The thick hair could be the ultimate dream of some women, however, those who are blessed with it know about the hassle that thick hairs can create. They’re always difficult to control because they tend to pop out in all the wrong spots and can become quite disruptive at the wrong time. Understanding how to manage short , thick hair is a skill. One of the most efficient methods to achieve this is to pick a shorter haircut.The longer the hair is, the simpler it will be to manage. This is the reason why short haircuts for thick hair are more popular than hairstyles for longer hair. Thin hair might be something you feel proud in, but as time passes, women want them to be less bothersome. The right hairstyle for short hair with thick hair is simple. All you have to do is review some possibilities. Be aware that the correct length isn’t the only thing that makes having a smooth haircut. The proper styling is crucial too. You can pick the hairstyle with thick, short hair that will allow you to save time each morning while looking amazing. Do it!

Gorgeous Hairstyles for Women who have thick hair

The lucky owners of hair that is thick frequently wish they weren’t as fortunate. Hair that is neat and neat is essential for an elegant appearance. People with thick hair can be able to find many different hairstyles they can experiment with. The most well-known short cut for hair with thick hair is an hairstyle that is stacked. The layers that are stacked make hair to appear bulkier and gives the appearance of volume and shape. We’ve put together a handy list of haircuts that are short for women who have thick hair. Explore these intriguing options to get a better understanding of what you would like to make of your hair. After you have selected some of the most appropriate short hairstyles that are thick and thin You can consult the stylist for tips.

1. Bangs and a short bob

28 Short Hairstyles for Women With Thick Hair

Like we said, hair bobs are ideal for ladies who have thick hair. The bob’s most distinctive feature is its bangs. Bangs that are thick look stunning and can be worn by everyone. Cut your bangs until they’re slightly wispy, then side sweep them for the most beautiful appearance.

2. Asymmetrical bob

short haircuts for thick hair

This hairstyle for long locks is perfect for its symmetry. The regular bob is revitalized by frontal strands that are only on one side. They also appear great with this cut. You can select any size you like. A slender bang will help your hair appear lighter. Look for the most asymmetrical haircuts, along with styles.

3. High bob

short hairstyles for women with thick hair 3-min

This is a great haircut for girls who have thick, straight hair. It’s simple to manage and appears gorgeous for all facial types. Be sure to stay clear of this style in case your face is oval. The top volume could make your face appear more extended.

4. Rounded bob

short hairstyles for thick hair

This hairstyle is perfect for hair with thick layers, as it provides lots of volume, and creates an elegant appearance. The hairstyle requires regular maintenance in order to make the frontal hair strands encircle the face. It is a great option for women with square-face types.

5. Eye covering bangs

short hairstyles for women with thick hair 5-min

Hairy women should be extra attentive on their hair’s bangs. They can give any hairstyle an extra zing that is difficult to ignore. The thick eye-covering bangs give an attractive appearance that is sure to keep head turning.

6. Angled bob

short hairstyles for women with thick hair 6-min

These angled bobs are fashionable and are an ideal hairstyle for women with long hair. The bobs will not require any maintenance since the heavy locks will stay in their place. It is only necessary to brush them regularly.

7. Blunt cut

hairstyles for thick hair

Heavy hair is great for cutting bluntly. If you’re opting for a long bob you can choose blunt ends with no worries. Consider this long blunt style, with side-swept bangs. You’ll surely like it!

8. Graduated bob

short thick hair for women

Hairstyles that are graduated are perfect for hair that lacks volume. Heavy and thick hair looks great in a bob that is graduated. You can select the length you prefer however for those who don’t need much maintenance, consider shorter hairstyles.

9. Very small


Check out this amazing hairstyle that can help you not worry about the styling. Hairy women can effortlessly opt for shorter hairstyles and not be afraid to appear as if they’re balding. Try it!

10. A chic Pixie

short hairstyles for women with thick hair

Pixies with a stylish design are a fantastic alternative for women who have thick hair. This hairstyle can make any woman’s look unique and doesn’t need much care. Try varying the length of the hair to change from a professional to a feminine look.

11. Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob hairstyle for women

The chin length bob is a sharp cut style. It’s a fantastic choice for those with strong facial features. It looks stunning in monochrome. You can lightly twirl on the outer layer to remove some of the harshness out.

