Marilyn Monroe’s iconic blonde bob is perhaps the most famous beauty look in history. She looked stunning, no matter if she was singing about diamonds being a girl’s best friend or seducing the president. The blonde bob haircut remains a popular choice for women who want to be noticed. Below are our top 21 choices.

The Secret of Blonde Bobs

Their sex appeal is largely determined by the cut and color of their hair. To achieve a unique style, choose the cut that flatters you face shape.

#1: Inverted Bobby for Thin Hair

angled blonde bob

This bouncy bob shows that curls aren’t the only way to create volume. Use an angled style with short layers at the back to add volume and long layers at the front to frame your face without making it look too busy.

#2: Shaggy Chin Length Bob

short shaggy blonde bob

The short, shaggy haircut has an appeal that is similar to Cameron Diaz’s classic look from the 2000s. For a more sophisticated look, you can add chocolate brown highlights to make it less casual. This will give the look a chic touch that can take you from the boardroom into the bar.

#3: Trendy Angled Haircut

angled blonde bob with lowlights

A super straight, defined bob inspired by celebrities like Victoria Beckham is a great way to stand out. This ‘do is sure to draw attention from the runway to the office hallway.

#4: Stacked White Blonde Bob

short layered blonde bob hairstyle

Stacked bobs are so common that it can sometimes become too normal in some circles. This style is great for women who have grown tired of their layered blonde bob. To add texture to your layers, feather them in the back while still keeping the front sections straight and angled. This simple adjustment can bring new life to your look.

#5: Blonde Bob and Side Bangs

short shaggy blonde bob

This style is great for small faces, as it doesn’t overwhelm smaller faces with too many hair. Side bangs are fun and flirty. The shaggy layers and shorter hair length keep this look light and fun.

#6: Classic Bob with Modern Twist

blonde angled bob for thin hair

Longer sides make a classic bob look more elegant. The modernized bob haircut is great for people who are looking for a new look but feel a bit timid. Although it’s not a risky cut, this one can add volume to your thin, lifeless locks.

#7: Tousled beach babe lobster

Blonde Balayage Lob

This lob has a natural look thanks to its loose waves and dirty blonde locks. To highlight your hair’s thickness, avoid heavy layers. Instead, go for shaggy highlights to give your hair a modern look. Keep your hair tousled for that beach-babe look.

#8: Striking Angled Gold Lob

Asymmetrical Long Angled Bob

Blonde bob haircuts can be both elegant and eye-catching if they are cut at a steep angle. This is a striking piece because of the extreme length difference between the front and back. This style is best for straight hair.

#9: Shaggy Highlighted Bobby

Shaggy Lob For Thin Hair

This cute bob is perfect for girls who want volume. Begin with a classic angled haircut. Next, add loose curls to your back. Highlights can give your locks more dimension.

#10: Ombre-ed Lob

Angled Layered Blonde Lob

With ombre-ed hair, show off your cool lob. This short cut allows you to make the most of trendy hair colors and draw attention to your face. The brightly coloured hair instantly points you to the eyes of the wearer.

#11: Wavy Caramel Blonde Lom

Wavy Shaggy Honey Blonde Lob

This casual blonde bob features a few layers at the back that add a cute twist to the hair. For a relaxed look, the locks were curled at the mid shaft and soft highlights added to it. This style works well with bangs that are loosely pinned.

#12: Gently Angled Waves

wavy shaggy brown blonde bob

This hairstyle is soft and feminine with bleach blonde hair. An all-over lightening treatment or strategically placed highlights can make a blonde bob pop.

#13: Lob with Sweeping Bongs

Side Parted Bob With Bangs

Side-parted lobs with side bangs are the best for a unique face-framing style. The long, feathered locks form a clean shape around the face. While the fringe adds a youthful touch to the look. This style suits all faces and is universally flattering.

#14: Middle Parting Lob

Ash Blonde Long Bob

A bob may not be the best choice for those who prefer a looser style. A haircut with a central parting can be easily swept to one side and still look great. A symmetrical cut is key with several layers.

#15: Ash Blonde Lob With Subtle Waves

Shaggy Blonde Bob With Lowlights

One mid-shaft wave can make a big difference in the overall look of your hairstyle. This subtle kink adds an extra dimension to your hair. You can also do it at home with a curling iron!

#16: The Short Silver Bob

Chin-Length Silver Bob

A stunning hair color can make a classic bob look modern. It looks great on any hairstyle, but silver blonde is especially striking with short hair. You can create the perfect curl at the ends with a few layers hidden beneath your hair.

#17: Caramel Blonde lob with Bangs

Shoulder Length Blonde Bob

This lob is perfect for showing off healthy hair. This style is simple and highlighted by long bangs that go far back. The caramel blonde color gives the look a warm glow and lightens it.

#18: Cute Bob With Short Bangs

Chin Length Blonde Bob With Bangs

A short, blonde bob can be paired with straight eyebrow-skimming bangs to create a girly look. The cut is a perfect length for the face, and the long fringe draws attention to the facial features such as the eyes and cheekbones.

#19: Angled Ice Bob with Teased Back

Inverted Blonde Bob

This is gorgeous hairstyle. The choppy layers and sharply angled bob create a dramatic shape. This light blonde color is fun and playful with pastel pink accents.

#20: Textured Bob and Blonde Highlights

Chin-Length Choppy Brown Blonde Bob

The casual, short-haired blondes of today are tousled and full-bodied. Her bob is trendy with its choppy layers. Each hair is unique, but there is a consistent overall shape. The flow of lighter pieces is accentuated by the dark blonde base.

#21: Wavy Bob and Soft Balayage

Blonde Balayage Bob

It is amazing how a few strategically placed pieces can make a difference. This dishwater blonde is magically energized by the light blonde waves at the front and sides. If you don’t want your head fully colored, soft balayage can be a great alternative.


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