A bob cut is an acceptable and low-maintenance choice for hair with fine texture. A collarbone, chin length or cropped styles can be equally effective for hair with a lack of body. It is possible to add body with easy methods of styling and products. Here are the most beautiful styles of hair in bobs that are suitable for fine hair. Even if you’ve stuck to this style for a while, look them up with suggestions for a seasonal change in your mind. If you have hair that is thin it is essential to learn new techniques and tips for making it look more thicker. Bob cut is an excellent option for those with thin hair. It is just a matter of choosing the correct cut. Pay attention to the edges and texture. Make it messy or wavy get your hairdresser to highlight it and you’ll never experience a bad hair day ever again. The tricks are all are in our article!

Best Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair

#1 One Long Bob With Long Bangs

Blonde Balayage Bob With Side Bangs

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have straight hair, you should consider your hair to be the perfect blank canvas. Make use of highlights to give depth to short haircuts for bobs. Her large brown and blonde pieces create a stylish hairstyle that has depth and volume.

#2: Bright Blonde Bob Cut

Layered Blonde Bob

Fine hair is characterized by hair strands with little body. One of the most effective ways for making short hair appear more fuller is to use a combination of low and highlights. The former are usually just two shades lighter than natural hair, and it is two shade darker. The mixture of colors gives an impression of depth.

#3: Layered Short Hairstyle

short-to-medium razored haircut for women

Layers are a great method to increase volume in fine hair. This bob cut illustrates how the shorter pieces combine with the larger pieces to keep the length, while also adding bounce. To achieve this textured style by cutting your own hair in a similar fashion make sure you spray a small amount of dry shampoo around the hair’s root.

#4: Side-Parted Chin-Length Bob for Fine Hair

Chin-Length Bob With Dark Blonde Highlights

Check out this adorable length of chin! The neat messiness on the top, paired with a tiny side piece is a contemporary and stylish cut. A few strategically placed highlights of dark blonde add a touch of sophistication to the look.

#5: Inverted Textured Silver Bob

Platinum Blonde Bob For Thin Hair

A bob that is thin is stunning when a bit of color added. The platinum blonde highlights when coupled with purple. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your favourite color!

#6: Champagne Blonde Bob

bob haircut

Blondes with cool tones are among the most popular this year due to their being stylish and soft at the same at the same time. They also flatter shades ranging from light to dark. Since the shades are delicate, it is essential to increase visual interest and volume by using dark, dark-colored roots and layers at the back.

7. Poker Straight Silver Bob with Root Fade

Low Maintenance Straight Textured Bob

A textured bob can be low maintenance, but always stylish. A fade in the roots keeps the style fresh, while straight locks give it an attractive look for work. Extra bonus: when you’re out doing errands during weekends messy hair is very attractive.

#8 Razored Combover Bob with Dark Roots

Blonde Choppy Bob

It’s likely that you thought a coiffeur was only for guys but haven’t you? With this sleek blonde bob, ladies can rock the look too. You can rock it in blonde with an eye shadow that is dark for a night out , or make it casual for a casual weekend.

#9: Soft Layered Lob for Fine Hair

Blonde Bob Hairstyle For Fine Hair

Bob hairstyles that are suitable for delicate hair do not have to be incredibly short. This style, for instance is just above the shoulders. It looks cute and feminine with soft curls in a golden blonde shade. If you are at work, you can straighten your locks to appear polished.

#10: Bob Cut with Face-Framing Lighting

Choppy Blonde Balayage Bob

A shorter haircut is preferred when you have hair that is fine. Bobs work well for people with thicker hair in this regard. To draw attention to your face pick a lighter shade for the face-framing strands, and follow these strategies to make them appear less bulky and hence more full.

#11 Shoulder length Bob with Layers

Ash Blonde Bob With Platinum Balayage

Bob haircuts designed for small hair are intended to create more volume to those who has thin hair. Medium-length layers can be easily hairstyled straight or with waves. Another advantage? Shoulder-length hair flatters a wide range of facial shapes.

#12: Polished Straight Creamy Bronde Bob

Straight Inverted Blonde Bob

This stunning combination of brown and blonde on a straight , inverted hairstyle is stunning and chic. It doesn’t require much energy in the early mornings to get you to appear at ease and ready for a successful day at work.

