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15 Short, Stacked Pixie Bob Haircuts for a Cute and Sassy Look

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A Pixie short stacked hairstyle is a contemporary haircut that combines an extremely small crop and the neck-length hairstyle. The layers are cut shorter at the back to bring out a larger and more voluminous look. If you’re looking for a flexible cut that is easy to maintain then read on! stylist Chloe Anan of Saint Augustine, FL reveals the perks of this cut that is short. “The hair’s volume is significantly decreased and the cut gives an authentic lived-in style,” says Anan. There are many options to style a pixie bob that is put together. There are bangs, face frames cuts, asymmetrical ends and lots more. “Wear the style that will make you feel great regardless of age. Make sure it matches your personality and energy” Anan says. Anan. Make sure that the cut matches your hair’s texture as well as density as well as bone shape. Certain pixies that are tightly clinging to the head might be difficult to duplicate. Choose what is suitable for your hair. Anan advises stylists to not leave any weight around the parietal line. “A more substantial weight loss within that region can lead to a more smooth growth.” Another aspect to consider is the kind of care that is required for this hairstyle that is stacked. The frequency of visits to salons every 4 to 6 weeks is the norm dependent on how quickly your hair grows. An interesting cut such as this one is definitely worth a try. Below are photos of the most fashionable shorter, stackable pixie haircuts to get you inspired!

Stacked and Angled Pixie Bob for Thin Hair

#1: Stacked and Angled Pixie Bob for Thin Hair

A pixie bob stacked with an angle is ideal for hair with thin layers that requires an immense lift. Request your stylist to stack layers that start between the occipital bones and the crown. They will then create an inverted angle that starts at the bottom of the layers at the back. When it comes to short cuts for thin hair, an angle can give the hair a shape that allows for a bit of longer lengths for women who require a little flexibility when styling. The stacked layers provide an immense amount of volume and lift on the top of the head.

Stacked Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

#2: Stacked Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

The shorter layers of a Asymmetrical pixie bob that is stacked creates volume and height within the crown. Making the short layers lightweight and textured , short-stacked Bob styles that have that classic feminine appearance.

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Short Pixie Bob with Stacked Layers

#3: A Short Pixie Bob with Layers Stacked

A sophisticated and sophisticated cut is a pixie bob that is short with layers of stacked hair. This haircut is timeless and suitable for all hair textures or age. The short layers add an extra height while a longer bang frame the face. Shortly stacked pixie bobs can be customized to match your hair’s texture, face shape, and even your hair color.

Pixie Bob Haircut with Stacked Layers

4. Pixie Bob hair cut with layers of Stacked

A style with a short length that shows the dimensionality of color, whether natural or synthetic it is a pixie bob haircut that has layers stacked. The variation in length and weight on the crown of a stacked style emphasizes lowlights and highlights.

Androgynous Pixie Bob That's Stacked

#5: Androgynous Pixie Bob That’s Stacked

The shape of the neckline in short hairstyles can create a dramatic impact on the overall look of the cut. When you have an androgynous pixie cut with a stacked look with a more sharp and hefty line of weight at the nape can create an edgier, more “masculine” appearance, as opposed to the soft line often associated with cuts that are feminine.

Stacked Pixie Bobbed Hair

#6: Stacked Pixie Bobbed Hair

This longer variation of stack hair is the same shape, but the difference lies in the layers. Layers that are longer all around will create more length on the nape and crown. The haircut is also less dramatic style of stacking.

Stacked Pixie Bobbed Hair

#7: Pixie + Short Stacked Bob

A sharp diagonal angle and sharp weight lines creates a striking short stacked bob and a pixie. This precise cut makes the perfect design while keeping the traditional short stacked pixie bobs look.

Stacked Shaggy Pixie Bob

#8: Stacked Shaggy Pixie Bob

The perfect haircut to wear for those with fine hair would be a stack, shaggy Pixie hair bob. Cuts of stacked pixie bobs that are short generally ideal for hair with finer texture, however, adding the extra shagginess and the dense texture can give the movement and height required for this look.

Short Edgy Pixie Bob

#9: Short Edgy Pixie Bob

A simple and low-maintenance method to add some texture to your sleek edgy short hairstyle is to add waves using a small straight iron, or curling iron. Make use of heat protection to maintain your hair’s health and aid in locking the style. A texture hairspray can add the messy look and provide an enduring hold that lasts throughout the day long.

Very Short Stacked Pixie Bob

#10: Very Short Stacked Pixie Bob

A very short, stacked pixie bob that has faded edges will reduce the frequency of visits to salons. The shape of the neckline is crucial, and the fade or tapering of the neckline will help the growth out to be so much simpler. In all haircuts short the back is always able to expand faster, and this can be result in an unattractive tonal or “ducktail” appearance, so adding this aspect will assist with this.

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