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17 Best Ash Blonde Balayage Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

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A balayage of ash blonde is an ash blonde hair color that is made using a hand-painted highlight technique. This creates a natural soft transition and adds dimension to the hair. With a hint of brown and silver Ash blonde is the most popular shade for women looking for an intense and vibrant contrast but not too overwhelming shade. Julianne Hough, Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried, and Kate Upton all made a stunning choice by coloring their hair in this gentle and sophisticated shade! This is the best option when you’re looking to trade your brunette hair to lighter ones, but aren’t ready to get all-in. Texas expert in balayage Erika Yasmin Portales has been transform straight and wavy hair strands into bohemian hairstyles that are ashy, and everyone’s in love! According to the tone of your skin you could choose to choose a more grayish, muted ash, or a more vibrant and buttery shades. Also, you’re doing yourself well by opting for Balayage because it will require less effort. For styling, simple and rumpled curls or a natural, lived-in style would be perfect in this cooler-toned hue. Are you hoping to see your dark hair sway beautifully to a light, delicate shade? Try a similar styles of Balayage with ash, and notice the different.

Long Layered Ash-Gray Balayage

#1: Long Layered Ash-Gray Balayage

If you’re seeking to stand out look into a long-layered Balyage. Ash gray balayage is a great cool shade and when it is paired with your natural roots, your hair will seamlessly blend for a simple growing-out. For maintenance at home, ensure that you use an ash gray shampoo to keep cool tones for longer.

Ashy Blonde Balayage Waves with Dark Roots

2. Ashy Waves and Dark Roots

You can have the hair you’ve always wanted with black hair with dark hair. Ash blonde is among popular blonde shades however it doesn’t suit any skin tone. Some times, ash tones may be a washout for your skin tone therefore, make sure that you choose the correct shade for you. Darker hair colors help keep maintenance at a minimum, which means fewer visits for a salon. Buy a purple shampoo to use for use at home to maintain your hair’s ashy look longer.

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Brunette to Ash Blonde Balayage Ombre

#3: Brunette to Ash Blonde

The hottest trend in brown is a beautiful blend of ash blonde and brunette Ombre! After coloring with balayage you can heat your curling iron to achieve the perfect look from the stunning ash blonde hair dye job.

medium ash blonde on long hair

#4: Medium Ash Blonde on Long Hair

This style does more than just provide cool-toned hair, it gives a cool girly vibe! You can achieve this trendy dimension of a medium-ash blonde shade by using the Balayage.

Ash Dark Blonde Balayage

#5: Ash Dark Blonde Balayage

A stunning long curly hairstyle, with a wavy texture and an elegant ash dark blonde Balyage? Yes, the result is stunning! Keep your locks’ colour clean and fresh with shampoo that is free of sulfate.

light ash blonde hair color

#6: Light Ash Blonde

A stunning blend of naturals, beige and blondes are a perfect match in this gorgeous wavy light blonde balayage masterwork.

Ash Grey Blonde Balayage

#7: Ash Grey Blonde

The smoky, ash grey blonde balayage curls resemble frozen locks thanks to its subtle blue hue. It’s great for those who are just beginning their journey in coloring because the roots are unaltered.

Ash Blonde Ombre

#8: Ash Blonde Ombre

Hair that is curly falls easily like waterfalls! Similar to your hair, your brown roots morph effortlessly into a fusion of brunette and Ash blonde balayage thanks to this amazing technique!

Dash Ash Blonde Balayage

#9: Dark Ash Blonde

Dark, dark roots that grow out to become gorgeous beige is definitely a must. The waves flow down to compliment the dark ash blonde balance and add a touch of elegance to the style.

ash platinum hair color

#10: Ash Platinum

The multi-colored shades of blonde, gray and brown hues caused by the balayage process makes this long platinum ash, inverted blonde bob appear more sophisticated! This is a very chic style indeed!

Cool Ash Blonde Balayage

#11: Cool Ash Blonde

Light balance of caramel and blonde shades creates a cool ash blonde with the technique of balayage. The lob is stunning and is able to keep a variety with blonde and brunette shades on the display.

Black and Ash Blonde

#12: Black and Ash Blonde

To create a stunning melted effect A blend of black and blonde can be a wonderful look for the length of your hair! The beach waves can give more volume and body, especially If you’re not a huge lover of straight and sleek styles. A loose braid might not be too significant but it can enhance the style, either. There are a myriad of shades of blonde, but If you’re looking for something natural, choose natural tones (not too ashy and not overly warm). The best thing about balayage is that it’s low-maintenance. Everyone would like to try it but if you’re too afraid to try it, then you should consider the balayage. After a balayage procedure it is essential that the client receives some personal care such as a good hair shampoo as well as treatment. Shampoo is the most crucial factor for hair bleached (use shampoo that is free of sulfate nor paraben and don’t use a silicon ty[e]). Some people wonder why their hair is becoming dry and why their toner disappears quickly. The majority of the time people use the incorrect shampoo. If you are using a shampoo that contains sulfate/paraben/silicon, no matter how much you do treatment and put oil, your hair won’t take it because the hair is already filled with bad ingredients. Additionally, I do not bleach curly hair that is extremely curly since, once bleaching is done the hair, it becomes very dry, unless you know how to get rid of it!

