10 Easy Pixie Haircut Styles & Color Ideas

If you like the modern style, there’s nothing better than picking an easy pixie cut that has modern twist! These are the most recent styles of pixie cuts that are favored by fashionable young women who set trends and stay one step ahead of the curve. Napes with details are a hot trend, and square-shaped side peaks are gradually entering the mainstream of fashion too. This year’s hair color trends can be seen in a soft rose quartz blonde that was recently included in the classic selection of silver, ash as well as beige blondes. The red/orange hairstyle is still popular natural curly black hair is stunning in this gallery of pixie hair easy ideas!

Pretty rose quartz makes the latest blonde shade. Easy pixie haircut ideas

Trendiest Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends

Presenting the latest and most fashionable modern shade of rose quartz This is a bold haircut that has a feminine flair! The hair’s back has a beautiful contoured design that is in line with the natural hairline and contrasts sharp lines that run across the top. There is a further striking distinction between darker blonde hair and a delicate blush of rose quartz. There are subtle hints of copper balayage that adds richness to the gorgeous long coats that are textured. The straight cuts is definitely a new design for the season ahead!

A silvery ash-blonde pixie that has a V-n Simple pixie haircuts ideas

Trendiest Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends

All the pixie styles that are new for the season include adorable details on the hair’s back including a gorgeous V-shape or pointy shape. Hair with a thick to medium texture is a perfect match for this long layered hairstyle that is asymmetrical in silver and ash blonde. This style is suitable for a shorter hairstyle for women who are over 50, and is a fashionable hairstyle for trendy young women! The hairstyle is straight however you can see the natural curl is styled to create an interesting texture and motion. The model’s light skin is colored with a reddish hue and the colorist has added a pink toner over it.

A curly, snazzy pixie with black hair. Easy Pixie haircut ideas

Trendiest Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends

Hair with curly black curls is an attractive and lively hairstyle that looks stunning with a stylish pixie cut! The asymmetrical pixie is an attractive rounded shape in the front and adorable double dots on the side of her head. Face’s front highlights the oval shape of the face and the additional height above will add length to the forehead’s low. The contour shifts from a slight contoured side portion to an elegant design that is hidden in the back of your ears that reveals a stunning face shape. Beautifully rounded curls give the perfect feminine style for the most modern of misses!

Beige-blonde Pixie with sides and buzzed back easy hairstyles for pixies

Trendiest Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends

This is a basic hairstyle idea for fine hair, with the latest type of hair waves that give an edgy look. The simple short skirt at the sides and back includes the thin line of shaved edges on the top of the head as well as an angled side section. The light color of beige-blond appears natural and makes a beautiful contrast against the lighter chestnut roots below. Instead of long hair, this is another of the most recent hairstyles that have a bare forehead. The pixie cuts are subtle and create an elongated wave with an attractive profile. the top waves feature an icy kink that gives them an exciting twist!

Asymmetrical pixies that are classic in an exciting neutral blonde

Trendiest Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends

The pixie hairstyle is long with bangs that are swept away due to a long side parting and is therefore one of the most classic cut pixies that works with all types of faces. Straight pixies with a higher height on the crown are particularly suitable with rounder faces. When you’ve got a broad face with a wide forehead, diagonally long bangs “cut away” the forehead, and cut off the long symmetrical look. If you have the heart shape they will conceal the large forehead and minimize the size of your chin but still focusing on the center of your face. For a better idea of whether you’re wearing the correct modern shade, consider this fashionable beige-colored neutral blonde!

The chic platinum blonde all-over pixie cut with texture

Trendiest Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends

Wearing a stylish white collar with a black dress The charming pixie haircut is a classic 1960s style look. The well-groomed hairstyle is a favorite among fashionable women in the fashion industry due to its stylish and attractive. Layered pixies create cute soft volume in fine hair and allows for easy styling. And a pure platinum blonde gives a more soft and more feminine appearance than blondes with darker, darker cores.

View from the front of blonde style with a flipped-up fringe

Trendiest Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends

What’s more simple in styling than this simple and layered pixie cut? It’s such a versatile style that it can be worn with any fashion look, as well. This pixie cut demonstrates the latest, low-key quiff cut to create a gorgeous curve around a naked forehead. It’s a fantastic option to disguise an unflattering forehead by hiding the corners and creating a unique curving ‘hairline’. The sides are cut to wrap around the face with flat layers that end just below the cheekbones. The result is an attractive, pale blonde short cut that focuses on the middle of your forehead as well as the the eyes. This is a fantastic hairstyle for oval and heart-shapedand more mature women!

Long brunette pixie cut with a flipped-up back detail and antique-gold balayage

Trendiest Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends

Here’s a new and stylish long pixie style, that’s got plenty of texture, which adds volume for medium or fine hair. Hair is layered with feathery tips, which are then flipped out at the back with the most stylish, and fun aspect. The short layers of fine hair at the sides are arranged with beautiful curves on the surface, creating the illusion of more dense hair. Long, on the side hairstyle has stunning, golden-blonde balayage which gives texture and creates a beautiful frame to the face.

Red pixie hairstyle with a balayage of orange

Trendiest Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends

Alongside the myriad of new blonde hues in the coming year, we’re seeing also a positive and awaited trend of orange-red hair shades! Blondes’ hairstyles usually dominate in the fashion magazines as a result, and red-head, auburn, and light copper haired ladies can be unnoticed. However, this year has seen a trend for every shade of orange, with a particular focus on the new and intense colors that have been developed by hair color brands. Instead of using black mixed into the darker orange hues The latest shades are high-pigment colors which mimic natural auburn in a perfect way! This well-cut, rich auburn pixie features Balayage on top of the pixie, which highlights the motion and texture of medium-thick hair.

The ultra-modern silver-pixie hairstyle

Trendiest Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends

This high-impact pixie gives an amazing new twist to the fake-hawk! This is a look that can be achieved with medium or fine hair, as it doesn’t rely on volume to make the look. The sides and back are cut just above the hairline and are trimmed with natural dark blonde hair. The layers longer in length are cut with faux-hawks from upwards to the top of your nape. They are incredibly stylish in silvery white blonde. Hairstyled upwards from the crown hairdresser has created a stunning layers of texture and curves that soften this gorgeous simple pixie cut!


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