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17 Stunning Platinum Blonde Balayage Hair Color Ideas

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Platinum blonde balayage gives a natural-looking , creamy and vibrant look for your hair. The free-form paint helps to maintain it with gorgeous growth over the long term. If you’re blessed with typically warm, natural hair, platinum could be the perfect blonde shade. According to stylist and owner of a salon in the UK, April Yardley says, “Work in harmony with your natural hues rather than against them. Otherwise, you’ll need apply an occasional toner every two weeks to freshen it.” The blonde shade is a great match for all skin tones by adding highlights that frame your face. Choose honey tones that will enhance the appearance of your skin, too. Two things you should ask your hair colorist Does it fit my face and life style? Do I have the money to pay for it? The platinum-level shade could take long and cost money based on your own natural shade. You’ll be delighted when you’re done in the salon. However, when you return back home and wash your hair you’ll see a completely different look. “You must spend time at home. It is essential to use the right products to safeguard your hair and improve its health,” Yardley states. Purple shampoo can detract warmth off your locks, therefore stay clear of it if you choose to maintain the warm tones. Exposed to direct sunlight is also prohibited since it can add unwarranted warmth to your hair. Find the perfect match for you here. Browse through these inspirational photos to find the most sought-after platinum blonde balayage options you could try.

Platinum Pearl Blonde Balayage

#1: Pearl Blonde Balayage

Consider a balayage with a pearly blonde If you’re looking for the most light, natural hair color. Balyage is a color technique that mixes of typical highlights as well as an ombre. It’s visually, a seamless blend between the natural hair shade as it develops and gives a gorgeous pearly tone. The pearly tone will be one you’ll need to maintain but is quite easy to maintain using the use of a purple shampoo in your home, or a visit to the salon for an easy toning session.

Light Brown to Platinum Blonde Balayage

#2: Light Brown to Platinum Blonde Balayage

Wear your hair’s light brown by putting it through a platinum balayage to get an edgy look this summer. The platinum blonde balayage style on brown hair makes for a well-loved and low-maintenance style which is easy to keep for when you use the correct products. Consult your stylist to determine the possibility of this look on your own hair.

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Icy White Blonde Balayage

#3: Icy White Blonde Balayage

A white balayage that is icy and crisp is an excellent choice for women who want to make a fashion statement. Remember that this light blonde shade can be more frequent maintenance. Consider a shampoo with a purple tint in order to soften your blonde since over time, it can begin to dull.

Icy Platinum Balayage with Shadow Roots

4. Icy platinum Balayage along with Shadow Roots

An icy balayage paired with dark shadows is an ideal alternative for women performing platinum hair color touch-ups. This is less work since you’ll have the natural roots shadowed in , while making the ends more vibrant. Maintenance occurs each 8-12 weeks instead of four weeks for a platinum-colored allover.

Pale Blonde Balayage with a Root Melt

#5 Light Blonde Balayage with the Root Melt

A light blonde balayage that has the melting of the roots is popular for blondes. Your stylist can design large panels of blonde hair that are bright However, keep your hair seamless by melting a darker color into the color glaze. Make sure the melt is lighter or closer to your natural hair color to ensure that this style is low-maintenance. Always make sure you inquire about the best hair-care tips from your stylist to ensure your blonde is healthy at home.

Platinum Icy Blonde Hair with Beachy Waves Balayage

#6 Platinum Icy Blonde hair with Beachy Waves

Hair with icy blonde platinum waves is a popular style! Hair painting might seem like the latest trend however it’s been around for quite a long time. Balyage or hair painting gives a natural blonding look without harsh lines like normal highlighting techniques create. To get balayage hair using platinum blonde, make sure you get a thorough discussion with your colorist , and inform them know your hair’s color background.

Platinum Grey-Blonde Balayage

#7:Platinum Grey Balayage

A platinum grey balayage can be ideal for a young lady who would like to explore the latest style, but particularly for women who are beginning to gray and want to smooth the look. The hue of the highlights could be made more grey/ashy to blend natural greys and blend into the blonde. It’s a simple means to hide the signs of ageing hair. Your stylist might suggest adding some more vibrant areas around your face. hair tends to gray first.

