20 Blonde Balayage Ideas Trending in 2022

Balyage that is blonde is a fantastic method to brighten and brighten your appearance without going through a total hair change. In addition to looking fantastic on all lengths it’s also a great alternative for any hair type and texture. One of the most appealing aspects about blonde balayage is the fact that it’s very low-maintenance it can be in comparison to bleached completely or highlights that are fabricated with foil. Because balayage highlights start just a few inches from the root so you don’t require numerous touch-ups to keep your look attractive and fresh. After you’ve learned about blonde balayage and the factors that make this kind of modern highlight so unique, let’s examine some stunning examples that will inspire you to create your own shade.

1. Chocolate Brown to Champagne Blonde Balayage

We’re hugely enthused about dark chocolate with blonde Balayage. The color is a great way to add depth and dimension to the overall look! Here’s an amazing balayage that has been done with a gradient that highlights the edges. A swath of champagne blonde stretches upwards into the midshaft, and towards the roots for the natural look we’re all about.

2. Warm Auburn to Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Natural reds and women with warm undertones, tune to this style to experiment with. Warm auburn shades incorporate some red and brown with golden undertones, which perfect blend with this strawberry blonde balayage shade. This style is a crossroads between balayage and ombre however, it can be made a slightly more natural by adding thinner strawberry blonde strands towards the roots.

3. Subtle Dark Blonde to Wheat Blonde Balayage

Dark blonde is a lot similar to light brown with no reddish undertones. This is a stunningly subtle blonde balayage style which really gives the natural sun-lit look. Thin tendrils of neutral blonde weave throughout the hair with an ideal, natural position to make them appear like they’ve been kissed by sun.

4. Deep Espresso With Caramel Blonde Balayage

Caramel blonde is a unique color that is warm for Balyage. It allows blonde to be a possibility for darker hair shades that don’t need the stark contrast of white-blonde against a darker base. Warm caramel highlights flowing through the hair with a sun-kissed look The look is soft yet instantly transforms your appearance.

5. Chunky Chocolate Brown to Honey Blonde Balayage

Balayage can have so many different styles, depending on how much force the stylist employs for applying the shade, and how much the blonde is drawn towards the roots. This messy balayage blends lots of warm honey blonde hues into the darker chocolate brown base, allowing ample lightness and dimension throughout. With big, glamorous curls that set it off this style is perfect.

6. Golden Blonde Dimensional Balayage

With white and platinum shades dominating hair color trends these days It’s refreshing to experience an edgy golden blonde using the Balayage technique! This flaxen blonde shade sparkles with rose gold and copper tones, with bright warm gold undertones that steal the spotlight. The color is painted lightly near the temples and then becomes more bold at the midshaft until the edges.

7. Bold Contrast Blonde Balayage

If you’re not looking for subtle sun-kissed look, then you’ll like this more bold take on this technique! By leaving darker areas between your highlights in blonde gives a bit of dimension and contrast to the style. The highlights of balayage begin at the root (more touches are needed) and get more dense towards the end for an almost ombre look. This style is ideal for dark-haired women who do not want to go all-out blonde.

8. Coffee Base With Warm Blonde Balayage Curls

Curls can elevate balayage to a new level. With their textured appearance curly hair, curls provide extra dimension, depth and reflective light that accentuates light-colored accents. This color is hand-painted and requires patience and skill to apply to curly strands like those, but the effects are worth it.

9. Soft Waves on Ash Blonde Balayage

Ash blonde is among the most well-known blonde shades that are used for balayage. Because of its warm tones as well as shiny sheen, Ash blonde is the ideal shade for creating a rich, lightened hue over an dark brown or ash base. Add some brushed-out waves into the mix and you’ll have the perfect recipe for stunningness.

10. Espresso to Honey Blonde Balayage

Balayage lets you combine two colors that are starkly different in a visually appealing way. Espresso brown in deep shades creates an appealing shadow effect near the roots , and adds dimensional dark tones that are a perfect match for this honey blonde balance. We love how this look is close to the roots to create more light overall effects However, it is important to know that it can result in more frequent touch-ups in order to maintain the same style.