#13: Shaggy Blonde Bob for Fine Hair

Wavy Dishwater Blonde Bob

Are you a fan of the messy style? Consider stacked or graduated layers of a long bob/lob to create a simple-to-manage crop. A wavy texture will get you the most benefit from the shaggy look and will not take too long to your everyday routine.

14. Ash Blond A-Line with Textured ends.

Low Maintenance Blonde Bob

Do you need a change but don’t want something that takes too much effort? Take a look at this adorable low-maintenance blonde A-line hairstyle! With straight, blonde locks that barely touch your neckline, this is a great mix of chic and simple!

#15: Short Blonde Bob for Thin Hair

Inverted Blunt Bob

Short bobs can be very flexible cuts for hair with thin texture. No matter what your hair type you can change into shorter hair even though have hair that is extremely thin. If you cut hair up to the chin, and then going shorter toward the nape of your neck, you will get an overall more substantial look.

#16: Soft Gray A-Line Bob

A-Line Bob For Fine Hair

The Bobs of fine hair can be found in a variety of styles and colors, such as this A-line with soft gray. The side that is deep gives an elegant face-framing form, while wavy locks give you a textured look that you’ll enjoy running your fingers over!

17: Bronde Loaf with Layers of Swoopy Swoopy

Straight Layered Lob

Are you a fan of straight hair that is getting old? The shoulder-length cut with layers of ends could be more your preference. A bronde hairstyle with subtle waves is that they are hot and versatile regardless of what!

#18: Inverted Highlighted Bob for Thin Hair

Brown Choppy Bob With Golden Blonde Highlights

Get bottom-up with an inverted hairstyle that’s one of the most elegant hairstyles for those looking to change the look of their hair. Include some honey highlights, and try out bangs to create a fast and simple hairstyle.

#19: Chin-Length Messy Asymmetrical Bob

Low Maintenance Chin-Length Bob

A fresh version of the asymmetrical bob style is this messy, textured style with an off-center area that is uneven. Chin length locks make sure your style is flirty and feminine, yet still easy to maintain!

#20: Textured Medium Bob for Thin Hair

Razored Wavy Bob With Subtle Balayage

When you want to add bulk to hair that is fine, the texture of hair can be crucial. Layers and cuts that are right will do wonders for people struggling with limp hair with no life. Use a medium length hairstyle with a thin layer of choppy with.

#21: Bob Cut with Blunt Endes

Blunt Platinum Bob

Hairstyles that are short for thin hair can help you appear chic and elegant particularly when locks are cut in one length. Since your hair is on the thin end, the blunt edges offer the perfect amount of structure and density to give you a rich, not too poofy look.

#22: Graduated Bob for Short Fine Hair

Short Layered Bob With Subtle Balayage

Professional haircuts focus on finding the ideal shape to match the natural hair texture. Fine straight hair is best with a hairstyle that is graduated in layers to give a neat flowing, even flow over the head.

#23: Shiny Straight Gray Blonde Lob

Straight Bob Hairstyle For Fine Hair

As summer approaches and hairstyles that are short that are suitable for hair with fine texture is the most appealing options. Hair is shaved off from the neck, and is easy to keep neat and tidy for the workday and, when you head to the beach messy hair is adorable.

#24: Tousled Medium Bob

Shaggy Blonde Bob With Root Fade

Make finer strands appear more voluminous by using a lot of layers that are finely cut as well as blonde balayage using roots fade. The beachy, tousled hair looks full because of the wispy texture as well as bleached bits on the darker base. If you want to style your new cut, apply mousse to the lengths, then the scrunch them.

#25: Asymmetrical Bob for Straight Fine Hair

Asymmetrical Graduated Bob For Fine Hair

You’re stuck in a rut your fine, straight hair? A bob with a graduated style could be the perfect glimmer you’ve been searching for! Create an asymmetrical frame and you’ll feel like a new person. You can get long pieces on one side, and short locks to the opposite side, and on the back.

#26: Straight Angled Wheat Blonde Bob

Straight Blonde Bob

Sometimes we need simple things like straight locks that are simple and silky smooth. Imagine Jennifer Aniston’s iconic Friends cut, only shorter.

