Put Some Purple Balayage in Your Life

Purple balayage is a great choice for a carefree trendy lady, and balayage is lower maintenance than a full dye. Lilac, lavender, plum or violet, there’s a shade for all skin tones and hair colors! If you are interested in getting balayage, we recommend going to a salon as this technique is best left to professionals.

#1: Violet Lob with Tousled Waves

Violet balayage adds vivacity to trendy lob haircuts. A vibrant shade stands out best on dark brunettes, and gives off some really electric energy.

Brown Bob With Purple Balayage

#2: Faded Lavender and Silver Streaks

Purple balayage hair has a spectrum of tones, and here is a wonderful example of a dusty lavender version. Best for ladies who prefer ashy colors, lavender can be paired with hints of white or grey for an extra dimension.

Blue And Pastel Purple Balayage

#3: Distressed Pastel Fuschia

Not all purple hairstyles have to be bold or edgy! This one is perfect for a girly girl that wants to try out purple but is leaning more toward a pastel fuschia shade. The specks of pink add a nice feminine touch.

Pastel Purple Hair With Black Roots

#4: Bright Purple Waves

Calling all our punk rock queens — here is your next color change! This shade is very bright and will require frequent dyeing to maintain its vividness, but it’s well worth it.

Lavender And Purple Balayage

#5: Washed Out Purple

Complement your hipster style with pastel balayage purple tips. Oozing an antique, retro vibe, it is a pretty choice that doesn’t require too much upkeep.

Black To Pastel Purple Ombre

#6: Vibrant Grape Top Layer

Grape jelly, anyone? A vivacious ‘do will be sure to brighten up everyone’s mood when you’re in the room. Make a statement and focus the dye on top layers of your hair for maximum impact.

Violet Balayage Bob For Brunettes


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