brown to ash blonde balayage

#13: Brown to Ash Blonde Ombre

This is a balayage-inspired color that is an amazing brown-ash blonde ombre that can be used as a suggestion when you next go to the salon. The color melt looks smooth, and it looks great with delicate waves that your locks have. The mid-length cut is perfect for keeping your dense hair fuller and take off some weight. What would you say about this style? This is an ash-neutral color that melts or ombres. What I like about this look is that it’s low maintenance enough that it doesn’t leave a lot of a boundary line when it develops. Do you have any advice for those who is considering this? When hair is ash-toned, it’s going to be more expensive to maintenance than neutral or warm colors. We added a bit of neutrality to this ash to ensure it would be able to balance elegantly with every shampoo. Toning shampoo or color depositing is a great method to keep color from becoming too warm in between salon visits.

Ash Blonde on Dark Brown Hair

#14: Ash Blonde On Dark Brown Hair

What do you think of the look? This style is a lived-in beach blonde. I like how it looks with the blonde-ash balayage. It looks effortless and natural. Do you have any advice for anyone who is considering this color? This color is the perfect color that is low maintenance. A person who visits the salon a couple of times per year is an ideal candidate. This is also applicable to any hair type.

Ash Blonde to Light Blonde

#15: Ash Blonde to Light Blonde

What do you think of the look? The balayage color is a rich shade of ash with warm and natural tones. My client was getting traditional foil highlights , and needed something that was less uniform and more natural. I decided to go with a live-in style for her cut which is a long bob that has loose beach waves for effortless styling. The thing I like most about this cut is the fact my customer doesn’t need to go back every three weeks to maintain her hair since she has a shadow on her roots to blend into the growing out. Do you have any advice for those thinking about it? Do your homework on your hair’s natural color and be aware of what you can anticipate after your first appointment. It is not common for clients to be able to achieve this color, but it’s possible by perseverance and the right hair care products at home for your hair. A proper home care routine will maintain your shade and help keep it healthy.

Ash Brown and Blonde

#16: Ash Brown and Blonde

What do you think of this style? I used teasy light with a color melt that I applied to my hair with Redken the EQ shade 3nb as the root color, 6na and 7v for middle and 9t/9v/9gi ends. The client wanted an ash blonde that isn’t too gray and I decided to make a natural beige blonde. The best thing to this style is the fact that I was able to melt different colors to create more dimension while still revealing the blonde aspect. If the hair isn’t long enough and thin, it’s difficult to see much of the blonde melts. There’s a lot of hair which is why I put her in layers to ensure that hair doesn’t lie in a flat position. Cutting the frame’s length gives more of an open look and when she tie her hair in a bun, bits appear to give her a cute look! Do you have any advice for anyone considering this? I believe the beige shade is ideal for people with pale or dark skin since it’s not too hot and not too cold. Additionally, it’s great for those looking for something natural, or for the first time they’ve tried blonde hair. It’s very subtle when compared with other blonde tones. Many ash tones are a wash even if you don’t put on heavy makeup However, with this beige shade it’s possible to wear any type of makeup, or none even! Layers are great for those who has hair that is long but needs some more volume. Layers on the front will add an appearance and will reduce the size of your face. I wouldn’t suggest excessive layers for curly hair since it can cause the hair to look too large (unless you blow-dry your hair every all day) or for those who have less hair. If you put on excessive layers, it can make your hair appear thin.

Silver Ash Blonde

#17: Smokey Silver Ash Blonde Ice

What do you think of this style? My favorite thing about this ash blonde balayage color is its contrast of lighter ends and dark roots. The natural contrast of the model’s dark hair helps highlight her ends and allows these to shine better than they would in the lighter color of the base. I like to style Balyage using a loose curl to highlight certain textures in the color, particularly if the model has a sharp cut, like this one. The hue as a smokey ice. Maintaining some depth by using the smokey grey tone, and giving the cold blonde to lighten the appearance, especially because shades of ash can appear dull when they do not contain anything that can be contrasted against. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about it? I would recommend them to know how difficult this shade is to keep because it’s semi-permanent. I would recommend applying the Blue Cool tone shampoo and conditioner to clean their hair. Toning appointments should be scheduled every 3-4 weeks to prevent any golden tones that are not wanted from coming back. When styling, moderate heat is essential to prevent color fade. Conditioning treatments and heat protectants are necessary to ensure that your hair stays moisturized. When your hair turns this light, it’s more susceptible to drying out. And if it’s not adequately moisturized, it could be extremely dry and brittle and easily breakable. If you’re a smoker I would not recommend this color as smoke residue is a common cause of hair loss and the hair will turn gold much faster than regular. I always provide a thorough listing of the hair treatments that the client has gone through over the last three years. The client in this style has her virgin hair that was natural and has been a client for more than five years. which plays an important part in lifting her hair to the desired shade. If the client is wearing an dark dye or box dye I recommend to create this look over a period of time. While it is possible to get the desired shade in one session, it won’t be feasible to maintain the integrity of hair in just one session. Also, it is important to know that it can take some time to achieve this style. Prepare yourself for a long day of work. I’ve found that the best method of achieving this shade is to have patience and plenty of time.

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