 months to 6 weeks but afterwards, it will begin to fade with time. Indigo is another option. Henna that is ordinary henna mixed with pigments to create darker hue.

How Do I Choose a Shade That Suits Me Best?

As with all colors red is a multi-colored color with a variety of colors and hues. When you’ve got a neutral skin tone and you’re looking for a red shade, any shade will work well for you. If you’re suffering from an undertone that is cold to your skin cooler colors of red would be a good alternative, since warmer tones look better on skin with warm undertones. If you aren’t sure if you have a warmer or cooler undertone, consider wearing the silver and gold jewellery. If you find that gold complements you better than silver, then you have an undertone of warmth and if silver appears more appealing in your face than gold, then you have an unfavorable undertone.

History of Red Hairstyles

Just 2% of the people on the planet have red hair that is natural. Because it’s so rare it’s regarded as unique and attractive. Through time, it’s been linked to witches, vampires and even magic. Depending on where you are in the globe it was generally accepted. The world of Ancient Egypt and Greece, it was considered to be very well-known, and that is why they utilized the process of henna to make their hair red. Red is always an indication of a fiery temperament and a fiery personality.

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Red Highlights on Brown Hair: 30 Most Trendy Ideas to Try Out

1. Ruby Red Highlights

Ruby red highlights

As with the ruby gemstone this style of hair is bright and lively. This red shade is often utilized to brighten darker brown hair. It’s an ideal method to maintain a tone of summer sunsets that last just a little longer us, but still have the hint of brown for the autumn temperatures. Depending on the tone of your brown color, you’ll achieve the more or less vibrant hue of ruby red. Straight or curly the style can highlight the fierce sides of your character. The red highlights of Ruby are ideal for framing the face.

2. Copper Highlights on Brown Hair


Copper is considered to be natural-looking shades of red. These stunning warm tones are great for summer’s end and the start of autumn. The two warm tones create a more cohesive style with a touch of gold. It’s subtle and hot in the same breath. Bangs on the beach with side bangs will give it a nice twist.

3. Rich Aamber-Red Highlights

Rich amber-red highlights 1

Rich amber-red highlights 2

Although it is a warm hue and is a warm color, this combination provides a sense of peace and warmth. A perfect outfit for the colder weather. It’s very elegant and if you wrap your hair and wear it with a dark jeans and a dark shirt, it will change your whole look.

4. Cherry Red Highlights on Chocolate Brown Hair

Cherry Red Highlights on Chocolate Brown Hair 1

Cherry Red Highlights on Chocolate Brown Hair 2

Highlights of cherry red on chocolate brown hair can give the impression of a strong look, but it’s not hard to control. The style is more of a hairstyle with a contrast and both shades are intense and vibrant. It will lighten your face. Under natural lighting, red can appear like the top of the cake. This combination could be transformational for your appearance.

5. Deep Burgundy Highlights

Deep Burgundy Highlights 1

Deep Burgundy Highlights 2

Burgundy mixed with brown hair will add an elegant look to your hairstyle. It’s a sophisticated and powerful combination. In this style, burgundy will shine above the brown. A darker brown base is better with this nuances of highlights. Your stylist may need to apply a mix of premixed coloring and bleach. To prevent the color from fading or becoming the color to become brassy over time, you should use a color-safe (preferably Sulfate-free) shampoo. You should also visit your hairdresser at least every six weeks. Check out the suggested products at the bottom in this post.

6. Strawberry Peach Highlights

Strawberry Peach Highlights 1

Strawberry Peach Highlights 2

Strawberry Peach Highlights 3

It’s a unusual hairstyle with a fruity flavor that is becoming more sought-after. The strawberry peach highlights create a pastel appearance. This look will appear more cohesive when paired when paired with a lighter brown base. If you decide to incorporate these highlights into the darker brown base the more romantic hue in red is added onto the outside.

7. Mahogany Highlights

Mahogany Highlights 1

Mahogany Highlights 2

Mahogany is one of the frequently utilized shade of red. It’s a blend of red and brown hues. The natural warm tones are perfectly blended with the darker brown hue. This blend resembles dark chocolate blended and red wine. It’s an extremely rich combination to choose. The sun’s rays will reveal the warm tones in this hairstyle.