11. Strawberry and Champagne Blonde Balayage

Golden blonde with hints coppery red tones gives an attractive strawberry blonde appearance on the opposite side with the neutral wheat blonde added to add more dimension. We like a balayage style that has two blended shades such as this. It allows you to blend two shades without creating too many contrasts.

12. Coily Caramel Blonde Subtle Balayage

Balayage does not have to alter the overall color of your hair. Small pops of color are a great option to create a natural appearance, particularly on hair that is extremely textured, in which the colors appear to appear to be popping out in random areas. The most intense caramel tones are positioned around the face to create an unmistakably sun-kissed lift.

13. Warm Brown to Yellow Blonde Money Piece Balayage

The warm tones of the skin and cool undertones can be paired with the look of a blonde balayage that is yellow without looking too brassy. The most important thing is lighter strands that are directly on the face. Highlights make the look of highlights that are limited much larger than they actually are. If you’re looking for a dramatic impact but have less highlights, you could consider the face-framing look that follows this.

14. Top-Heavy Chunky Blonde Balayage

A simple way to get an all-over blonde appearance without bleaching your hair is to use a top-heavy balayage such as this. The chunky, thick pieces are highlighted in the top layer , but less in the layers below. This is a color that requires more effort and the highlights of balayage extend close to the roots at the top, however it’s lower maintenance than a total tone and bleach.

15. Almost-Ombre Blonde Foiliage

Foiliage is a color of balayage created using foils rather than the traditional hand-painted method. It produces slightly more normal highlighted highlights, with patterns, than balayage. If you’re seeking a more subtle or ombre style it could be an ideal choice. The almost-ombre style is lighter in the middle and still offers the subtle shades of color that reach the roots of the technique of balayage.

5 Blonde Balayage Before and After Examples

It’s beneficial to see actual before and after pictures to appreciate the huge an impact the right color of balayage can create. Here are a few of our most loved before and after pictures and be amazed by the stunning changes!

1. Brassy Balayage to Gorgeous Gradient

The image above is an excellent illustration of what a badly-crafted Balayage appears to look like. With yellow-orange, brassy tones on the blonde, hair that is grown out as well as an unbalanced color the balayage is in dire need of an overhaul from professional stylists. After image, you can see how moving the blonde towards lighter shade and toning it with blue-violet produces the most sensual ash-to platinum balayage you could dye for.

2. Basic Black to Graduated Tri-Color Blonde Balayage

The black hair may appear heavy and lacking in dimension when you dye it with a box as we can see in the photo before. The graduated color changes dark roots to an ethereal, violet-toned silver and a lighter champagne blonde on the ends to provide a much-needed lift.

3. Mahogany Brown to Golden Honey Balayage

Mahogany in reddish-brown is a gorgeous shade, however this one required some lift to truly get noticed. The golden honey-balyage style is the ideal solution. The warm, dimensional hues without the dull, monochrome appearance in the prior photo. Honey strands that are bright appear to shine on the rich mahogany background for an absolutely stunning effect.

4. Chestnut Brown to Subtle Cool-Toned Blonde Balayage

The subtlety of a color can make a big impact when placed in the appropriate pieces and sections. Natural-looking, natural looking cool blonde changes the warm chestnut brown color into a sun-lit, gradient style with a luxurious vibe. We love to see a gorgeous balance of color before and after with straight hair. There are no curls or waves to disguise the color’s application and positioning!

5. Warm Honey Blonde to Cool Champagne Balayage

Tones of warm blondes aren’t ideal for everyone. Ladies with cool undertones , and those with neutral undertones may find that blondes with yellow undertones don’t flatter them. We’re in love with the icy cool tones of the post image below – what an amazing transformation! The champagne blonde color fades to nearly white towards the end with just barely a hint of warmth.


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