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20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

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Hair types of all women hair textures, cuts, and textures can look stunning with long strands of waist. No matter if you’re growing the length of your hair up to that gorgeous length or planning to buy extensions to speed up the process take a look at these pictures of hair that is waist-length to get an idea of many ways to wear this beautiful, feminine length.

1. Full-Length Layered Curls With Side Part

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

Curls that run the length of your hair can emphasize your length in a way that is unlike any other type of texture. With all the curves and bends the lighting hits the hair from various angles, making the length of your waist pop. Separate your hair to the side to add added volume and keep the style youthful and light.

2. Blonde Waist Length Hair With Tapered Ends

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

Hair becomes heavier as it grows longer and waist-length hair is notoriously heavy. It is possible to lighten the appearance by adding thick layers, and tapered edges which eliminate much of the bulk at the bottom, and make the style light. The gorgeous blonde hairstyle is tapered and layered so that it is slimmer at the bottom, which means the weight doesn’t drag you down.

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3. Balayage Waist Length Ombre Blonde Waves

Blonde balayage ombre hair color

A lighter shade at the end will emphasize (no joke intended) the length of your strand and therefore, you should consider an ombre balayage color using the length of your waist. The soft waves bring out the color change and we’re loving the darker root color when paired with white ends.

4. Waist Length Hair With Curled Ends

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

If your hair is at the length of a super-long strand and becomes boring when you wear your hair’s natural texture both day in and out. If you’ve got long or curly hair curlying your ends can be an excellent way to spice up your locks and create an interesting look in the event that you want to spend to a few minutes using the curling iron.

5. Mega-Volume Waist-Length Beach Waves

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

The beachy look is a great way to style hair that is long enough to reach you midriff (or any length really). They give a relaxed casual style that can be a great way to tone down formal attire or elevate a casual shorts and a t-shirt. A pronounced volume in the roots can take this look to the next level and helps keep it from looking messy. Volume-enhancing mousse and root lift spray will be your top partners for this style!

6. Layered Ends on Waist Length Strands

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

The excessive amount of layers can cause long strands that are too thin towards the ends, but it’s a lighter method to wear this style. To maintain the perfect balance opt for shorter layers on the ends of your hair for additional texture and movement, without disrupting length or the fullness. The bucket hat is a great retro accessory for rocking hair that is super long!

7. Side Bangs, Waist Length, and Barrel Curls

Loose Curls with Side Bangs for Round Faces

Because the length is at a lower level in the style this look might not be suitable for all face types. Bangs can to break up the length and highlight your face, without making it appear bigger. We love a great side-bang with this length of hair, and big barrel curls to highlight the stunning length!

8. Waist-Length Tapered Natural Curls

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

Curls add a lot of volume. When you’re trying to create longer hairstyles such as this, you’ll need to trim them sufficiently to keep the bulk away from the ends. Layers of heavy hair taper the length down to a more slender point near the end and make the curls more lively and not being pulled down due to the weight. When paired with shadow roots and soft, natural blonde hair, this appearance is simply stunning.

9. Shiny Black Waist Length Strands With Face-Framing Layers

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

Face-framing layers can reduce the length of your face and create a more attractive look for your facial shape. The sides and back unaffected will help keep your look fresh and well-maintained. With such a long length, you’ll need to work on making your hair glossy and shiny by applying regular hair masks as well as treatment for deep-conditioning.

10. Waist Length Brunette-to-Honey Balayage

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

Beautifully hand-painted highlights highlight the edges of this style to highlight the length. If you have a warm complexion shade or the warm tones this honey blonde and brunette combo is perfect for you! You can pair it with gorgeous hair by curling your hair in spiral curlsand then pulling while the curls are still warm to ease the curls to create waves.

11. Long Layered Silver Waist Length Strands

Medium U-layered Hairstyle With Silver Grey Strands

Silver is a truly unique color that always grabs the spotlight. When you pair it with a wide range of lengths and layers, you’ll get an amazing look that will completely change your. Curly curls that are soft at the ends will help to bring up some length, and show off the layers of staggered hair close to the ends. The middle section keeps the hair in a perfect balance on both sides.

12. Waist Length Hair With Big, Glam Waves

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

You can add voluminous waves to any length to get a polished elegant style. The effect is enhanced by long hair because it gives plenty of space for several different layers. With a minimal middle and a lot of volume at both sides of the face, this type of look is ideal for an oval or heart face.

13. Sleek Brown Waist Length Strands

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

If you’re not a fan of layers It’s completely possible to wear longer hair without layers and still get a stunningly balanced style! A warm, dimensional brown is a gorgeous choice for this length. We are awestruck by the variety of shades visible when the light hits this hue! Keep it clean and sharp, and cut the ends to give a little texture and variety.

14. Layered Waist Length Straight Hair With Extra Body

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

Layers are a must for waist-length hair with movement and texture , especially if you are a straight person. A simple “blow out” using a regular brush and moving hair towards your back can give you more body as in this case. Long layers of skin and in the front section will help break up the excessive length.

15. Waist Length Gentle U-Shaped Cut

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

U-shaped cuts add some form to hair that is extremely long. If you’re concerned about your waist-length hair hair looking unfinished or hanging loosely with a sloping cut, this one can resolve your issue effortlessly. The front side is cut a little shorter than the longer portion at the back, and the lengths are joined by an elegantly sloping U-shape.

