17 Cutest Short Haircuts for Thick, Wavy Hair to Style More Easily

Short hairstyles for thick, wavy hair include pixies and Bobs that give a full style. The greatest benefit is that you’ll have less time to style your locks each morning! Hair stylist Audrey Wells of Santa Cruz, CA believes that short hair is suitable for all. Choose the best cut, and it’ll match any face form. Wells states, “Wearing short hair feels liberating, light, plus it looks sassy. The less slender the cut and the more it emphasizes the other features of your face.” A shaved-off haircut is great for women who have hair that is thick. It takes away a healthy volume of fat, which allows the hair to blend more easily and not look weighty. Make sure to ask your stylist about the maintenance of your cut. Wells clarifies, “Shorter hair requires more maintenance. It can lose its shape more quickly as it grows.” A pixie cut short is for example, and requires trimming each 6-8 weeks. It’s also crucial to inquire from your hairdresser some suggestions for styling. Learn the best hair products to use, based on your hair’s type. The only drawback of hair that is short is that it has only a few styles. “You might not be in a position to pull your hair back any longer. Therefore, bobby pins are likely to be your new favorite companion,” Wells points out. Give your look a fresher edge. Take a look at these stunning pictures of the latest short hairstyles that are perfect for the thick, wavy hair!

Short Wavy Lob with Blunt Bangs for Thick Hair

1. Wavy Bang with Blunt Bangs

A wavy-looking lob that has blunt bangs gives a sharpness to a trendy style. The wavy look is chic and soft, perfect for any fashionable girl.

Short Curly and Wavy Pixie Cut for Round Face Shapes with Thicker Hair

#2: Curly Pixie Cut for Round Face Shapes

Curly-cut pixie cuts could be used even on round faces. A longer pixie cut is required for hair with thick waves to maintain enough weight to stop hair from sticking out. This short cut is ideal for thick , wavy hair with the round face.

Short Curly and Wavy Pixie Cut for Round Face Shapes with Thicker Hair

#3: Angled Bob Cut using Textured Waves

The most popular method to style an hair cut that is angled is by using the texture of waves. If you’ve ever wanted experiment with a shorter cut this angled bob style is great for thick hairstyles.

Low-Maintenance Wavy Lob with a Side Part for Short Thick Hair

#4: low maintenance Wavy Lob with an additional side part

A low-maintenance wavy hairstyle with an angled side is the best way to begin for those who have not experienced a shorter haircut before. A minimal or no layer is ideal for low-maintenance short cuts for thick hair with wavy.

Short Feminine Blunt Bob with Loose Waves for Thick Hair

#5: Feminine Blunt Bob with Loose Waves

This feminine blunt cut with loose waves is straight from the 1920s. The 1920s marked the beginning of hairstyles for women that were short. This hairstyle gives the appearance of having hair that is the most thick.

Short Messy Bob with Layers for Thick, Frizzy Hair

#6 Messy Bob With Layers of Frizzy, Thick Hair

Make a messy bob using layers of thick, frizzy hair to show off what you may already have. While this cut will be stunning on most women who have natural hair, those with naturally curly waves will benefit the most.

Short Edgy A-Line Wavy Bob for Thick-Haired Women

#7: Edgy A-Line Wavy Bob

If you’re a fan of the rock and roll genre, then this rock straight wavy bob with a line is the ideal cut for you. Short bobs work well for thicker to fine hair kinds. The wavy hairstyle could be styled with a short time using an inch curling iron, and your preferred texture spray.

Short Wavy Thick Tousled Layers and Bangs for Square Faces

#8: Short Tousled Layers and Bangs for Square Faces

Bangs and short tousled layers provide a touch of softness for square-faced faces. Short wavy bobs work well for fine and thick hair, regardless of whether you are looking to boost volume or accept it.

Short Layered Choppy Bob on Thick Coarse and Wavy Hair

#9: Layered Choppy Bob on Coarse Hair

A layered choppy hairstyle can enhance coarse and thick hair. A wavy texture is ideal to add an additional layer of pizazz to the final product. In your next appointment you can ask your stylist for an edgy bob for thick wavier hair.

Neck-Length Shaggy Wavy Cut with Curtain Bangs for Thick Hair

#10 The Neck-Length Shaggy Cut is paired with Curtain Bangs

A long or neck-length shaggy cut that has curtain bangs is the ideal look for every day. Consider a wavy cut if you’re looking to improve natural texture or add a shaggy bob to highlight thick wavy hair.

Long Inverted Bob with Textured Ends for Short Thick Hair

#11 Long Inverted Bob with Textured Ends

You can try a long inverted bob that has textured edges if are a hairdresser with a thick cut. This bob inverted for thick wavy hair takes away the weight and adds fashion to hair that is naturally heavy.

Short Beach Waves on a Wavy Graduated Bob for Thick Hair

#12: Beach Waves on a Graduated Bob

Beach waves in the bob with a graduated style can be a great way to incorporate motion and texture to this style. A multi-layered bob for thick, waves is the ideal option to shed the weight and make it easier to do every day hairstyles.

Short Sassy Stacked Bob for Women Over 60 with Thick and Wavy Hair

#13: Sassy Stacked Bob for Women Over 60

This sassy, stacked bob for women who are over 60 is stylish and stylish! A chin-length stacked bob that is perfect for long wavy hair is fun to style and simple to wear.

Short Layered Shag with Bangs for Oval Faces with Thick Wavy Hair

#14 The A Short Layered Shag With Bangs Oval Faces

If you have an oval-shaped face with short hair, consider this short shag layered style with bangs. A great cut to get a low-maintenance stylethat you can take care of and wash. Talk to your stylist about short haircuts that work well with thick wavy hair with oval faces.

Short Textured Cut with a Middle Part for Thicker Wavy Hair

#15: Textured cut the Middle Part

A cut that is textured and has an angled middle is bringing the 90s style back. This style is extremely adaptable and could be worn in straight or wavy, and everything between.

Short-Length Heavily Layered Cut for Women Over 50 with Thicker Hair

#16: Short-Length Heavily Layered Cut for Women Over 50

A short-length, heavily layered cut for women who are over 50 is a great, and simple look. Cuts short for women over 50 with thick , wavy hair can elevate the face and emphasize face features.

Short Textured Haircut with Jagged Ends

#17: A Short Textured Haircut with jagged Ends

A short, textured cut with jagged edges can be cut wavy or smoothed straight. Shorter haircuts for coarse hair require extra weight lifted from the ends , allowing hair to lie more straight. If you are struggling with your hair being too thick, consider this for your next appointment.


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