27: Short Choppy Bob and messy waves

Blonde Bob Haircut With Waves For Thin Hair

Are you going out tonight? A bob cut for hair with thin, gorgeous blonde waves is the preferred style. We’re thinking Marilyn Monroe would approve this beautiful and sweet haircut. To add more detail, you can use an elegant barrette.

#28: An-Line Lob Root Fade

Sleek Blonde Balayage Lob

Keep your hair clean and sleek with the classic A-line hairstyle. To give your fine locks more volume, let your stylist mix in a lighter hue for the lengths, extending the roots in a smooth manner and letting the lowlights shine through to create a truly rich hue.

#29: Stacked Bob with Painted Highlights

Ash Blonde Lob

Add the extra volume from layers that are stacked with smooth highlights to create an authentic, fresh-from-the-day look. When your hair’s smooth and straight, it’ll appear best when blow-dried however, you could also play around with less formal air-dried styles.

#30: Highlighted Blonde Lob

Layered Blonde Balayage Bob

From a first look, it appears to be a straightforward cut and shade, but once you examine the hair, the intricate features of this stunning hairstyle become apparent. The mixture of hefty golden highlights and ash blonde gives it a defined look, and the layers make the hair’s ends an attractive kick.

#31: Concave Short Bob for Fine Hair

Short Rounded Bob With Long Front Pieces

There are many cuts to choose from for Bob hairstyles that are suitable for fine hair. If the traditional haircut isn’t for you, consider the concave shape a shot. Cut long side bangs in order to lengthen the look and create an contrast to the back’s shorter length for an edgier, modern look.

32: Shaggy Blonde Bob With Root Fade


Don’t believe that your hair’s roots must be in harmony with those of the remaining hair. The contrast between your part line and your ends is one method to make it appear as if your hair is thicker than it really is. Her dark brown hair and bleached locks appear that she’s got a lot of hair.

#33: Box Bob Haircut for Fine Hair

Blunt Blonde Bob With Bangs

Hair cuts that are structured and fine aren’t static in all cases. If the boxy cut is the best choice for your hair’s texture you can add some highlights and lowlights to create the needed motion in your hair.

#34: Short to Long Angled Cut

Angled Blonde Bob

If you are deciding on a cut that is suitable for hair with thin layers be sure to consider that something with layers is an ideal alternative. The bob cut she has is extremely sharp angle and sharp lines, however they are softened with layers and color.

#35 Mahogany Brown Bob, with Layers

Angled And Layered Shoulder Length Bob

Fine hair cuts can be nothing without the right shade However, you don’t have to be too dramatic with the change. Apply warm mahogany tones for a deeper brown shade and draw focus to your stunning haircut.

#36: Textured Brown Bob Haircut

Choppy Wavy Bob For Fine Hair

Don’t let the usual styles for hair with fine texture guide you in the wrong direction. Hair should be cut into a curly hairstyle with layers of finely chopped hair to prevent flat locks. Get a great texture spray and forget about the days of bad hair!

#37 Chin length Bob With Face-Framing Layers

short layered bob haircut for thin hair

Fine hair seems to have more volume when it’s shorter. Since it doesn’t have the length to weigh on it, the hair is able to bounce around, giving more of the look and feel of larger hair. The bob is exactly like that. an angled length that wraps over the jawline and a chin-length, you can wear it in a big, free-flowing style!

#38: Stacked Short Haircut

short textured bob with highlights

If you’re an athlete it isn’t always easy to find the time take care of your hair, which is why short hairstyles can be very efficient for athletes. This style is simple enough to pull back using hairbands when you’ve got to go for a run, both literally as well as literally, and shorter enough to style at the beginning of the day without sacrificing sleep.

#39: Layered Straight Bob for Thin Hair

Classic Blonde Bob Blowout

The length of the collar makes the best option for haircuts for thin hair. A small pile in the back can give a extra volume. The layers help keep straight strands from becoming flat, while also allowing them to retain their polished and sleek look. Wear the hairstyle with bright highlights to give a balance with the darker brunette base.