16. Long Waist Length Auburn Curls

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

Natural curls, auburn colour and a long length? This style is certainly a triple threat , and it’s likely to garner admiration and attention wherever you travel. Natural curls can take on an edgier texture when they reach extreme lengths. We are in love with the result here. The ends are lightly shaped but there aren’t excessive layers, bangs, or anything else that would distract from the beautiful length of this.

17. Waist Length Relaxed Strands With Wavy Texture

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

If your hair is naturally and relaxed , or you’re sporting lengths that reach your waist This is an excellent design to help you feel inspired. A long side parting can stack the hair to one side creating the appearance of a face with plenty of volume. Make use of curling irons (with the heat-protectant!) to create waves that are not finished or curls that extend from the midshaft until the end to add texture.

18. Waist Length Box Braids With Side Part

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

It’s much easier and manageable when you have a style that is protective such as box braids. This is a great style for hair that is kinky or coily no matter if you’re using your own length as well as using extensions to achieve it. Box braids that have loose ends result in thin tendrils along the ends, as the picture illustrates. However, if prefer a fuller appearance choose sealed ends.

19. Blunt Waist Length Hair With Point-Cut Ends

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

The weighty length of hair doesn’t bother many women more than other women. If you prefer the longer more natural look of blunt hair that is long enough to reach your waist it’s a beautiful option for you to style it. The middle section is simple and keeps the hair evenly split so that it can distribute the length and weight equally on both sides. The ends are cut point-wise with scissors in a vertical direction to create a bit of look of texture at the ends.

20. Waist Length Strands With Voluminous Glam Curls

20 Gorgeous Waist Length Hair Examples

The big, spiral curls can require a long time to complete when you have hair this long but the impressive results are well worth the effort. Divide your hair in the middle and curl two” sections using a huge-barreled curling iron set vertically for a perfect set of rings. This look is chic and suitable for even the most formal occasions. Expect lots of compliments on your gorgeous, flowing hair!

Tips for Growing and Maintaining Waist Length Hair

A hair this long represents an enormous commitment and the responsibility. It’s impossible to rock waist-length hair without taking it’s health very seriously. Because hair that is extremely long tends to appear thin and scraggly at the ends, display split ends with ease and even break off when hair is damaged or weak so it’s essential to care for your hair. Here are some helpful tips to help you achieve that or keep your waist-length hair in good shape.

  • Make sure to apply the hair mask at least every month. Hair masks are available in many different types that are suited for damaged, dry weak, color-treated, or damaged hair. Pick a product that addresses your hair’s main issue to ensure it stays well-maintained and healthy. Your hair will resist breaking better, become stronger and stay hydrated if you apply the correct hair mask!
  • Make sure you strengthen your hair. As long your hair grows and the longer it grows, the more vulnerable to breakage which could endanger your hard-earned length. Concentrate on strengthening your hair by using protein-rich shampoos, conditioners masks, treatments and styling tools to make sure your hair is healthy and resistant to breakage. Check if your hair requires more protein by reading this article Is My Hair Deserving of Protein? Quiz | It’s Only 5 Questions!
  • Increase your hair’s growth speed with a little assistance. Hair grows normally at a pace of 1/2 inch every month. If you’re looking to have it grow to your waist faster, use some tricks to get it growing quicker! Increase your intake of vitamins and minerals through supplements like Folexin and taking in plenty of protein, an energizing diet, using tested treatments for the skin as well as averting harmful routines for hair care are the key to growing your hair quicker.
  • Avoid washing it frequently. Doing your hair washing more than two or three times a week will create more stress and could cause damage to your hair. With the amount of length to dry and wash it’s best to wash less frequently and wear some ponytails, braids and buns or headband styles between washing days. Dry shampoo can allow you to extend the interval between washes to maintain healthier hair!
  • Regularly trims with an expert stylist who you are confident with. You’ve been through it: you requested trimming and got several inches of hair trimmed off before you realized. Find a stylist who you trust to deliver what you request and give regular trims that eliminate the ends that are split or scraggly. The bottom will remain of your hair full and full to make the long hair look more healthy and supple.
  • Relax by using hair styling that is heat. Long hair and heat styling are in a complex relationship. On the one side, it’s the fastest method to ensure that your hair will appear perfectly cut. However the more frequently you do it, the more harmful your hair’s health is going to be. Make sure to use a heat protector spray prior to blow drying or curl your hair and make sure you use the smallest heat setting that you can.
  • Guard your hair when you rest. Sleeping is among the most damaging factors particularly for extremely long hair. Change your pillowcase from cotton to a silk or satin one, allowing your hair to move without friction. Use silk hairdressers as you sleep to do the same effect without switching pillowcases. Braids or buns while you sleep could help reduce friction and create smoother, less tangled hair the moment you awake. Make sure to try different styles for your overnight heatless curls that can double as a double-duty style!

What Is Your Favorite Waist Length Hairstyle?

If you’re looking to get your waist length hair be sure that you’re equipped to take on the maintenance and additional maintenance and responsibility that comes with it. Utilizing better hair products to maintain your hair’s condition and strong to securing your hair from the most common causes of damage, wearing hair that is waist-length can add a lot of stress to your schedule. There’s no doubt that hair with long lengths are beautiful on every woman and hair kind. No matter if you’re pin-straight or curly, wavy, or even curly up to the top, you’ll notice how longer and thicker your hair grows the more compliments you’ll be receiving. We believe that your hair with a long length will increase your confidence and get you want to experiment with new looks and styles. So long as you take care to maintain your hair in a healthy way, apply cut or layers that flatter and improve the shape of your hair and keep up with regular trimmings to keep it lush and full You’ll love how you feel and look when you have waist length hair!

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