What’s more than a beauty icon more iconic than Marilyn Monroe’s iconic blonde hairstyle? When she was seductively regaling at the White House or sing-songing about diamonds being the perfect gift for a girl She always looked stunning. The blonde bob haircut remains an attractive option for women who want to make heads turn for all the good reasons. Take a look at our top 40 choices below. The key to their success is obviously, their sex attraction, which is due to the cut that is specific to them and the attractive hair shade. Choose the cut that best suits your face shape , and think of your very own beautiful blonde hue to get an individual look.

The Secret of Blonde Bobs

#1: Inverted Bob for Thin Hair

angled blonde bob

Curls aren’t the only method to create the volume you desire, as evidenced by this bounciness of this bobble. Make use of an angled look that utilizes thin layers to create volume in the back , and smooth long layers in front to frame your face without imposing it.

#2: Shaggy Chin-Length Bob

short shaggy blonde bob

A short , shaggy cut has always a kind or “girl right next to you” look that is similar to Cameron Diaz’s iconic style in the beginning of 2000’s. For a look that is more casual, you can add chocolate brown highlights to create an elegant element that can bring one from business to bar without a pause.

#3: Trendy Angled Haircut

angled blonde bob with lowlights

Inspired by the angles of famous people such as Victoria Beckham, a super straight bob that has sharp angles is an excellent choice for those who want to stand out. from the fashion runway all the way to the office corridor This is a style that is sure to draw interest.

#4: Stacked White Blonde Bob

short layered blonde bob hairstyle

A stacked bob is popular that it may become a bit expected in certain circles. This is a great style for women who are wearing a layered blonde hairstyle, but are getting tired of it. Have your layers trimmed at the back to give some texture, and keep those sections on the front straight and bent. This is a quick and easy modification that injects fresh life into your style.

#5 Blonde Bob with Side Bangs

short shaggy blonde bob

Smaller faces may be overwhelmed by the volume of hair on the face This is the reason this hairstyle is so beautiful. The side bang is an attractive touch, while the shaggy length and shorter layers keep the look casual and playful.

#6: A Classic Bob With a Modern Twist

blonde angled bob for thin hair

A classic bob can be made more attractive by having longer sides. Modernizing the classic bob cut is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a new style but feel a bit timid about a gun. This haircut doesn’t pose any risk, but it’s also capable of doing amazing things, like adding the volume of thin hair that is dull and lifeless.

#7: Tousled Beach Babe Lob

Blonde Balayage Lob

The smoky blonde locks and the loose waves give this lob an effortless look. Stay clear of thick layers to emphasize the volume of your hair, but opt for shaggy, highlighted ends for a modern and bright appearance. Keep your hair straight to give them the beach-babe look.

#8: Striking Angled Platinum Lob

Asymmetrical Long Angled Bob

An angle of a steep angle is a great way to make blonde bobs stylish and eye-catching. The huge variation on length of the front and the back is a striking statement piece. Beware, this cut is best suited to straight hair!

#9: Shaggy Highlighted Bob

Shaggy Lob For Thin Hair

This adorable bob is perfect for women who wish to give some volume their hair. Begin with the classic angled bob cut, then apply loose curls from your bangs onto on the sides of your hair. Make use of highlights to give your locks more dimension.

#10: Ombre-ed Lob

Angled Layered Blonde Lob

Display the form that your chic lob has with hair that is ombre-ed. This short cut allows you to take advantage of fashionable hair colors to make your facial features the focus of attention. In this case, the fade of the vibrant blonde hair instantly draws attention towards the eyes of the person wearing it.

#11: Wavy Caramel Blonde Lob

Wavy Shaggy Honey Blonde Lob

The casual blonde hairstyle features some extra layers on the back that add a cute twist on the hair. The locks are pulled back mid shaft for an adorable, relaxed look with soft highlights. This style can also be worn with bangs that are loosely pinched behind.

#12: Gently Angled Waves

wavy shaggy brown blonde bob

Feminine and soft, this hairstyle is stunning when paired with blonde bleach hair. Blondes can benefit from all-over lightening, and strategically placed highlight that create a stunning effect. Layers and curls are made to pop.