#40: Angled Bob for Fine Hair

Golden Blonde Bob For Straight Hair

Bob styles for thin hair may be layered and have precise edges. The lower part of this bob offers an elongated design that isn’t overly strict due to the loose layers. Modern bob styles can be quite contradictory, and we love it!

#41 Blonde Bob with an eerie Shadow Root

Messy Platinum Balayage Bob

Bobbed hair is versatile and this can be used as a canvas to play with a variety of textures and colors. If you’re blonde add some edge by using hair with loose waves, shadow roots with wispy layering. The hairstyle is flirty and sensual and is full of chic-girl fashion.

42: Brown Bob with Babylights

bob haircut

Bob haircuts are easy styles for women who prefer an elegant look that doesn’t require much effort to maintain. If you’re working in a traditional workplace go for a natural shade and add a few facial framing layers.

#43: Angled Cut for Thin Hair

bob hairstyle

Blunt cuts can be difficult to achieve with hair that is thin because they aren’t very volume-filled. The chin-length bobs that are angled create an illusion of fullness in the back, yet maintain straight lines. By making your bob longer in front it allows you to frame your face and soften it.

#44: Inverted Bob Cut for Fine Hair

Blonde Balayage Bob For Fine Hair

Bring an extra dimension in your straight hair by incorporating an cut that is inverted. The back is shorter and longer in the front Sharp angles give your hair more volume and dynamism. Additionally, a small bend and curly on the ends add an attractive look. This bob proves that shorter hair can be as sexually attractive as long hair.

#45: Wavy Asymmetrical Long Bob

bob hairstyle

Round faces look great with bangs that are swept to one side, as they draw attention to the face and make your face appear more elongated. Your side-swept fringe can blend in with the longer part of your cut for a visual length. Sea salt spray gives your fringe strands a dense beachy look.

#46: Icy Blonde Bob with Waves

Curly Platinum Bob Hairstyle

Medium bobs are timeless, and can be worn on any facial shape. Create a unique look with the chic platinum shade. The layered waves enhance the modern appeal of the shoulder-length hairstyle, and also enhance its romantic appeal. This style proves that the beauty of bright blonde hair.

#47: Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Brunette Choppy Side-Parted Bob

Making choppy layers is crucial for adding some texture and movement your hair without a lot of curly and teasing. It’s sleek and allows styling your hair to be easy, particularly for straight hair. Let layers do the job. All you need to do is apply a small amount of the product on your hair, and then comb it out just a bit before heading for the doors.

#48: Jaw-Length Layered Bob

Ash Blonde Bob With Platinum Highlights

Bob haircuts for hair with thin hair are great if your hair is damaged by bleach. Although platinum blonde looks gorgeous however, it is hard on your hair. Hair is much more manageable when you’ve got a shorter and straight cut. You must moisturise and nourish your hair with oils and serums in order to prevent breakage and encourage healthy hair luster, as shown in the photo below.

#49: Short Layered Bob Cut

Stacked Bob For Fine Hair

Short bobs that are stacked provide instant volume and sexiness. They’re universally flattering and stylish, which makes them an excellent option for older women or girls who are always on the go. The shorter your hair is more relaxed you’ll face to deal with in the morning as you’re looking to go out the door. Opt for highlights to bring out the layers.

#50: Razored Cut for Fine Hair

Angled Bob For Straight Fine Hair

This technique of cutting with a razor is great with short cuts because it creates a more airy hairstyle and adds motion and movement to your crop. Use razored ends for an inverted style and relish the freshness and smoothness of your hair. Fine hair can be paired with this style of haircut since it’s already very lightweight and soft by itself.

#51: Jagged Short Bob for Thin Hair

Chin-Length Stacked Bob

A long chin-length bob always makes an impression thanks to its unquestionably strong hairstyle. It is possible to spruce your bob’s style for delicate hair by adding delicate layers and a dash in the form of waves from the beach. The texture boost fills out the hair, making the hair a beautiful shape. The messy, unfinished cut is perfect for wash-n-go’s as well.

#52: Geometric Bob Cut for Thin Hair

Blunt Blonde Bob For Straight Hair

The appeal of fine strands of hair is that they are easy to lay and are smooth. The volume of a bob isn’t always ideal according to the style you’re trying to achieve. The Asymmetrical bob is an excellent illustration of how less is more. It allows the clear edges and crisp angles dominate the scene.