12. Swept-Over Style with dark underlayers

Swept-Over Style short hair for thick hair

This stylish style is stylish as it is simple to achieve. If you’re struggling with dirty blonde hair, add some bright and vivid highlights into the top that make up your hair. When you parted your hair in a side take your hair and sweep it all the way to the opposite side. The dirty blonde layers add some real elegance to the look.

13. Bob along with his Side Parting


This adorable bob is a fantastic option if you’re looking for an easy, straightforward hairstyle that is simple to keep. Pick which side to divide your hair based on the proportions of your face. Keep your hair appearing sleek and straight by sweeping it over with heated straighteners.

14. Punky Spikes

Punky Spikes short hair for women

A spiky, punky look lets you display your uniqueness. Request your stylist to split your hair up into many loose layers and some longer pieces that make your eyes appear more framed. Holding gel can be used to twirl parts of your hair to create cool spikes.

15. Stylish Crop


A crop is great for women with slim facial features, but it can appear intimidating if you have thicker hair. Reduce your hair’s volume by cutting some layers. This style can be worn in the office and then switch the look for a grand night-out.

16. Punky Crop


Punky crop tops have been touted as a great short fashion for women over the past couple of decades. To really create a storm with this look you must cut a lot of shorter choppy layers close towards your head. You can run a small amount of gel throughout your hair before pulling each one up to form an elongated spike.

17. Layered Rounded Crop

Layered Rounded Crop nice short haircut

This kind of look can assist your face appear more rounded in case you have a slim face. In addition to helping create a rounded bob it can assist in softening the sharp angles on your face. Longer hairstyles implies that people are more likely to stare straight at your lips.

18. Short and Curly


This beautiful style is great when you have naturally long as well as curly hair. All you have to do is step from the bathroom and then let your hair air dry naturally. A specially designed conditioning shampoo for curls will maintain your hair looking cute.

19. The Sloping Bob, with light curls.

short light curly haircuts for women

Sloping bobs are an incredibly fashionable look that can be seen on a lot of famous women. You can give this fashionable look an elegant look by putting it on with some light curls. All you have do is tie a couple of curls around your fingers and then spray them lightly with hairspray.

20. Shaggy Bob


A bob with a shaggy cut is the definition of casual cool . It’s an ideal style if you do not want to appear as if you’ve put too much effort into your chic hairstyle. Layer your hair to create the look of a loose curl. You can squeez your hair with your fingers while drying it out to give it extra shagginess.

21. Long Crop

Long Crop hairstyle for women

A long crop look incredible when you have hair that is thick. Sometimes the thickness of your hair can become overwhelming if you opt for shorter cuts, but it’s length style will help you keep things in check. This is the ideal look for an executive woman with shorter hair.

22. Face-Framing Layers


Layering your face with layers is an excellent way to emphasize what you look like. On the front the edge should be cut to your chin length. The cut should gradually become longer as you move towards the back. If you’d like to give your cut some extra zing, make use of your straightening irons and combs to wiggle your hair into a curving beneath your chin.

23. Bob with Flick Out. Flick Out

bob haircut for women

However If you’d like to look a bit odd, you could fling your hair away from you instead. The only thing you need to do is apply the straightening irons you have to move off your hair from your face.

24. Wavy Bob


Wavy bobs are trendy right now, however, they’re actually quite simple to create. If you’re dry your hair add a diffuser to your dryer. This will allow you to give your hair a beautiful light kink. The curling product is smashed through your hair, keeping your hair looking flawless throughout the day.

25. One-Sided Style

 One-Sided Style for women

One-sided hairstyles are an excellent option for women who is looking to make heads turn. You can pick which side for your hair to be according to the features you wish to showcase. This allows you to highlight your strengths and conceal your flaws.

26. Wavy bob

wavy bob short haircuts for thick hair

This hairstyle with a wavy look will be a hit with women with thick and wavy hair. The trick lies with the layering. You shouldn’t allow your loose locks to cause an unruly look. Be sure to keep your hairstyle tidy by putting on a small amount of hair gel.

27. Pixies with textures that are symmetrical

short haircuts for thick hair of women 2-min

This stunning textured hairstyle is great for thick hair as it strips the volume and adds a bit of chaos. Asymmetry gives this hairstyle lots of class. It is not necessary to style every day here, only a quick brushing can be enough.

28. Wispy bangs

short haircuts for thick hair of women 3-min

Wispy bangs can be difficult to attain for women with thick hair, but when they’re completed, the results are incredible. Wispy fringes are easy to manage and won’t get in your eyes. You can add some asymmetry to create an attractive look.


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