Collarbone-Length Hair

Want to bring a significant transformation to your style? A collarbone-length hair is fabulous and can be paired with several styles. This cut is low-maintenance and is trending high drawing everyone’s attention to it. To make the most of a collarbone-length hairstyle we have professional suggestions highlighting 30 ways to wear it for a refreshing look.

Red Inverted Collarbone-Length Hair on Straight Texture

To make your straight textured hair look exciting a dimension medium-length hair with flip ends should be chosen. The inverted end will bring your straight locks to life in a magical way. Wearing this hair in a vibrant red hue makes you stand the crowd. Make this collarbone-length hair your go-to style for a signature look!

Collarbone Haircut on Straight Copper Hair

Face-Framing Highlights with a Wavy Brown Lob

For collecting some praise-worthy compliments, this collarbone-length haircut is the best pick. To make it look charming, ask for styling it with loose curls and blunt tips for a soft look. To pick the color, a solid as well as the highlights will work pretty well, making your brown base appear nicer.

Longer Hair Bob with Soft Face Framing Highlights

Thick Hair Style with a Layered Blonde Haircut

To style your medium-length hair with a feminine touch up a layered blonde haircut is good to go. It is easily manageable in terms of maintenance benefiting your thick hair in every way. Asking to cut your hair in a combination of long layers and bangs adds volume to your strands making them less heavy. To add prominence to your blue-colored eyes and warm skin tone, blonde highlights should be picked.

Blonde Collarbone Haircut with Curtain Bangs

Try a Curly Collarbone-Length Cut with Baby Bangs

Tired of a constant hair look with a long mane? Try cutting a few inches of your hair and make space for a curly collarbone-length haircut. Also, cutting short bangs with give your style a vibrant feel.

Wavy Mid Length Hair with Short Bangs

Go for a Side-Parted Auburn Hair

To get lusciously soft hair along with an increased texture, blonde highlights are the solution. Pairing this shade with your brown hair will give an immaculate vibe with a two-tone hairstyle. Choose to side-part your hair to bring more volume to your collarbone-length haircut.

Collarbone Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

Wear A Bright Blonde Hair

Choppy layers? Yes! They look over the top when cut on middle-length hair, with a blonde color acting as a cherry on top. You can turn heads with this style as it is a trendy yet adorable style to wear. Go ahead and get it done!

Blonde Collarbone Length Hair with Long Curtains

Try A Shoulder-Length Shag for Curly Hair

Curly hairs who cares? To fix your curly hair with a distinguished style a shoulder-length shag with bangs is perfect for you. This is a delicate hairdo that works best when colored in chocolate or deep brown shade.

Mid Length Mullet Shag Haircut

Go for A Copper Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

Side bangs cut on a collarbone length can give you a beautiful face-framing, making your features more definitive. This cut must be opted for by fine hair girls as it increases volume significantly.

Straight Long Bob with Side Swept Bangs

See-Through Bangs on a Medium-Length Cut

The bangs cut to a collarbone provide your hair texture and body, especially when paired with layers. If you have these requirements then go for selecting this undone yet classy hairstyle. Moreover, asking for see-through bangs will leave your hair with more depth and fleur growing perfectly.

Mid Length Haircut with Front Layers and Arched Bangs

A Platinum Wavy Lob for Fine Hair Texture

To stand out with your style get icy blonde tones on collarbone-length hair. Apart from the hair color, this style is also praised for its chick look which can be achieved by adding soft waves using a flat iron.

White Blonde Collarbone Length Hair with Loose Waves

Get Voluminous Layered Cut with Bangs

A medium-length cut can be styled with curly-texture hair that is equally flattering. If you have thick hair then adding layers to the cut will make your tresses lighter. For increased fluffy hair texture wear it tousled.

Collarbone Haircut with Bangs for Loose Curls

A Pretty Shag Haircut with Full Fringe

If you are more inclined towards experimenting with different hairstyles, shaggy hair with mid-lengths will be a win. For a lively look, color your freshly styled hair in caramel and blonde shades and get it all sorted.

Mid Length Blonde Wolf Cut with Light Brown Lowlights

Blonde Balayage Tones on a Middle-Parted Lob

A blond balayage shade can prove to be striking giving your hair a treat. This kind of hairstyle is particularly good for the ones wanting to make their eyes prominent to make the face more praise-worthy. Wear it straight or wavy, you will make a statement either way!

Sleek Collarbone Length Hair with Blonde Babylights

Beachy Waves for Collarbone Lengths

Thinking to get a perfect hairstyle for a birthday party? Try this collarbone-length with beach waves to rock with your style. The layers touching your shoulders paired with curtain bangs will draw attention exhibiting a seamless look.

Shaggy Collarbone Haircut Worn with Natural Texture

Blended Highlights on Medium-Length Haircut

To get a sleek appearance for your straight hair a straightener and hairspray are must-have essentials. Also, going for straight cuts will make it easier for you to maintain the style in terms of a long time. It will keep your hair intact for the whole day, taking all your hair-related worries away!