8. Cinnamon Toned Highlights

Cinnamon Toned Highlights 1

Cinnamon Toned Highlights 2

Alongside colder weather and warm sweaters one thing that can bring back the fall season are sweets with cinnamon flavors. The addition of cinnamon highlights to the natural brown color can add just the right amount of flavor to the hairstyle. The red color will sparkle when exposed to sunlight. It’s very elegant and fashionable hairstyle.

9. Magenta Highlights

Magenta Highlights 1

Magenta Highlights 2

Magenta Highlights 3

There’s something about the purple shade in this style that creates a more extravagant look. The cold-toned red with purple undertones is great to show off an optimistic personality. Balayage can be a great option for those who want to go for the most powerful results, and if you choose to use only highlights, you’ll have the most stunning splash of colour.

10. Merlot Highlights

Merlot Highlights

Merlot is a dark shade of red when paired with a dark brown bases it looks like a dark brown hairstyle that has little hints of red. This is a warm and inviting hairstyle that gives the same luxurious and passionate feel as the wine.

11. Vermilion or Vermilion highlights

Crimson or Vermilion highlights 1

Crimson or Vermilion highlights 2

Crimson or Vermilion highlights 3

This shade is ideal for mild and neutral skin undertones. It’s a favorite shade for fall. It’s a dark and rich red hue that is a little more purple. Curly hair loosely will enhance the hue and help it stand out more.

12. Maroon Highlights

Maroon Highlights 1

Maroon Highlights 2

Maroon is an edgy shade of crimson red. It is derived directly from the French word “Marron” which is a reference to chestnut. This is not by accident, as it is best paired with a dark brown chestnut base. It’s very unified and, according to some an appropriate hairstyle to choose.

13. Red Velvet Highlights

Red Velvet Highlights

In contrast to bright, delicious red velvet cakes the hairstyle is a glimmering ray of light in the dark. It’s a popular shade of dark red that is perfect with the dark brown base.

14. Auburn Highlights

Auburn Highlights 1

Auburn Highlights 2

Auburn is an attractive brownish hue with red tones. It’s associated with energy and energy, so it’s the perfect hairstyle to get your spirits for the upcoming autumn season. It provides a cozy and warm sensation.

15. Rosewood Balayage

Rosewood Balayage

The dark red hairstyle is becoming more popular in recent decades. It’s a natural-looking look and a brighter version of auburn-red highlights. The highlights are delicate, yet they will create an enormous change to your look.

16. Raspberry Red Tips

Raspberry Red Tips

Raspberry color is currently the most popular color of the moment. It is associated with energy, but it’s also a calming shade. Even if you just highlight one or two hair strands or opt for an balayage, you’ll have a modern and lively look.

17. Neon Red Balayage

Neon Red Balayage

A vibrant and strong hairstyle to pick. The most popular technique for balayage for this shade is to begin in dark brown black roots and gradually increase the red gradient, ending with pink tips. This creates a cross-over between several shades of various colors rather than one large bright red.

18. Peach Pink Hairstyle

Peach Pink Hairstyle

If you’re looking to introduce red tones into your hair gradually it is the right style for you. Beautiful romantic shades of red that begins with darker roots and appears like the look of a Balayage. The perfect color for a subtle change.

19. Short And Curly Hairstyle

Short And Curly Hairstyle 1

Short And Curly Hairstyle 2

If you don’t desire to wear long hair be aware that the look of red toned hair is amazing even on shorter hair. By adding copper-colored highlights to your curls such as this, you’ll get more sophisticated and professional style. It’s easier to manage than long hair, and easier to style when you wake up. It’s easy and fast and is ideal for formal occasions.

20. Long And Wavy Hairstyle

Long And Wavy Hairstyle 1

Long And Wavy Hairstyle 2

Sometime, long hair can be challenging and time-consuming to manage. You should avoid applying heat to the highlights of your red hair so the ideal option is to create loose beach waves. There are many ways you can achieve this look, no matter if you’re relaxing with braids in the night or curling a few hair highlights hair strands, it can completely change your look.

21. Luscious And Dreamy Long Red Hair

Luscious And Dreamy Long Red Hair

Many people think of their hair as long enough to be ankle-length. The hairstyle looks absolutely gorgeous and almost appears as if it was a scene from the pages of a fairytale. Curls could seem too heavy to be suitable for long hair, so hair with no definition and the red-colored shimmer in the sun are a more appealing for winning one’s heart.