#53: Graduated Bob Cut

Razored Blonde Balayage Bob

Razors aren’t just used for cutting male styles. Request your stylist to cut the chin length bob you want using the razor to create a unique cut that’s frayed and not done. A graduated length can enhance the volume of your fine hair.

#54: Highlighted Blonde Bob Cut

Ash Blonde Bob With Platinum Balayage

Highlight short bobs with thin hair by adding a few highlights. They can break up the the dull base color and provide a romantic look the hairstyle. Particularly when the platinum blonde streaks feature an ashen blonde background.

#55: Messy Straight Bob for Thin Hair

Ash Blonde Shoulder Length Bob

One-length bobs can be an elegant and clean style. The addition of something as simple as sharply cut ends and some layers at the base of your hairstyle can add a substantial degree of edge. While neat and tidy hairstyles may be a good idea for certain people but the comfort of messy hairstyles work equally well for other people.

#56: Extra Angular Highlighted Bob

angular bob for thin hair

There are a variety of ways to increase the quantity in fine hair. One way is to draw the eye to the perfect edges by showcasing more sharp angles of the front hair. Highlights that stand out, longer side bangs, and a smoothed appearance make it more striking.

#57: Stacked Bob with Soft Lines

stacked bob for fine hair

A stacked haircut for bobs is a great way to add volume and volume for fine hair. It isn’t possible to achieve precise geometric patterns like when you have the hair that is stacked however the soft and flowing line of the hairstyle shown in the image are equally appealing. The gentle teasing of the hair’s roots adds volume and an airy note for the style.

#58: Wispy Texturized Bob

medium length bob haircut for fine hair

The main benefit of having fine hair is the possibility to create various ethereal styles that feel like the air that is through your hair. This gorgeous bob is just one of the most beautiful examples. The bob is cut with a blunt edge, yet styled loosely yet it maintains the perfect shape. It also has amazing texture and a great colour.

#59: Angled Bob Hairstyle For Thin Hair With Wispy Bangs

Reese Witherspoon curly bob

The bob of Reese Witherspoon is finely chopped and is angled in front, but the loose waves blur the angles, leaving an elongated pair of face-framing curls.

#60: Razored Bob With Thick Long Side Bangs

Camilla Belle bob haircut

Camilla Belle is a stunning beauty in all ways and the reason is her mid-length bob, which is shaved off in the ends, revealing her gorgeous curls. Long side bangs that be used to frame her face for an sexy peek-a-boo as in the photo , or be positioned in the centre to create with a more symmetrical fashion.

#61: Cropped Edgy Short Bob Hairstyle For Thin Hair

cropped bob for thin hair

The ragged lines of a sassy hairstyle make a stylish choice for any event. Layering the back with fine lines and long, slack front hair make up the “wow” aspects of this stylish look along with the soft highlights add their spice. This is a fantastic hairstyle that is suitable for anyone of anyone of any age.

#62: Sun-Kissed Messy Bob for Fine Hair

Butter Blonde Razored Bob For Fine Hair

It doesn’t take long hair to enjoy the sun’s glow on your locks. Golden hues look gorgeous with short bobs for smooth hair. Cut your hair in an angle to give your hair a root lift.

#63: Sleek Polished Collarbone Bob

collarbone bob for fine hair

The sleek A-line bob looks modern and out of fashion. Elegant and laconic, it can be worn with informal, casual, or formal styles. If you have fine hair, it is important to tuck it in at the root when blow drying to avoid the sloppy feeling. The gorgeous silky texture and polished appearance immediately grabs your attention.

#64: Mid-Length Layered Haircut

Collar Bone Blonde Bob

The most effective bobs utilize colors to benefit. A stunning mix of highlights across makes the most of the short haircut. Once you’ve nailed the perfect shade, such as the picture below, your hairstyle can be simple. Cut a few small layers for more motion.

#65: Gray Balayage Lob for Straight Hair

Gray Side-Parted Lob For Straight Hair

A new hue can be like a refreshing fresh cut. Avoid the typical shades and opt for something more distinctive like a silvery gray. For a truly unique way to make your hair stand out include the hints of blue to give more depth.


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