Who can think of anything more iconic in the beauty realm than Marilyn Monroe’s classic blonde bob? Whether she was seductively serenading the president or singing about how diamonds are a girl’s best friend, she always managed to look stunning. Today, the blonde bob haircut is still a sexy option for women looking to turn heads for all of the right reasons. Check out our top 40 picks below.

The Secret of Blonde Bobs

The main secret is, of course, their sex appeal, that comes from the specific cut and the desirable hair color. Pick the cut that flatters your face shape and think of your own most beautiful blonde shade to achieve a truly individual style.

#1: Inverted Bob for Thin Hair

angled blonde bob

Curls are not the only way to achieve volume as demonstrated by this bouncy bob. Take advantage of an angled style that uses short layers to create volume in the back and sleek long layers in the front to frame the face without overpowering it.

#2: Shaggy Chin-Length Bob

short shaggy blonde bob

A short and shaggy cut always has a sort of “girl next door” appeal similar to Cameron Diaz’s classic look in the early 2000’s. To make the look less casual, add chocolate brown highlights for a chic element that can carry you from the boardroom to the bar without missing a beat.

#3: Trendy Angled Haircut

angled blonde bob with lowlights

Inspired by the angled cuts of celebrities like Victoria Beckham, a super straight bob with clearly defined angles is a great style when you’re looking to make a statement. From the runway to the office hallway, this is one ‘do that’s sure to grab attention.

#4: Stacked White Blonde Bob

short layered blonde bob hairstyle

A stacked bob is so popular that sometimes it can become too expected in some circles. This style is perfect for women who are already sporting a layered blonde bob hairstyle and are growing weary of it. Get your layers feathered in the back to provide texture, while keeping the sections in the front straight and angled. It’s a simple change that breathes new life into your look.

#5: Blonde Bob with Side Bangs

short shaggy blonde bob

Smaller faces can sometimes get overwhelmed with too much hair in the face, which is why this style is so wonderful. The side bang offers a flirty touch, and the shorter length and shaggy layers keep the look light and fun.

#6: Classic Bob with a Modern Twist

blonde angled bob for thin hair

A classic bob is made more beautiful with longer sides. Modernizing the traditional bob haircut is perfect for those who want a different look but are feeling a little gun shy. This cut doesn’t involve a huge risk, but it is also capable of doing cool things like bringing volume to thin, lifeless locks.

#7: Tousled Beach Babe Lob

Blonde Balayage Lob

Dirty blonde locks and relaxed waves give this lob an effortless feel. Steer away from heavy layers to highlight the thickness of your hair but go for shaggy highlighted ends to get a bright modern look. And, keep your waves tousled to convey them that beach babe charm.

#8: Striking Angled Platinum Lob

Asymmetrical Long Angled Bob

A steep angle can make blonde bob haircuts both eye-catching and sophisticated. The extreme difference in length between the back and front is a great statement piece. Be warned, this style looks best on straight hair!

#9: Shaggy Highlighted Bob

Shaggy Lob For Thin Hair

This cute bob is great for girls who want to add some volume to their hair. Start with a classic angled bob haircut, then add loose curls from your bangs to the back of your hair. Use highlights to give your locks extra dimension.

#10: Ombre-ed Lob

Angled Layered Blonde Lob

Show off the shape of your cool lob cut with ombre-ed locks. The short style enables you to use the power of trendy hair colors to draw attention to your face. Here, the fade of the bright blonde hair immediately directs you to the wearer’s eyes.


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