22. Red And Pink Curls

Red And Pink Curls

The style is more gritty hairstyle that accentuates the contrast between dark brown roots and the red bright balayage, which finishes with a vibrant pink. The hairstyle is made more imposing when you add curls.

23. Short And Straight With Crimson Balayage Hairstyle

Short And Straight With Crimson Balayage Hairstyle

Who said you couldn’t combine two red shades in the form of a balance? Beginning by using a red that is darker, and ending with a vibrant crimson at the very end, this is a vibrant and enjoyable balayage. Since this hairstyle is very strong by itself it doesn’t require you to make any other changes to increase its power. Straight is the best option for this type of hairstyle.

24. Magenta Braids

Magenta Braids

Although magenta highlights may provide a stunning spark to a hairstyle but it’s still a cold toned color. When paired with some intriguing braids hairstyles can appear more lively. It’s also a great hairstyle for a formal event.

25. Straight Burgundy Balayage

Straight Burgundy Balayage

The perfect hairstyle for Valentine’s Day dinner, since it evokes chocolate and wine. It not only gives an amazing feeling, but it also is stylish and elegant in the same way.

26. Curly Burgundy Balayage

Curly Burgundy Balayage

This hairstyle is identical to the last one. It’s a fantastic illustration of how the same colored hair can appear very different when paired with curls or straight. Curls make highlights appear more vibrant and create a extremely passionate hairstyle.

27. Curled Fiery Highlights

Curled Fiery Highlights

The copper highlights symbolize the fire of this hairstyle. It’s a bright and outgoing color which doesn’t require much else. Simple curls can create a bouncy look and make it more thrilling.

28. Long Mahogany Braided Hairstyle

Long Mahogany Braided Hairstyle

The perfect wedding hairstyle. A beautiful loose braided style that lets the mahogany highlights shine in the sunshine. It’s ideal for special events and gala-style evenings. This is what you’d imagine the princess wears to a formal event.

29. Red Braids

Red Braids 1

Red Braids 2

Braids are an excellent choice for quick hairstyle changes. In this instance they will let your highlights shine and shine more. It’s a great and easy method to change up your hairstyle.

30. Messy Ginger Hairstyle With Bangs

Messy Ginger Hairstyle With Bangs

Bangs are in all the time. There’s likely to be no one living in this world who’s not had bangs at some point throughout their life or at the very least considered cutting them off. Bangs can transform the look of your entire face and show off your hair’s redness more than if you don’t have bangs. When paired with curls hairstyles, it looks attractive and lively.

How to Take Care of Your Red Color?

  • Make sure to use alcohol-free shampoos and sulfate-free shampoos. Alcohol can dry your hair, and because bleach has been applied to your hair, you shouldn’t be causing to do any further harm. Sulfates typically strip greater amounts of oil than they ought to and leave your hair dryer than you’d like.
  • Do not wash your hair too often. Each every time you clean your hair you take off the layer of dye. The red color contains large dye molecules, which are more difficult to hold in hair, and frequent washing can accelerate the process of discoloration. It is also possible to use a conditioner for cleaning that is usually gentler, and helps moisturize hair.
  • Do not use heat treatments. The heat can dry your hair out and causes the color redder. If you get caught using the heat, be sure to apply a thermal protector to your hair! It could also be used to increase the temperature of your water. Make an effort to rinse out your shampoo or conditioner using colder water.
  • Similar to the sun. If you’re heading out to the ocean put on a hat and keep yourself safe from UV. It’ll keep burns on your shoulder and will keep your head and freshly colored hair protected! Some shampoos offer UV protection.
  • Apply the hair mask at least every week. Hair masks can nourish your hair and hydrate it. It is possible to ask your hairdresser for recommendations on the best brand for you to use, or try your own DIY hair mask. Honey is an excellent ingredient for homemade masksbecause it’s a humectant and helps keep your hair hydrated you can mix it in with the pumpkin purée and yogurt.
  • Apply a conditioner each time following washing hair. You can also apply at-home glazing treatments or use salons every four weeks. It adds shine on your colour.
  • Be aware of the chlorine. Chlorine can bleach your hair. So if going to be swimming, put on caps for hair or avoid putting your head into the water. It is possible to wash off chlorine with an clarifying shampoo, but it’ll cause your hair to fade in color. Saltwater also speeds up the process of dying.
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