#13″Lob with Sweeping Bangs”

Side Parted Bob With Bangs

If you’re looking for a face-framing style that’s a bit more flamboyant and a side-parted cut with side bangs is a great choice. Long feathered locks form a sleek form around the face, while the sweeping fringe helps make the appearance more youthful. This design is universally flattering since it works for all types of faces.

#14: Lob and Middle Parting

Ash Blonde Long Bob

If you’re looking for the look of flowing hair A bob may seem too rigid. A haircut that has an angled middle is able to be easily moved between one side and the other, and still look fantastic. The most important thing is to have an aesthetically pleasing cut that has several layers.

#15 Ash Blonde Lob Subtle Waves

Shaggy Blonde Bob With Lowlights

A simple mid shaft wave towards a blonde hair lob could add a major impact to the overall look that the haircut. A subtle twist here gives an extra depth to hair. It’s also incredibly easy to make at home. All you require is a curling tool!

#16: Short Silver Bob

Chin-Length Silver Bob

The classic short bobs are a great option for an eye-catching hair color. Silver blonde is a striking color for any hairstyle, however, it is particularly attractive on shorter hair. A few layers hidden will aid in creating that perfect curve towards the ends.

#17: Caramel Blonde Lob with Bangs

Shoulder Length Blonde Bob

This lob that is super long is perfect for showing off the healthy and beautiful hair. The design itself is simpleand is highlighted by the heavy bangs that are positioned from the back of the hair. The caramel blonde hue highlights the style and provides an ethereal glow.

#18: Cute Bob with Short Bangs

Chin Length Blonde Bob With Bangs

Make a statement with the look of a short, blonde bob by adding straight, smoky eyebrows for the cutest girly style. The length of the chin of the cut gives a beautiful frame for the face. the shorter fringe is a great way to highlight the facial features like cheekbones and eyes.

#19: Volumized Caramel Blonde Lob

Strawberry Blonde Shaggy Lob

The floppy caramel lob has darkened roots and messy blonde curls that extend from the eye upwards. This hairstyle is ideal for giving body to straight hair. The loose, shaggy curls create a lob that is less defined and slender as compared to a typical straight cut hairstyle.

#20: Textured Platinum Blonde Bob

Choppy Blonde Balayage Bob

Straight ends showcase the distinct design of the cut and the midshaft waves provide the appearance of volume and a messy texture. This is a great option for women with thin hair who would like to test an hairstyle with a texture.

#21: Curly Angled Bob

Wavy Blonde Lob

Women with thick hair are capable of pulling off an curly bob that is angled. This blonde lob is adorned with cute , dimensional curls with the perfect length as well as an attractive look of a sharply bent bob, which is softened by the texture.

#22 Bronde Bob with Bangs Highlighted

Brown Blonde Angled Layered Bob

A traditional bob is great when paired with darker hair. However, it’s more appealing with a few shining blonde highlights. Use light-colored bangs to show off hair that is swept back against darker hair. Include some subtle highlights across the hair to finish the style.

#23: Super Straight Ash Blonde Bob

Straight Cut Blonde Bob

This straight, poker-like hairstyle is cool – it’s like it’s from the future. Simple cut and elegant color creates a sophisticated appearance. You can coordinate the cut and color to your complexion and shape to determine your most effective option.

24: Short Bob with Layers

Layered Ash Blonde Bob

The traditional short blonde bobs could be dated with the wrong change. Layer a few layers over the top of your hair, and they’ll instantly freshen the cut. Spray your hair with some hairspray or mousse to separate the layers.

#25: Curly Highlighted Bob

Wavy Blonde Balayage Bob

This is yet another look that proves that bobs don’t need to have straight hair! This style is actually quite easy to style, too. Just keep the bottom layer natural If you have straight hair, you can add a few curls to the top with a curling tool.

#26: Sleek White Blonde Lob

Silver Blonde Lob With Side Bangs

This alternative hairstyle is soft and feathery and has smaller point cut layers in the front. If you’re looking for something unique, this is an unconventional new style for the long hairstyle. Combine it with a stunning white hue to make more of an impact.