Mid Length Rachel Haircut with Long Layers and Bangs

A Rose Gold Balayage with Chocolatey Tones

If you have a thick hair texture with medium-length hair the locks can be made to look weightless unrealistically. However, the same results can be obtained with balayage highlights. This is because this rose gold Ombre removes volume and thickness from your head crown significantly while making the hair look fluffy and modern.

Collarbone Length Textured Cut and Rose Gold Balayage

Curtain Bangs on Shoulder-Length Shag Cut

Medium-length hairstyles go well if you want to choose a more feminine look for yourself, that is low-maintenance at the same time. This shoulder-length shag with curtain fringe will highlight your facial appearance. Highlighting your hair will be best for added texture and dimension.

Short Hair with Bottleneck Bangs and Blonde Highlights

Stunning Airy Blonde Collarbone-Length Haircut

Want to make your blonde hair look healthy? Achieve this hair goal by asking for soft layers with curtain-shaped bangs that will give you a worthy style full of shine with a lighter texture. It can be worn on any occasion confidently.

Blonde Feathered Collarbone Haircut with 80s Blowout

Gorgeous Chestnut Hair with Blonde Blocks

A copper brown hair color looks extremely stunning when blended with another contrasting accent color. Ask for money-piece hair with alternating patterns. It will give you the most up-to-date style that everyone wants to go with.

Mid Length Brown Hair with Light Blonde Color Blocking

Try Choppy Layers with Blonde Highlights

For women with round-face hairstyles choose a medium shag for a perfect look. The face-framing along with wispy bangs act as a shade covering your round cheeks, beautifully. It helps to make your face look elongated, complementing your personality gloriously.

Ash Blonde Collarbone Length Shag Haircut

Trendy Medium-Haircut with Flipped Ends

This collarbone-length haircut will appear trendy and stunning in every way possible. This hairstyle complements your dressing greatly leaving you with a more classy look.

Medium Brunette Hair with Soft Curtain Bangs and Rounded Tips

Face-Framing Layers with Rich Brunette Hair

These face-framing layers are super cool and surprisingly can be maintained easily. If you consider going for a brunette hair color, you will fall in love with yourself for sure.

Medium Middle Part Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

A mid-Length Haircut with Shaggy Layers

To create a retro style similar to the ’90s vibe, ask for a collarbone shag. Also, this style is best fitted for girls wanting to fix their thin hai. It provides much-needed volume to your hair by incorporating several layers and blonde highlights.

Shaggy Collarbone Length Cut for Thin Hair

Get a Collarbone Bob with Blunt Ends

Are you the one looking for a style that can glorify your appearance? By choosing this style you are taking a few steps toward this journey. Besides, this style is perfect for every other, ask your hairstylist to cut your hair like this.

Low Maintenance Collarbone Length Blunt Cut

Try a Blonde Cut with Side-Parted Hair

For a windy look, try shadow roots with deep side-parting, it looks chic on mid-length making it appear longer than it is. This haircut adds significantly to the volume of your hair and that is why it will go best with a fine-textured hair type. Wear it for a trendy look!

Long Side Part Bob with Loose Waves and Blonde Balayage

A Collarbone Shaggy Bob for Round Face

A face-framing is a great way that beautifully contour the shape of your face. Get a wolf cut similar to this to get a collarbone-length cut and make a signature statement with this look.

Shaggy Shoulder Length Cut for Round Faces

Thick Bangs with a Polished A-Line Bob

For setting your fringes in an enchanting yet sophisticated manner going for thick bangs is a great option. It complements this A-line bob making it appear fuller in an elongated shape. Additionally, this kind of style is best if you want to cover your forehead area and have a long-shape face. Wear it in a chic manner to rock the party!

Straight Blonde Asymmetric Lob with Full Bangs

A Natural-Looking Curly Hairstyle

Want to get a haircut that looks healthy on a medium curly haircut? The answer lies in the solution for applying hair care products. This will keep your natural curls moisturized in an equally healthy way adding shine to them.

Curly Layered Collarbone Length Haircut

Face-Framing Highlights on a Choppy Lob

The flow of your tresses can be made more delightful and attractive with a layered hairstyle. On your next salon visit ask for a money piece in the shade of blonde. To make them appear in a lovely manner, blow-dry your middle hair for 10-15 minutes. And wait for the magic to happen!

Mid Length Hair with Bright Blonde Money Streaks

Go for a Sleek Blunt Collarbone-length Cut

For shoulder-length hair, an easily manageable hairstyle try a sleek blunt cut is the most suitable option to try. For styling your locks at the crown area in an upward manner, style them to a side, and for better results use a hairspray.

Medium Angled Haircut with Deep Side Part

Add a refreshing look to your hair with one of this collarbone-length hair idea to highlight the strengths of your appearance and make an impression on everyone!


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