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13 Radiant Blonde Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

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Try medium blonde hairstyles with Different Highlights It’s not necessary to be restricted to just one shade. There are numerous shades of blonde available on the globe that it’s not enough to explore every one. However, you can manipulate fate by trying different blonde hues as highlights. Many blonde shades look stunning when paired. The classic highlight blend consists of two shades. Today, women prefer three, four or even 5 shades!

medium blonde hairstyles with different highlights

Beautiful Medium Length Blonde Hairstyles

If you’re a medium-length hair and are considering blonde hairstyles, you could quickly get lost in the options. Every woman wants to wear an attractive blonde hairstyle at the very minimum once in her life. Celebrities alter their hairstyles to medium daily. So how do you select the perfect one for yourself? We’ve gathered the top alternatives to make the decision easier. Take a look at how diverse and amazing appearing these hairstyles appear and you’ll be able to discover something that is suitable for you. It is also possible to use an assortment of them to create an original hairstyle.

1. Blunt Bob with side-swept bangs


This simple bob with side-swept bangs could be described as the standard of medium hairstyles. It is possible to create this look regardless of how old are or which shade of blonde you like. This hairstyle is ideal for hair with thin hair.

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2. Blond highlights in yellow


Make sure you complement your blonde hairstyle with highlights of yellow. If you’re after shades of dark blonde or ash the yellowish highlights will add some shine. The ends may be sharp or unsymmetrical.

3. Bleached blonde


As lighter and blonde your hair’s color is the prettier it appears. If you’re naturally dark hair, you’ll have to bleach it thoroughly to get lighter shades. When you’re done, you’ll look stunning.

4. Honey blonde ombre


If you’re blessed with medium length hair, make use of this hairstyle that ombres. In addition to dyeing the bottom portion in your honey blonde ombre hair, you can style your hair to emphasize the colour changing layers.

5. Long side swept bangs


Long, side-swept bangs make a great way to hide wrinkles on your forehead while also making you appear younger. You can experiment with different shades of blonde. You can also make the hair lighter or darker as the rest of your hair.

6. Rounded bob


This hairstyle for blondes is an ideal option for women with thin hair and big faces. It’s important to keep the hair color on a daily routine, however it’s worth it. You can alter this hairstyle into an a-line bob should you desire.

7. Long golden bangs


Golden blonde hues look gorgeous on medium-length hair, when it’s styled in the correct way. You can think about creating long bangs that fall on the faces in a reckless fashion. You can use an angled part on the side.

8. Malibu blonde


If you’re a hair-loss sufferer and thin hair, a lightly curly medium length mane is what you require. Think about applying a darker shade of Malibu blonde so that you don’t have to do frequent touches. It is also possible to create long bangs.

9. Windblown bob


The beautiful blonde hairstyle can be created by layering. They are laid out in a casual way. They can be arranged in any direction you want to create a windswept style. Make use of the lighter shade of blonde to create this picture.

10. Ombre mix


Ombre is a reliable method to make your medium-length hair shine. Begin by putting your natural locks over the top, and then think about the creation of three or four layers of blonde. It is important to ensure that the color is gradually getting lighter.

11. A-line bob


The A-line bob is an excellent hairstyle that is suitable for girls of all different ages. Make sure not to pile it up too much on the back to avoid an overly extravagant appearance. You could dye the entire bob one color, or apply the ombre technique.

12. Make sure you keep it for longer


If your teenager’s medium-length hairstyle appears to look amazing, then you might want to look into making your hair longer. Take a look at how it appears when it’s on your chest. If it looks duller, consider getting haircut.

13. Blonde Shoulder-Length Cut

13 Radiant Blonde Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

A blonde shoulder-length cut offers a versatile and timeless style, perfect for any occasion. Its flattering length frames the face beautifully and adds a touch of effortless elegance.

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