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18 Gorgeous Examples of Rose Gold Balayage

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Rose gold balayage, which is a combination of subtle highlighting and a more luxurious shade, is the perfect marriage between the subtle highlight technique and the up-coming sumptuous shade. Balayage is a method of painting hair with a broad stroke without the use of foil. This natural method allows for the use of fun colors such as rose gold. It is also a good option for blondes, redheads, and brunettes.

Gorgeous Styles With Rose Gold Balayage

Balayage changes the way we think about adding color to our hair. It’s sometimes difficult to distinguish between two shades. These stunning examples show how different pink tones are becoming more mainstream.

#1: There are many shades of rose gold

Rose Gold Balayage Hair

Rose gold comes in a variety of shades, from a deep pink to a more subtle pastel. You can get different tones from different hues. You can make the warm golden hue shine by adding auburn or copper to it.

#2: Copper and Dusty Rose Baalayage

Caramel And Pastel Pink Balayage Hair

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Metallic shades are becoming more popular and go well with rose gold. You can use copper lowlights, and add some dusty rose accents. The color pairing will be enhanced by layers.

#3: Face-Framing Pink Highlights

Pastel Pink Balayage For Brown Hair

Concentrating your coloring on the front can really bring attention to your facial features. For consistency, use the same colors throughout but apply a heavier touch to the smaller layers around your face. Discuss your skin with your stylist in order to choose the shade that suits you best.

#4: Brown to Rose Gold Color Mix

Rose Gold Ombre Hair

Color melting mimics the natural process of hair changing color. The roots of the new hair are darker than the ends, and they appear lighter after being exposed to light and air. Brown hair can be transformed flawlessly into a feminine, rose-gold hue.

#5: Subtle Pink Babylights

Dark Brown Hair With Rose Gold Balayage

Babylights are highlights done in thin strands that mimic the look of a sun-kissed skin. If the colors are right, even a synthetic shade can look natural. A brunette might prefer a warmer shade of rose gold, while a blonde may prefer a more pastel tone.

#6: Extra Long Hair With Rose Balayage

Pastel Pink Ombre Balayage

It can be difficult for ladies who want to keep long hair to do so. Everybody wants to change things up from time to time. It’s a great way of adding some fun color to the ends of your hair without committing too much.

#7: Brunette with Rose Gold Accents

Partial Caramel And Pink Balayage

You don’t have to use a lot of color to make an impact. The highlights in this rose gold balayage example are just around the eyes and at the tips. This style is great for professionals who want to keep a professional look.

#8: Straight Hair and Rosy Highlights

Caramel And Subtle Pink Balayage

Rose gold balayage is a trendy and beautiful shade. It uses a technique that allows the colors to blend seamlessly. Straight hair lets the color shine through and shows off the skill of the technique.

#9: Brown Hair and Baby Pink Hair

Pink And Caramel Blonde Balayage

Brunettes can use light pink as an accent color. You can show off your final result with braids, twists or knots.

#10: Espresso and Rose Gold Color duo

Brown And Pastel Pink Ombre Balayage

Rose gold balayage highlights are a great way to add elegance to dark hair. As a transitional color, you can use a honey colour. This will keep the transformation from becoming too drastic. The subtle blend of pale rose allows the eye to move along the hair more easily.

#11: Long Hair with Subtle rose Balayage

Caramel And Pastel Pink Balayage

A great way to add interest to a long haircut is to vary the shades. Even a subtle, gradual change can make a big difference. Start with a dark brown shade at the roots, which will fade to a lighter color at the tips. Then add a blonde balayage and rose gold at the tips.

#12: Rose Gold, Pink Balayage

Pastel Pink Ombre For Auburn Hair

Mixing colors can be a fun way of creating a hairstyle that is uniquely yours. Rose gold balayage hair shows that you don’t have to be strict with your colors, and still look professional. Pairing the rose gold with pastel pink tips doesn’t make them look edgy.

#13: Pixie cut with rose gold streaks

Rose Gold Highlights For Short Hair

Rose gold balayage can be used at the ends of layers to enhance a bold pixie cut, or to give a classic haircut a more modern edge. Your hair is shorter so you have less area to work with. Therefore, your color must contrast with your base color.

#14: Pink Balayage With Soft Waves

Caramel And Red Balayage

Pink can be either punk or romantic. Your hairstyle is key to the vibe. For a feminine and soft look, curl your hair or wave it for large waves.

#15: Balayage With Sunset Tones

Medium Length Rose Gold Balayage Hair

Nature is a great source of inspiration for color palettes. The combination of sunset-inspired shades like auburn, rosegold, amber, and blush creates an eye-catching style. The varying tones will be highlighted by darker bottom colors.

#16: Rose Balayage With Messy Layers

Platinum And Pastel Pink Balayage

A natural-looking bedhead can be achieved if you have a lot of layers. This style is great for fine hair because it adds volume. Multi-colored hair can also add dimension.

#17: Black Hair With Rose Highlights

Rose Gold Balayage For Brunettes

Are you looking for serious color contrast? You can start with black hair at your roots, and then move on to a coppery rosegold. This is an excellent option for those with dark hair who want their roots to grow without looking dull.

#18: Red and Rose Balayage hair

Caramel Ombre Balayage

Rose gold highlights look great on red hair. It’s possible to achieve a beautiful mix of tones without any major stop or start. Your stylist can help you find the right shades to complement your natural color.

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