Platinum Blonde Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

#8: Platinum Blonde Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

When you pair the platinum blonde hair color with dark hair, keep in mind that it will take patience and many sessions of lifting. In order to achieve the platinum shade you’ll need to lift the natural pigments of orange, red and yellow in the hair’s dark brown. The initial few sessions will result in warmer highlights, which is vital to ensure that your hair is healthy enough to be able to achieve platinum. Make sure you take good take care of hair throughout the way with frequent deep conditioner treatments.

Dimensional Cool-Toned Platinum Highlights

#9: Dimensional Cool-Toned Platinum Highlights

Dimensional platinum highlights are created by free-form painting and encapsulation by foils to provide more lift , or with open-air where less lift is required. To achieve the perfect shade of blonde, you’ll need your hair to be lifted to a light yellow prior to tone. Your stylist can help you through the consultation about whether this could be accomplished in a single session or in multiple sessions to preserve the hair’s integrity. Dimension can be made by with your natural hair shade as a lowlight, or by adding a semi-permanent light to darken a portion of your hair.

Caramel and Platinum Blonde Balayage

#10: Caramel and Platinum Balayage

A platinum balayage that has caramel tones is an excellent alternative to add dimension without going too dark. If you’re moving from platinum in full then you’ll need your stylist to include the caramel highlight. If you’re transitioning from dark blonde, it’s best for your stylist to apply two different highlights in the color. The platinum balayage hair style is low maintenance if you maintain it longer rooted. The maintenance will be colored glazes and maintenance at home.

Platinum Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

11: Platinum Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

For a less-maintenance blonde platinum balayage, with dark roots is an ideal alternative. The roots that are dark or natural can make it grow quickly. Your stylist will guide you to platinum in a couple of sessions, based on how healthy and dark the condition of your hair. Maintenance on the platinum balayage is with professional hair care products at home as well as regular appointments to get a color glaze at the salon.

Violet Pastel and Titanium Blonde Balayage

#12: Violet Pastel and Titanium Blonde Balayage

Mixing a violet pastel an edgy blonde balayage made of titanium is a great style! If you’re thinking about using a bright color on your blonde hair The delicate violet and titanium colors are the best options since they fade after a couple of weeks before turning into the platinum blonde hue. It’s a great opportunity to try out different color options without having to commit for a long time.

Platinum Balayage Blonde Ombre on Brown Hair

#13: Platinum Balayage Ombre on Brown Hair

One popular style for women is the platinum balayage ombre brunette hair. If you’re looking to spice up your brown hair but you want to keep it simple consider an ombre-style. To get a more fiery ombre, you can request an investment piece or face-framing highlights. The balayage ombre is sprayed over for a natural appearance that is able to grow out effortlessly.

Platinum Highlights on Dirty Blonde Omber Hair

#14: Platinum Highlights on Dirty Blonde Hair

Highlights that are platinum will add the appearance of a sparkling brightness to your hair, and will keep it from appearing dull or having a discolored shade. Maintaining your highlights will involve regular highlights appointments every 6-8 weeks using the use of a color glaze to prevent hairstyles that feature platinum blonde balayage from appearing dull. Highlights can give bulk to fine, limp hair too. Make sure to style your hair using low heat, along with a heat protector to maintain your hair’s health.

Creamy Vanilla Platinum Blonde Foilayage

#15: Creamy Vanilla Blonde Foilayage

A soft vanilla foilayage can be stunning and flawless blonde. A foilayage is more effective than the balayage when there is more lifting required. It is exactly identical to an balayage however it is wrapped in foils to provide an increase in heat and lift. In consultation with your stylist, they will determine the best shade. A faded root can be produced by the technique of the painting , or by using shadow roots, which are created in painting with color.

Ash Platinum Blonde Balayage with Money Pieces

16: Ash Platinum with Money Pieces

Fresh, ashy platinum with blonde pieces of money is definitely in style. Dark ash from natural color vs . the bright platinum with ash creates a stunning contrast, striking hair color. There are many different styles that feature platinum blonde balayage, which look amazing. No matter if you want for your hair to be styled using an enormous, bouncy blowout or delicate beach waves, this style is always a big hit.

Platinum Silver-Blonde Balayage on Dark Hair

#17: Platinum Silver Balayage on Dark Hair

A silver and platinum balayage for darker hair requires patience and patience. To achieve a truly platinum blonde balayage with dark hair, it’ll require some to several lightening sessions in order to attain. Natural dark hair has to lighten through orange, red, and then to a light yellow before it can be toned to silver or platinum.

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