#27: Dark and Light Contrasting Bob

African American Honey Blonde Bob

Hair that is naturally dark aren’t required to bleach it completely to achieve a light appearance. This caramel blonde bob has dark roots and blonde body hair. It’s also an option to use this style if you’re attempting to increase the naturally-colored hair.

#28: Voluminous Stacked Cut

short wavy strawberry blonde bob

The hair with a thinner texture can benefit from the layered bob cut, and it is suggested. The layered cut maintains the fullness of the back, but does not bring the bulkiness to the front and around the face. The two-tone shade with a slight strawberry blonde at the bottom adds the right amount of dimension and prevents the look from appearing too overpowering.

#29: Curly Caramel Bob

caramel short bob with blonde highlights

A bob can be made look more appealing when you throw curls. Even if you’ve got normally straight hair you can apply the curling iron on a longer or medium hairstyle to create this fun and twisted look. Be sure to use a good setting spray to ensure that your rings last for the entire day.

#30: Messy Blonde Lob

medium shaggy blonde hairstyle

The messy hairstyles that are trending these days, and if you mix in platinum blonde hair you’ll be awestruck by the result. Part rocker chick and beautiful This bob is created using a variety of layered sections and then dumping the comb away.

31: Medium Bob with Spiral Curls

collarbone blonde short bob

Blonde hair can be so much fun since it displays curls and waves better than any other color. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that is beautiful to look at and wear Try adding some lovely rings to your hair.

#32: Straight Bob for Thin Hair

platinum asymmetrical short bob for fine hair

Dark blonde or light blonde hair color doesn’t matter if your hair is thin that you are unable to keep it in any kind of fashion. A bob is an excellent cut for people who have fine hair because it maintains its own shape. If you’ve been keeping your hair’s thin length and curly, go across the other side to see how stunning you’ll feel.

#33: Asymmetry Enhanced by Color

asymmetrical bob with balayage

Request your stylist at the salon to keep a substantial length of hair that is larger than other parts of your hair and then define the hair with a shade that you prefer to highlight it. Any shade will work because blonde hair works perfectly with every shade.

#34: Pearl Blonde Bouncy Waves

loosely curled blonde lob hairstyle

If you’ve got straight or slightly angled bob you can get this look. Simply by using a small barrel curling iron with the shoulder, you’ll have an entire head of loose, perfect spirals.

#35: Messy Lob with Lowlights

blonde wavy lob

Naturally smooth hair always looks appealing but sometimes it’s better to keep it simple with regards to your daily look. Instead of sporting an expensive platinum-colored dye opt for a less formal choice with multi-dimensional highlights which aren’t as visible as they develop.

#36: Voluminous and Carefree Loose Look

short messy blonde bob

This style can be both sensual and sweet while being sultry and sweet. The texture and volume seem to be ideal for a relaxing holiday with your partner or with your favourite group of ladies. This style is also characterized by blonde streaks of hair in the front of your face to lighten your skin.

#37: Platinum Asymmetrical Cut

asymmetrical platinum blonde lob

To get a unique take on the platinum lob that is commonplace Try this unique long blonde bob cut that’s asymmetrical with one side just a couple of inches shorter that the opposite. This is a fantastic choice for the girl with an artistic flair. It’s still a way to show your sexuality however in a unique manner.

#38: Half-Updo and Bouffant for thick hair

short wavy half updo

It’s a simple but efficient style that is suitable for any formal occasion and look attractive in a dive bar. The most appealing aspect is that you are able to make this look your own. This makes it a great choice for girls with a limited budget.

#39: Fresh and Flirty Layered Cut

What a gorgeous ginger blonde hair look coupled with a pouty lip? This gorgeous long blonde bob haircut is sure to draw attention. It’s particularly vibrant when paired with an ethereal sun-kissed glow.

#40: Textured Medium Length Look

medium length layered haircut

If you’re looking for a more long cut with a beautiful appearance and texture, consider the medium-length cut layered style as shown in the image. The thick layers and dark roots can help the style maintain its shape and gorgeous look as it develops.

Whatever your style is, sweet or sexy there’s an edgy blonde hairstyle for every woman. Trends ma


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