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16 Face-Framing Layered & Choppy Haircuts for Shoulder-Length Hair

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Face-framing, layered and choppy shoulder length hair creates incredible shape and body. It has a blended layering of long and short pieces, giving the appearance of length. Katie Russo is a skilled hairstylist in Shelby Township, MI. She recommends that a layered cut can have different outcomes, based on how hair has dried. “The variety of this style is suitable for females of every age, with thick curly hair that is wavy. If it was left to dry on its own, it’ll be messy and choppy. If it was blow-dried, it would appear soft and smooth,” Russo explains. A mane that has a lot of choppy layers needs styling using the right tools and high-quality products. It also means you’ll need more time for your morning routine. The layers can grow quickly and the process can be challenging. This is why Russo insists that “regular trimming is essential to holding everything in place.” Ask your stylist about when you need to go to the salon. Are you in search of photo ideas? Look at these cool face-framing, layered and choppy shoulder-length hairstyles!

Medium-Length Chocolate Face-Framing Layers

#1: Medium-Length Chocolate Layers

Try medium-length chocolatey layers to try something different this season. Layers can give hair more body and volume. Be sure that you ask your stylist to teach you how to cut your hair to match your new style.

Face-Framing Long Bob with Choppy Layers

#2: Frame-Framing the Long Bob by using Choppy Layers

Choppy layers paired together with long hairstyles give the perfect face-frame look for every woman. A long choppy , layered haircut, in addition to other hairstyles with a mid-length, has the benefit of being flattering for almost any facial shape. The reason? The different lengths of the layers! Layers of messy hair give extra volume and motion and a look that can give any woman confidence boost.

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Face-Framing Money Piece on choppy medium hair

#3: Face-Framing Money Piece

A face-framing piece of money is a subtle coloring style that can have an extremely high effect on your overall appearance. This style can be paired with medium-length haircuts and layers to give the appearance of volume and length. This hairstyle that is layered and medium length can be worn by an easy and high-maintenance woman.

Choppy Layered Haircut on shoulder-length hair

#4: Choppy Layered Haircut

Choppy layered haircuts are a great way to reduce weight and provide motion to hair that is thicker. For hair with a more delicate texture, the appearance of medium choppy layered hair will give the crown volume and give the appearance of longer hair strands. This hairstyle can be customized to a variety of hairstyles, particularly those that want to add the natural texture.

Choppy Textured and Lived-In Beach Waves on mid-length hair

#5: Textured and Lived-In Beach Waves

The beach waves with a live-in texture are the perfect match for hair with finer texture. This is the most effective way to boost hair’s volume and body. Hairstyles that are layered and choppy add volume, bounce and shape to any hair style.

Feathered Layers for Medium-Length Hair

#6: Feathered Layers for Medium-Length Hair

Try feathered layers for medium-length hair only If your hair is very thick to reduce weight. In other words, there won’t have enough hair left around the edges of the cut to keep the an even balance from top to the bottom. Layers of medium length are ideal when shorter lengths aren’t your style. The volume created by thick layers and the appropriate lengths will draw the eyes upwards and downwards which naturally makes it more attractive on the face.

Choppy Front Layer Cut for Medium Hair

#7: Front Layer Cut for Medium Hair

A front-facing layer cut to fit medium hair gives the most movement to the face. Cuts that are medium with a side portion are the ideal length for straight hair to have maximum volume, while the choppy layers can give hair a life and add texture.

Face-Framing Layered Choppy Shoulder-Length Hair

#8: Face-Framing Layered Choppy Shoulder-Length Hair

A shoulder-length haircut that is choppy with layers of face-framing is a fashionable fashion. The choppy shoulder-length hair and layers flatter women with medium or high hair densities (thickness). A few gentle waves from the beach to this cut will complement the soft layers beautifully.

Choppy Low-Maintenance Balayage with Long Bangs on medium-length hair

#9: Low-Maintenance Balayage Long Bangs

A balayage with low maintenance looks beautiful with long hair. A fringe added to layers of medium-length hair adds a edge to your hairstyle. One method to complement the choppy, face-framing styles is to use the color of balayage. The contrast of colors can help your hairstyles pop.

Choppy Shoulder-Length Cut with Wispy Bangs

#10 Choppy Shoulder-Length Cut Wispy Bangs

The wispy hairstyles of a long, choppy shoulder cut is an extremely popular fashion. The soft and straight bangs of shoulder-length cuts can be worn on women of all ages. If you’re seeking an alternative hairstyle, ask your hairdresser if the style will suit the texture of your hair. Choose a blonde shade to bring out the brightness of your face.

Choppy Shoulder-Length Layers

#11: Choppy Shoulder-Length Layers

Layers with a shoulder length are not just for summer and spring, but also in the fall and Winter as well. A shorter hair length means faster drying and less time to style. Hairstyles that frame the face with a more choppy texture make for effortless styling. All you require is an air diffuser, your preferred salt spray or creating paste.

Choppy Layers for medium-length Thin Hair

#12: Choppy Layers for Thin Hair

Thin hair has choppy layers that need a little longer styling time however they are well worth the effort. One great method to showcase the choppy cut on fine hair of medium length is to add a dimension to the shade. The use of the right products for your hair is equally important. Your stylist can tell you which products work best for your hair.

Choppy Collarbone-Length Shaggy Cut for Older Women

#13: Collarbone-Length Shaggy Cut for Older Women

The shaggy , collarbone-length hairstyle with side bangs is the perfect alternative for women of older age seeking a contemporary look. The choppy hairstyles can be fun to wear. Use a texture spray to add layers to your shaggy hairstyle.

Choppy Medium Shag with Long Curtain Bangs

14: Medium Shag Long Curtain Bangs

Long curtain bangs are a great complement to a medium-length shag that is cut beautifully. Long hair of medium length, with soft waves and layers is perfect for women of all ages and any facial shape. Consult your hairdresser to determine if shag cut with bangs that are a curtain style they’d recommend to you.

Layered and Choppy Mid-Length Hairstyle

#15: Layered and Choppy Mid-Length Hairstyle

If you’re considering a medium-length haircut request your stylist to include chunky layers. Layered haircuts that have hair that is loose and with bangs as well as loose waves and curls can be a favorite choice for women who have any kind of lifestyle. If you’re looking to enhance your natural hair texture by adding shaggy, choppy layers might be exactly what you’re looking for. Try styling this style using a mousse with a light hold on damp hair, then make sure you scrunch the crown to get the extra lift in the hair’s roots.

Medium-Length Wavy Bob with Bangs

#16 Medium-Length Wavy Bob with Bangs

If you’re seeking an alternative cut that can make your hair look more interesting but still pull to a ponytail go for a medium-length wavy hairstyle with bangs. Request your hairstylist to create an wavy lob that is positioned towards the collarbone at the front and is slightly shorter in the back, with layers. Instead of blunt, saggy bangs choose a fringe with soft texture and slightly longer at the corners. The length of this hair is suitable for every face shape by framing and enhancing the facial features of women. If you have long hair be sure that you remove the weight from the inside to avoid the hair from stretching too far.

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